Kooky Spooky Half Marathon

Kooky Spooky Half Marathon/October 26th/$60 ($65 for late registration)

This race is part of a series put on by All-Out Multisport Productions.  They seriously can put on a race.  I was not excited about this little run at all but my hesitation was quickly put to rest.  This is a race for runners by runners.  Those are the best kind.

  • They offer a 5k, 10k and a half marathon.
  • They offer two packet pickup days.  One the Thursday before and one on race day. I would prefer Friday but I suppose as long as race day is available, I can’t complain.  Thursday is pretty impractical for me as it’s clear across town.
  • Long sleeved black tech shirt, a great little water bottle and a medal for swag.
  • Free race photos


  • Indoor restrooms.  A perk one cannot just ignore.
  • Timing chips.  You think this is no big deal but lately I’m starting to wonder.  ha.
  • A big enough trail it really didn’t seem that crowded.  Small enough crowd, it spread out nicely.
  • They sent a runner to the restrooms to check for any runners who may be lagging behind.  Very cool.

The race

  • Downhill first half and very comfortable.  Really pretty, loved it.
  • The second half was not nearly as friendly (this course has a section that is out and back so the downhill then becomes the uphill.  Not friendly) but it really only had two horrible hills.  The rest were mostly manageable.  It’s not going to give you a PR but if you train for hills it won’t kick your ass.


  • There were five aid stations, and seven opportunities to stop at them as it was a partial out and back course.
  • They offered water, Gatorade and Gu
  • The volunteers rocked.  Volunteers usually do though.  They volunteer…

The Finish

  • Yeah…the hills.  There was  a really lovely set of downhill switchbacks that tease you into thinking you are done with the hills and then you get a little more uphill.  On the finish.
  • Then they had you your fabulous little orange water bottle and that, I have to say, is pretty cool.
  • There is a great little finish where you can get breakfast burritos, chocolate milk, bagels, etc.  Lots of food.
  • Awards for age groups
  • raffle prizes

Overall a great race and experience.  I would totally run this again, even with the hills I think.







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