Race Review- Rocky Mountain Half marathon

Rocky Mountain Half Marathon August 17, 2013


  • If you register early you can get the race for $75.  The price goes up to $90 and then $110 as you delay.
  • There’s a military discount for $65.  This includes anyone with a military ID OR a DD214.  Thank you to the RMhalf marathon team for recognizing ALL of our veterans and active duty.  What a gift
  • The race is in Estes Park, Colorado. The most beautiful setting ever but book a hotel early.  The host hotel is the Stanley Hotel and this years race started and finished right outside the front doors.  So if you are staying there…could that BE anymore convenient?
  • Super easy registration.  I didn’t have to go through Active.com (I can’t stand the third party registration sites that demand I “log in”).  Please.  Just take my money.  I beg of you.  Make my life easier.



  • Super small.  They had some people back out I guess.  Just a few vendors but it’s always nice to support the people who show up.
  • Bib pickup was incredibly easy.  They didn’t have ours.  haha.  They had given them out and reassigned us.  Except they forgot to reassign us.  So upon discovering that…they quick fixed that error on the spot and were so nice they even gave me a bib that added up to 13.  Because they are awesome like that.  Humoring crazy chicks.
  • Picked up my Hydrapouch. This was a cup free race.  They provided a Hydrapouch if you wanted one or you could run with your own water carrier.  I chose the Hydrapouch they provided.  I love this whole idea.
  • Off to the hotel…

The race

The race was able to take up to 750 runners.  Already small but this year it only took on about 200.

  • No bag check
  • loop course, started at the Stanley, ended at the Stanley
  • Great mile markers…large and easily seen.  Orange cones kept the course well marked the whole way as well and reminded runners they are on a highway though there was minimal traffic.
  • The scenery was incredible and left you in no way feeling bored.  It was a pleasure just to out there.  The elk would keep you entertained if nothing else would.
  • The weather was perfect, 40’s and 50’s.
  • It was such a small race, the streets weren’t lined with crowd support.  But you can bet there were little kids with cowbells cheering their mom on and parents cheering their kids on.  There was enough it just made you smile to watch it.  Between that and the volunteers at the support stations there was no lack of support.  It was all good and everyone was incredibly friendly and encouraging.


  • water and Gatorade at every station
  • Gu in three flavors at most of the later stations, I lost count
  • Oranges and bananas at two or three of the later stations
  • porta potties at every water stop
  • Awesome volunteers and staff

The finish

Finishing at the Stanley is a nice touch and I like loop courses.  It was small enough they made a big deal when you crossed the finish.  I had an asthma attack right before the finish so it was an extra big deal.  ha!  #notembarrassingatall

This is a great race.  I loved it.  I fully admit to not loving giant corporate races but I’m not biased when I say this was a keeper and I’m going to do my best to run it again next year.



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