all the stairs would be better without this terrible air…

  • Thursday I finished my crazy errands and then I told myself…I must nap.  I set my phone for an hour and totally crashed. I slept until I wasn’t nauseous anymore. That ended up being an hour and a half.
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    By the time I woke up I had to be a grown up and figure out dinner.
    If I were rich I’d so have a chef.  That would be my splurge.
  • I have a friend in Florida and a friend in St Thomas. It took awhile to hear from her but we finally did get the okay from my friend in St Thomas. The island was hit so hard the news was reporting concern for life was their highest priority. I’m over this whole hurricane thing. Climate change. Could we wrap our head around that please? She reported the hurricane was “terrifying”. She lost her entire roof. When they came out after (she has two kids…a teenager and a six year old) the power lines were in the street, the trees were down and there were refrigerators in the street. It was crazy. We’re really grateful she’s okay but there’s another one thinking about a follow up so we’re watching close.
  • I have an acquaintance who decided to have a conversation on her page asking for education about Dreamers. She’s incredibly conservative. Her and her friends were quite judgmental and seemed to have one thing on their mind throughout the conversation. They seemed more upset about the legality of everything than whether or not these people were put in a situation they have no control over and are just trying to stay in the only life they’ve ever known. One of her friends seemed offended at the term “dreamers” like who are they to dream? We all have dreams for our kids…and so on… My reasonable darling friend popped on to say…no. dream. It’s an acronym.  I don’t think they read. I think they just hear Fox news and get mad. #dreamers #DACA #bekind 
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  • When you have a good hair day and you don’t want to run… #goodhairday
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  • Yesterday I went  to Shrine of Cabrini with my friend and climbed the stairs~twice~in the terrible awful very bad smokey air. It was bad. I have good strong lungs, I can’t imagine how people are breathing in this with damaged lungs or asthma. My head started to really hurt by this evening and I totally blame the smoke. It’s feeling better but I credit the really expensive drugs. #allthestairs #prayerandexercise 
    We went to Morrison for Mexican food where she spent the lunch hour harassing me and laughing at me because I have a ridiculous amount of energy and she said she was laughing at my facial expressions. I don’t know what that meant but I’m going with good because that’s all I’ve got.  Lunch was awesome except our server forgot we existed~twice~.  TWICE. I’m usually fairly memorable so…that was bad.  I ate my weight in chips and salsa. The whole meal. Just kept eating. It’s okay. You can judge me. I totally don’t mind. #dontjudgeme #Ineedmorechips
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  • Thursday’s workout:
    I walked the dog for 2.5 miles
    I did my yoga
    30 pushups
    30 squats
    Friday’s workout:
    2.5 miles
    climbed Shrine of Cabrini twice
  • I am meeting another friend today and after that Sean and I are going to try and spend an hour or two together. He has some studying to do. I have work to do. I think we’re just looking for some down time. So much stress, he’s pretty worn out. Also…my yard needs to be mowed SO MUCH. That’s getting done for sure.
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    Run on…

When your dog looks sad.

  • First of all…yep. My comments are still messed up. If you want to comment you have to be looking at the individual post and not the stream of all the posts. I hope that’s clear. We’re still working on that. Which means we just have so much going on we can’t put longer than 3 minutes into it and we can’t find it in 3 minutes. Instead I have this stupid “last five comments” thing actually TWICE at the end. So frustrating. My tech guy has a life beyond me. That’s just wrong.
  • I think my dog is depressed.  Is there anything as sad as when your dog looks sad? I don’t know if he doesn’t feel good or if the neighbor dogs are depressing him. I emailed the vet this morning and we’re looking at our options. Our walk this morning, which was taking a brisk 40 minutes took well over an hour this morning.
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  • I went to get my tattoo worked on this afternoon. I know some of you MAY remember a mere three years ago (can it be that long?) that I got the tattoo but it’s faded really bad and you’re apparently supposed to get a touch up.
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    So I went back around a month ago to make the appointment and learned SO MUCH that I really didn’t want to know.
    They had no idea who it was that did the work. Like…NO ONE had heard of her (the owner wasn’t there, I’m sure he heard of her). They looked at it and said WHOA did she screw that up. Did it hurt like a son of a reallybadword? And I said  ~why yes, Yes it did~. And they said that was because she did it really wrong. She went in way too deep and that’s why it’s faded and it has all this scar tissue and whatnot. The guy that helped me was super nice and said he’d do the work for free (yes, I’m tipping him generously).  He said, “fair warning, when you go over tattoos like this…it’s usually far more painful than the first time”.
    Great. huh. We can all expect throwing up and passing out.
    So I went back today and for 80% of it I handled it pretty well. I even told him the pain was nothing in comparison. It was so much better than the last time I can’t even tell you. They were shocked. I told him it was AWFUL last time. I will say by the end it was a little rough. I was pretty exhausted and getting woozy so he stopped. We made another appointment to finish up in about a month and a half.
    He’s really nice and I may have him do more work for me later. They looked at it again when I went in and just couldn’t believe how much she’d screwed it up. I told him I don’t know anything. I did a LOT of research, I read a LOT of reviews, and I talked to Dave, the owner.  I came in trusting the shop. He said it’s really hard to get good tattoo artists and you sometimes don’t know they’re not great until they screw somebody up because they have a portfolio and a license so you have to just trust them based on that. Not a shock, though, that they gave her to the suburban chick who wouldn’t know anything.
    He also said it’s surprising I came in trusting them, most people come in acting like they know so much more than the tattoo artist.  I told him I’m very knowledgeable in some things but that’s not one of them so I had to trust the owner to assign me someone he thought would do a good job. It’s disappointing this happened. Fortunately Van is fixing it and also, it’s not the end of the world. I’m not dying or anything.
    Here it is three years ago. I really liked it but it faded SO much it was a very very light gray. The guy that’s working on it is making some tweaks. Do I like it. I don’t know. Do I care? Eh. I really like how delicate it was so I may be a little disappointed.  I don’t know if I will like it as much but he’s very good so I’ll just let it go. I don’t see it so whatever.  #somanyfreckles #thanksdaddy  #thesunhelpedtoo
  • When you have an iphone AND an ipad and EVERYTHING RINGS. I never know where to go. You should see me run around the house when I’ve left my phone in my bag and it rings. Stupid Apple.
  • I got my run in last night and it was glorious. I totally walked a few times but I didn’t care because it was cool and beautiful. Today I was going to head out but I ended up messaging my friend for too long and it was HOT 🔥 so I opted to walk Malachi.  He was excited! and then he was not.
    The high for the day is 82* so you know I’m a wuss. I’m going to run later when it’s cooler. This morning it was 50*. It was COLD…. ❄ and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I love fall.
    I know, that’s a snowflake. But it was cold, didn’t you get that? It was seriously cold.
  • Today I am having lunch with Miss Andrea because she’s going to Peru this week and besides being super jealous I haven’t seen her in like  a month. I’m having Andrea withdrawal. Yes, I talk to her all the time but I need to see her cute face. And she’s leaving for THREE WEEKS.
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  • Yesterday’s workout was:
    3.5 mile run
    39 pushups (three sets of 13 …  😎 )
    30 little squats without weights because I was in a hurry and I was multi tasking making dinner
    2 minute plank
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    Run on…

Ten quick and dirty facts about Celiac. Also, you don’t see me….I’m not here.

I hope you guys aren’t too overwhelmed with “Celiac” information because I’m going to throw you a little more. We’re going to do Ten Facts of Celiac Disease.  Too much information can be overwhelming but a “ten facts” list is quick and dirty. Here we go…
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  • Celiac Disease is an inherited disease.
  • Celiac tends to remain dormant but can be triggered or “woken up” after childbirth, surgery or a traumatic event of some sort
  • You can test negative and still test positive at a later date
  • The average age to be diagnosed is 40-60 years old
  • Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, not an allergy
  • Celiac is very connected to thyroid disorders. If you have a thyroid disorder you should be tested for Celiac. It’s a very simple blood test.
  • If you have Celiac you have a much higher risk of having another autoimmune disorder disorder (I have Raynaud’s also)
  • approximately 1% of the population has Celiac disease
  • It’s possible to have Celiac and be non-symptomatic.
  • Here is an infographic from Gluten Dude showing a long list of symptoms compiled from his many readers
    Saturday I met Michelle at Red Rocks so we could run the stairs but when we got there they were having yoga on the rocks. Which sounds delightful but instead it was..nope…you don’t get to come in. So we did a little three mile hike instead. We were slightly winded but mostly because we were hot. No stairs…no real workout.

    You know you didn’t get workout in when you are still sporting your hairdresser hair at the beginning AND the end of your workout…
    Image result for good hair day gif
    (the following was typed before I left)
    So after coming home (pretty exhausted from several days of no sleep) I slept for two hours. I was so tired I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up until tomorrow…no joke it was a dead ass sleep…
    I hopped up and ran some errands and then Sean and I went to the incline so I could get some stairs in. My legs were SHAKING. Note to self…work out more often.
    Sean spent the day working his ass off riding his bike so he did the incline once and then sat and watched. I did way less than he did for the day so I did it three times. Who knows what I’ll get done this weekend. I need my exercise! Final decision, taking my running stuff. 
    Now I’m frantically trying to get stuff done before I have to be up in three hours to fly internationally….
    The last time I flew internationally it was overseas from Germany. That was a long time ago. I won’t get all sappy on you but I miss Germany.
    I hope I remember to take all the important stuff like…you know, my ID and stuff. underwear. toothbrush. YOU KNOW.
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    Remember... you don't have to run... you get to run!
    Run on….

What it’s really like eating out as a Celiac.

The nightmare in Charlottesville is terrible and I feel like that’s such an understatement. My heart goes out to Heather Heyer’s family and all those who were injured in what is a huge stain on our country. It’s so shameful. These nazis and our president who took his own sweet time with his address…(it came out today..sadly). It was all just really really bad. As you can see I am not great with the words today.
So…I went to the land of no internet for a few days…the land of MT (#thestatenotthekid) and I had an amazing time and I had a frustrating time. Mostly great though! (if only the weekend had stayed that good, right? ~giant shadow over the country)

My sister is the superintendent for the art department for the state fair. She works INCREDIBLY hard. It’s ridiculous how hard she works. She is up at ridiculous hours and goes to bed at ridiculous hours…in other words she’s keeping my hours but for valid reasons and not because she’s a chronic insomniac.  (you can find her work here…Fairy Ring Beads and Things) All of this while in a constant motion of creating her own beads and jewelry that are in demand almost daily. I don’t know how she does it, she’s the busiest person I know. Fair week. Her daughter is getting married next year right after the fair, I’m not sure if that will be the year she breaks or the year she gets her wonder woman costume because she really is a superhero.
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Warning, this is long. You can skim. ha… Or skip the whole thing! Tomorrow’s should be better…yeah, I can’t promise that. In my head it always is but then I get obsessed with topics like this an I write a book.

MT needs to step up and get some gluten free places to eat.  I made due with what they had and was pretty happy. I know for a fact a lot of strict Celiac’s would not have done what I did. I ate out every meal (really just three because I don’t eat much) and it was at the same place every time…Red Robin. We have zero to zero choices in Billings for gluten free. I always get a salad (and sometimes french fries) and I always give them a lovely and very polite talk about what I have while also pleading with them to be especially careful.

Someone close to me told me it’s no fun going out to eat with someone who won’t eat and just orders a glass of water with lemon but I have to counter that with it’s not really fun having this disease and I’m doing the best I can. It’s difficult being the person who can’t eat anything and feeling the pressure to eat just so someone else doesn’t have to eat alone.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease three years ago and once that happened the days of going out to eat to enjoy a meal with family or friends really became completely unrealistic. This doesn’t mean I don’t go out.  It means my intentions are decidedly different and the philosophy eat to live don’t live to eat  (either Socrates or Benjamin Franklin…no one seems to be able to decide) is my new way of living.  I go with the thought that I am blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with these people and I get to enjoy the company I’m with and really that’s what I’m in it for. I’m excited to be there with my family and friends and great conversation.  I carry protein bars with me, I grab bananas and fruit and I eat things that are easy and fast.

In the midst of  the day to day normalcy, however,  of “let’s grab lunch” and “where can you eat”, the lines become blurred.  I of all people know how frustrating it is to do the restaurant search and in their zeal they can forget that the most important thing here is that I take care of myself.

It’s stressful to me.

Most of the blogs on Celiac are dedicated serious gluten free bloggers who mostly cook and eat gluten free at home and seldom eat out. They are careful and very strict. They exercise, they take care of themselves and a lot of them are on other restrictions like no soy or no dairy and they eat paleo or they eat all organic. These are people who take what they put into their body very seriously. One blogger in particular is so careful about his vacations he hires a chef.

These are not people that eat at Red Robin. They don’t eat at PF Chang’s and they don’t eat at chain restaurants in general.  They call the chef of expensive restaurants ahead of time and have conversations to reassure their meal will in fact be safe to eat or they eat at exclusively gluten free restaurants. If that’s available. NO MEAL will EVER be easy again.

I know people that carry a cooler in their car and travel with their own food. They refuse to ever eat at a restaurant because realistically it’s and this is the best way for them to stay healthy.

On the other hand, I know Celiacs who go to your average wing restaurant (or really any restaurant that jumped on the bandwagon and threw a “gluten free” label on a couple food items) and just ask for “gluten free”.
There’s nothing safe about walking into just any restaurant and asking for gluten free and calling it good. Most of the time cross contamination will be extensive and you are definitely not safe. I think 50% of gluten free has to be cross contamination from other foods, utensils and the general kitchen area,  servers who uninformed, and serving dishes that can be cleaned but not deemed safe for Celiacs. These are people who haven’t been taught how to eat Celiac safe and I’d bet they aren’t safe in their own kitchens from lack of information.

We can all blame our GI doctors for this since we all got the same diagnosis. “You’re Celiac. Just eat a gluten free diet and you’ll be fine.” Yes…those exact words. But we all know there is so much more to it than that.

Gluten Dude was just writing about a most wicked of sickness he got and he couldn’t imagine how he’d been glutened. Of course, anything is possible, however the best line I have heard yet is when he wrote, “I think having an autoimmune disease means your body is in fighting mode much of the time.”
Yes.  Right there.  And you just have to figure out how to handle it in a way that works for you. Some part of me almost always feels out of balance, I just have to roll with it because that’s life.  I manage my own self. That’s the big thing with me.
In a perfect world I will get to run tonight…(cross your fingers!! I have theboy all week for #babecamp so it’s a busy busy week)
You get what you work for quote

Run on and be healthy.

marshmallows. not just for camping.

This is the five year anniversary of the Aurora Shooting. We don’t generally make a fuss over anniversaries but this was very close to home figuratively and literally. Love to all the families and first responders.  ❤

  • We had dinner with Amy, Wayde and their son Kevin last night and seriously they are the cutest family ever. My very first impression was that Amy has really REALLY great legs. Where can I get some of those?  I know, you’re thinking…weird much?   Well they parked in a parking lot on a higher level than we did and I’m naturally shorter anyway so my eye level was sort of her legs as she walked toward me and then came down to my level parking lot.

    So really not THAT weird. Still kind of weird but whatever. I can appreciate hot. Kevin is the GREATEST kid, seriously smart, incredibly polite and a sense of humor and joy he just clearly carries with him. They are a beautiful family and I appreciated every moment with them. We stayed for like…two hours at dinner and it was so much fun. We shared stories of our insane life and their life in Kansas is the polar opposite of ours. Wayde told us all about the no traffic light town they live in but the train that comes through takes 45 minutes and cuts the town completely in half hitting every street so if you miss it and get stopped by the train…you’re screwed. I totally want to live there just so I can call Sean and say, “I’m on the wrong side of the tracks”. Best moment ever. He said he has it timed quite well and knows when it’s coming through so an occasional 85mph moment will happen to get him across so he can get to work on time.

    I scoff at him and his occasional 85mph moments. Sean does 85 as a regular speed and sometimes he’s not even on the road. I have to remind him..this is the shoulder SEAN THIS IS THE SHOULDER.
    Not stressful at all to drive with him. His confidence will be the death of me. Also, his skill. The man has skills.
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  • I have been on the phone now for twenty minutes while someone tries to find my medical records from my surgery in February. My health reimbursement people denied $1000 claim and I have to figure out why, how and get a receipt for it but really there was so much I live in confusion land. Sean will confirm that for you. Meanwhile, the fact that they can’t find me is shocking, my surgery was like…$85,000. You’d think that would put me up in a higher status and I’d get some attention. How long is too long to be on hold before you snap? Well, that was it, 25 minutes. After that the person came on and announced she has no record of me in the hospital whatsoever and maybe if I call the main hospital and ask for pre registration. I’m in menu hell. Tried it…got lost in the circle of hell again. It’s SO WRONG> I waited and moved on. I’ve got to figure this out.
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  • I get a monthly scrip of migraine medication that helps with those migraines that squeak through after the Botox. They aren’t incredibly common but they are common enough that I need medication for them. My doctor gave me a “coupon” for them which made the ~incredibly-expensive-out-of-the-realm-of-reasonable a very reasonable $20. It’s been incredibly helpful. Today they called me to ask if I needed a refill. I’ve turned down the refill before because I didn’t need it and in hindsight should not have. Today I said I’d take it and she said the coupon was expired. There’s another coupon that takes care of 60% of the scrip leaving a co-pay of $492. Would I like that on my visa? Some days I just don’t have it in me. In case you’re wondering…I skipped the refill. I have an appt in a few weeks. I’ll ask for another coupon.
    $492. Pfft. I’ll just suffer through it. I’m from MT. That’s a half a car.
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  • I’ve been craving roasted marshmallows since we went camping. I know you’re thinking “but you had roasted marshmallows when you went camping”. Well, yes I did. But I tend to have long term cravings that last a ridiculously extended amount of time. If I want a cheeseburger I want one every day for a week. So I’ve been wanting more roasted marshmallows and today I wanted something sweet. Yes, I roasted my marshmallows over a candle today. I KNOW> It was TOTALLY delicious. You can take three things away from this.
    1. this is clearly not a healthy eating blog… hahha. I will tell you I’ve been eating super healthy for the last week and feeling pretty good but still one needs to have treats.
    2. My mother always told me to work with what you’ve got.
    3. It totally crossed my mind that if I dropped the marshmallow, set the kitchen on fire and burned the house down I would absolutely make the national news as the woman who burned her house down roasting marshmallows over a candle in her kitchen. I’m okay with that because I’m a good time.
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    I got a HIIT workout done yesterday and it was a good strong workout that felt great. My body thanked me for doing something other than hiking or running. It’s just so blessed hot here at like…96* and none of us want to exercise at all. My gym on the base doesn’t air condition or if it does it’s the bare minimum to keep us from passing out. I should really join 24 hour fitness.
    It was hot. I just did the HIIT workout. I did the following…
    jumping jacks
    push ups
    dead lifts
    bicep curls
    lateral raises
    Shoulder press

    today I would love to run but it’ll have to be later. It was hot at 6am. It was 72* at 6:20 in the morning and that is my very short window to walk the dog. So I have a short window to run tonight. I do not love the heat. You probably already figured that out. How do people run in this?
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Run on… 

even celebrities get it.

  • So…Mandy Moore from This is Us has Celiac disease. This could be big. OR…it could totally screw us. Depends on how she handles it. Either way it definitely draws attention to the disease. Jennifer Esposito is nothing to sneeze at but This is Us is currently one of the biggest shows out there so Mandy Moore is a big name to have.
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  • My friend, Amy, and her husband and son are coming to town today. They’ve been touring Colorado on vacation and I’m super excited to get to hang with her while she’s here. We’re supposed to run together on Wednesday and I hope she likes running at ridiculously early hours of the morning or late at night because Girl it’s supposed to be 96* and I don’t run in that heat so it’s either in the morning dark or in the evening dark. Meanwhile, we’re going to dinner tonight at Beau Jo’s because Beau Jo’s is TOTALLY Colorado and also I can eat gluten free there. It’ll be fun to meet her.
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  • I sit at the counter next to the sliding glass door to type on the computer. The door is open most of the day leaving the possibility for anyone to come in. Including 8 legged creatures. And they do come in. Every few weeks I’ll find a visitor on the counter or on the wall next to me. You’d think I’d move. Sometimes I sit at my desk, it depends on my mood. Tonight, it was midnight and I was sitting at the counter and there on the wall next to me was a spider just climbing up the wall. I decided I would be a grown up. I would take care of it. I  get my notebook and I stand up so I can get a better angle and it FALLS OFF THE WALL AND IS NOW ANYWHERE IT’S ANYONE’S GUESS WHERE IT IS PANIC PANIC AND I SCREAM BECAUSE….
    well, because that’s what I do when I am startled by a spider. It’s super helpful. Sean slowly comes downstairs. I describe the offender. He finds it on the floor and takes care of it with my notebook and heads back to bed. I ask him if he laughs when he hears the scream or rolls his eyes. He said he just sighs.
    Life  with me. Poor guy.
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  • I think I’m overmedicated for my thyroid. It’s just a guess but my eye is twitching and the last time that happened it was my thyroid. I’m pretty over it. Between that and the Celiac exhaustion I just want to close my eyes and sleep for three days. I’m self adjusting to see if it helps.
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  • We Put 6 Top Leggings Brands To The Test—Here’s The Verdict
    I really appreciate someone else doing the work on this. I’m not a fan of leggings (I know!) but occasionally they make a really cute outfit. I 99.9% of the time would never wear them to Target as part of my ~just finished my workout and needed to make a quick stop~ outfit. It’s happened but it’s not my favorite. I agree with her entire assessment so I’ll be scoping out Athleta for a nice pair, to include shorts. Athleta sells my favorite shorts I bought earlier this year and sticker shock sent me returning them. I’m totally sorry I did because the shorts I bought instead at Ann Taylor (usually a favorite store) are truly terrible. Less than half the cost, I hate them completely and never ever wear them. I should have paid the gasp price and bought the pair I would wear every day.

Things I have to have in a pair of leggings:
1. no shine
2. enough thickness to not see through but not too thick
3. enough spandex to grip and hold so the leggings feel like they are actually doing something.

  • This Map Shows How Much People Spend On Wedding Gifts In Each State
    Obviously this is an average, the article makes it clear you can start at a much lower amount and there are many factors to be considered in the gift giving. And of course the real point is your presence at the day of. That’s the most important thing. 
  • It’s 94* today and I don’t want to play anymore.  I want fall. I’m going to HIIT>
    There's no better feeling than finishing a really brutal workout. That feeling when you've gone through a truly hard and brutal workout. That's probably the BEST feeling in the world!
    Run on…

There was a near death in the family. It was a close call..

My iPod wouldn’t power up…It was devastating really.

I changed my clothes and grabbed my ipod to head to the incline (finally!) but on the way out the door I thought…ooh…there’s a podcast update. So I plugged it in to get the update and nothing happened.

Radio silence indeed.

The darn thing worked perfectly yesterday morning when I walked the dog but by the afternoon it had committed iPod suicide.  I headed out to do the incline but by the time I was nearly there it was dark and I don’t know if the trail is lit so I just turned around and came home. So frustrated and dejected.


Ugh. This day.

When I got home I spent some time googling and I resurrected that sucker and it SPRANG to life!
Image result for you can never die gif
At which point I carefully set its broken self aside so I wouldn’t break it further and waited for Sean to come home.  Somehow he manages to not screw up computerie things. I don’t trust myself to not to that. He can never die.

You’ll be happy to know there were no dead or injured bunnies brought to me yesterday. We won’t talk about today.

I walked Malachi (I try to walk him every morning) and when I got home from the park there was Skosh sitting in the middle of the street totally scoping out all the bunnies that were running around the neighborhood. You could tell he was trying to decide…which one? They all look so yummy…

Damn cat.

I gave him a good lecture and told him NO BUNNIES> If he knows what’s good for him…

Image result for threaten gif

I messaged a few friends to ask about a hair person. Alex’s wedding is coming up and I need someone to do a hair updo for me. One of my friends came back with a name and said she’s supposed to be really good. So call her and tell her a client of so and so referred you.

Yeah, that won’t be confusing at all.

but I did just that and an hour and a half later we were fast friends. Turns out she’s Celiac, Hypothyroid/Hashimotos, too. We’re everywhere. I haven’t figured out if she can do hair yet. We burned her phone up and she couldn’t send photos. Hopefully we’ll figure that out. Meanwhile, I have a new friend. Can’t beat that.


One of my beautiful friends who is single and living the good life was recently photographed in this GORGEOUS dress from Local Color Truck . This week she’s in Puerto Vallarta but last week she was on the French Riviera. I kind of hate her but I love her to much to really hate her so I love her. Anyway, check out this website, the clothes are gorgeous and it’s “An American Made Boutique”. A lovely concept all the way around.
Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, outdoor and nature source
There is a dent in my forehead. I slept on my watch last night and when I woke up this morning there it was…this dark red deep dent in my forehead. I seriously slept HARD.

So I washed my face and did an ice cold morning scrub. Nothing.
Moisturizer…wait ten minutes
Argon oil…seriously I have ridiculously dry skin….wait ten minutes
sunscreen/base…don’t leave home without it…wait ten minutes
I’ve now been up for seven hours and I still have a dent in my forehead. I’ve permanently disfigured myself and the sleep wasn’t even that great.
Image result for Im disfigured gif
I am running today because I just really need to. Michelle and I are taking a trail adventure tomorrow. I need to be moving.

I’m going to HIIT both days, too, so I can get some strength in.
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#savethebunnies – anybody want a cat? He’s SUPER friendly.

Don’t worry. I’m keeping him. I just need therapy. 
I started the day at 4am
when I woke up with a bad dream. Kind of normal for me so I laid there processing. As I hung out thinking about going back to sleep it occurred to me I wasn’t being disturbed by a four legged cat who insisted on having breakfast.

Where was Skosh?

Skosh has missed us recently so we’ve been keeping an eye on him.

I got up and scoured the house only to come to the realization he must have escaped last night and I locked him out! I immediately panicked and opened the door to call him. Nothing.

Then I couldn’t go back to bed. I sat on the deck with a couch pillow and a throw just waiting to see if he’d show up. Usually if he’s out all night (it’s rare, not unheard of but rare) he’s waiting at the door like…what the hell…you totally locked me out! This morning he wasn’t doing that. He was just not there.

Malachi and I sat on the deck together waiting until finally one of the times I called him brought him running.

What a relief to hear his little bell…. It was so sweet, that sound! As he came running around the corner full speed so full of excitement he…

…well…he dropped the bunny he had in his mouth so he could come in the house and eat the breakfast I actually buy him.

I completely freaked. Damn cat. All love and concern completely gone. Now I had zero love.
The bunny appeared to still be alive and completely terrified.
At this point I needed Happy or Hungry to draw  cartoon of this morning because that’s really the only way to do it justice.
Malachi is on one side of the deck. I’ve closed Skosh inside the house. I’m holding Malachi off the bunny with the couch pillow as I try and call Sean on the phone to come help me rescue the bunny while trying to make sure the bunny is okay. This required some yoga.  I can’t open the door because Skosh wants to come back out and eat the bunny. Sean is sleeping.  I finally open the door and hold Skosh off with the couch pillow while threatening Malachi who is weighing his options and I yell at Sean to please wake up…come to the deck and bring a towel and I’m really sorry I’m waking him up at 5:30am like this.

Turns out our front screen door has a hole in it and Skosh escaped that way. It’s getting repaired today. Meanwhile, Sean drove off to work with the bunny wrapped in a towel so he could take it to the greenbelt at the park and it would have a better chance.

I love him so much. I cannot tell you how much I love him.  Nothing warms your heart as much as seeing a grown man wrap a tiny bunny in a towel and drive off in an attempt to save it. I’ve heard too many grown men tell me they’re nasty rodents and just shoot ’em. I’ll keep mine. He’s got the best heart. Meanwhile…
I have a cat available if anyone wants him…
Nicest cat EVER. Sweet. Loveable. Gets along great with other animals…
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#savethebunnies  #unfriendly #thatdamncat

Since it was GORGEOUS out it was the perfect running day. The perfect workout day. The perfect ~must go to the incline day~ which means it totally did not get done in any way at all. 

I know. You guys are all really disappointed in me. But in fact I got SO MUCH DONE yesterday I feel incredibly accomplished. I kicked some serious ass. AND…at the end of the day I ended up talking to a friend/business associate and she was also the perfect person to rejuvenate my spirit. I’ve been feeling very deflated lately and I have so much to do I really needed a pick me up.

God totally read that and sent her straight to me.
I have so much to do in the next three months   and I feel like time is totally FLYING by. So I’m trying not to panic too much and I’m going to try again today to get to the incline. I don’t feel too bad about missing it because hauling my bag out from camping really killed my back and it still hurts like a son of a gun so resting another day won’t kill me. I’ll bet money it’ll hurt another couple of days.

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I get it. It was one small bag. But it wasn’t a backpack. It was a stupid little duffel which was totally the wrong kind of bag to carry and I had to carry it quite a ways in the wrong position. It was awkward. It was uncomfortable. I am now paying for it.
This morning:

I know, it sounds like a lot but that’s my goal

Also…dress and shoe shopping. Wish me luck.

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Cycling Hill Climbing Tips - Basics - Quote
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Dreams and mountains. I want mountains.

I just finished S-Town. I know, I’m totally behind the crowd. I listened to part of it when it first came out and then I got distracted by something else (squirrel!) and held off on restarting it. I think it happened when I got my new phone. I was listening on my old phone and I don’t listen on phones because they don’t like me. So I ended up subscribing on my ipod and listened that way and ohhhh it was so good. It was just so really good. I was worried it would be awful and terrible and I’d grow to dislike the John (the person it was about) but in fact, I only grew to love him more. And I like that there seemed to be some answers. I like answers.

I don’t enjoy puzzles that don’t come together.

Lord give me a mystery podcast that solves the mystery…
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I have edited this because it was poorly written before and really easy to be misunderstood.
I ran into an old friend at the grocery store.  Old friend…there’s an odd term.
It was good to see her if only so I could realize we have moved on and don’t miss her  anymore and we don’t need her. I know that sounds harsh but she was a very close friend that  we entrusted with our kid, and she wasn’t there. There’s a point when you realize some people just really don’t deserve family space in your life.
I put my sunglasses on and turned away. It was easier that way for both of us. 
This was a growing experience, this friendship. We all have growing pains with friendships but this one was definitely one of those “toxic relationships” and one day it just becomes…okay to walk away from and frankly it’s better for you if you do. It was, in fact, a relief. Forgiveness is one thing, which we did. She was quickly forgiven. But time pointed out she was not going to change and that was just not going to work for us. 
She recognized my voice when I got up to the front and I was speaking to the clerk and she turned and made a point to say hello.  Then she turned and left before I even had a chance to look back from the clerk. She was just gone. Would I have spoken to her? I would have given her a polite hello and that is all. I don’t feel the need to catch up.
I was okay with her leaving. I hope she works on herself. I mean none of us is perfect but you can’t screw with my kid. It wasn’t a minor thing. He struggled for a while on that one. He counted her as a dear close friend. It was not something we took lightly.
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I died laughing when I found this since I had forgotten this quote and I live in black…how convenient! Again, harsh, mostly I just liked the gif. Flashed me back. 
On Saturday morning, Alex Honnold made history by climbing El Capitan without ropes. He just…climbed it. You know…like we would climb…well there actually is no comparison because we’re not Spider-man. No magic powers here. how CRAZY is this guy?
I love him. (it’s okay Baby…I still love you more.)

Alex Honnold Scales El Capitan Without Ropes, And The Climbing World Reels

Chris Bombadier-Adventures of a Hemophiliac is the story of this amazing kid my son actually went to high school with and he just reached the summit of Mt Everest on May 22nd…being the first hemophiliac to do so. I am in awe of his achievements.
I love him. (It’s okay Baby…I still love you more….it would be creepy if I loved these guys in THAT way….they are way too young) I just think these guys are so AMAZING.

Also….Everest. sigh. And Chris posted these incredible photos that made me want to weep. I wish I was kidding. I am not. I was beyond happy and envious to see these photos. One of them was a 360* from the summit of MT Everest. I mean…can you even? CAN YOU EVEN?
Ridiculously jealous.
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I just threw out four miles and it was SO FUN!!!

I did get lost.

In my own neighborhood.

The neighborhood I have lived in for twenty years.

A true testament for the need for GPS

Which I used and still…I was confused. I am in fact, a lost cause.


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Damn I love running so freaking much. I just really really really love it. So much.
I don’t love the first mile. Just to let you know that not everything about running is awesome.  But the rest…yeah. It was a lovely experience. Pure freaking joy.
I have a week of theboy coming up so I want to make sure I get my running in. LOTS to get done before we start Babe Camp.

Tomorrow I’m going to run and we’ll see what I find the time to do for a little extra..HIIT or maybe the incline or maybe nothin’ at all….hopefully something!
It's a good day to have a great workout. #goforit:

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Covfefe. Also known as I get to say what I want.

Really, can you start any kind of a conversation today without at least COMMENTING on #covfefe??
Our president is a complete idiot. I get to say that. If he gets to, I get to. I can’t wait to take to Twitter and hashtags my ass off. Maybe I’ll wait until I’m asleep and then do it. WHO DOES THAT?

Paris agreement. 
Taking birth control out of the ACA…
He’s on a roll. I mean. He’s ON A ROLL> How much joy can I suck out of the news TODAY? And before 9am? Pretty good. He’s good. What can I say.
I just really really don’t like him and getting through this next 3.5 years pleaseGodnotsevenmore PLEASE don’t let us be THAT stupid. 
I’ve been reading Twitter after his idiotic #covfefe midnight tweet and that alone gives me joy today. Thank God for Twitter!.
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I walked about seven miles yesterday. You’d think I’d be all HOLY COW.  I walked SEVEN MILES yesterday.



I really felt the need for a run. It was just really hot so during the day it doesn’t happen for sure and in the evening my super high maintenance kid called me from Virginia.  #shoutouttoMT

I ended up skipping a run and walking the dog instead. It was so beautiful, it was the perfect night for an evening run.
I didn’t though.I didn’t run. I slacked instead.
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I walked with my friend in the morning morning, we’re trying to get her started on a workout regimen and a good walking routine is the best way to start. She had a baby a year ago and having a baby is so overwhelming, it’s really all about the baby for the first year, right? I mean unless you’re a celebrity and have a personal trainer and a nanny. She’s feeling kind of out of control and schlumpy.

Raise your hand if you HAVEN’T felt out of control and schlumpy.
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Is there a day we don’t feel like this? Tell me your magic secret!

We’re going to work on it with her. It’s a work in progress. It usually ends up being an extra workout for me and that’s a bonus because my body has a natural love of movement. The downside is the baby. She’s freakin’ darling but that child doesn’t do anything until 10am so that’s when we walk. That is a chunk in the middle of the day. We might have to tweak that. Between the heat and my schedule, I don’t see that always coming together.


Hibernation mode is going strong. ::sarcasm::  I’m being inundated. I’m starting to wonder if I made the effort and started throwing invitations out there, maybe people would purposely ignore me. Maybe it works like opposite day? Hm.


I am considering this possibility.

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I’ve been making up my schedule as I go along for a few days so I think I’ll look at it and let you know.

Hey…I’m right on schedule. Today I am supposed to do a HIIT. I can do that. I was supposed to run yesterday but I walked more than double the distance. Does that count as running? I feel like that’s a math problem waiting to happen.

I’m also painting. Painting, walking, HIIT and maybe I’ll finish up the last of the garage. I’m feelin’ itchy to do a project.

Anybody else doing anything exciting? Am I missing out?

Remember we only get one body. Everybody gets their own unique version and yeah…some are dealt far different cards. Everyone has a story and we don’t know anyone’s story. But we have to love our body because we only get the one. Take care of it, fuel it correctly, treat it correctly, rest it and appreciate it. Recognize it for it’s worth. You get out of it what you put into it. It gives back. It will.
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