Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon

Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon/October 20, 2013

  • $89 (through 4/30/14)
  • $95 (5/1/14 – 5/31/14)
  • $100 (6/1/14 – 6/30/14)
  • $105 (7/1/14 – 7/31/14)
  • $115 (8/1/14 – 8/31/14)
  • $120 (9/1/14 – 10/12/14)
  • $150 (at expo- if available)

This is a HUGE race (about 15,000 participants for all of the races together I think, give or take) and it has the marathon, a relay, a mini marathon, the half marathon and a bike tour.
The race for 2014 is already available for registration and the new date is October 19th, 2014.  This year it was a cold morning start so keep that in mind.  There were a LOT of complaints in the corrals about the early start (7am) but I like an early start so I’m not running all day.  I just dress for the weather.

There is a gear check and anything you don’t check and toss instead is donated to a homeless shelter.  We saw homeless people going through clothes along the course, that was pretty funny.  I kind of appreciated it.  Cut out the middle man.  And there were water stops that definitely had suspect volunteers there (i.e. pretty sure they were homeless people volunteering.  I loved it.  They were so nice and helpful and probably having a good time themselves).


The expo was held at the Denver Convention Center and it’s HUGE.  The parking is $12 which in itself is ridiculous.  But it’s in the parking garage which does make it easier.  Though watch yourself…the circular garage turn is crazy.  Picking up your packet goes super fast.  They are very organized and if you need to change your corral it’s no problem.  However…you are then cattle led through the expo in order to get out.  You can’t just walk out after you get your things.  You have to walk past all the shiny pretty.  And craziness.  Good stuff though and if you’re in the market for anything running, this is the place you’ll probably find it.


Parking bites.  Get dropped off…carpool, do what you have to but avoid parking if you can. It’s pretty crowded and there are a lot of road closures.

It was cold.

There are a bajillion porta potties.  We found a tiny line and behind that…a HUGE LINE>  We waited in the tiny line.  I think the HUGE line moved faster.  More restrooms.

There are so many people it’s near impossible to wade through to get to your own wave.  We moved back to get to our wave (14) and noticed the confusion right away between the mini marathoners and the half marathoners not knowing what wave they are supposed to be in.  The bibs have different colors and the wave markers match but if you don’t run a lot of races (and people that run rock n roll tend to be first timers on a lark) this may be one of the issues you encounter.  It was just not done well.  We moved up to 13 no problem and I know someone in wave 8 who moved up to wave 5 pretty easily, too.

Suffice it to say…it was a crowded start and it stayed crowded for quite a while running.  There is some bobbing and weaving happening.  If you expect it, you’re okay.

The Race

It was a good  course, I liked it and in general I’d run it again.   I love running downtown so I’m not sure I’m objective.  City Park is awesome, Cheeseman, the neighborhoods around there are so beautiful.  The whole area is the best to run through.  I ran the marathon a few years ago and loved the course,  this year was no different.  It’s really good.  Nice course.  Pretty flat, just a few hills around Cheeseman I think.


There were enough aid stations (eight I think?) for the half marathon.  Four of them had water AND Gatorade.  Neither of them had Gu or any kind of chew  but I suppose supplying that for 15,000 runners would be a bit much, huh?

I rememember getting to one of the tables and it was out of water. I was really surprised but found a followup table pretty quickly afterwards.  So I did feel like there were a lot of people.

There were NOT a lot of porta potties.  We stopped at around mile 3? for Reggie to use the porta potty and probably lost at least 5 or 6 minutes just standing there.  Yes, there were quite a few restrooms there in line.  Maybe six?  But there were probably 30 people standing there.  It was crazy.

The Finish

The finish line was great, it was downhill and smooth as can be.  We just sailed across the line.  Greeted with medals and water, there were lots of volunteers and they were very nice.  We were FREEZING by then (the weather picked up) so we headed over to a really nice man who gave us the warmth blankets and saved our butts.  There was food and festival at the finish but…I was freezing and so was Reggie so we left.  But it was pretty good.

Nice race.  Not my favorite but nice.

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