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But they were only LITTLE snakes.

Friday night Sean had an event to go to so I figured man…I’m goin’ to the the Incline and I’m gettin’ my climb on.

I headed down there late so the sun was setting but I didn’t care. The park is made up of several small “areas” that go together to make one big park. There’s an amphitheater, multiple playgrounds for multiple age groups, a covered picnic area you can rent out with firepits, a soccer field, the incline and a zip line. It’s pretty huge. When I got there the sun was setting so there were fires going at all the sites and the trees had white Christmas lights on them around the amphitheater for a concert. It was pretty gorgeous.

I joined a few other people and climbed the incline, ran down the trail and did that three times for a total of about three miles give or take.  Since it was getting dark the mice and bunnies felt comfortable making themselves known on the trail. I thought it was a giggle since you couldn’t tell what it was darting across your toes but it made some people a little uncomfortable.

Related image

Just kidding Michelle…
Saturday Michelle and I went hiking at White Ranch Open Space Park. It was seriously GORGEOUS. Also, they weren’t kidding about the open space part but that’s for later.

Photo credit: Michelle because I am too lazy to take the photos from my phone. 
Yes, that’s a thing. My phone is across the room. Michelle’s photos are right here on the computer. 
Don’t judge me. Its 1am and I’m really tired. Also, we took the Rawhide trail and every single time I read it I sang “rawhide”. even in my head. Ask Michelle. I did it. It was irritating even to me but I couldn’t stop doing it.

This trail was incredible at the beginning. Truly beautiful, the views, the trail, everything. It was technical but not too technical. It was interesting and not crowded. It had everything. It was like the perfect boyfriend.
And then it got clingy and we dumped him like a bad habit.
We apparently went 4.5 miles all total. So I’d say the first half was good and the second half became out in the open, much wider trail (almost like a small road) and all painfully uphill. Not “hey, this is a cool trail that’s challenging my climbing skills”. No. More like ~apparently you felt the need to experience a death march~ uphill.
Okay, okay. I’m CLEARLY exaggerating. But it was hot and it was uphill and we’d get to the top and turn and there’d be MORE UPHILL and MORE ROAD and MORE NO TREES and I totally lost interest. I’m like…what the hell? If there isn’t anything interesting then I’m just on a long boring walk and I’m hot. Hell, I could do this in Aurora and have ice cream at the end. What’s at the end of this for me?
Not ice cream. 
I was very disappointed because the beginning was incredibly promising and I really really loved it. There are a bajillion trails in the area so maybe a different one would offer a more interesting hike but I doubt it. Sean looked it up when we got home and it rated that hike as the most popular in that area. I still kind of want to try again though. On a cooler day maybe I won’t dislike it so much. I don’t usually mind the heat that much but the uphill made me not like it. It was tragically boring. Michelle is totally the only thing keeping it fun. I love her. She entertains me endlessly.

You should see her freak out when she sees a snake.

Image result for freak out gif
Yep. It’s a lot like that only with running around. hahaha. I love it.
We saw TWO snakes on this trail and her reaction is priceless. Fortunately both snakes were small and neither was a rattlesnake. But just in case we implemented an early plan for what to do in case she gets bit by a snake. I clearly can’t carry her out so I’ll get to cell service and call for help and then get back to her to keep the snakes away. CALL FOR HELP CALL FOR HELP.
It’s a plan.
Hey. I’m not proud. I’m exactly the same way with spiders.
I came home, showered and went dress shopping. 
::sob:: I’m so over dress shopping
Sunday I had a migraine so we skipped the big workout/hike/let’s do something wild and awesome together and instead we….
We did, however, go to lunch with Adam and Shaughnessy and theboy and laughed our asses off because we could. Damn that was a good time. We sat at lunch for like two hours.
730 South. This place is great and I highly recommend. also Celiac safe. I spend way too much time at this place. I should work there. I need the discount.
Then I went….

Dress shopping again. 

I think I’ve made progress though. And also I brought several people over to the dark side of the dress situation so now I’m not so alone.
I’ve eliminated some that were possibilities, I’ve found one that might work and I’ve found a few that are definitely on the radar.
I’m feeling better about things. I’m going to work on that and rehearsal dinner stuff this week. I’m sure everyone is thinking…what’s the big deal? but anyone that really knows me must know I can’t rest until I get these things checked off the list so I can stop worrying.
Today I am going to run and HIIT.
It’s also 93* so holy cow… it’s hot. IT’S HOT.
And I’m sure I have errands and such to get done but my brain is no longer working.
What are YOU doing today? Something interesting?
Love to my friend who lost her brother this week…
Hope you guys have a good Monday…
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My favorite things about Michelle.

This was just a lovely quiet weekend by myself for the most part. We had lunch with Shaughnessy and Adam on Saturday, we get to see them far more than we get to see Alex and Megan. Different parts of town  you know. On Sunday Sean went back to his planned event that took all of his day and I went hiking with Miss Michelle on what had to be the most beautiful hike we’ve ever been on.

The trailhead was Apex but the eventual trail was Enchanted Forest Trail and it was not kidding.
Image result for sleeping beauty gif
We felt like we were in a Disney movie it was so magical. At any moment little birds would fly out and sing to us as they put ribbons in our hair. It was so beautiful I lost count of how many times I stopped to say that and finally I just stopped so I could proclaim I felt like I was having a spiritual experience from this hike. It counts, so far, as my favorite and that’s saying something…I’ve hiked a lot. Michelle took a million photos and was generous enough to share one with me.

I know, right? She shared one.

I’ve got to get a new phone….I digress
Here is the photo…LOOK at this! 

I know, you’re thinking…huh…that does not look Disney magical. Well it’s a HEART.

This was on the trail in front of us…it’s hardly even real. A perfect heart in stone. The colors on the trail were the truest greens I’ve ever seen. It’s was covered and beautiful and magical.

Whatever just trust me.

So here are my favorite things about Michelle:

  1. She’s a real person with real issues. I know that I’m getting exactly what’s really happening and not the glossed over version you tell your mean neighbor. She puts it right out there and I can totally relate.  I can be totally and completely myself.
  2. She’s always willing to drive. I don’t mind driving (most people know this) though full disclosure I will totally map it even if I’m going around the block because I’m terrified of being lost. She also knows I’m afraid of spiders and being lost and continues to try to convince me to be afraid of snakes and lightening. Keep working on that, Michelle.
  3. She  gets the Celiac thing and is right on board with great places to eat and names them..which brings me to #4
  4. She makes decisions like a champ. Girl is a decision maker. ::swoon:: “Let’s meet at such and such on Tuesday at 11”. I love her. I would happily and cheerfully make at least two of those decisions or even HELP with those but she’s totally on it. Trails? She’s like…here are three trails…I’m like..yep. Let’s do that one…how’s 8? she says “see you then!” I love that. Decision maker. That is a girl after my own heart.
  5. She takes pictures! Now, I do harass her because she sends me ONE but if I asked her she’d send me all ten. And it is now on my list to go to the Verizon store to check out my phone options. ~MT has given me a virtually brand new phone that I can swap to but it’s a little bigger than I want so I’m resisting… I just really really need a good camera phone. This is killing me.~
  6. She is totally up for any and all adventures and if I ask her she’s all…yeah let’s go! At least once a week I can expect a message in my inbox to say “want to do THIS with me?” and it’ll include a link to a wild and crazy event that neither of us realistically should do but per our mantra...what the hell? 
  7. She loves the outdoors as much as I do and any chance to get outside she’ll do it.

When I came home I walked the puppy who by then had given up all hope of anyone ever spending time with him again so when I came in the door he didn’t even lift his little head the poor guy.
Image result for sad me gif

Miraculously, after that I still had energy so I went for a three mile run and that felt amazing in the cool evening air so by the time the evening was done I had put in about 12 miles. It felt really good and I didn’t feel like I had overdone it at all. It was like…21,000 steps or something crazy ass like that.
Image result for crazy gif
On that note, the crazy note, Ria from MotivationalMompersonaltraining.com is on a streak of 128 days of step goals (since January 1st she has surpassed the previous days step goal, each day gets higher because that’s how Garmin works) and yesterday she ran a half marathon  and then walked across town eventually reaching 51,617 steps in a day. I wonder how many days she can keep this streak up?

Today I’m supposed to do yoga so I’ll probably do that but Sean took the day off so I may go to Castle Rock to do the incline.

Oh you caught that, too, huh? Sean took the day off.  Pretty sweet of him to take the day off to spend with me….
 show people good signs too GIF

Don’t get excited he did it for the game… LOL…he just finished early so it worked out. And right now? He’s at work..he got called in to do something. My life in a nutshell.

 quote winnie the pooh nyan cat melancholy too good GIF

Ah, it’s okay. I’m just pickin’ on him.

Buddha quote "What you think you become" painting
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While you were sleeping…

Michelle and I were supposed to go hiking yesterday afternoon so before I did I made sure to start the morning with the yoga stretches from yesterday’s post to make sure my legs were completely ready to cooperate.

We chose Matthew/Winters Park which is, as you may remember, one of my favorite standbys to hike at. Just enough technical and just enough to distance. Not too busy but enough people I’m not going to get mugged and it’s just so pretty. 

Of course, I didn’t take the photo with my phone, Michelle did. Hers is a much better piece of equipment. Dammit. Next time…a selfie. Sorry. I swear we’re out there hiking together. I promise.

We got great mileage in, we worked out little butts off and avoided the rain and narrowly missed death by electrocution via lightening. p.s. Michelle is a tad bit afraid of this.
Lunch was all the salad all the time. And I liked it.
Click here to see the 16 celebrities who don't have a Twitter but totally should!
While I was home I got a surprise visit from this guy…

He looks pretty excited there, doesn’t he? He was way more excited. This photo is at least six months old.
He stuck around and visited with me and it was so good to see him! I mean I  know he was totally just using me because he stopped to get stuff but hey…as long as he’s there he has to talk to me because it’s in the mom rule book. You HAVE to talk to your mom when you stop at home.

Want to know what he told me? He said that last week when I was sleeping off a migraine in the middle of the week he came home and came upstairs INTO THE BEDROOM and I still slept. Me. The world’s lightest sleeper. And the puppy who barks at the flags that wave on the street and people that may be even THINKING about walking past the house. Nothing. Silence.

I was a little freaked out.
Image result for that's a little terrifying gif
Note to all of you: don’t google “that’s creepy gif”…nothing good will come of it.
People.com just did a spread on They Woke Up Like This: Celebs’ Best Makeup-Free Selfies and seriously these women look so beautiful. Gwyneth Paltrow, though not really my favorite person, looks amazing. And let’s not even talk about Salma Hayek and Carrie Underwood (who I think is everyone’s idol…good Lord that girl is a rockstar ~her legs!~. Wait…I think she’s actually a country star but either way…she kicks ass and she looks amazing doing it). I swear, they are gorgeous.
I have taken to spending at least half my days makeup free except when I absolutely have to because my skin loves it so much….it thanks me for letting it breathe and I can totally see the difference on the days I go without. That and a good workout and I am pretty sure I take five years off.
Image result for you look so young gif
I’m in prime ~take care of my legs~ mode so I headed to the chiropractor to get an adjustment. That was interesting. And from there I came home and walked the slowest puppy in the world. What the hell?

Image result for slow gif
please note: this looks accurate…with occasional stops in between.
I got 17000 steps in yesterday so that’s a lovely amount. Today I have….::consulting my workout plan:: 3 miles on the plan and some strength because I want to.
Image result for I want to gif

It’s pouring rain/snowing so I’m not sure if that’ll be a treadmill run or what but there you go. Also, much organizing to be done because hey…That’s my job!
Image result for that's my job gif

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis:

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Tuesdays with Michelle

I spent the morning with Michelle (no photo…I did not feel good, sorry. Here, look at this one to remember us by. It wasn’t that long ago….)

hiking at Red Rocks (insert amazing picture of Red Rocks here so everyone will be appropriately jealous because they so don’t live here…SO sad)

photo by Michelle because her phone is ridiculously better than mine. Now I’M sad.
We did a hike that was nowhere…this bears repeating…nowhere near as painful and mean as the hike Sean and I did on Easter Sunday. We were able to hold a conversation nearly the entire time with me only stopping a few times to gasp…again…I’m woefully out of shape so please do have mercy before you pick on me too much. And it was hot (nearly 80*!)
Image result for hot outside gif
name that movie! ::swoon::

I was smart enough to put sunscreen on part of me…the facial part of me (ha!) and my neck…but I stopped there apparently and didn’t think to do the rest. Why? Ladies and gentlemen, we are sponsored by ADHD week! I’m relatively certain I was working on it and then…

What’s that??

Image result for squirrel gif

So my upper back looks pretty damn red.
Image result for sunburn gif
Let’s be real here…my skin is far more freckle (thanks Daddy!) than lily white but it is in there somewhere. Now it’s pretty in pink.
Meanwhile…Miss Michelle said she read my blog and saw the photo and said, what the hell is Ingress. She googled it and it didn’t tell her anything! I thought that was odd. I’ve googled it before and it told me exactly what it was but whatever. I’ll update the blog because I do talk about it. So here you go for everyone that has forgotten how Google works. 😉

Ingress is a location-based, augmented-reality mobile game developed by Niantic, a company spun off from Google.[4]The game was first released for Android devices on November 15, 2012,[2][5] and later for iOS on July 14, 2014.[3][6] The game has a science fiction back story with a continuous open narrative.[7][8] Ingress is also considered to be a location-based exergame.

Unlike many other MMOGs, the competition in Ingress is primarily between the two opposing factions rather than between individual players, and players never interact directly in the game or suffer any kind of damage other than temporarily running out of “XM”, the power that fuels all actions except movement and communication. The gameplay consists of capturing “portals” at places of cultural significance, such as public art, landmarks, monuments, etc., and linking them to create virtual triangular “control fields” over geographical areas. ~source

I totally understand this is confusing but suffice it to say, it’s a computer game, Sean travels on his bike a lot, on foot and in the car and he loves it. Shaughnessy and Adam play it, too. They all find it really interesting and engaging. I think anything that keeps them that interested obviously has some value and the fact that it includes learning with interacting and also exercise well, it all kind of combines to make the best scenario for me. I don’t mind if he plays it.
Here’s a randomly dumb story.
Image result for I love those gif
And just for the men that read the blog, it’s about underwear. Sorry about that. There’s a particular style I like and I can find it in two brands at two stores. No big deal. I’m very simple.  It’s the OCD in me. I stopped at the store the other day to pick some up and they have changed the sizing. If you know me, you know I don’t care about sizing, I wear whatever fits me.  I have size 11 in my closet and size 4 (well probably not a 4 anymore…ha! yeah…it’s been a long year). But now the new sizes are as follows:
size 5=S
size 6=M
size 7=L
size 8=XL
size 9=2XL
And that is as big as they go. Anyone else think that’s random? Also, the cut is way different, so I usually wear a size M and there was NO way they were fitting me anymore.
Image result for I need therapy gif
I just looked at them, shook my head and walked away. What genius thought they should resize underwear and make it SMALLER??  

Because women don’t already need therapy for body issues. Honestly.

Image result for I need therapy gif

I have to take my car in and get some minor work done. See, I’m hoping to not jinx that by saying it’s minor…I should just say “work done”. Hm. I’m finishing up here at home quick, then to the store, then back home quick and then I toyed with dropping the car and walking home.

Now to be clear….it’s six miles. That’s quite a walk. But in the grand scheme it’s not that bad and I can always take the bus. Oh! I should totally take the bus. Hm. I’ll think about it. I mean…city buses are an experience..personal space being invaded, possibly mugged, minor sexual assaults..hey now.

Just kidding Mom. Just the personal space thing.

So Sean has turned into me. He’s headed out the door this morning and I reassure him that I’ll take care of it. He hesitates and then kisses me goodbye. At the door he says goodbye again and then stops and turns and says…

“how are you going to take care of it?”
Ha. I said, “I just am. Go to work”.

Such a mom moment.
Incredible artwork by US Outdoor Store employee @kettmckenna with a message very dear to our hearts: always #packyourtrash adventure lovers! . . . #leavenotrace #art #sketch #mountains #johnmuir #hiking #quotes #humor #wonderlust #pnwonderland #upperleft #oregonexplored #oregon #pnw #usoutdoor #snowwaterland

The Writer's Ink. "Take a Risk" || God has something amazing for you! Take that risk! :) www.thewritersink.com.au

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Sweet List <3

  1. I found a site that lets me post little 💕 and teaches me shortcuts. I’m keyboard illiterate so it’s right up my alley. Prepare for emoji craziness.
  2. Cheesecake. Because why not. Yumbana Shoppe based here in Colorado is full of amazing deliciousness. Their cheesecakes are melt-in-your-mouth. I do not recommend their carrot cake as it taste rather like crumbly dirt…
    Image result for shudder gif
    but we don’t have to talk about that.
  3. Choosing new wallpaper and ringtones for my cellphone. #itsthelittlethings
  4. I just finished The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas on Audible.  It’s a YA book but the age and content are totally relevant and I was glued to my Nano until I finished it. It was really good and yes, I still own an iPod Nano and I still use it exclusively for my music and my podcasts. Don’t judge me.
    Image result for don't judge me gif
  5. Finishing up my scrapping projects. So close. I mean, not the whole thing but this one set. Hey now… 🙂
    Image result for Hey now gif
  6. I bought an actual real live plant that I’m in charge of keeping alive. I KNOW> Pretty crazy. Anyone that actually knows me knows that is a big deal because I do not have success with real live things. Except children. I managed to not screw that up. Thanks be to God.
    Image result for praise jesus gif
  7. Ted Talks. Anyone else watch Ted Talks and get sucked in to the next one and the next one and the next one? It’s the only thing I will do that with on the computer. It’s so wrong and yet it’s so good.
    Image result for it's so good gif
  8. Little pink bowl…how cute is this? Shaughnessy found it at a second hand store and she clearly knows me.
  9. Aura Cacia Nurturing Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil. Which is a mouthful for sure but it’s lovely stuff. My skin is so dry I am always reaching for some kind of moisturizer for my skin (welcome to Colorado and the land of no moisture) but oil is always a plus and almond oil is a bonus. Delicious. It’s so very light you don’t have an oily feeling, the scent is barely there. and it just feels amazing. Highly recommend.
  10. Challenging myself on those crazy hiking trails. That was just the best part of my week. It might also have been the worst part but we won’t talk about that.
    Barack Obama michelle obama hard oprah own GIF
  11. These cute picture frames from Shaped Expressions. I bought them for my kids bedroom doors, it’s a project I’m working on but I really love their options and that they’re small business on Etsy. Side note to small businesses, I didn’t love that they had really cute  items but I didn’t find them anywhere on Etsy which means they had to be buried deep and I never saw their website listed which means it also was not featured very prominently. Work harder, People. Show your work.
  12. Fairmount Cemetery in Denver. This is an old cemetery with beautiful grounds and when we drive past it we are reminded of how tempting it is to want to run or bike through it but there remains the age old questions…how respectful (or disrespectful) IS that? Well I popped onto the website and they say right on there please…enjoy our grounds.  Also, take one of our tours! They have tours and they are awesome. Also, you can take them at twilight. How great is that? You can make up your own kind of tour and ask them to create that. I love it. What a great experience. I’m totally going to check it out.
  13. I’m off to see Michelle this morning so that has to be on the Sweet List. I’m assuming it’s going to be injury free. We’re maybe climbin’ those stairs. Wish us luck.

Travel and Adventure Quotes to Inspire Wanderlust - Live Free & Beer

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We see you.

Donald Trump donated his first paycheck ($78,000) to the National Park Service in a veiled attempt to convince us he’s cares. We of course aren’t fooled and instead are insulted. Like that even makes a dent in the amount of the budget he’s cutting from the national parks. This is a big fat giant in your face publicity stunt and we aren’t that stupid. Seriously.

Image result for insulting gifs

We see you. We always see you.


My leg hurts. I don’t want to talk about it.

I wrote that last night and yes, my leg hurts BUT…I think it’s finally HEALING!

For the last two days my leg has definitely not looked good. We thought…yep. It’s infected. We need to go in and have it looked at. But finally today it’s no longer looking that sickly color of green!

I don’t look good in that color. It’s not pretty at all.

Sean actually said, “if it were me I’d go in and dig that……”

Lalallalalallalallalalla I can’t HEAR YOU…….

No. No I will not be doing that. I will SHOWER and let the spray gently clean the leg and that is the sum total of what I’ll be doing and now I need THERAPY for what he just SAID to me!!! What kind of person would do that?????

So rude.

Anyway…moving on…



Image result for snoopy dance gif


It’s snowing today and the high is 36*…

Image result for why God why gif

I could still go for a walk but no…I won’t push it. I’ll be obedient (like that’ll happen) and I’ll stay inside and give it another day and let my leg heal but by God tomorrow I am freaking moving.


I went to look for a news story on the Today show and since I don’t really watch the news much anymore (I read most of it now) I found myself in the black hole of videos. I could watch news stories all freaking day. I’m lost in news stories. If you don’t hear from me for a few days…you know where to find me.

I just read that Bob Harper had a dramatic cardiac arrest and heart attack back in February. Where have I been? That is unbelievable. Obviously genetics plays a role but when someone that fit and healthy (presumably healthy?) like that has such a life threatening experience, you end up asking yourself a few ~what the hell am I doing~ questions.

Then you dismiss them because running is fun and sitting on a couch is not.
Image result for so not fun gif
That is so true.


I think I’m having lunch with Michelle today so I’ll say “hey” for Ya’ll and we’ll let you know if we make any progress on if we’re running, should we run, maybe we’ll run, hey no way we ain’t running…you know. That kind of talk.

We are definitely having french fries though because…fries.

Image result for french fries gif


Travel Quotes | Looking for inspiration? Check out this curated list of the 100 most inspiring quotes of all time.:

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Trail running in Colorado (and a shout out to MT)

First the shout out. MT is still in Virginia but he’s sick with a terrible cough and an overall ~I think I’m dying~ whatever it is. When you’re sick don’t you just want to stay in bed with the television and have someone bring you medicine and food and take care of you and you just have to … be sick? Hope you’re feeling better. We love and miss your face. 
Michelle wants to train for an ultra marathon
and she knows I’ve always wanted to do one so we’re toying/talking about doing one and we’ve gone so far as to pick the one we want to do, chosen a training plan, talked about the start date, looked at our weekends, discussed the problem with the weekends we can’t run together and talked about some great climbing hikes that would be good for training.

Huh. Kind of sounds like we’re doing it.
Image result for she crazy gif
(breaking my “b” word rule because I really love him)

But I’m a born skeptic and also I’ve had so many setbacks in the last two years since running NYCM (and feeling pretty great while I did that) that I’m pretty scared to get interested or plan towards it. I’m not ready to lose another goal. I lost Chicago twice. TWICE.

So now that I’ve thrown that out there, this is what’s on my mind. If I actually am ready to attempt to run again…attempt to put mileage on the road…grow and strengthen my body…I have so many other things I want to do at the same time and I am a sprinter.

Not in running but in goals…I want it all.

MT is in Virginia. What a perfect time to run the Marine Corps Marathon.

It’s October 22nd. I’m a little busy in October. My kid is getting married. My friend wants me to run a half marathon then…

And the ultramarathon is in September…one month earlier exactly.

And then my friend posted today that she’d LOVE to run Chicago!!!

And my heart fell.
 sad baby upset emotions disappointed GIF

So sad.

One.step.at a time.

Make your choice. What can I do? Can I run a 5k? Can I run a 10k? Can I run a half marathon?

I need to take baby steps. Choose one thing and decide on one thing and not be discouraged if it doesn’t go well. It’s a big step to even try an ultra from nothing for the last two years. I’ve missed so much. 

And all of this has to come after my leg is better. My stitches come out tomorrow and the bruising and swelling is finally getting better so I can start walking and maybe by the weekend or Monday I can start a slow run. That’s “to be determined” since there was way more of a sprain than originally thought.

Right now, as we speak, Michelle is telling me about how she’s running four times a week and upping her weekend long run to be 8 to 10 miles so her base is nice and strong. NICE AND STRONG.

Betrayal. Total and complete betrayal since I can’t run ten feet. I’m going to be dragging behind. It’s a good thing I love her madly and really want to do this with her.

Image result for she's killing me gif

Ya’ll know where to find the body…on the trails.

I need this kind of confidence. Let’s start now.

Image result for trail running quotes
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Sweet List <3

  1. Sunday mornings listening to music, hanging out in house with my favorite people…wearing jammies as long as I can.
    Image result for jammies gif
  2. Trumpcare (otherwise known as the Republican Healthcare Bill) defeated before it can even be voted on.
     party tina fey mind party time tina fey gif GIF
  3. THE BEST REACTIONS TO TRUMP PULLING THE REPUBLICAN HEALTHCARE BILL~ List of the best tweets after the bill was pulled. Pretty classic.
  4. Finishing up some much needed scrapbooking projects I have laying around.
  5. Laughing over this guy’s Facebook. Jay Allen tells his tales in hashtags. It is hilarious.
  6. Dinner out with Shaughnessy, Adam and Theboy. Theboy ordered noodles, fruit and broccoli…not sure if he’s ours or not. Double checking DNA on that one for sure.
    Image result for who are you gif
  7. Talking races, plans, goals, trails and dreams with Michelle. Girl is a motivator and that’s my style. I’m so glad to have someone who is on the same train as I am. Also…she’s generally hanging in the back of the train which means…we really really want to go but we’re a little scared of the destination. Damn…should be fun.
    Image result for girl you crazy gif
     Life as Michelle’s friend. 😉 I LOVE IT.
  8. This is 45: The Eye of Life’s Storm ~ this great essay about growing older but somewhat smarter.

  9. Voss sparkling water. Now hear me out. I get it…It’s pretentious at it’s worst. But the sparkling water is in a GLASS bottle so duh..I’m reusing it. And it’s a great size. Plus…the sparkling water was pretty freaking delicious. Okay, there’s no real way to dress it up but I did love it and if I consider it a once-in-a-while treat then I think it’s okay.
  10.  Both of my doctor appointments are this week, meaning all stitches will be out and hopefully I can at least walk. I’m bruised and swollen all the way around my foot and up past my shin so I 100% guarantee there’s no running for now but walking maybe? Randomly I healed really fast from my surgery…like crazy fast…just had that one little glitch. And both doctors commented on how incredibly healthy I was and said I’d totally heal quick. Ha. No. #slowhealing #imableeder
    Image result for I'm weak gif

  11. Binge watching Parks and Recreation and it is ridiculously entertaining. I should just always watch happy and clean television. Life is good. Although Sean is rather judgmental when he comes home and sees me watching and says, “you’re on X season??  GEEZ”. Dude. I just leave it on. It’s a half hour show. What do you want from me? Also…it’s Saturday (or Sunday or whatever and…I can’t WALK…judge not, Sir)
    Image result for love tv gif
  12. Looking through old photos and finding sweet pictures of my kids when they were little, my mom and my dad and Sean just anytime because he’s so cute. How lucky do I feel. I do have really good memories even with my crazy family.

    MT…he used to just walk around the backyard and play. He could not be cuter.
  13. Spring. Spring in Colorado is no joke. It’s been hit and miss here the last few days and I’m a little offended. Spring showed up March 21st and I was pretty happy to see it but damn it if didn’t hide back under the rock a bit. I want it back. #snow #coloradospring 

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Run on…

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Daily reading that feeds my anxiety. I need balance.

I was trying to find online marketing information for my business and one website proclaimed “Be Delightful Online”. My first thought was…I’m in, finally the website that understands me!  My second thought was ~damn…that sounds like work.~

Perhaps…a bit of a conflict. Maybe I just need a nap and tomorrow I can be delightful again. Yes. I’ll try again tomorrow for delight.

I came across this image which is not anything to do with organizing but can I just GO HERE?

It looks so beautiful…I want to run there right now.


Cely, from Running off the Reeses, wrote yesterday about how much anxiety she’s under right now due to the political pressures we’re dealing with every single day coming from so many sides. I cannot tell you how this resonates with me. My day is like a political marathon. Every morning when I wake up I start my day with The Skimm. This is my warm up. I read the condensed version of what our current administration has decided they are going to destroy in our country since yesterday (and sometimes while I slept), what the GOP’s think of it, who’s yelling about it, the smiling Paul Ryan invariably bobbing his head about it creepily, how much of the country will be damaged and what it will cost our most vulnerable in ways far more painful than just currency. Then I start clicking on the links.

The links take me to all the stories that’ll tell me the gory details so I can learn what the story really is and try to become better educated about the whole thing. There are a hundred issues I need to be concerned about and every single day I need to worry about them all. Which ones do I call my senators about? Is he even listening to me? I can tell you that mine is not. Cory Gardner of Colorado is absolutely not listening. So do I still call? Do I still let him know? It feels so completely pointless. These are the things we’re talking about in the midst of the anxiety and the powerless feelings. By the middle of the afternoon I’ve read probably twenty or thirty news stories/articles/linked essays and follow ups. I don’t feel any more educated. I feel more hopeless.

Yesterday I read this:

KING: The Democratic Party seems to have no earthly idea why it is so damn unpopular and then I got depressed because I didn’t get any tangible things to do to make changes. So we just have to sit back and watch it all go to hell?

By the end of the day I’ve finished on the computer and I’m working on the next days post and on the next days work stuff but sometimes it’s so overwhelming I have to just step away. Those are the days I’m really late to put up a post. You’re welcome.

The anxiety of what is going to happen is overwhelming. My friend’s niece asked if I get really angry and sometimes I do, yes. Usually though, anxiety and sadness overwhelm me and mostly powerless. I don’t do well with powerless. I just want to not look at it anymore. The thought of not looking at it and pretending it’s not happening seems terrifying and I face things I’m afraid of pretty head on so…back I go and I start again. 

It’s a vicious cycle.

I recognize that I am one small person.

I don’t have a great voice. I am not running for office or making great change. I am not a dynamic person who will change the world. I am a normal person who just wants to help keep us from going so far down we’ll never find our way back.

I need to volunteer somewhere where I can do something that’s at least contributing to the cause so I feel like I’m doing something. This daily turnstyle is twisting me like a meat grinder.

Cely also posted a video with a song and after I clicked and listened that led me to the vortex of youtube videos and there I was and hour later still looking at videos. I think I’ve finally escaped but damn…that’s a hole I never dive into so I must be off my game.
Check these out:

  • America’s First Writer’s Museum is opening in Chicago. There’s a museum I LOVE the idea of. My kid and I could do that when I go run the marathon in Chicago if THAT EVER GETS TO HAPPEN. sigh. We won’t talk about history. Moving on.
  • 12 Things About Being A Woman That Women Won’t Tell You Now…this article is a little rough. It’s in Esquire so keep that in mind hence the language. But it’s just really a smart article.

  • Shaughnessy, my kid, my first child and only daughter, wrote an essay called

    A day’s story of womanhood in four parts for #adaywithoutwomen and damn, it’s really great.  Oh wait. I’m not actually surprised. You should totally read it. And then you should totally tell me how amazing she is. Okay, you don’t have to. I already know.


It’s gorgeous today and it’s Friday so why wouldn’t I do something outside??  Totally going out to walk and enjoy the beautiful weather and walk to remind my legs I can. I’m so close you guys.  I’m THISCLOSE to getting to run. Tomorrow Michelle and I are hiking…

Yesterday my kid (MT, the kid not the state) came back from VA for a very short visit (ten days) and I am excited to see him for at least an hour. Who are we kidding…he’s here for his girlfriend.

"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." #treehugger…:

Run on…


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It’s that time of year again…

We’re registering for the Bolder Boulder. 

I’ll be honest, it’s the first year I’ve hesitated. Last year I didn’t love it as much. They’ve corporatized it too  much (it’s a word).

In April..they are running the Cherry Creek Sneak and I’ve never run it. I may think about that little race. Little being the operative word…

It’s April 23rd, it’s expensive ($40 for the 5k, $50 for the 5 mile and $65 for the 10 mile) and really big. It’s a huge race. I just am not sure I’m up to it. But I feel the need to get on the road and run.

I suppose I could search for a different race that is smaller and more of a pull…maybe more trail oriented but not.

Most 5k’s are in Wash Park or City Park and those are my least favorite.

I don’t know…I typed that last night and I’m already over it.

Michelle is thinking maybe she wants an ultra this year.

She knows I’ve always wanted to do an ultra so this is a big tease. SO mean.

Also, my son is getting married in October. Like…two weeks after the scheduled ultra and everyone knows you gain weight when you train for marathons and ultras so there’s THAT. But the joy is how awesome is it to not care and just run my ass off. Oh yeah…I just ran 30+ miles. Thanks… 😉

Yeah, I’d rather do that. Pretty sure.

Hey, Michelle, we get to walk a LITTLE, right? 😉

Damn…it’s crazy far.

The other downside, and it’s a big one for me, is that ultras tend to be trail runs and I’m a city girl through and through. So that’s part of the challenge. Running 30 miles on a trail. The upside is having someone to run it with. Having a partner would be so much less painful.

Note, I did not say easier.

I think we’re going to do some research on this and we’ll keep you updated. I’d like to point out I’m still not cleared to run, I haven’t run ANY kind of distance in months and months and MONTHS because…giant fibroid eating me from the inside out and cutting off my blood supply. I’m totally and completely freaked out about the possibility of not being able to ever run again even though I know that’s not even realistic. It’s just…out there in my peripheral.

If we attempt this giant feat there needs to be some serious yoga cross training to take care of my leg. My poor little right leg is definitely feeling some IT band issues. I don’t want to get half way there and have to stop.

I just messaged her and told her I’m in.

Image result for this could be a really bad decision gif
We’ll see. Probably next week I’ll break my leg since I publicly announced something.

Anybody out there have some great little races they want to share with me???


Power outages freak me out and makes me think of end times. I would not do well without power. I know that’s random but the other night all the neighbors houses were so completely black we were pretty sure they had a power outage. It was totally freaky.

Image result for I'm afraid of the dark gif


I had a doctor appointment yesterday (my Celiac doctor) and you know, I love her. She was the person who initially said, “we can’t figure this out and since you no longer have a primary physician let’s run a blood panel and see if that’ll give us an idea” and it did. It started the direction that led to surgery and me feeling SO much better so yay her! Unfortunately her nurse accidentally ran the wrong blood tests this time so it was a fruitless appointment. Thank the Lord for insurance? Hm. Not sure how that works. As we talked she said…wow…I’ve been seeing you for so long it’s been quite a journey!  She’s not kidding.

Yes…it has. I started seeing her like…six years ago maybe? For Hypothyroidism that couldn’t get regulated. I am quite the story. She told me again today…I am not normal. I’m not sick…just not normal. None of my tests ever come up normal. I’m a medical mystery.
Image result for house gif


It’s been too windy to do anything so today I am finally getting out of the house. I’m supposed to spend the day with Andrea but she’s been suspiciously silent so I may not be. I also get to have dinner with my friend Solongo (she’s not on social media…gasp) and I haven’t seen her in forEVER. I’m excited. Okay, she’s on Instagram but barely. She posts once every month or so.

But she’s my FAVORITE…I’ll keep you posted. We’re going to 730 South and it’s delicious.


"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis:

Run on…


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