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What kind of a driver are you? I’m pretty patient but there are these three things…

  • Starting my day with hot water with a lemon slice is my favorite thing to do. It makes me feel amazing and I swear I feel so much better when I do this.
    11 benefits of lemon water you didn’t know about
  • Are you a road rager? I am not. However…these are three things that bug me about driving. First you should know…I’m a really patient driver. So it’s not like I thought…I’ve got a LIST of things that bug me about driving (RAGE)…no. That’s totally not true.  I just kind of encountered two of them on the same day and thought…yeah. these three things would probably be irritating.
          1. When you’re driving and someone drives just UNDER the speed limit. What is that about? Why? You’re allowed the speed limit and truth be told even a few more. Go the few more! Be wild! If it’s 40…do 42! Maybe 43! Do not drive 35 or 36 in a 40, it just makes us all nuts.
         2. When someone waves you to go first but they’re annoyed with you. ?? What? Why? thanks? I kind of don’t WANT your favor now. How exactly did I annoy you by just SITTING here waiting for you to go first when it was your right of way and then you get irritated because you let me go first. I got nothin’.  That really bothers me and the irritation totally negates the kind gesture. Sorry People!
         3. When you’re in the far left straight lane (now try and follow me here…) and there’s a turn lane next to you with an island next to them. The person in FRONT of you for some reason leaves like…two car spaces open without pulling forward (to what…save it for a friend?) and because they don’t pull forward, YOU can’t pull forward so all the people that need to pull into the turn lane can’t get into it. So the turn lane light turns green and then red and they all watch it and miss it…all because weird guy won’t freakin’ pull forward. You honk…you pull really close to him and stalk his bumper but nothing. Seriously Dude. What the hell?
    Do any of these things make me yell at people? No but I will occasionally talk to them and say, “why? why do you do this? I don’t understand you.”  So far, no one has answered.
    Image result for I don't understand you gif
  • Taylor Swift!  Taylor Swift gets a giant ~hell yes~ from all of us for how she handled this whole situation with the groping DJ. She had absolute grace from the beginning to the end and what a great outcome that the jury came back in her favor. Although I don’t see how they could have done anything different. The evidence was so terribly against him, the pervert.
  • So I’m leaving the country next week for approximately… 47 hours (how crazy is that?) to do some family history investigating with my mom. I did a little ~do I take my running gear or don’t I~ with myself today. I ALWAYS take my running stuff. I never ever EVER don’t take it. And the chance to run in another country is pretty awesome. I love running in new places and a new country would be so cool. We lived in Germany for six years so I’m not new to the international scene but I’ve always liked the idea of adding places to the list. If I thought I could get a run in that morning before I left I’d leave it at home but not being able to is a true let down. So both days with nothing…I’m leaning towards taking the running stuff. Just so you know, as I wrote this paragraph I changed my mind twice.
    Image result for changed my mind gif
  • It poured rain with wild wind so I did not get to run. Even Sean was bummed for me. Every day…hope for tomorrow.  I always say a little rain is good, pouring rain is just inconvenient.  It’s a nice way to end the day though.  Theboy and I hung out at home except for a few small things. We’ll talk about what we did tomorrow.

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Run on…

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Suppose he still loves me after I did that?

  • Yesterday I posted I quote from GlutenDude where he said, “I think having an autoimmune disease means your body is in fighting mode much of the time.”  A follow up comment from one of his readers to that said, “Basically having an autoimmune disease means your body will spontaneously attack itself, sometimes for no apparent reason.”   As someone who doesn’t like puzzles, you would think I would hate the very idea of this. But I totally get it. In fact it explains it so well to know I’m always in fighting mode explains so much~ I feel better when I’ve done everything right and I still feel bad because it tells me it isn’t something I did.  I am reassured that time will pass and I’ll feel better soon. Maybe even later that day but sometimes just in a few days. #alwayslearning

  • In the land of  Tess is a little off this week…my brain is foggy, my stomach is BAD…my head hurts and I just ache all over.  I can already feel it passing though. Lots of water with lemon. Meanwhile I went to bed last night about midnight, closed up the house and went to bed. About 3:45 we heard crazy barking and Sean got up and headed downstairs all calm like. HE woke up to it. I DIDN’T. That’s pretty key. I wake up if the cat sneezes downstairs. I realize as he’s opening the sliding glass door that I left my poor dog outside. That’s right, I went to bed and left the dog outside. What do you suppose he thought as he saw the curtain close, the lights go out…?? What the hell? I’m still out here! I’M THAT PERSON> I suck. I’m terrible. I met Sean on the stairs and I said, “I left the dog OUT??” and he said very casually, “yeah”, as he passed me and headed back to bed. LOL. huh. okay then. The dog meanwhile was having a BLAST. He’s so freakin’ cheerful. It’s hilarious. He didn’t seem upset at all. I’m still wearin’ the guilt though. Pretty sure he still loves me. I do a lot of the puppy walks…
    Image result for terrible person gif
  • 94-Year Old Widower Installs Backyard Pool For Neighborhood Kids

  • Mid-Life Exercise Could Jog Your Memory

    Can a new exercise regimen boost your brain health if you’re over 50?  Possibly, suggests a new research review that found middle-age folks can improve their thinking and memory skills by adopting regular moderate-to-vigorous routines involving aerobic and resistance exercise. ~source

    Image result for amy poehler just do it gif
    Image result for amy poehler just do it gif

  • I have this guy all week and this is how we started his morning…what a lovely little guy he is to just want to hang out and enjoy the morning…

    On another note..I read this on someone else’s blog a while back and laughed pretty hard. It does remind me of a few people…who shall remain nameless. But it’s pretty hilarious.
  • In case you’re wondering..nopeI didn’t run. I could barely function by the end of yesterday and theboy and I were super busy running errands and visiting Miss Norma and baby Margaux. I did get that cake made though. #priorities
    I’m hoping for tonight because I MISS RUNNING. I ran in MT but not a lot because the road my hotel was on was like…if you run here you’ll take your life in your hands with traffic. Good luck. They were short runs and I mixed them up with yoga. I’m feeling mushy. Oh! I bet that’s contributing to my not feeling good! I better run tonight for sure. #lightbulb
    too often - we forget to take care of ourselves first. Then we wonder why we run out of gas.
    Run on…


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Some days we’re pretty and some days you get the real thing.

  • I felt so much better on Friday I ran a ton of errands. It came back a little in the afternoon like a bad boyfriend but I took some Excedrin and kicked that sucker to the curb. I talk big. I never had a boyfriend like that. Hey, I read Pinterest.  I got my HIIT workout in which felt AMAZING and headed to bed fairly early so I could rise and shine at 4:30 to do the Manitou Incline with Michelle.  I took a good half hour off my incline time which was awesome. It was way cooler Saturday than it was in June when I did it and I felt so much stronger climbing I would love to get to do it again.  Solongo wants to try it on Saturday and I might give it a shot. I do love climbing. Check out this hair…hahhahahha. I love it. When we got to the top Michelle WHIPPED out her camera and I took one look and said NO WAY. My hair was all up in funky clippies and I looked totally whack. So I grabbed my clippies out and shook my hair out and gave myself two minutes to recover from climbing 2000 ft in one mile and just had a good time with my friend who looks this beautiful ALL THE TIME> Every picture. Always beautiful. Here you go People. The real me. ha. Don’t be scared.
  • I went to church on Sunday morning ~they haven’t seen me in a while and are always surprised when I show up. I’ve decided when I go to church now and they express surprise I’m going to look at them and say, “I was just here last week!” like they should know that. So far it’s going well.
    Image result for we're not stupid gif
    Image result for maybe gif
  • Our priest spoke about The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston and how when Moses comes down off the mountain he’s been stylized. How hilarious. If God is thinking of providing divine intervention and styling people I could use some stylizing…
    Image result for charlton Heston the ten commandments source
  • My dad was a hairstylist and you couldn’t leave his shop until you looked like this. ha. As a matter of fact my dad looked like that. Here’s a photo of the three of us…Alex Michael, me and my dad, it’s pretty tame but my dad could be wild. So.much.hairspray. My poor husband’s hair wouldn’t move for three days after getting a simple cut.

    My dad was ridiculously handsome. Look at my super round ~what the heck is wrong with me (before we figured out I had hypothyroidism-Celiac) oh look you’ve gained 30lbs~  face. ha. I still love the picture because I have his face and my kid has his face. Family. I do love family.
  • I didn’t work out on Sunday, I wanted to go to the Shrine of Cabrini but I was waiting for Sean to get back from camping and that took way WAY longer than I thought. When he finally did come back into town we ended up going to a late late movie and seeing Detroit. This is a true story of what happened in Detroit during the riots of 1967 and the Algiers Motel Incident when three black kids were tortured and killed by police (allegedly…) and nine others were beaten and emotionally abused during the entire incident. I highly recommend it to everyone but my mother (it’s okay, she really doesn’t like movies). It is a hard watch. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I actually got nauseous and physically ill and what was happening on the screen and felt chills. I couldn’t imagine one of my own kids having to go through what these kids went through. How terrified they must have been. An amazing movie.
  • MT’s girlfriend, Allie, just came over and while I was in the crawlspace getting something for her she found THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FREAKING SPIDER RIGHT NEXT TO THE CRAWLSPACE DOOR HOLY FREAKING COW.  So then she called a wonderful friend to come over and kill it and he was awesome and he said WOW THAT’S A BIG SPIDER alerting both of us that wow. that’s a big spider. huh.  So yeah, I was on the phone with the pest control guy telling him how I was being held hostage by THE WORLD’S BIGGEST SPIDER>
    Nick is my hero. You’re my hero Nick. Nick doesn’t read my blog but he’s my hero.
    Image result for hero gif
  • I have my Botox appointment today and I’m very not excited, especially since I have to travel today. Every time I fly…I get a migraine. I’m optimistic that the Botox will help and some preventative assistance from my doctor. He’s pretty awesome. Not looking forward to a repeat of last week.
  • I didn’t run again today, It poured rain and I was ridiculously busy. I’ll see if I can get something in before I get on the flight tomorrow but even tomorrow is tight. Worst case, I’ll do something after I land. It’s a short flight.
    Run now, there may be time days, weeks, months when you can't...
    Every day. I feel like this every day. The need the pull the force. I know how necessary it is and I have to do it.
    Run on…

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Late but still here. I’m knocking things off my list.

  • The Survivors –  This is a  powerful article about the survivors left behind when adventurers and climbers head out to tackle the world or the nearest giant mountain like Mt Everest. When they don’t come back because they’ve simply disappeared never to be found or they’ve had an accident and died, the people left behind have to live with the consequences and the climbers, though they care, they seem to be pulled to the mountain by a force so strong it overpowers the love of family, the love of father and mother even.  It’s really emotional and powerful to think about the call of the mountain and specifically Everest. It seems to have such a pull to these climbers they put it above everyone and everything in their lives. 
  • Just a quick note about B12, we talked about it yesterday. If you’re thyroid gland is not working properly it can cause hypothyroidism and this could lead to a B12 deficiency. As we’ve discussed before, if you have any kind of thyroid disorders you are at a much higher risk of having Celiac disease and should absolutely be tested. It’s an easy blood test and fairly inexpensive (hopefully your insurance covers it but these days…who knows but it really doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor…just remember to give a very strong case). The following are some symptoms of B12 deficiency however…as with anything these are only the most common symptoms. I did my own searching to find other symptoms and found eye problems among other issues. As you can see these symptoms could easily be symptoms of Celiac or even just hypothyroidism. You can get a blood test to see if you’re B12 is okay. I just know I’m Celiac and I’m always deficient in everything so I boosted my B12. Hopefully it works for the eye.

    The most common include fatigue, constipation, decreased appetite, tingling in the hands and feet, impaired memory, depression, and soreness of the tongue.

    Sean says he’s been short on B12 for twenty years apparently… LOL (fatigue…impaired memory…)
    Image result for you're hilarious gif

  • Up and Humming just commented on yesterday’s blog to tell me Topiramate has a side effect that causes eye twitching and sure enough it does. I’ve been on it for probably ten years and never get any side effects from it but it’s high time I did. I’ve asked my doctor if I can go off of it multiple times but he wants me to stay on it for now. I just asked him again because I don’t want to be on eight million drugs. Hopefully he gets back to me today.
    Image result for I'm waiting gif
    Actually I’m pretty patient but who doesn’t love a HP gif?
  • I am…as I am typing this…on the phone one more time with the menu system people from hell. I got a different person this time and she said “we are going to figure this out”. I like her. I told her my next step is to drive down there and possibly chain myself to a tree to be heard. OH MY GOSH> three minutes later and they found it.  I love her. ❤ I ended up calling the benefits people, too, and I feel confident we have this thing licked.
    #Iamgratefulforhealthcare #Iamgratefulforhealthcare #dailyreminders
    Image result for health insurance gif
    I have the wrong kind of health insurance…
  • The high today is 94*. It’s currently 96.5*. Doesn’t appear to be slowing down…it’s only 2:30
    IFC hot ifc fred armisen portlandia GIF
    I got a wicked migraine last night, I blame the wind. So I ended up just walking Malachi because it was too much to think of running but I’ll run tonight and I plan a quick HIIT workout or some strength this afternoon since I haven’t done anything since Friday.
  • New week. Bring it on. - Oh yes. Time to bring it on!
    Run on…

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A Sunday post because you missed me. I know you did.

  • My friend lost her brother last week and I am incredibly sad for her. While out of town for her brother’s funeral she found out her dog was hit by a car. I don’t know the circumstances but the love they had for that tiny little puppy, seriously…he was the cutest thing ever. My heart is just broken. She’s a kind loving sweet friend who cares for people so much. There’s no answer for why but this is a tough one to power through. I hurt for her. I wish I could help her and her family right now.  ❤
  • I have a friend who is diagnosed ADHD. Let me restate that. I have several friends who are actually diagnosed ADHD. I know I am ADHD and I know for SURE Sean is ADD. Apparently birds of a feather and all that…. but my friend swears by the meds she takes and says she feels like a normal person for the first time. She can think straight. She doesn’t feel stupid. She can make conscious thoughts and process them properly. I’m hoping I can straighten out my brain out so I can do the same thing. I’m making progress I think.
    Image result for squirrel gif
  • Did I mention I’ve had a twitching eye? It did that years ago and we couldn’t figure out why, finally narrowing it down to the wrong thyroid medication. This time I thought I was overmedicated again but I think I figured it out by accident. I woke up this morning after having a fairly good nights sleep. I normally sleep about four to five hours and last night I got like…six hours. Great, right? Got dressed, hopped in the car and started driving to go for a run and started yawning. At this point I thought…I have got to be low on B12. What the hell? So I stopped to get B12 supplements. When you’re Celiac you’re always short on freaking everything. FunFact: you need your ID to buy B12 supplements. Anyway, I bought a spray so it would go straight to me and I also bought a pill. I immediately sprayed and checked it out…my eye stopped twitching. So I googled it and yep….it’s a thing. The things you learn. The sad thing is if I take too much I can get itchy. Just.what.I.need. The brain fog is also a symptom of B12 deficiency so let’s hope all this is helped soon from the b12 boost.
    Image result for I'm a mess gif
  • I officially have a dress for the wedding thanksbetoGod. What’s it like to be normal sized? Yes, I need to have it tailored. That’s my next step. And for people who think I can relax now, I still need jewelry, a jacket, shoes, find a hair person…you get the gist. Are we having fun yet? LOL
    Image result for so much to do gif
  • In May I took my measurements so I could have a baseline. I don’t weigh myself so I wanted to make sure I knew where I was starting. I felt very frustrated with my own progress so even though I exercised regularly I didn’t check my measurements every week to see how I was doing. Yesterday though I did check because I figured two months had passed and please tell me I’d made SOME progress. Also, my clothes were fitting better. ha. Odds were in my favor. Turns out yes, I’ve lost about two inches in my waste and ribcage which is about where I figured I had. My arms are the same (not friendly thanks but no thanks to the strength training) and my hips are the same) curse you children…(not really, I totally love you but damn you hips). And when I took my measurements I put them on a sticky note and I put them in code. Not purposely, I just wrote them down using the first letter. Seriously, it was pure laziness because (and this is not a lie, it’s my personality) I always believe I’ll totally remember what I was thinking when I did it so I wrote a “th”  down as 36″. Now…I have to tell you, I have no idea what “th” is except maybe I was measuring my thigh and if I was please don’t tell me it’s 36″. So….yeah. No clues where my brain was there. I got a good giggle out of it though.  And I went over all the rest and it all is accounted for. It’ll come to me at 3am probably. I’m relishing in the fact that at least I’ve lost the two inches.
    Related image
  • Friday I ran a quick 3.5 miles and it was pouring rain…this was the best run and I loved every minute of it. I came home dripping wet and excited to get up and run again. Saturday I got up ready to go run and do the incline but it failed miserably. Sean and I headed downtown to attempt and outing and IT failed miserably but we walked and walked and walked so I ended up calling that my workout. I’m aiming to Sunday. Today I’m hoping to get up early and try the incline again and then we’re attempting our outing again. I really need a run. It’s addictive. 
    Run your feelings.
    Run on…


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Birthday Week…

We returned theboy to his parents on Saturday after he stayed with us for three days and then came home rest because I’ve been Celiac ill  for two weeks and oh my gosh the ITCHING>
I mean, I’ve done a million other things, too, but oh does my stomach hate me. It just does. I finally yesterday took some more Glutenease and a heavier dose of probiotics and some prayer to see if that helped. And I slept. I’ve also definitely started restricting the FODMAPS foods which is new for me but I figure why not…better safe than sorry. Fortunately I don’t eat a lot of those anyway so it’s not much of a cut back but a few of them are definite summer foods. They are off the list just in case they are contributing to my misery. Summer fun only!
Sunday morning we got up early to go on a birthday hike with Shaughnessy and theboy. It was a GORGEOUS day for being out and we picked Bear Creek Trail at Lair o’ the Bear Park. 
When it’s that fabulous of a day you can bet you aren’t going to be alone but when we got there Morrison was PACKED with some random event we weren’t expecting. Cars were everywhere. It was crazy busy. People milling about, no parking available.What the hell? And then we saw them…the runners…

It was the Revel Rockies Marathon/Half Marathon!!!

If you can’t be IN a marathon the next best thing is to WATCH one!

We were beyond excited. Shaughnessy rolled her window down and waved and I yelled in my head because otherwise  would have scared everyone from the wrong side of the truck. It was the end of the race so it was VERY inspiring.

Shaughnessy and I both wanted to be there (she’s run the half before and said it was a really fun race). It looked SO beautiful. And we both wanted to go straight home and sign up for a race.
Running Humor #22: I am never running again. Oh, look, a race! - Nemo:


Bear crosses through Colorado race, stunning runners

The runners were running the Garden of the Gods 10k and the bear needed to cross the road…~there’s an obvious joke there but you know that’s so not my style~ he politely waited for an opening and took his chance. Only in Colorado.
Image result for whoa gif

photos from yesterday~ because I forced them all to let me take photos.

(well…theboy will always pose and loves selfies and loves to pose and loves to put his “I’m cool” fingers in my face…smart little thing)


This is the start of my birthday week! I love my birthday week. Shaughnessy and Adam gave me these vintage Pyrex bowls for my birthday/thank you gift for watching theboy and even though I told them no gifts she does know I have a weakness for pretty bowls. I also have no cupboard space so I acquire something, something has to go. It wasn’t too difficult of a decision this time but I see issues in the future due to my aforementioned weakness. These bowls are gorgeous. And I love pink.

it’s going to be 90* today (so unfriendly) so I’m going to try and run later tonight. Plus, oh the Celiac makes me exhausted. So I’m going to lift this morning, and I have many many errands to run. I’m going to run down to Castle Rock and do the incline (yay). Yes, even in the heat. Because we keep the work going even when it’s hard.And we encourage even when it’s hard.

motiv8ionteam compete competitor athlete fitness motivation motivationalquotes fitnessmotivation motivational motivationmonday motivated gymmotivation weightlossmotivation staymotivated bodybuildingmotivation goals:

 Run on…


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It’s that time of year again…

We’re registering for the Bolder Boulder. 

I’ll be honest, it’s the first year I’ve hesitated. Last year I didn’t love it as much. They’ve corporatized it too  much (it’s a word).

In April..they are running the Cherry Creek Sneak and I’ve never run it. I may think about that little race. Little being the operative word…

It’s April 23rd, it’s expensive ($40 for the 5k, $50 for the 5 mile and $65 for the 10 mile) and really big. It’s a huge race. I just am not sure I’m up to it. But I feel the need to get on the road and run.

I suppose I could search for a different race that is smaller and more of a pull…maybe more trail oriented but not.

Most 5k’s are in Wash Park or City Park and those are my least favorite.

I don’t know…I typed that last night and I’m already over it.

Michelle is thinking maybe she wants an ultra this year.

She knows I’ve always wanted to do an ultra so this is a big tease. SO mean.

Also, my son is getting married in October. Like…two weeks after the scheduled ultra and everyone knows you gain weight when you train for marathons and ultras so there’s THAT. But the joy is how awesome is it to not care and just run my ass off. Oh yeah…I just ran 30+ miles. Thanks… 😉

Yeah, I’d rather do that. Pretty sure.

Hey, Michelle, we get to walk a LITTLE, right? 😉

Damn…it’s crazy far.

The other downside, and it’s a big one for me, is that ultras tend to be trail runs and I’m a city girl through and through. So that’s part of the challenge. Running 30 miles on a trail. The upside is having someone to run it with. Having a partner would be so much less painful.

Note, I did not say easier.

I think we’re going to do some research on this and we’ll keep you updated. I’d like to point out I’m still not cleared to run, I haven’t run ANY kind of distance in months and months and MONTHS because…giant fibroid eating me from the inside out and cutting off my blood supply. I’m totally and completely freaked out about the possibility of not being able to ever run again even though I know that’s not even realistic. It’s just…out there in my peripheral.

If we attempt this giant feat there needs to be some serious yoga cross training to take care of my leg. My poor little right leg is definitely feeling some IT band issues. I don’t want to get half way there and have to stop.

I just messaged her and told her I’m in.

Image result for this could be a really bad decision gif
We’ll see. Probably next week I’ll break my leg since I publicly announced something.

Anybody out there have some great little races they want to share with me???


Power outages freak me out and makes me think of end times. I would not do well without power. I know that’s random but the other night all the neighbors houses were so completely black we were pretty sure they had a power outage. It was totally freaky.

Image result for I'm afraid of the dark gif


I had a doctor appointment yesterday (my Celiac doctor) and you know, I love her. She was the person who initially said, “we can’t figure this out and since you no longer have a primary physician let’s run a blood panel and see if that’ll give us an idea” and it did. It started the direction that led to surgery and me feeling SO much better so yay her! Unfortunately her nurse accidentally ran the wrong blood tests this time so it was a fruitless appointment. Thank the Lord for insurance? Hm. Not sure how that works. As we talked she said…wow…I’ve been seeing you for so long it’s been quite a journey!  She’s not kidding.

Yes…it has. I started seeing her like…six years ago maybe? For Hypothyroidism that couldn’t get regulated. I am quite the story. She told me again today…I am not normal. I’m not sick…just not normal. None of my tests ever come up normal. I’m a medical mystery.
Image result for house gif


It’s been too windy to do anything so today I am finally getting out of the house. I’m supposed to spend the day with Andrea but she’s been suspiciously silent so I may not be. I also get to have dinner with my friend Solongo (she’s not on social media…gasp) and I haven’t seen her in forEVER. I’m excited. Okay, she’s on Instagram but barely. She posts once every month or so.

But she’s my FAVORITE…I’ll keep you posted. We’re going to 730 South and it’s delicious.


"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis:

Run on…


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happy day before Valentine’s Day…

  • I think when they removed all that other stuff they removed my love of cheeseburgers. I tried to eat one Thursday and it was awful. I couldn’t finish it. It was depressing. My love of cheeseburgers goes way back. Such a loss. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up that easy. I firmly believe it’s well worth the effort to try more than once.
    Image result for I need my cheeseburger gif
    UPDATE: I made one for myself Friday and it was much better. I’ll keep trying… it’s my duty.
  • I ordered a Magic Bullet for MT. He lives in a dorm in VA on an Army base. The cafeteria is in the midst of a major renovation so they have nowhere to eat. They won’t have it finished the whole time he will live there (the next 10 months). How irresponsible is that? Ridiculous. So he eats really poorly for lack of…well space, frankly. Small kitchen. Ninety Marines trying to use it. Can’t cook in his room. That sort of thing. Anyway, Amazon sent me an email that said…nope. Can’t deliver. There’s bad weather OR a natural disaster in Connecticut. Damn. That has to be bad for Connecticut because nothing holds Amazon back…
  • Celebrities who have thyroid conditions…this was a quick two minute google. I didn’t even work at it. Can you imagine if I did? The list would most certainly grow. It’s crazy how many people are affected by a thyroid condition.
    Hillary Clinton
    Bernie Sanders
    George H.W.Bush and Barbara Bush
    Sophia Vergara
    Oprah Winfrey
    Catherine Bell
    Missy Elliott
    Jillian Michaels
    Kim Cattrall

  • I got my hair done on Friday and it’s SO CUTE. It’s colored very hombré (sad day on the color name) and I love it. Granted…we were a little afraid it would totally fall out of my head. That is a genuine concern with my hair as it breaks off as she’s combing it frequently. But she babied it and she gave it a deep conditioning and then she rinsed it in ice cold water. Then I cried. Okay, I didn’t really but DAMN.  It was cold. I wanted to cry, does that count? It was cold. It turned out okay! We were prepared for the super short Audrey Hepburn hair event to have to happen and instead…it’s pretty cute.
  • It took a lot to get that picture and even still it’s not that great. Sean’s camera is all fancy and expensive and fantastic and what the hell?  I gave up and said I’ll just take it. I’ll crop it. The color is bad. Nothing wants to cooperate. I’m just sitting at the computer at the counter, anyway. Sigh.
    Image result for I need an expert gif
    Image result for I need an expert gif
    Image result for I need an expert gif
  • This is my boy…otherwise known as Theboy. Is he not THE most handsomest???  I’m totally in love with him.
  • Check this out…I just took a picture of Sean and I and Sean is so pretty (ugh. Those eyes. They get me every time) I edited myself out and zoomed in. Then I flashed to this picture of MT from 15 years ago probably. So I’m putting them side by side because I want to see if they are as crazy alike as my memory serves.

    Look how pretty they are! They clearly aren’t related at all. 

  • on the phone with MT…he’s giving me attitude. As usual.
  • We had the kids over today for Valentine’s brunch which really was just brunch but I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day so we called it that. OH…I DID make everything sweet so I guess I can totally call it Valentine’s brunch. Nothing was pink though. But next time I am totally making it pink. With me being Celiac and Sean allergic to Soy we are now ultra careful what we serve so I made crepes with different fillings. I also have zero photos because I was cooking while they were eating. I’ll do better. Here’s the recipes I used and the links to the blogs. All the blogs were great and helpful and seriously nearly exactly like they were on Pinterest. Who knew? Also…VERY EASY. 
    Give Recipe-very thin gluten free crepes (These were a success. Very easy. Tasted great. I did add a small bit of sugar for sweetness but otherwise followed it exactly)
    Like Mother Like DaughterBerries and Cream Crepes (I used this recipe just for the berry sauce. The crepes I used the above recipe)…this one was the overall favorite for sure.
    Chef in Training- Easy Bavarian Cream (okay,I totally thought this one would be a favorite but it thickened a bit too much overnight. I recommend NOT making it overnight and just throwing it together about a half hour before serving. It thickens pretty quick because…pudding. It was still delicious. NOT soy free. Sean couldn’t have it.
    Julia’s Album-Apple Cinnamon Crepes (these were yummy, I should have warmed them up and then they would have been totally perfect. Next time for sure. I just had too much to do at once).
    All of this was gluten free and sweet but not too sweet. VERY easy. I was able to make 90% of it ahead of time and the rest of it I could have made a little bit ahead. I learned for next time. 
  • I should call this the blog that never ends. I’ve been writing this for four days. I just keep writing it. So I’m going to stop now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I promise to TRY and be less flaky. I guarantee nothing. POP QUIZ what’s tomorrow?? Only my favorite holiday ever. EVER. I love Valentine’s Day. I’m the only person in the world that loves it. And I do.

Some run for fitness. Some run for clarity. Some for the feeling.  Running is about more than miles. What do you run for?:

Run on… and have a great day!!

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I write like a third grader. Like I don’t have enough issues.

  • First of all…it’s December which means SNOW! I love it when the blog snows. 
  • It’s come to my attention in a rather painful way, that I write like a third grader! I know you are laughing and are probably nodding emphatically in agreement because I finally figured it out and maybe now I’ll learn something but if it hasn’t taken by now, will it? Ever? In all fairness, some of it is up to sixth grade standards. Honestly, the worst part of this is that I write like I think so ostensibly I really am simple minded.  I wonder if my writing will improve or if I will just daily become more and more aware of my inadequacies. Probably the latter.  Weird little point of fact, the more I wrote that paragraph, the more feeble-minded I became. I went from grade 6 to grade 5 in a mere five sentences. You may now color me depressed AND confused. How’s THAT for a movie title for you? Depressed and Confused. This little game has way sucked up too much of my time. I will clearly be addicted to it. The funny part is this site is supposed to help you bring your writing down to a 7th grade level so the average internet user can clearly understand you. I’ll have to take a class to get UP to 7th grade. That’s so wrong. 

Image result for stupid gif

  • I keep reading articles that tell me ~this business dealing that Trump has is a conflict of interest…how will he handle that?~ and ~that business dealing of Trump’s has caused a conflict of interest…he says no conflict~ and all I can think is…isn’t it all just one giant conflict of interest??? (check this out…this tiny little one paragraph/sentence whatever you want to call it…it’s 8th grade reading. ??what??)

Image result for conflict of interest gif

  • Sean and I read a story this morning about Buzz Aldrin becoming ill while visiting Antarctica. At the age of 86 he traveled to the South Pole but due to deteriorating health they evacuated him and they are reporting he is currently stable. I said, “that’s how I want to go…”.  He knows how much I love to travel and If I die while visiting exotic lands I will have lived the life I always hoped for. He didn’t go with that, though, instead he said, “you’re cold in Colorado. I don’t think so. I think you should not go to Antarctica”. Fine. He has no faith in my ability to adapt.
  • Cutest cookie recipe ever. NOT gluten free (just a heads up). I found it on HRG but as with all good recipes once it was grabbed from its source (follow the link) it continues to get passed around.

Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies  source

  • I went to Target yesterday to return something and to see if there was anything pretty for Christmas. Also, I’m always on the lookout for jeans. Forever and always. I’m shaped weird. A whopping $260 later (gasp) (doublegasp) I thought what the HELL did I buy? In my defense I was grocery shopping which took $100+ of it right off the bat.  I don’t usually grocery shop there because $$$$ but my cupboards have been stark and I was feeling neglectful as a partner who is supposed to be contributing to the household but currently has no outside job. Providing sustenance for the guy who trudges off to work each day so I can spend  frivolously at Target and DSW is not asking too much. Before I knew it I had run out of time and thus condensed errands. The rest of the bill is due to the lights for the Christmas tree (gracious, LED is expensive,  they better last longer than the standard one year) and I bought two pairs of jeans and a blouse. I am confident neither pair will work so that money will come back to me. The blouse is pretty, though, and I’m keepin’ it.  I don’t even want to talk about the Christmas cards. I took one look at them back at my house and I have to take at least one box back. You can refer to the next paragraph to know how I got sucked into glittery Christmas card buying joy. It really wasn’t as hard as one might expect.
  •  I had a LOVELY conversation with a tiny little Swedish woman who may have been around 97 years old. She was dressed like she had somewhere else to go besides Target and I felt the immediate need to change into something fancy. If anyone watches Gilmore Girls  she reminded me very much of Miss Celine.
    Miss Celine:
    She must have been 97 years old and bought like…7 boxes of the most expensive cards and all with lots of glitter and then told me all about how you have to be careful because some friends don’t like glitter (remember to read this in a heavy elderly adorable accent). She has friend who called her at Christmas and said she had just received her Christmas card and it was AWFUL. She said, “don’t ever send me a Christmas card with glitter again!” She said that was no problem. She was never sending her a Christmas card again! I laughed so hard. She was delightful and I hope I’m just like her. She loved EVERY card. Thought they were all SO CUTE> Look at all the glitter! Oh, That one says Merry Christmas! Look at the little fox! Seriously. Best 15 minutes of my day. I loved her.
  • I bought Dots yesterday and I only eat the red and pink ones. But I really have the munchies today (rather unusual) so I am moving on to the orange ones. Am I going to eat the yellow and green? Never. I’m never that desperate. Okay, rarely. Rarely that desperate. Side note: I’ve eaten too many Dots and my stomach hurts. #liveandlearn #foolmeonce
  • Yes. Wish I never stopped running all those years ago...but I'm making a come back and I'm not quitting this time!!:

Reading and writing and editing and cleaning and petting the dog and doing laundry and lather rinse repeat. Now I run.

I thought I might (ssshhhh) start a streak. So…

Anyone want to take bets?

Four days?


One? Don’t laugh. I’ve had one day streaks before and then hit with a migraine I just could not run through. So let’s see what we can do. I figured December 1st was a perfect day to start. If anyone wants to join in just let me know~! I’d like to point out my readers are mostly my family and they don’t run. But I figured I’d ask! They can always walk!

Run on and be kind…


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It took a week or two but my brain is finally working. Yeah, I know that’s scary.

I make no secret of the fact that I love Michelle Obama. Brilliance aside, she can seriously wear a gown like no one else. We are going to miss her so much. I loved this article so much and yes…I realize it’s a bit off color but it was so hilarious in it’s adoration of her I had to post it. And the comments were just as awesome.

And the following Huff Post article not only talks about that gown (so gorgeous) but also highlights some of her best state dinner gowns since coming to the White House. Have I gushed too much?

This is another article but I swear it’s not the same one so it’s worth the read. MORE DRESSES>  Oh to have her wardrobe.

Michelle Obama Drops Jaws In A Chainmail Versace Gown At Her Last State Dinner

Huffington Post‘s Jamie Feldman wrote about T Magazine’s current “Greats” issue  (a must read) which includes a beautifully spoken quote by Chimananda Adichie:

“Her dresses and workouts. Her carriage and curves. Toned arms and long slender fingers. Even her favored kitten heels, for women who cannot fathom wearing shoes in the halfway house between flats and high heels, have earned a certain respect because of her. No public figure better embodies that mantra of full female selfhood: Wear what you like.” ~source

Wear what you like.

Truer words were never spoken.

I am done gushing now. Moving on.


A quick recap on our life. I know, how bored are you?

Seven weeks ago I ripped the wallpaper off our bathroom for what we jokingly thought would be a quick week and maybe (maybe) $800 worth of renovations to  the world’s smallest bathroom that we weren’t really planning on doing much to.

Seven weeks later, Sean is deeply embroiled in a seriously taxing program at work that is taking 12 hours a day of his time at least. He wakes at 4 or 5am, works until he goes to work. Then comes home and works some more. I did get the bathroom painted but in the process of all of this the following things have happened:

  • The old toilet accidentally broke resulting in the need for a new toilet which originally was unnecessary.
  • We bought a cabinet/sink combo brand new on Craigslist and the sink accidentally broke. Turns out you can’t buy that sink by itself. This is resulting in us having to buy the whole combo again. And now I have to find someone who will buy this cabinet…that can’t have a sink.
  • We bought a light after MUCH searching that we both really liked. He finally got it installed last night and the third globe (we had a three globe light already on there) doesn’t fit. No space. So today…off I go to find another light. And I’ll have to ship this one back.
  • The floor should have been easy…it was not. It’s just vinyl flooring but it took an entire miserable day.

I’m so sorry I started this stupid project and I vow never again to do it. Never again. If I ever suggest anything like it you guys need to yell at me.


I spent the day today running around trying to get costume stuff for my son and it turns out they no longer make the pattern for the costume he wants. Also, it’s not available anywhere online. No problem. I’m not worried.

Image result for panic gif

I really wanted to go hiking today again but I may not have time so I’m going to walk the dog this morning (I promised and even though he’s a dog I think he reads my mind) and I’m off to the hardware store. Worst case I’ll run later tonight. It’s gorgeous in the evening here.


I was telling a friend yesterday that I was frustrated because I never see my husband, I never talk to anyone, I am not working and I’m pretty sure my brain cells are dropping off and I’m slowly losing my mind. She is writing a book, starting a business, working full time and inventing an app. Clearly FAR more proactive than I am. I wouldn’t even know how to start that. She kindly offered to have me be her test case for her book. For only a $1500 investment and if I don’t have it she can take it in trade. I can clean her house.


It was really kind of her. But no.

She didn’t offer blindly. She is in a lot of pain and is having a huge party on Saturday. I told her I like to clean and I’d be happy to do her floor for her.

I think people get the wrong idea about me.

I like to clean. (I mean…seriously. I really enjoy it. It’s weird).

I don’t want to do it for a living.

I want to clean my own house. And I’d totally do a friend’s house because I assume I get to talk to them while I’m doing it.

I’m good with people but I don’t want to do retail.

One of my friends suggested home care…random as hell. I told a family member I thought it sounded like an easy out and she said, “I hope you don’t think home care is EASY”.

My God. How do these people think I FUNCTION every day? I’m so…stupid.

Task today…go to the college. Okay, maybe tomorrow. I freaking have a LOT TO DO>


I told Sean last night in tears I think I’m depressed.

This morning as I lay in bed I thought…maybe I am depressed. Five minutes later I got up. I can’t stay in bed. Maybe I’m not depressed. I can’t stay in bed. Must move all the time. Maybe I’m depressed for other people!

I think that’s it. I’m depressed thinking about the world and other people.

You know, if I could write my own life, here is what I would do.

  • I would have an organizing business where I could go to people’s homes and help them get rid of all those bins and extraneous things that make them crazy. People hoard because they are overwhelmed. Things like that don’t overwhelm me. It excites me. I know almost instantly if something should be kept or not. I am a great decision maker. I love eliminating chaos. 
  • I would volunteer somewhere productive. Digging ditches. Building something. Handing out water. Cleaning up the trauma of just…anything. Getting my hands dirty. Being actually helpful. Not holding babies in orphanages for a photo op and not just sending money. I know how helpful donations are but I want to actually show up.
  • I would write a book. I’ve always wanted to write a book.

That’s it. That’s what I would do.


My mom and I were texting about the Whole30 diet and she sends me this text “I guess I have heard that fairy causes bloat”.
Well then. Huh. Fairies. Interesting.

I am actually feeling VERY clear minded today.  I’ve been feeling really brain foggy the last week.  If I was glutened…maybe it’s clearing up?  Thank the good Lord. And that is a prayer.

Image result for running inspiration

Run on…


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