all the stairs would be better without this terrible air…

  • Thursday I finished my crazy errands and then I told myself…I must nap.  I set my phone for an hour and totally crashed. I slept until I wasn’t nauseous anymore. That ended up being an hour and a half.
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    By the time I woke up I had to be a grown up and figure out dinner.
    If I were rich I’d so have a chef.  That would be my splurge.
  • I have a friend in Florida and a friend in St Thomas. It took awhile to hear from her but we finally did get the okay from my friend in St Thomas. The island was hit so hard the news was reporting concern for life was their highest priority. I’m over this whole hurricane thing. Climate change. Could we wrap our head around that please? She reported the hurricane was “terrifying”. She lost her entire roof. When they came out after (she has two kids…a teenager and a six year old) the power lines were in the street, the trees were down and there were refrigerators in the street. It was crazy. We’re really grateful she’s okay but there’s another one thinking about a follow up so we’re watching close.
  • I have an acquaintance who decided to have a conversation on her page asking for education about Dreamers. She’s incredibly conservative. Her and her friends were quite judgmental and seemed to have one thing on their mind throughout the conversation. They seemed more upset about the legality of everything than whether or not these people were put in a situation they have no control over and are just trying to stay in the only life they’ve ever known. One of her friends seemed offended at the term “dreamers” like who are they to dream? We all have dreams for our kids…and so on… My reasonable darling friend popped on to say…no. dream. It’s an acronym.  I don’t think they read. I think they just hear Fox news and get mad. #dreamers #DACA #bekind 
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  • When you have a good hair day and you don’t want to run… #goodhairday
    Image result for It'll mess up my hair gif
  • Yesterday I went  to Shrine of Cabrini with my friend and climbed the stairs~twice~in the terrible awful very bad smokey air. It was bad. I have good strong lungs, I can’t imagine how people are breathing in this with damaged lungs or asthma. My head started to really hurt by this evening and I totally blame the smoke. It’s feeling better but I credit the really expensive drugs. #allthestairs #prayerandexercise 
    We went to Morrison for Mexican food where she spent the lunch hour harassing me and laughing at me because I have a ridiculous amount of energy and she said she was laughing at my facial expressions. I don’t know what that meant but I’m going with good because that’s all I’ve got.  Lunch was awesome except our server forgot we existed~twice~.  TWICE. I’m usually fairly memorable so…that was bad.  I ate my weight in chips and salsa. The whole meal. Just kept eating. It’s okay. You can judge me. I totally don’t mind. #dontjudgeme #Ineedmorechips
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  • Thursday’s workout:
    I walked the dog for 2.5 miles
    I did my yoga
    30 pushups
    30 squats
    Friday’s workout:
    2.5 miles
    climbed Shrine of Cabrini twice
  • I am meeting another friend today and after that Sean and I are going to try and spend an hour or two together. He has some studying to do. I have work to do. I think we’re just looking for some down time. So much stress, he’s pretty worn out. Also…my yard needs to be mowed SO MUCH. That’s getting done for sure.
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    Run on…

strawberry rhubarb pie and you know you want some, too.

I was feeling mildly better by last night and thought I might be able to run but I ended up messaging with several people right through my running time. Probably for the best to rest one more day considering I was just down most of the day. I made a rhubarb/strawberry pie and had a small piece of it with some vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t finish it and five minutes later I was losing it. One more rest day is definitely in order.

Image result for that was not good gif
When you’re shopping online for shoes (endlessly wedding shopping) and you come across the CUTEST pair of shoes and you think DAMN those are so…oh. I own those already.
Believe it or not…I don’t own that many shoes so clearly …
Image result for I have a type gif
My husband is a giver. He donates of his time and attention and as is true of most introverts (a most tired and overused word I’m afraid but it must be used. My apologies) he is quiet about it. This means the people on the receiving end are quiet about receiving said gifts and Sean usually ends up unappreciated. I know and understand this phenomena so well as I always put far too much time into work and they would have to make me leave because I was on the clock way too long. But I would get sucked into a project and I really liked my work so I didn’t want to leave. Or I was doing something for someone that I could finish if I just had a few more minutes.
Notice people around you. The people that give the extra, the really hard workers, the people that are taking on the jobs nobody wants…are you recognizing them for their dedication and time?
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I went to the store the other day and when I passed the produce section I saw rhubarb ~ immediately invoking childhood moments of grabbing the wild rhubarb that grew in our alleyway and bringing it indoors to wash it and dip it in sugar. Wild child I was. We didn’t live in the country, we lived on the Southside… the bad side of town… so I was a city girl but I could find country anywhere. I immediately had to have it. I made a strawberry rhubarb pie. I’ve never made one before, I’ve never even tasted one before but knew I could do it. Grabbed the strawberries and the gluten free crust and headed home.
I didn’t get the chance until last night and it was ridiculously easy. Pinterest didn’t fail me…I found this recipe quickly.
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

I had to change the crust because my store bought crust didn’t want to be a top crust very cheerfully so I made a crumble topping out of this:
strawberry/rhubarb crumb pie recipe

from Taste of Home

Shutthefrontdoor it was so good. My husband LOVES apple pie. When I couldn’t get the top crust to cooperate he said…”no problem. It’ll be good for an apple pie later”. He’s already planning my next pie, that’s how unimpressed he was at the thought of this one. No really.
But tonight he tasted the pie and said it was so good it could win awards. Wow. That’s like…the nicest thing he’s ever said about my cooking. I mean, I’m not a terrible cook but still, that’s impressive. I asked if it was almost as good as apple and he said it was maybe better.

Well there you go, Folks. The world actually stopped turning.
Image result for stop the world gif
It’s a cool day today and feels gorgeous outside. For those keeping track, I do still have the migraine. I don’t know why but I’m up and dealing with it.  Yesterday was the anomaly day where I spent a few hours sleeping and moping around the house but today I have a million things to do.
I have enough to do that I got this post out incredibly late.
I’m going to run as soon as I get the chance…which will be early evening hopefully. IT’s just too pretty although…windy. And we all know that’s not friendly.
But it’s interesting that just a few days of not being active has made me feel sludgy. #itsaword
"When in doubt, go work out." - Jackie Warner on the School of Greatenss
Run on…

Seek Ye First… there’s the lesson

My day started yesterday with my house flooding.

It ended with my water heating dying.

Everything in between was just as amazing including a spider (no, he wasn’t small) actually crawling across my keyboard.

Image result for it was a bad day gif

I was going to go for a run but insanity (life) intervened and I had to wait until evening. Evening came and it became one thing after another and then when my sanity was actually at risk the winds were 17mph.

I decided I better not.

Was I bummed?
Image result for understatement of the year gif

Was I messaging someone about the best kind of drink to have?

Hell I was sitting in the parking lot of the liquor store discussing the benefits of Rum and Coke with my brother in law via email. I can always count on his dark sense of humor to make me laugh. And also to guide me to the best alcohol. When I told him I was looking for alcohol, knowing me so well you would expect him to say …don’t do it …it’s not good for you. Instead he said, “I like Rum.” And we went from there.  I didn’t end up caving though because I didn’t have the emotional energy to google what was gluten free and what wasn’t.
In all fairness the liquor store parking lot was the same parking lot as the grocery store but I was still thinkin’ about it. I can’t be bothered to drink. It’s too damn much work and not nearly as much fun as people talk about.

I think I handle most stress pretty well. I know right now you’re thinking…sure you do.
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I’m a ~power through it~ kind of person. I may rant later but what are husbands and girlfriends for? I can usually laugh it off, make a joke here or there. Be practical and say this is what we do and we just have to get through it.


I have a lot going on. I carry a lot of emotion, spirituality and intelligence all bundled up in one hot passionate mess.

When I think about how much I have going on and how I’m handling it I want to think I should grow the hell up and what’s my problem. And the other part of me says I’ve just snapped. I handled it and I handled it and I handled it and now I’m just done and rather than scream at the world and tell people exactly what I’m thinking, I choose to have a complete meltdown and process it.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” ~Luke 6:38 NIV

(side note: my post has now been written twice and disappeared twice. Heavy sigh. Moving forward)

I took Skosh to the vet this morning where our wonderful doctor said, “he’s the picture of health! He looks WONDERFUL!” It was pretty great news. And then I gave him $200. ( I had to pick up meds for the dog, too, sadly)

On the way to the vet though, the cat was crazy ass on speed stressed and all over the place.  For lack of anything to do for him (he doesn’t like the cat carrier after last year’s injury that had him at the vet every 3 days for a month) I started singing the first song that came to me. It was a hymn my dad used to sing called Seek Ye First. Here is a random person singing it.

I sang it very quietly and he laid down and practically fell asleep. Also, hey God, are you trying to tell me something?
Image result for i am god gif
I did some strength training this morning. I’ll do more tonight and then I’ll run. Hopefully the wind goes home and doesn’t come back to stay. I don’t want it.
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After a day like yesterday running doesn’t always help. We like to think all of our problems are fixed by a good run.
Telling someone your problems and getting a lot of advice you really didn’t want and definitely didn’t ask for…that doesn’t help for sure.

What helps is time with real actual problem solving.  Talking to someone who makes a real honest legitimate effort to listen to you, to not judge you and to not offer unsolicited, mean spirited advice to you. Whether that is through a strong sane calm friend or therapy.    And I think learning to work within your emotional and spiritual limitations recognizing we all  have limitations. The point where we finally say we’re done and we aren’t going to not take care of ourselves anymore.
I believe there has to be a way to be a kind, generous person and also take care of yourself. To give and give lovingly with an unselfish heart.

Sometimes life is heavy. My usually joyful heart (ridiculously happy actually) is a little heavy right now. In a day or two I’ll be better. I get to see MT #thekidnotthestate

Remember…#bejoyful #bekind 

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Run on…

Do you have to say every thought out loud?

Sean went to work yesterday which meant…

Image result for the honeymoon's over gif

The honeymoon I mean. He’s supposed to stay home with me allthetime!

See, I typed that BEFORE and then he came home from work and told me a little about his evening. And I started to tell him about my day and his eyes glazed over. And I said, “yeah, you’re not even listening. I’m not even going to bother talking to you about this. Whatever”. And I got up and left the room. I came downstairs, made him dinner and seriously I’m pretty sure he has no clue what freaking happened upstairs in his office. Not one word. I think he thinks I was talking, he responded, I just gracefully (because I’m so graceful) left his office to go make dinner and all was right with the world.

Dude. ::shakeshead::
Image result for please leave gif

Now I’m totally okay with him going back to work.
Image result for please leave gif
It’s a good thing I like him.


I went to see my friend yesterday and her mom is going through counseling for gastric bypass. The counseling lasts a year long…they’re incredibly careful about making sure you are psychologically ready to take such a drastic step and that you recognize how you came to be in such a position to begin with.  After a lot of counseling and discussion one of the things they have learned is she has a family member that is “encouraging” her to lose weight and diet. She’s constantly on her about her appearance and according to the psychologist this has the opposite effect. It took me 20 seconds to find an article about it. It’s crazy. There’s a fine line between being encouraging and being demoralizing which causes the exact opposite reaction.

We want people to be healthy. Appearance CANNOT BE the  primary focus in our lives.  We have to move OUT of that mindset and recognize the old way of thinking was broken. It was broken.  The person has to want to change, they have to do it on their own, harassing, nagging and effectively wearing them down emotionally because you don’t like how they look is not only not going to work but they’ll feel horrible and sad and bad about themselves for your agenda. 

SCIENCE SAYS: Nagging Your Family Members To Lose Weight Has The Opposite Effect

However, she went on to explain that pressure from family to lose weight can increase stress, which is a known cause of weight gain. “We all know someone who points out our weight gain or offers to help us lose weight. These results suggest that these comments are misguided.”

I don’t blame my parents for my weight gain; my choices and lifestyle have been my own, and there are a number of other emotional factors that have contributed. But nagging me to lose weight — even when it’s done with the best of intentions — hasn’t helped. I want to lose weight. I just don’t want to talk about it with them, especially when I’m not the one bringing it up. ~xojane

We learn in grade school that words hurt.  Women need to support each other and remember the struggles that brought us to where we are. That we are made up of more than the weight we carry. We are more than the body image people see and judge. If how someone looks is that important perhaps we need to look internally and ask ourselves is this about them or is this about me?   Their life isn’t about you and you hurt them every time you bring it up.

I have a family member who is overweight. She doesn’t mince words, she knows the situation she’s in. She recognizes her life and the work ahead of her. She’s beautiful, smart, talented pretty damn honest about the fact that her weight is her business and  extremely personal. It’s her story. She knows what she needs to do and encouragement, nagging and harassing is the exact opposite of that. I don’t talk to her about her weight, her diet, her exercise or what she wears. It’s her story to live and if she wants to talk to me about it, she will. 

Leave your friend or family member to do this journey on their own. If they ask for your help then you can give it.

No! I don't think I would be. It'd kind of be a good reminder if they bleed from the inside out. We would all be a little more careful with our words
Run on…

Monday morning…isn’t that a song??

  1. Image result for can't find it gif
    Mondays are okay…they’re just as good as Tuesdays… 🙂
  2. Photographer captures the mysterious life of cats through black and white photos
  3. I am continuing to be encouraged by the media who seem to be fighting back against the President and his crazy ass administration as his insanity becomes more apparent to the world. Including Sweden.
  4. I watched Cristela Alonzo on Netflix yesterday and almost died laughing. Good Lord that was entertaining… Those are the moments I’m grateful for Netflix. She was hilarious.
    Image result for I died gif
  5. I got over a hundred likes on my business Facebook and I’m pretty excited. I then posted a really unprofessional post saying, “SHUT UP! Look at how many likes!” LOL. I’m sure my daughter was like…geez Mom. Professional much? Here’s the thing. I knew what I was doing. I can be as professional as the next person but if someone hires me they will get the ~unadulterated excited boundless energetic let’s tackle your project and get it done~ me. Did I mention I have a lot of energy and I like to organize? Yeah, I actually have to reign it in around people.
    Image result for I'm awesome gif
  6. I lost something (yeah, this part isn’t good, we aren’t counting this). Nothing expensive or exciting, just a little charm. It’s not replaceable. It’s not exciting to anyone but me. It was just something I picked up years ago and I really loved it. I’m pretty sad. You know, we lose things, over the years, and it’s natural. Right? It just happens. But every once in a while we lose something that just really is special and you think…damn. That one stung. Okay. I mean in the grand scheme I’ve lost worse. I lost my wedding band. Still don’t have THAT replaced… (he won’t buy me anything else. He says I keep losing them. Not my fault my fingers are skinny.
    Image result for not my fault gif
  7. So yeah…I walked five miles yesterday. I wasn’t feeling great Saturday (mostly tired) but Sunday I felt okay so I walked five miles in the crazy ass wind while on the phone with my youngest Marine. He really hung in there because it’s HARD to talk to people when they’re walking in windy weather. Anyway, today I’m going to do the same thing (maybe I’ll come across my missing charm..probably not…it’s okay) but it’s worth a shot and I will get my exercise at the same time.

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Surgery update and Christmas is over. Did you know that?

So. Here’s the first of a couple of scoops.

No, not of ice cream but damn does that sound good.

I woke up at like…four something and it was 55* and I thought…huh…did my Weatherunderground get all whacked out with Florida or something? I refreshed it and re-programmed it and re-everythinged it and surprise. It’s freaking 55* here. At 4am. Weird anyone?

Global warming wins again.

It’s okay. Don’t get too excited. The wind is gusting up to 26mph so we’re not actually having a great time in case you thought we were.
Image result for we are not having fun gif


I had my doctor appt ~finally after six months~ and I still love my doctor even though she’s seriously got to be in high school what is THAT about geez she’s young? She’s adorable and incredibly nice. I told her none of my clothes fit and that is not an exaggeration. None of them fit. I am now living in yoga pants. She said it has to be the fibroid because I haven’t gained any weight. That is shocking because in my head I am like…twenty or thirty pounds heavier. My imagination had totally built that up so much I put the scale away. Fear struck my heart at just the thought of getting on the scale.

She ordered another ultrasound so she could see what it was doing before we order surgery. Just in case it has grown and it is too big for laparscopy or something else is going on. That’s in about a week and a half. We’ll go from there. I’ll keep you guys updated. Meanwhile I’m still running.

I did tell her she could go in the old fashioned way and feel free to give me a tummy tuck while she was in there and she told me I looked great for my age and I totally didn’t need that.  I decided to keep her. Then I paid her the previously agreed upon bribe money.

Image result for Bribe gif


Do you know what today is??? It’s time to take the Christmas stuff down.


Time to take the Christmas stuff down. Christmas is over, Folks. And in my house, that’s a sad day. My husband loves the Christmas stuff. sigh. And first weeks after Christmas he has to go back to work and that’s doubly hard for him. I wish I had cake or something. But he’s on an elimination diet to figure out if he has food sensitivities so frankly, this January has been rough. Poor guy.

I need shower twinkly lights for inside the house. The Christmas lights need to come down but we love them so much.

We had everyone over for Sean’s birthday and I bought the most amazing delicious stop the presses unbelievable chocolate cake you’ve ever seen in your life. It was incredible. Sean and I couldn’t eat it. hhahahhaa. Ridiculous.
Image result for sad day gif

But everyone else thought it was one of the best ever. I don’t usually care but man, that cake looked good. Even Sean was like..damn. It looks good. 

Image result for sad day gif

this is life.

Sadly…cakeless. LOL


It’s super unbelievably windy today. Colorado Springs reported a wind gust of 101 mph. I may try and walk the dog. Maybe. It’s…crazy windy. But I’m not going to run. I’ll do the treadmill and some yoga because…yeesh. Wind is my nemesis.

Many things on the agenda. Business. Cleaning. Organizing. etc. It’s all on the agenda.

What’s on your agenda today??

How are the resolutions coming along? It’s been a whole week….


I AM GROUNDED. My spirit is grounded deep in the earth. I am calm, strong, centered and peaceful. I am able to let go of fear and trust that I am eternally safe. I am worthy of all things BEAUTIFUL. Such a beautiful affirmation by Carly Marie:

Run on…

Sweet List <3

  1. Oprah’s Master Class….I may have used this before but I like it so much. I watched Robert Duvall (I love him) and Dwayne Johnson (I love him, too) and they were both so good.
  2. Christmas Shopping with Andrea. I’d prefer small town shopping, craft show shopping or really just any kind of shopping over big mall shopping in high end Denver but Andrea makes it awesome.
  3. We had lunch at White Chocolate which I have to admit has a great salad and they have gluten free french fries. I’m pretty easy with where I eat as long as I can get gluten free but the french fries…oh man. I’m yours if you have french fries.
  4. Powering through my Christmas list. 
  5. Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter …from William Sonoma-a total splurge but oh my goodness. I could die it’s so good.  Now I want to make a quick bread so I can eat far too much of both.
  6. I cleaned my house. I had projects everywhere…
    happy excited celebration minions despicable me
    and I spent a crazy four hours just organizing, cleaning, and getting it all done and I swear I can totally breathe and think better now. It’s almost as good as running. Not quite…but almost.
  7. Sean and I paid it forward a few times this week when the opportunity presented itself. Sometimes it doesn’t and that’s just life. But sometimes it does and it makes your soul happy to take advantage.
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  8. Getting all my workouts in and still feeling pretty good. Not superhuman just normal, strong and healthy. Loving that.
  9. Botox approved and received ~thankyouverymuch to the powers that be that pushed this through~ I feel better already and it’s been what…three days? Totally worth it.
  10. Planning a Thanksgiving dinner for about 27 people. Two main dishes, seven side dishes, four desserts….8 actual people…one of them only four years old…no one sees a problem with this. Does anyone know 19 people that will need a meal on Thursday? Yikes.
  11. Christmas decorations! I am excited.
  12. Montana gave me flowers. Randomly. And I love him. Because he’s kind and generous and sweet and way too sensitive for his own sweet good.
  13. I got up far too early this morning and ran a “long” run of four miles. Yep. That’s my long run! I’m taking it very very slow. And not only was it awesome but I kicked butt on the hills, only stopped at the mandatory stops (stoplights) and felt strong the whole time. It was pretty killer. It was a great run. Am I cured and feel amazing? No…but I feel very good right now and I’m taking it one run at a time. Then I came home and did my twenty minutes of strength training. Now my arms hurt. #strongissexy

Run on…

Stick around…at the end I talk about running.

  • I’m so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. As I sit here at my computer this quiet morning, the sunrise is peaking, there’s a blue hue to the color of the world and it’s changing little by little as the sun comes up. The snow that came last night was the best kind, the fluffy ~surely they came out of a can~ flakes. Just sitting on top of the deck looking like if you blew one good breath you’d clear a space for walking. And over in the distance is a shimmer of orange and pink…just thinking about showing itself.  I get this all to myself. Everyone is sleeping.  p.s. guess what’s on?  Yep..Harry Potter. My life is complete.
  • We’re trying to buy a new microwave. We’ve bought two used microwaves (fortunately I’m cheap so not much money) and both of them,  though in great condition,  sound like (to use one reviewers terminology) a jet engine taking off. I have issues with that. I want a quiet microwave. Is that too much to ask? So we were at Home Depot yesterday and I am standing there looking at microwaves and I get distracted. The refrigerators are AMAZING. Have you SEEN what they have in refrigerators now???  I want THAT…look at that middle drawer for all those most commonly reached snack items! I mean…they cost as much as a small car…yes they do.   Same with the oven…check that sucker out. We fell in love with the two door oven. I mean really. You can use the top one….or the handle can grab both doors which opens up the whole oven. It’s…genius.Whirlpool 24.5 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Monochromatic Stainless Steel          Samsung 30 in. 5.9 cu. ft. Flex Duo Double Oven Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Dual Door Oven in Stainless Steel
    I know that was random but SERIOUSLY…I have appliance envy. LOL
  • I’ve had several friends talk to me about this post the other day. It came up originally when someone mentioned Facebook  and a few particular friends who seem to be “those friends” that post the most unbelievable unrealistic ~my gosh how in the world are you living that life~ pictures and statuses.  Seriously…we have a lot of really wealthy people that live here. Don’t get excited. We have a lot of poor people, too. We all just love the mountains. But the class differences…it’s pretty sad. What I think is harder to watch, and maybe I put it wrong when I was writing it is that we all have those ~in another life I’d have this or if you’re me then you say, “that person is living my life”. But remembering it’s just pretend is what keeps you from being sad all the time about what you don’t have. Gratitude is something I always have but I think it’s a gift to be able to remember your blessings in today’s world. And if you really DO have a dream, then do everything in your power to follow that dream. DO IT> Because I can’t imagine having regrets. You have to be able to say you did everything you could to live the life that is truly yours.
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  • Runner’s World posted this today and I think it’s SO SMART.  Prerun Yoga is really genius. I’m totally going to give it a try. I love to start my day with some basic yoga moves … I feel like one of those toy skeletons that gets snapped together with all the little pops and snaps. I don’t do it for a half an hour or anything but I do spend five or ten minutes just getting the kinks out. Since it feels so good I think pre run yoga would definitely help keep those injuries at bay…hello hip openers.
  • Yesterday I got my run in (3.25 miles)  before my appt and it was just turning a little breezy and cold but still good. I stopped more than I wanted to but I kicked the ass of a few hills  so I consider it a good run. Today I’m meeting Miss Hollie for our walk/run and she may not like me. We’ll have to see how it goes. I’m pretty excited we’re getting in two workouts this week in the daylight! I can see my watch and it helps with the timing. 

Less than a week until Thanksgiving…I hope you are ready but not making yourselves crazy. It’s just dinner after all. The important part is the hangin’ out together. And remember to be kind.

This was on Runner’s World today and I fully appreciate it this morning. Here’s your sign:



Run on…