Race Review: Platte River Half Marathon

Platte River Half Marathon/April 7, 2013/$65

The expo was at the Arapahoe Community College in Denver.  This is, coincidentally, where the race started.  It was a small expo, easy to get my shirt and bib and get out.  No ID necessary so I was able to grab Michelle’s, too.  Bonus!  I got the bib’s on Friday.  The drive kind of sucked, but hey, worth it to have that errand done. And it could be worse, I could have been at Chuckie Cheese with Michelle. LOL.  That was it’s own kind of hell, I’m sure.  (Happy birthday, Linc!)

Sunday morning easy free parking at the college.  No problem.  Walked to the start.  Easy bag drop off at the Ryder truck.  OR…some genius with a Ryder truck just made off with a ton of runners crap.  I wasn’t sure.  But I still left my bag with him.

Port a potty line was long but moved fast.  People were cheerful and willing to listen to my jokes. That’s always a plus as I didn’t have to go and there’s not a lot to do in the port a potty line while waiting for someone.

I really liked the course.  However… When you put 2600 people on a trail there will be bottlenecks.  There just will.  Especially at the beginning.  I thought the course could be really fast but you would have to be at the front for sure.  The entire course is trail that follows the Platte River.  I think it’s awesome.  I also didn’t love it when the bikers rode past us and shouted, “the trail isn’t CLOSED”.  Jerks.  It may not be closed but it’s you against 2600 runners.  Go.

The thousands of people at the party discouraged any of us wanting food.  The light rail back to the cars.  Holy Mother of …well… you get the idea.  That sucker would be a deal breaker right there.  Never again.  20-30 minute wait for the train.  20 minutes on the stinking train standing up smashed next to people, getting to know them more intimately than really anyone should when we all smell and look that pretty.  So wrong.  So. wrong.  And all when Michelle just wanted to lose her lunch.  Kind of took the pretty away from the glory of the day.

Overall I would totally give this race a positive rating.  A 7/10.  Maybe even an 8.  If you like the big party at the end, it’s your kind of thing.  And the train is really what brought it down.  I would rate it an 8.  Michelle might not agree.  I liked the race and would totally do it again.


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