Race Review: Colfax Half Marathon

Colfax Half Marathon May 19th


The expo for the Colfax Urban Tour was held downtown at the Denver’s Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium.  There was free parking which is awesome and of course, it’s pretty easy to get there from the interstate though you do have to balance that with the logistics.  The driving down there, parking, walking the quarter mile into the stadium, maneuvering through the hordes of people just to get your bib and t shirt.  I can’t imagine actually shopping for anything.  It’s too insane.

Michelle had to somehow get a double stroller through this expo to pick up her t shirt and bib.  What insanity.  Way too many people and there didn’t seem to be any proper flow of direction.  Just…chaos.  Unfriendly.

Race day parking~

It bit.  It was unfriendly.  They give you all kinds of tips but some of them are just not helpful.  Michelle got there super early…like…neurotically super early (she’s like that) and parked at the museum.  She told me there was tons of spaces and I should just meet her there. She waited and waited for me.  I couldn’t get in.  Though they said to go there…they then blocked it off for some random reason.  So I just found a neighborhood and parked there.  My head hurt too much to drive around.  I just parked and walked.  Be prepared, it may be tough to find parking.  Go early.

The Race~

On the flipside of the expo…the race was pure fun.  This was a really awesome course.  Interesting at all the turns.  Colfax itself is the most boring section, of course, which is just amusing since it’s all about Colfax.  But between running through the Zoo (so fun!) and the firehouse and really, just the course itself.  So pretty.  I will probably run it again just because it’s such a lovely run.  Damn the expo.

Here’s the curse…it was short.  Apparently several runners protested it was short and the race director remeasured.  Yep.  It was only 13.  Not 13.1.  They had a crisis a few days before with one of their companies that supplied traffic barricades so they had to scramble to get things done safely.  In their haste, it was missed.  Eh.  Not a crisis.  I suppose maybe for some people.  It didn’t upset me.  I figured I probably ran it somewhere in that day so I’ll give myself the credit.

T shirt was awesome.  Bag was awesome.  Medal was awesome and you get a little bling with it, too.  Overall it was a great experience and I’d do it again.  That’s really saying something because I don’t love those big races.  I try to stick to the little ones.

I would totally recommend Colfax.  Run it.


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