Brazen New Years Eve Half Marathon

Brazen New Years Eve Half Marathon/December 28, 2013/$65

The Brazen New Years Eve Half Marathon Review is finally here.  I forgot.  It’s a shame because it’s a great race and deserves to be remembered.

Brazen racing puts this race on, it’s one of probably 28? races they put on through the year.  It’s not for charity, it’s a business and they do it right.

The race took place in Lake Chabot, CA which is just outside Oakland.  We stayed in Berkeley and pretty much almost died of happiness it was so fantastic there.  The weather, the hotel (we stayed at The Claremont Hotel and it was amazing), the race itself.


  • It was a trail race
  • Smaller company (in comparison to say…Rock n Roll) but still super well organized
  • Packet pickup the day of the race is available!
  • Views were incredible!
  • Volunteers were awesome and plenty
  • They offer a “hiker start” an hour earlier to give people who will be hiking this race (yep…hiking it, I’ll talk to you later about the hills) time to finish.
  • Aid stations were plenty and I’ve never seen better.  They offered like…ten different kinds of snacks at every stations. Pretzels, Gummi Bears, Swedish Fish, chips, bagels, bananas, oranges, nuts, gels…I can’t remember it all.  All neatly put in Dixie cups so you could grab whatever you wanted.  Sports drink and water were both available.
  • the price was fabulous at $65 for the last minute deal.  Early pricing is $55.  Can’t beat that with a stick!
  • They offer “Brazen Racing Remote” for people who want to run the race, get the medal and t shirt but can’t be there that day. Good for soldiers overseas, good for people traveling, etc.  A great system.
  • The finish line was downhill!!  WOO HOO!  Hey…that never happens.  I was pretty thrilled right there.
  • The finish line food was GREAT. Ice cream sandwiches, and a LOT of them.  Bagels, bananas, etc.  Tons of food.
  • There is a bag check area to drop your jackets and such while you run.
  • They do allow headphones but of course, be mindful you keep the volume down so you can hear people
  • There are restrooms and porta potties available.


  • No same day registration but I suspect this was partially due to the fact that it sold out.
  • It was freezing.  Does that count? Yeah, probably not.  But that’s my most distinct memory of it so I have to write it down.
  • Oh my gosh the hills in this race.  I lost track of how many of us walked these hills.  I usually run around a 2:15 half marathon (give or take a few minutes).  It took 2:45 to finish.  The hills were horrible.  I’m sure if I actually had LOOKED closer at the course but really I just figured I had to do it so I better suck it up. But yeah….it was tough.  Be prepared.  Capture52 It’s not pretty.
  • They did start a few minutes late.  They corralled us together and as they talked to us on the megaphone…couldn’t hear a word they said.  So frustrating.  Such a pet peeve.  Also…as I recall…no national anthem.  Random.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a race that didn’t have a national anthem at the start. Huh.
  • Directions were tricky.  Sean and I drove there the evening before to make sure we knew how to get there.  They stressed the need for correct directions several times on the website.  I didn’t want to screw that up.
  • Um…the race t shirt? …it said, “Brazen Racing New Year’s Eve Half Marathon 2014″…wrong year Dude. So So wrong.  It’s not a HUGE deal for me.  But it was irritating. I’m just probably cutting it up but for some people that could be an issue.

I had a great experience with this race and this racing company. If I lived there I’d make a point to run with these guys.  Only positive things to say really.  The things I had issues about weren’t deal breakers. For me the things that matter are the course~ is it marked well, is there good support (aid stations and such) and in this case it could not have been better.  If you get a chance, run a Brazen Race.  If I get another chance I know I will.

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