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Confessions of a sugar lover

I know what you’re thinking…  this should be confessions of a sugar ADDICT. But no. I don’t consider myself an addict (denial much?) even though I love Skittles, Mike N Ikes and Hot Tamales. I also have developed a deep and crazy longing for chips of all sorts as long as they have salt salt salt and Celiac has sapped me of all my minerals. I can go weeks (weeks I tell you!) without sugar and there have been many times I am actually nauseous at the thought of…gasp…

….a cupcake.


I feel like I’m betraying my people.
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Years ago Oprah confessed on her show that in a moment of desperation (she is sugar addicted like many people are) she reached for anything…just anything…and that anything was frozen hot dog buns and syrup (yuck).

Not judging her just..yuck.
I remember an episode of Sex in the City when Miranda, in frustration, threw a cake in the trash and then covered it in dish soap so she wouldn’t take it back OUT of the trash and eat it.

Do guys do this? I never hear of guys doing this. What is UP with that?

I’ve confessed this before and the world didn’t fall apart so it’s not a real shock but just a heads up to let people know I eat unbelievably healthy 95% of the time and occasionally (like Sunday morning OMG) I snapped and was desperate for somethinganythingwhatdoIwant?? I didn’t know. So I ate powdered sugar. Yep. A few teaspoons of powdered sugar to see if that fixed it. It did.

My husband is always horrified when he sees me doing stuff like this. He doesn’t care for sweets.

Doesn’t care for sweets (muttered under my breath) Who doesn’t care for sweets??? (outrage)

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? Ever eaten spoonfuls of pure sugar? Syrup on hot dog buns? Syrup on anything?
We all have our low points and it’s always hard to bounce back after we do something stupid but remembering it’s one moment of weakness and moving on is better than saying ~forget the whole thing~ and giving up. Be confident and do your best and remember life isn’t perfect. We are imperfect beings. Shake it off and move on.

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Since I didn’t get to work out Sunday because I spent the day trying to figure out the shoe thing and of course, just hanging with my sweet husband, yesterday I headed down to Castle Rock to run (because JOY) and of course…do the incline.

Can I just say, running is HARD.

Oh, you knew that? yeah…I keep forgetting until I do it again and then BAM I remember again.

But while I was down there I came upon previously undiscovered lands! I mean, they were all sidewalked and playgrounded and whatnot but hey…they were previously undiscovered by ME and it’s a whole maze of sidewalks and every time I turned around there was another playground. They have like…three zip lines. It’s the coolest park. And here I thought it was an incline and a park bench. Who knew?

I did three miles and the incline and that took me some time because it was mostly uphill and the wind was wicked mean so I was slow crawled up the incline. I crawled. Or I wanted to.
If leg day is part of your weekly workout schedule, these quotes will ring all too true.:

Mean though it was, the workout felt GREAT and I LOVE going to the incline. Nothing makes me feel stronger than those damn stairs. Also, nothing makes me feel weaker than those damn stairs.

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Today I am … well…I don’t know. I wanted to run, it’s on the schedule to run…but the winds are 25mph wind gusts and 16mph winds. I’m not feeling it. Maybe I’ll do a HIIT workout today and swap it with tomorrow.

Have I mentioned my intense dislike of wind?  Also the sun is shining so freaking bright it’s fooling me with it’s joy of Summer so I’ll definitely get outside and see the sun. One can’t be a vampire forever, after all.

The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow. http://stores.ebay.com/nutritionalwellnessstore:

Run on…


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Losing my mind…gonna run to find it. #rainbedamned

The Handmaid’s Tale is so good. I can’t wait to read the book. The series on Hulu is amazing. I’ve been glued to it for days while I’m working. I remember watching Elisabeth Moss when she was on The West Wing as the president’s daughter and loving her then but she’s gone on to do so much more and prove her worth in so many beautiful pieces of work. And then to add Alexis Bledel, well that’s just a strange thing to see. I kept looking for Rory from Gilmore Girls but she wasn’t there. She is so compelling in this and she plays such a complex character I didn’t have any problems disassociating her from Rory. It would be easy for her to get typecast in the role of Rory and have a difficult time moving forward into a strong defining role like Ofglen but she did it beautifully, I saw no sign of Rory and actually had to look twice to ask myself if that was Alexis Bledel. 

In Celiac Corner this week we have sports bra fun. My sports bras haven’t been fitting. It’s odd, like…since I lost weight, they’ve gotten tighter and much more uncomfortable and I bought two new ones to try and find some that were more comfortable and they still don’t fit right. I was thinking I’d have to size up again. Today I had that lightbulb moment. I don’t think they’re too tight. I think my skin and muscles are hurting because of Celiac. Totally common symptoms.
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At least I can stop buying new sports bras now.


I swear the president searches out the craziest, meanest criminals to take appointments to his offices in Washington. How the hell does he find these nutcases? Oh wait..

Related image


Trump tweeted he’s the target of the “single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.”
Of all the responses…and there were some great ones. I mean…we do have to remember Nelson Mandela, JFK, Lincoln, Indira Ghandi, I mean, the list is long of politicians who were truly treated worse than Trump. But I did enjoy this tweet from Seth Moulton, ” As the Representative of Salem, MA, I can confirm that this is false.”

Friday. It’s rest day. But it’s not. I’m swapping because yesterday was #allthesnow and I had #allthework

We got a mere two inches but it POURED rain most of the day with giant fluffy flakes intermittently. Estes Park got like…two feet. What the hell?

So now I’m bundling up because the high is *39 but if I don’t get outside I’ll lose my #everlovingmind.
Also, all the squats, planks and so on.

I’m overdue for a HIIT workout I think but my schedule only gave me one this week. I think that’s weird. But I’m just following the rules.

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Perhaps I should break the rules….


run in the rain:

Run on…

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I was supposed to live in Boulder, I’m sure of it.

I drove to Boulder yesterday (that place is so beautiful, why can’t I live there??) for a meeting and I figured while I was there I could pick up some new Newton’s and have lunch with my beautiful daughter. She takes selfies but I get eye rolls if I ask. So I steal them. 😉

Traffic did not love me and I ended up truly stuck in the middle of the morning for far too long. Late to lunch and enjoying my kid’s time for a bit too long and before I knew it I had run out of time to stop and buy shoes. Sad, too, since I was just a block away from the store. I was so close! I waved to it as I walked by.
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We enjoyed our lunch at Shine, as usual, because it’s healthy, gluten free, amazing food and really great service. Okay, today the service was kind of iffy but hey, it was bound to happen,right? Also, I forgot to say plain burger so it came loaded with fried onions (yuck yuck doubleyuck) so I had to take those off. It was not a crisis. I spent my childhood scraping things off food.

Don’t let anyone tell you ketchup and mustard can just be “scraped off”.

Image result for they are so wrong gif

It cannot. I am totally on your side.


Then I used my new iphone to find the address of the meeting I was supposed to be at. Except my googlemaps said…address doesn’t exist. Now I’m ten minutes late, I’ve been working through this phone for twenty minutes and address doesn’t exist.

Image result for what the hell gif

Yes, that’s right. I was talking to the little man inside the iphone. No, I don’t talk to Siri. I talk to the little man I’m CERTAIN is inside the phone NOT ANSWERING ME.

I spent another few minutes playing with it until it finally randomly decided it did in fact know where the address was.

It was not stressful at all.

By the time I got home I seriously had to use the restroom, I had been lost more than I had been found and I did not feel good. I slept.

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Today we are having a blizzard.
yes, you heard that right. A blizzard. So I’m not sure what I’m doing. I thought today would be a great day to start a plank challenge…

You know you want to. Doesn’t everyone start plank challenges on the 18th of the month?

I think a 5 minute plank sounds like a whole lot of ouch but hey…I’m willing to try. The longest I’ve ever gone is 2.5 minutes so I’d like to give it a try and at least get up to 3 minutes.

Wall sits.
Push ups.
All things that need a good amount of work. I think I’ll work on that today.

start where you are:

Dream big.
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Run on…

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This is what you get.

  • when you wake up in the morning and you feel so bad for what you have done to your body the night before you vow to eat only vegetables. You crave only vegetables. Maybe smoothies. A healthy smoothie would be good. A protein shake. Definitely a protein shake. Yes. a cleanse.  I should really just fast. ~giving up.
    Image result for I"m so ashamed gif
  • Torchy’s Tacos. My friend took me there for dinner and then a show afterward (best date I’ve had in a while!) and I am hooked. It’s my new favorite place. ::Swoon::  💕
  • Princess Kate and her ability to squat down to Prince George’s level in those incredible heels. #squatenvy #thoselegsthough
  • You know you’re a runner when you’re watching a prison documentary on a new boot camp program and they’re running at 4:30 am and you think…that should be me. I should be running at 4:30 am. #Imarunner #Iwillrunagain! #rallycry
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  • I watched Rock and a Hard Place on HBO. It’s a documentary recommended by Cely over on Running off the Reeses. She warned us it was emotional but I wondered why I thought I could get anything done while I watched it. It was so good and parts were so sad but so powerful and you see the hope on their faces and the motivation to make something positive out of their lives. The moment mistakes are made and they realize they gave up a life for a moment of stupidity and they let themselves and family down…the sadness and darkness that takes over them. Ugh. I gave up. By the end of it I was truly just in full on cry with the kleenex. The ones that make it through and graduate have so much promise and hope for a future they just never thought possible. I can only hope they actually do use that opportunity.
  • A year and a half ago Sean and I spent three days in New York City and I swear I could scrap 11 pages of photo album. We were all over the city. It’s ridiculous. I never overscrap like that so I’m trying to narrow it down but we had a ridiculously good time. I plan on writing notes to all of my children to feel free to throw these albums out as soon as we die. For goodness sake, don’t feel compelled to keep this stuff, it’s like looking at my vacation slides.  Only…better of course because I’m pretty good at this. #somodest #imawesome
    Image result for I'm awesome gif
  • And lastly I’ve started to walk and yoga again (happiness). I teased the googling a bit and discovered the swelling in my leg is good for me and means it’s healing (who knew). So yay me. I’m going to delve fully into the googling this morning to learn exactly what the computer thinks I can safely do without damaging my leg. At this point I really don’t have any pain so I figure now is the perfect time to take up figure skating. Don’t worry Mom, I really won’t.

How cool! Never thought of this from this perspective:
Run on…

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We see you.

Donald Trump donated his first paycheck ($78,000) to the National Park Service in a veiled attempt to convince us he’s cares. We of course aren’t fooled and instead are insulted. Like that even makes a dent in the amount of the budget he’s cutting from the national parks. This is a big fat giant in your face publicity stunt and we aren’t that stupid. Seriously.

Image result for insulting gifs

We see you. We always see you.


My leg hurts. I don’t want to talk about it.

I wrote that last night and yes, my leg hurts BUT…I think it’s finally HEALING!

For the last two days my leg has definitely not looked good. We thought…yep. It’s infected. We need to go in and have it looked at. But finally today it’s no longer looking that sickly color of green!

I don’t look good in that color. It’s not pretty at all.

Sean actually said, “if it were me I’d go in and dig that……”

Lalallalalallalallalalla I can’t HEAR YOU…….

No. No I will not be doing that. I will SHOWER and let the spray gently clean the leg and that is the sum total of what I’ll be doing and now I need THERAPY for what he just SAID to me!!! What kind of person would do that?????

So rude.

Anyway…moving on…



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It’s snowing today and the high is 36*…

Image result for why God why gif

I could still go for a walk but no…I won’t push it. I’ll be obedient (like that’ll happen) and I’ll stay inside and give it another day and let my leg heal but by God tomorrow I am freaking moving.


I went to look for a news story on the Today show and since I don’t really watch the news much anymore (I read most of it now) I found myself in the black hole of videos. I could watch news stories all freaking day. I’m lost in news stories. If you don’t hear from me for a few days…you know where to find me.

I just read that Bob Harper had a dramatic cardiac arrest and heart attack back in February. Where have I been? That is unbelievable. Obviously genetics plays a role but when someone that fit and healthy (presumably healthy?) like that has such a life threatening experience, you end up asking yourself a few ~what the hell am I doing~ questions.

Then you dismiss them because running is fun and sitting on a couch is not.
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That is so true.


I think I’m having lunch with Michelle today so I’ll say “hey” for Ya’ll and we’ll let you know if we make any progress on if we’re running, should we run, maybe we’ll run, hey no way we ain’t running…you know. That kind of talk.

We are definitely having french fries though because…fries.

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Travel Quotes | Looking for inspiration? Check out this curated list of the 100 most inspiring quotes of all time.:

Run on…

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Where’s my internet? I’m lost without it

  • My internet has been screwy all day. In and out I can’t count on it to be reliable. It disappears and I have to tell you I rely on it completely. I use it to read like..everything. To watch television and to watch my classes and the result of no internet is I have nothing to do but stare at the wall. I am feeling bereft.
    Image result for be there gif
  • I love carbonation. Fizzy stuff for the win. But I have my standards and my limitations are Root Beer and Dr Pepper (oh my gosh NO), orange and grape flavors they’re just syrup. Well I got desperate and yesterday I started drinking the Root Beer. Bleah. With enough ice and it gets watered down it’s almost … maybe… drinkable. Really…barely but I needed carbonation. Fizzy water. Just anything. First chance I got I went to the store and bought some La Croix  and yes, I get it, it’s supposed to be trendy and pretentious and fancy but really it’s just water  and in my gluten free world there’s not a lot of stuff I can have issue free and I like it so yeah. There you go.
    Image result for I can't eat anything gif
  •  La Croix is pronounced  La-Croy~rhymes with enjoy~ for those of you who don’t know and I was one of them but now we do.  It’s named after the original area (in Wisconsin) where it was bottled. “La” comes from the city of La Crosse, and “Croix” refers to the St. Croix River that flows between Wisconsin and Minnesota.~source          #fancy
    ****Don’t say I never taught you anything.***
    Amy Poehler's Smart Girls funny lol parks and recreation parks and rec GIF
  • Random note that won’t matter to you if you don’t live in Denver but how do you pronounce Buena Vista? Here you go.  Stop pronouncing it wrong, that’s an order. I had issues with this but Andrea is from Leadville which is basically Buena Vista and what she says rules so now I don’t have issues anymore.  If you don’t want to watch the video…it’s Byoona Vista…NOT Bwayna Vista. This is like when I moved to Florida and they don’t have bedroom Suites there they have bedroom “suits” but they still spell it “suites” so it totally messes with me because…duh…that’s pronounced “sweet”. #therapy
  • I am pretty nervous about trumpcare and I am praying about it.  Anyone else?
    Image result for nervous gif
  • day four of not being able to exercise in any way shape or form. It’s really a miracle I’m still functioning as a human being.
    Image result for I'm melting gif
    For those of you able to actually exercise by running or hiking or what have you…please enjoy this public service announcement and know that in my head, my imagination and my dreams I am on the trails and the streets.
  • "Come to the woods for here is rest." John Muir Quote:
    Run on…


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Just a list. Of my day.

  1. Yesterday was #adaywithoutawoman and even as I was typing this I was planning on not working but this client is ridiculously difficult to connect with so I opted to do it. I decided to just wear read.  Then I pondered if I own any red.
  2. On #adaywithoutawoman my friend posted a controversial post. She meant it to be a loving post about how supportive, as a woman, she is going to be by continuing to work rather than taking the day off. She did not recognize, really, the real meaning and importance of the day and how vital it is to at least recognize the day.  If she couldn’t take the day off she could have at least chosen to wear red to say hey…we have a long way to go and I’m going to wear this because even though I may be privileged I recognize how far we have to go for equality everywhere, we have the right to walk the streets without fear, we have the right to not be disrespected in our job,  we have rights to be treated as people, with kindness and dignity.  Another friend reasonably responded to her merely to explain and help her better understand the day and over seventy posts later and much heat by neither of these women…the two of them are no longer friends. There was not a lot of love there on #adaywithoutawoman. It was a tragic circumstance, they are both kind and loving people.
  3. My daughter wrote a thought-provoking essay about her experience in LA yesterday. It’s beautifully written.
  4. I woke up yesterday with perfect hair. Perfect. 5am perfect hair. What is THAT about? Five o’clock in the morning and no one to witness it? If you wake up with perfect hair and there’s no one to witness it did it really happen?
  5. I have discovered that now that I don’t have kids at home I have finally mastered the art of the backup supply. I have a full on backup supply of toilet paper, kleenex, hand soap. Need handsoap? It’s in the cabinet. So is it the kids being gone? Or is it the backup supply of cash is maybe bigger? They should do a study. The government probably has.
  6. I’ve been writing this blog for four years and two months – I haven’t really improved much. You’d think I would after all this time, wouldn’t you? Every year I forget the anniversary until like..March. It dawned on me last night at about one am. Bright side it lets me go back and re-read the beginning. I get to read about Michelle’s little kids. I like that part.
  7. I had dinner with Solongo! I missed her SO much. She is ridiculously fun and I love her. I was going to get a picture but completely forgot so I will take one next time because we are overdue. We talked for 3.5 hours.  We went to 730 South for dinner and as usual…dinner was great and they do Celiac perfectly.  Not sure what it says that the waiter remembers  me that well but he does. So nice! We talked politics, running, hair, work, kids, food, surgery, and politics again. Deep sigh of relief to find a friend you love and respect thinks the same as you. These days it’s hit or miss.
  8. My kid is home tonight. Don’t get too excited. It’s only for ten days. He took a break because he’s just sitting there waiting for school to start and there’s nothing else to do. SO BORING.
  9. I am in a complete fog today. Total fog.
  10. A $2.5 trillion asset manager just put a statue of a defiant girl in front of the Wall Street bull

    Image may contain: text
    Ahem... For all those women who say they aren't feminists. Why not? Feminism is about equality. That's it.:
    Run on…


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Even now, I make bad choices.

I realized, after re-reading my blog (something I occasionally do when I want to torture myself because I forget to proofread thus all the editing issues), that I never actually explained what Ash Wednesday was for those of you who don’t know. Like…I’m an expert now, you know?
Image result for I"m so smart gif
(this might be my favorite gif, it’s pretty close between this and any of them with Robert Downey Jr because, duh)

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. Its official name is “Day of Ashes,” so called because of the practice of rubbing ashes on one’s forehead in the sign of a cross. Since it is exactly 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter Sunday, it will always fall on a Wednesday—there cannot be an “Ash Thursday” or “Ash Monday.” The Bible never mentions Ash Wednesday—for that matter, it never mentions Lent.
Lent is intended to be a time of self-denial, moderation, fasting, and the forsaking of sinful activities and habits. Ash Wednesday commences this period of spiritual discipline.~source

So I went, I got ashed and I headed back out again. Interesting to note, while I was in there I saw that the parishioners of the afternoon were all pretty elderly. This has to be for a couple different reasons. One: they are retirees. Two, they are old. Thus…retirees. My conclusion…I’m..old? Ugh..it was a tad depressing.  It was a lovely Wednesday break, and then I was off to get things done and stop thinking about Wednesday afternoon church.

My first stop was Atlanta Bread Company (throwback to good times) to pick up a bottle of water.  As I stood there watching her ring me up I looked at the rows upon rows of fluffy fresh delicious baked loaves of bread and the whole time I had one thought…
I need to get the hell out of here…

I know! Not at any point did I miss it or think…mmm that looks so good. Ohhh it smells delicious. None of the above. All I could think about was…seriously I have no business being in this place.

Late Night with Seth Meyers bye seth meyers leave gtfo


We went to dinner at Shaughnessy’s on Sunday (we needed to do some ThinkClear business) and Theboy was teaching me all about sharks. He is a genius, in case you didn’t know.

I was driving down the street thinkin’ about how smart he is and how handsome and sweet he is and I thought…gosh he’s just the greatest little kid. Just so perfect…and it dawned on me.

I’ve become my mother. 

thomas sadoski

Image result for it was bound to happen gif

I cannot tell you the number of times in my life I’ve heard my children referred to as “perfect little darlings”.

She’s so deluded.

Of course, my little grandson actually IS perfect but whatever.

I was looking for a quote this morning and died laughing when I saw this….
Ahahahaha, but seriously I have a family member who has been so good at screwing…:

Um…that would be great. Thanks~

Just briefly I want to touch on the president’s speech. I don’t think he’s a new and changed man because he prepared. I think his policies are still just a skewed as they were before. I read in the news today the DOW reached an all time high which I’m certain he’s claiming all credit for but again..I don’t care. It’s great the economy is looking good. But our clean air is in danger, our national parks are threatened, immigration reform is now a nightmare reality for thousands upon thousands of people and no one wants anything to do with us. We’ve become THAT country. DeVos is working hard on our education system. That’s pretty damn scary. The list is SO LONG> They’re investigating the Russian connection and it’ll be a miracle if that sucker gets handled with any level of decency and truth.
Image result for truth gif
The country is being run by racists and corruption flowing.
The fight goes on.

Meanwhile, for your enjoyment, take a look at Dobby. He’s the newest surprise addition at the Denver Zoo. How lucky are we??  I love him already…he’s got attitude and spunk. My kind of guy.
Image result for exercise motivation quotes
Run on…


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Ash Wednesday

  • It’s Ash Wednesday and my friend Andrea asked me what the ashes were. I had a relatively good guess but I’m also brutally honest as I have never been fond of people that have an answer for everything when they actually have no clue what they’re talking about. So I told her..I’ve never been to an Ash Wednesday service. I’ve always wanted to. I don’t know why it just never happened. It just didn’t. So I googled it and gave her the scoop. Now we all feel educated.
    Image result for I learned so much gif
  • I attempted to watch 45’s address last night on my Ipad. I hear he got good feedback on it. Very presidential. I can’t go there. I had to stop listening. I was watching on NPR and was able to click the little faces … “smiley” or “sad” etc. Well…I was pretty irritated just to be listening to him speak so I was clicking the angry face. Full disclosure I was going to town on that little guy. If you’ve never done this, it takes your tiny little profile picture and “PING” it like…POPS it into a little angry face. Well, my profile picture is a tiny little MT when he was like…five years old? and then…BAM…he’s a tiny little angry face.  I got a sick little delight out of this and Sean.did.not.

Image result for I"m not amused gif

  • It’s okay….I lost my appetite for watching anyway so I headed downstairs to search for entertainment that wouldn’t try to make America great again.

Image result for please don't gif

  • This article is so great.  Gluten-free diets: Where do we stand?CNN did a great job on it.   Gluten Dude caught it and condensed quite nicely here. 
  • “For those who just brush it off that this is a fad and a fashion lifestyle, be considerate of the people that survive on this diet. For people with celiac disease, the gluten-free diet is like insulin for diabetics.” ~Dr. Alessio Fasano, director of the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • We are reaching 43* today which means I am actually leaving the house to walk. I know, what have I been doing? It’s been cold.as.hell. I realize that’s not possible but damn, it’s been cold. I’ve been so cold I set a new record yesterday with the 30* and the wind and I jacked my heat to freaking 76* and went to bed  at 4 o’clock to get warm. I finally got up and had some tea and that did it. Note to self: try that first. But yeah…it was cold.

I am powering through my “must get these things done” list and the only thing really holding me back is my inability to lift anything over ten pounds. I have two weeks left and it can’t come soon enough. My poor husband, I’m sure, feels the same.
Image result for You don't appreciate me gif
Sean and I had a difficult weekend, it was one of those you just don’t want to even think about when it’s over but it hangs around in the air, you know? Come Monday he climbed into his pretty black truck he just bought and every light on the dashboard lit up like Christmas and the speedometer didn’t work. It’s not the first time things didn’t work but usually it was one at a time and they corrected themselves..but it’s the worst and the speedometer is new. On the heels of the weekend it felt so awful. We were both so raw and instead of time healing we seemed to feel worse. He just knew the guy that sold it to him knew all these problems with the truck were there and just didn’t tell him. One more feeling of the world against us. One more reason to feel like we’re trying and trying to do good and be good and you will be an example and it will come back to you and instead we’re working so hard and kindness does not, in fact, come back to you in spades. It does not.

He’s making a real effort to feel better and I’m using sarcasm to feel better. It’s really helping! ::sarcasm:: I figure another week or two and I’ll feel better. It’s important to make the effort. It’s easier to be negative and rely on that…telling yourself that life is hard and people are going to be mean and why do all these things happen to you? but in fact these are minor glitches in life and life is actually pretty amazing. Being grateful for all we have is deliciously pleasing and getting back to that place is totally worth the journey.

Today I’m going to run a few errands, go to church and get my walk on. Also, on a side note: if I could get a prayer for a friend’s daughter that would be great. Just pray for “S”. She needs it really quite critically right now. Thank you~
10 Inspirational Catholic Quotes - read more encouraging and inspiring quotes at http://vol.org/news/10-inspirational-catholic-quotes:
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Run on…

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The day after Valentine’s day- Redemption…did you forget?

  • Because I have had many many day when things don’t go like the movies (and why the hell not, I ask sarcastically), I offer you redemption days. Like birthdays… you have the whole rest of the week to redeem yourself because I’m certain some of you have not done well this week. And really, yes, you have all year to step up and tell your significant others how much you love them (the main argument against Valentine’s Day ::eyeroll:: Becuase you’re all so awesome about THAT) but who really does that? I mean..really?  So don’t be a schmuck and do it. Step up and take ONE DAY and spend a little extra time or money or both and make sure your “other” knows you think he or she is spectacular. If you screwed this up…the rest of the week is your make up work. It’s for those people who didn’t do well on the test. 
  •  Sean struggles with this day. Who knew? Did I mention he’s cute?

    I mean…it’s MY FAVORITE DAY. I freaking decorate for this day. Tastefully..don’t worry. I write about it. I talk about it. And still come Valentine’s Day…he’s surprised. “Um…you got me a card?”  Um…yes. I always get you a card. I always do something. It’s that day. Geez Dude. I had to go run some errands and while I was gone…THEN he went to the store breaking every rule I’ve ever told him (okay, not every rule). NEVER go to the grocery store the evening of Valentine’s Day and get me grocery store flowers and a lame card because by then nothing is left and it’s clearly last minute and duh…you know I know you forgot me. I’d WAY rather you give me a sticky note that says something really nice on it. Well he felt bad and while I was gone he went to the store and got me grocery store flowers and a lame card. And I mean…I harassed him. The card says “you’re the best!”. thank you? He also got me Starburst jelly beans which may or may not have been produced in a factory that cross contaminates with wheat. Juries across the board on the internet are out on that one but mostly seem good so I’m eating them. It’s a very low risk but I wanted them. He said he weighed his options and figured he’d be in less trouble if he went to the store on Valentine’s evening than if he did nothing. I’ll be honest and say that was a bigger risk than the jelly beans. But it was cute and I forgive. Mostly because I liked him anyway.
  • On a side note…I told him WEEKS ago he was buying me something and he was off the hook…

    Her name is “Heavy Heart” and the sculptor is Lorri Acott. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. It totally sums up what I’m feeling right now in the midst of this political crisis. Just heavy hearted. I have her on a shelf sitting next to my dad’s picture though…so that’s appropriate, too. She fills lots of spaces in my life. But she’s pretty so that’s okay. She needs a name. Another buyer referred to  their sculpture as a “him” and I thought…oh yeah. theirs does look kind of like a him but mine…she’s definitely a girl. Lorri included the following information…“The long legs and the big feet symbolize one’s ability to rise above life’s challenges. The cracks seen on the surface refer to the fragility within each one of us. The experience of being human sometimes includes carrying around a heavy heart.” Lorri donated part of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood and that’s when I figured there is seriously no good reason to deprive myself.
    It was kind of expensive and he was off the hook (in other words…just a card was fine, acknowledge me… and he’d be good. Dollars to donuts he forgot. I haven’t reminded him. LOL. If he read my blog he’d know this. hahahaa.
    evil laugh
  • I do not like the flavor “watermelon”. I do enjoy the fruit…watermelon. But the flavor…not my favorite. Problem of the day…when all of your jelly beans are red but one flavor isn’t your favorite…how to pick that flavor out so you don’t eat it…it’s a struggle for sure.
    Image result for my life is hard for sure. gif
    I really don’t. Just the watermelon jelly beans
  • You know when you’re driving down the road and your water bottle hits the floor just out of reach and rolls all over the car whacking itself against the different sides slowly driving you insane and each time it wacks you think…I have GOT to remember to get that water bottle and then when you stop you forget to get the water bottle until the next time you are driving and you turn a corner and WHACK the damn water bottle goes again…
    Image result for it's driving me crazy gif
  • Valentine for my knitting friends out there…
  • I had lunch with Miss Andrea yesterday and four hours later she tipped the waiter a little extra for refilling our drinks so many times and for being so nice as we sat there for so long. At least this time we were in the restaurant. One time we had lunch and then sat in her car for six hours. Nope…not kidding. We are ridiculous. We talk about husbands, Valentine’s Day (she makes meatloaf with a heart in ketchup on it…bleah, I legitimately have never had this … unless my mom made it and I blocked it out), kids, politics, books, traveling, running, your hair is so cute, you get the gist. What we all talk about.
    Image result for girl talk gif
    our version of this is…how many pair of black loafers do you OWN, Andrea?
  • It’s a gorgeous day today so I’m going to walk the dog and then walk myself and then run my really REALLY exciting errands. You know you’re jealous. YOU KNOW you are.
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    Run on…


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