Just keep climbing.

I have found a great white t shirt. 
I bet you thought I was going to say whale.
no. t shirt. What would I do with a whale?
I have a hard time with t shirts. They’re either too short or too long.
Too cardboardy (it’s a word) stiff or they’re that super silky material that’s supposed to be great but instead it hugs every curve and I have to say not all of my curves need to be hugged. Really, lovely of you to think of me but…please don’t. Just hug the important ones and uh….leave the others alone. Thanks.

So I picked up this little number and it seems to be quite perfect. It’s just right for a little soft but not too slicky. It’s long but not too long. The “V” is deep but not too deep. I love it. I bought it in white, black and a funky gray color. They were on sale for $5. A great price and I am always looking for a white t shirt I can wear with everything. #basicwhitetee #tshirtsandjeans 

Yesterday I was supposed to go to Castle rock for a good solid incline climb but one thing after another stalled me and then BAM when I wasn’t looking I got a migraine superfast and I ended up in bed at like…one o’clock in the afternoon. Nothing like throwing up and sleeping the afternoon away in a drugged out stupor. Good times.

I woke up feeling a bit better and attempted to get a run in later but I thought I’d take it easy so I took Malachi for a walk. The pouring rain broke us up and I mean POURING RAIN. You know…TORRENTIAL RAINS TOTALLY SOAKED US.
Image result for torrential rain gif
this was us only without the umbrella and I was in short workout clothes.
My poor dog. He doesn’t like to get wet nor does he like to run. It was an experience. I called Sean and he met us at the nearest road and gave us a ride home but trust me. The damage was well done.
I did get push ups and squats done so there’s that. Mini strength training… yay me.
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I went to Castle rock tonight instead but I got there pretty late so I really only had time to get four climbs in before it was too dark to see anything but the snakes and they were really tree roots. There were a lot of people there for a soccer game so I was fine and willing to stay that long but by the time I was done the people had dwindled and I was desperately lonely for companionship and also I didn’t want to get mugged so I left. I know the last time I did the incline I only did three times and I didn’t hurt the next day so I really wanted to get five climbs this time. The goal is always to not be able to walk properly the next day and that was just not happening. What a let down. I had to settle for four. Some people run the incline and that is my dream. That would be pretty kick ass. There’s also a good chance I would fall straight off and hurt myself but still, I’d die feelin’ pretty badass.

Michelle wants to climb Manitou next week and I will freely admit to being very nervous about that. I wish I was much stronger and ready to do it again but I guess the best way to get stronger is keep climbing. #justkeepswimming
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I love sarcastic people with high vocabularies. via (http://ift.tt/2rQvoas)

I cleaned out our yard shed so I could sell it and I posted it on Craigslist. I got a text tonight from someone telling me they didn’t want to buy it but they appreciated the giggle. ha. That’s what I’m going to do for a living. Write smartass Craigslist ads. #entertainingthemasses
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Tomorrow I’m just going to do a run when I get the chance, probably in the evening. I’m volunteering for a race so that’ll take most of my day and in the evening someone is coming to look at the shed (wish me luck there…). I mean, it went together pretty easily but does it come apart that easily? Only trying will tell.
I love dancing. I hope someday to take a hip-hop dance class. Today, I was not looking forward to my workout. I decided to run on an incline, which I never do. But, I found myself doing my five minute walk warm-up and dancing and in a much better mood. Dancing on the treadmill is a lot of fun. You should try it. Low settings though. ;) 1.5 points for my hardest workout to date.
Run on…

you don’t get pictures until I figure this out.

I tried to post a photo (ANY photo) and I can’t figure it out and no one is really invested in my issue with me so you get this pretty boring post. They’ll get more interesting. Sorry….
I had a list of 22 things to get done on Thursday. Twenty-two. I got all but eight done but by the end had added four so do the math. By Friday the list was back up to like…15. It’s been a busy week.

At the top of the list was put oil in my car because I try to check the oil in my little Jeep once a week. It’s got an invisible leak and it apparently burns oil because nothing is ever on my driveway but oh my gosh I’m always ridiculously low on oil. The last time my engine was low I randomly checked it and wow…that was close. Apparently my idiot light decided it didn’t need to update me. That’s not terrifying at all.  Today I went to check the oil (which I knew to be low, I could tell from the sound and the feel of it) and out comes the dipstick…nearly dry.

God is testing me.

I came thisclose to blowing up an engine.  I was frustrated because I couldn’t get the damn cap off. I’m capable and smart and I can’t get the cap off. So Sean had to get up and come get the cap off for me so I could give my thirsty little cartoon car a drink. And thank the Lord I did. It’s moments like that that leave me feeling incredible incapable of functioning like a human being. I mean what is the problem? But we got the job done and that’s what’s important. I commented to Sean about the idiot light not working.
He said,

“It’s like us. After all these years it’s learned not to complain no matter WHAT the hell’s going wrong”.

Lord…I thought I would die laughing. It is so true. And that’s what kind of week we’ve had.


Check it out.l…did the mini incline three times.  Kickin’ ass right there. It was amazing. I wasn’t tired. I was strong and felt great. I powered up and ran down the trail and up and down the trail and back up the incline and down the trail for a total of three miles. It was exactly what I needed. By the end of the day I was definitely feeling it a little but today I feel awesome. It was a really hot morning and I didn’t even get a headache or anything. Such a bonus. I figured it was the perfect way to start the day and a great workout so I don’t have to worry about getting in something serious today I can rest today and get ready for the trip.


Sean and I are going to see MT (#thekidnotthestate) in Virginia with massive wild crazy you can’t imagine it until you see it yourself partying. 

I know, right? I bet you’re so jealous!!  Hey, we are going to have a GRAND time.

MT is PRETTY excited to show us the monuments.

Full disclosure we’ve seen most of them before. NEVERTHELESS….it’s always lovely to remind ourselves what this country is founded on and there is actually hope in the world. Don’t give up hope!! Don’t let the bastards get you down!

I personally definitely need this reminder more and more due to the insanity of …well…every freaking day of this guy a bunch of people who didn’t actually think put into office. Or maybe they did and look where we are now? #Godhelpus

Anyway, I’m currently on a plane on my way to Virginia to see my beautiful youngest son (::swoon) and I don’t think there could possibly be a better way to spend the weekend. Someone did mention the holiday on the mall in Washington is supposed to be amazing  and I have to tell you I just don’t wanna.

I just don’t. I want to see the monuments. I want to enjoy DC but the thought of celebrating this patriotic holiday feels all Trump- like and that just makes me nauseas so I don’t think so. I’m actually pretty glad we’re coming home on the fourth. Gives us an excuse to not.

I’m looking forward to all the walking. All the exploring. Seeing everything there is to see and just hanging out with MT. I love it all.

update: we’re here! He’s still cute and still has attitude. No clue where he got that.

I haven’t figured out how to get GIFs on my ipad. It’s quite disturbing because I have a keyboard for it and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I love it so much have I mentioned I love it so much? Oh my gosh it’s like a mini computer and my fingers just fly over it. It’s like a computer that fits my hands. I’m in love. But the GIF thing…I mean, that’s a deal breaker.

And thus no pictures and no motivation here at the end. Sorry Guys….

Run on…