Mother’s Day is just not my favorite.

So,  it’s okay if it’s your favorite, I have no grief with that. I personally love Valentine’s Day and I’m positive I’m totally in the minority there.

Mother’s Day has just never been my day. It doesn’t spin my wheels.  Shaughnessy is a mom now so she should get to have her day, too.

Every year Andrea and I think we’re going to escape for Mother’s Day weekend and it just never happens…we thought it would this year but no. And you know what? I’m just not feeling anything this year. This year I’m feeling very hang out and go for a run just do what I want to. Isn’t that what Mother’s Day is all about anyway? #MotheroftheYear #mykidsarethebestkids #yoursareprettygoodtoo

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Day two of my new phone. 
The jury is still considering its options.
It’s very frustrating to me after the wonderful world of Android that now I have to work with the world of Apple or should I say work within the boundaries of Apple because they limit you. They make you do what THEY want. They’re so bossy.
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It’s frustrating to be dealing with a company that prides itself on the individual and yet limits their ability to customize the phone.
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I hate conforming.  #stepitupapple
It POURED rain here It was cold. It was wet. It was not welcoming to the runner at all. Also my head hurt so I slept very very late into the morning. I have a Botox appt on Friday which explains the migraines this week.
Not loving this. I’m trying very hard to kick this out so I don’t have any sign of the migraine when I go get the Botox.

My friend posted this yesterday and you have to watch it, it’ll take the stress away from the Trump crazy.

Mason is an ancient, battle-scarred feral cat with advanced kidney disease. Instead of euthanasia, we felt he deserved to live his sunset months in comfort, free from pain. What happened next will make your heart melt. <3 See additional videos of the adorable interactions between Grandpa Mason and "his" foster kittens at TinyTuxies. And please remember that spaying and neutering is the only way to prevent unwanted cats and kittens like Mason and "his" kittens from being born and suffering. Contact your local shelter or SPCA if you need assistance with spaying and neutering… most have free or low cost programs, and are happy to help. More about the rescue work we do:

Posted by Tinykittens on Sunday, May 7, 2017


I did a HIIT workout yesterday because of the pouring rain. The rain discouraged running. I’m going to try and run today. Still major rain planned for today but I’m going to try and run through it. I just can’t stand the thought of not running at all. At least some workout will be done.

Also…I see Princess Anna for hair. My hair grows so fast. What’s that about??

This was real deal this morning. I turned my alarm off and everything with intention of not going. my body woke my ass up and dragged me in, anyway.:
Run on…

It’s a new year…wanna play?

Sean and MT and I partied hard last night… and stayed home doing absolutely nothing crazy but watching television and entertaining ourselves. It was a crazy good time.

Sean had some tests at the hospital yesterday in the AM and though they mostly went routine we had a few glitches.

Turns out he has no blood. WHO KNEW?  Okay..he does have blood but he hides it well. Two lovely, kind and talented women attempted to put an IV in and couldn’t hit a vein. At the risk of inflicting more pain they had to call in the cavalry. Two MORE lovely, kind and talented women came in and they put their heads together…played gently with my husband’s hand…admiring it and turning it over and back…and finally agreed to put the IV there in his hand.

I don’t let just anyone play with my husband’s hands. We’re getting kind of personal there.

Meanwhile while this is happening…I pretty much walked into the hospital and allergy central happened for me.  My nose went nuts. It started dripping and itching like crazy. It wasn’t just me, one of the tech women had the same problem. She was as confused as I was as to what it could be. I hope hers got better. Mine got significantly worse. We were in the hospital for about four hours and that is how many allergy pills I’ve had today. 

Not friendly.

It’s possible that’s a slight exaggeration but by the end of the day I had lost my mind.

I didn’t have far to go.

I DID have my appt finally and check ME out. This is how it went.

I got called back with the nurse and she said “first we’re going to check your weight”.

And I said, “No, that’s okay. Not this time”.

She was definitely taken aback and gave me a look and a half chuckle with an “okay…not this time” because she thought I was kidding.

Then I said, “my clothes fit fine, I feel good. It’s my New Year gift to myself. I’m not getting on the scale”(I was SUPER polite).

She raised her eyebrows and said, “ohKAY” …in that “huh…we’re going to be THAT patient today” tone of voice.

But there wasn’t any reason for it and I’m the patient so whatever.

Then my doctor came in and she was ALONE! NO INTERN ~side note, I don’t think she’s an intern but I’m not sure what she is. I know she was in training at first but now she works there.  She is an actual employee there with a business card and everything but she still comes in with my doctor usually…bonus this time she didn’t)

It was a glorious day.

We chatted about organizing for a few minutes, we talked about the ridiculous cost of health care, and she sent me on my way. Fairly needless appt that probably cost me $180. Whatever. Drop in the bucket at this point.


New Years Eve Madness…

Sean was okay but still not feeling great. (New Years wish is for Sean to be healthy)

MT was so over me.

I do get a little loopy when I’m havin’ a good time.

I asked MT to play Monopoly with me and he and Sean both came into the kitchen to see if maybe someone else had broken into the house and taken my place.

I don’t play games.



When I was a kid I played them with my friends (of which I think I had two) and it was never a fun experience. You know those friends who weren’t really friends but you didn’t put it together until you were an adult and you were finally able to see their mean behavior?..thus explaining so much? Yeah…that was me. So now as an adult I made two decisions. One..don’t let anyone ever yell at me again. And two…don’t play games. You never had fun anyway and as a grown up you just don’t have to.

I actually remember with clarity the last time I played the game as a kid and it was such a terrible time I vowed never to play it again.

But every once in a while I get a wild hair and actually want to...gasp…interact with my kid. So there you go. We played Monopoly. MT (we sometimes refer to him as “the Bank of MT) is very good at Monopoly and enters into it with strategy and capability. He’s like his dad that way.

I enter into it with “buy everything you land on with zero strategy whatsoever and hey there’s a railroad you LOVE trains!”.

Whatever. That’s a great strategy.

Randomly I won. 

He did at one point ask me to please buy hotels so I would just shoot him to put him out of his misery and stop stabbing him slowly.

He landed on Income Tax like….10 times at least, thus never getting paid from passing “GO”. I missed his Boardwalk and Park Place nearly every time I passed it but collected my $200 no problem. Also won the “free parking” in the middle and yes, we know that’s not how you play the game but that’s how we play it so whatever.

I felt bad. I also have no competitive streak so…I felt bad.

also, I’m his mom so…I felt bad.



I have to run today, my run yesterday didn’t happen. So today I have to finish my Resolution 5k (link to Facebook because their website is down..sad day)!  I was SO sick I just sneezed and sniffled my way through the day. Today I lucked out and the weather is going to be in the 30’s! Score! (p.s. my husband has said “bless you” probably 17 times this morning. Poor guy)

Tomorrow we’ll talk Resolutions Baby…something I try to never do but will occasionally make an exception. 

Peace out!

Run on…and play 

Is six months too early to plan a party? hmm. It’s possible I’m bored.


So MT and I were talking about he and his dad taking a road trip before he leaves and I said spring break was his only chance and he said no…he has the whole month of May and I said um…no…

you’ve already taken my birthday (he’s leaving for basic training the week before and yes…I’m making him pay for it)…you are NOT taking my anniversary, too (May 24). Since the family doesn’t get to go on a trip together like we planned. That’s right. You took away all of our family plans…(I like to lay it on really thick so he can totally wear the guilt. He’s thick skinned and usually dishes it right back. He’s so out of the will)

Sean said, “I have to be here for our anniversary. It’s kind of a big one. It’s our 30th”.

GASP. That’s RIGHT.  

We need to have  a PARTY!

I need a dress. 

And that was how that conversation ended. Because we’d gotten to the important part.

Commence dress searching.

If only I left the computer. I’d burn way more calories…

The boys left. They were bored.


No running or walking yesterday in anticipation of 40mph winds that didn’t happen and a horrible blizzard that probably showed up somewhere but not Denver. In Denver it was over by 9:30am. We just don’t have the energy. We have things to do.

Sean stayed home to work from home (in anticipation of said blizzard) and we ended up running some errands and having lunch together.

My computer was acting up and thus the day ended up being completely non productive.

I did a lot of busy work while Sean worked on it.

You know…wipe the counter down.

load the dishwasher.

Go through paperwork.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

It was…difficult.
my dog is insane. He refuses to come inside unless all the planets are aligned perfectly, it’s the third Tuesday of the month and you’re turning toward the West.

I just opened the sliding glass door to let him in after he scratched on it to COME in and he comes halfway in…then I absentmindedly scratch my hip. Yep. My hip itched. That was it. He froze in fear…what could possibly be happening?

Are you trying some freakish subterfuge to attack me?
I’m sure of it..oh human who pretends to be my Alpha but you and I both know you aren’t…well I’m not fooled. You can’t get me. I’m not COMING in. HA.

And he backs out…


I’m walking/running with Miss Hollie tonight so I’m going to get a blood test this morning (Celiac checkup next week) instead of running.  Doesn’t that sound fun? I know you’re jealous.

Then I’m off to do fun things on the computer at Andrea’s house.

Hm. That sounds…inappropriate.

Though I have slept with her…I haven’t done anything inappropriate that involves the computer with her. It’s innocent. I swear.

I may or may not stop and buy cake. See? I talk big but I never do it. It’s just always on my mind…


This is a public service announcement put out by the Montana Highway Patrol.   I’m from MT and I had a child hit by a semi. So this hits hard for me on more levels than I can really tell you.
This is worth watching as a big fat reminder to please be careful.
It’s snowing now.
The roads are bad.
You can’t always trust what you think you can.
Take your time.
Drive carefully.
Respect the emergency responders and slow down.
If you’re tired…pull over or don’t go out to begin with.

Spoiler: everyone survives


So very true. Run on…

If I could go back…oh the places I’d go and the choices I’d make.

First, typed at home…published from work so I don’t know what will come through or not…if it’s bad I’ll fix it when I get home. Sorry!
I was at King Sooper the other day and I stopped in the candy aisle to grab some gummies.

yep. I know. I do eat a lot of gummies.  Moving along…

As I turn to leave the aisle I see a man and his son leaving the aisle.

The kid is probably about 8 years old…

The dad has a giant bag of sour gummies in his hand.

The kid has finally decided and has a giant bag of Mike n Ike’s in his hand.

Both dad and son are very overweight. 

It was a sad moment.

Did I rethink my gummy choice?

No. Why not?

Because 90% of what I eat is healthy. 90%
I am by no means perfect.

And I am by no means a great example.

But I did try to show my kids there was a right way and a wrong way.

I also tried to show them you could have a great time AND you could follow the rules.

We tried very hard to keep as much healthy stuff in the house, it was available to them. And even though I wasn’t very good at that, as I learned I tried to teach them, too. I was always learning.

But we LOVED “random cake day“.  I would buy a random cake, no matter what it said, and we would eat that all day no matter what. It wasn’t every day. It was once in a while. But it was fun. Oh hell yes. It was a good time. 

We’d just walk into the kitchen and grab a slice of cake.

Was it a lot of sugar? well, yes it was.

Was it processed? well, yes it was

Was it bad for them? well, yes it was

would I do it again? in a heartbeat. Because it was fun. And you have to let your hair down sometimes.

But it’s so important to remember a healthy balance. 

That good clean food has to come first.

My kids really struggled with that and some still do.

They come by it honestly.

They weren’t “picky” (though I do say that, it’s wrong).

It is a legitimate and deep dislike for a majority of foods and I will be honest, it is a painful way to live. I started it and Shaughnessy and MT followed.

No, they didn’t learn from me. They were given all kinds of choices when they were babies and little. We didn’t want them to have these difficulties. We wanted them to have every experience.

It was clear early on they would have none of it.

When you have an immediate dislike for a vegetable or a fruit or a meal or anything, it’s there. It’s the smell or the texture or the sight or the combination of anything.

Biggest piece of advice as a parent of someone who has difficulty eating and being someone who has difficulty eating:

Don’t force them to eat it. The three bite rule…kind of sucks. I tried it. I gave it my best shot.

My mom made me eat liver. I politely gave it right back to her at the table. There’s a memory for you. She never made me eat anything again.

Did I learn from that?

britney spears animated GIF

or…you don’t.

No. We made dinner for the kids. It had beans in it. I told Shaughnessy three bites and she could be done.

She gave it right back to me.

That’s the last time I ever made any of my kids eat anything. If they don’t want to eat, they don’t have to.

It’s frustrating. It’s led to fights. Tears.

hbo animated GIF


why animated GIF

MT really struggles to find something to eat. But he’s eighteen, he’ll find his way just like Shaughnessy and I did. I gave it up to God to worry about. It was making me insane.


Shaughnessy and I were just talking to Alex the other day about why we should like cottage cheese (gross). At the end of the conversation and after googling extensively…we have decided we’re okay without it. Neither of us has ever tasted it and I for one never will. That is a texture and a sight I want no part of. Though we did discuss putting it in pancakes there are so many other options why bother?

Beets. Like really? ::shudder::

I personally don’t do mushrooms. (I don’t do slimy anything)

MT doesn’t like meat and had to be convinced to eat it. He just really started eating meat about…two years ago?  He’s eighteen. Did he eat beans to get his good protein?

Neither of my kids eat beans. No no no on the beans.

He didn’t like potatoes either. Alex had vanilla ice cream once and MT wanted it, Alex told him it was mashed potatoes. Interest gone.

It was always a balancing act trying to find something everyone liked. This was a job I failed at miserably and thus cooking was not something I really wanted to do. But it’s so important to give your kids a great foundation of healthy eating and taking good care of yourself.

It’s also important to honor everyone’s issue’s and not introduce unnecessary emotions into the scenario. There’s so much stress involved in this…food involved survival…there’s no place for anger or frustration.  I pretty much failed at that, too. Finding the best way to make sure your family gets the healthiest food is really the goal.

And supplement. Good quality supplement.

And now I’ll remind everyone children are resilient. Let nature kick in. And don’t stress. If a kid wants chicken nuggets every day for a year…they won’t die. I promise.

I ate scrambled eggs for lunch every day for a year. I’m pretty healthy.

Take care of you and don’t stress the small stuff.

the office animated GIF

But also…make good choices. So maybe look at what your child is eating before allowing a bag of Mike n Ike’s or Sour Gummies.

Parenting is a learning curve.

If I had it to do again I’d make a million different choices.

Would they eat the same way?

probably. Because they didn’t eat that way because of my choices. Those were their natural tastes.

Would they still get random cake day?


Would they still get sour gummies?


I felt sad for the little kid. He’s getting the worst start ever. What a terrible foundation into the world.


I loaded the old deck into the dumpster and I’m pretty bummed I’m not sore. I think I did at least half of it, maybe a little more and hello…not sore at all.

I feel a little ripped off. I didn’t work out that day because I wanted to call that cross training!


Yesterday Sean worked on the deck so I hung out with him and gave him much needed moral support, by stealing his hammer and level multiple times.

It’s keeping him on his toes, right?


So today I’m going to throw out some miles later after I get a haircut.

The weather report just told  me it’s going to rain on Sunday just in time for Colfax.

pretty excited right there.

excited animated GIF

I can’t motivate you from work. My computer blocks it.
Sad day.

A day without motivation is indeed sad.


Strawberries in my oatmeal this morning.

It’s the little things…

Well, hell. The damage is done. They’re grown and I can’t undo…

*For the record I have great kids and wouldn’t change a thing about them*

Mom moment…

I am not mom of the year.  

I KNOW. I was shocked to find out, too.

I had cleared a spot on the mantel for my award. Sigh.

It’s okay. I would have had to dust it.

I apparently give my opinion too much and too obnoxiously.

Not always. I think sometimes I’m okay with keeping it to myself.

But sometimes I let it out when I feel like something is definitely wrong in the kid universe.

I think that’s not only ok to do, but isn’t that our jobs?

It’s not our job as parents to order them to do something. But I think it’s our job to say… this is really not ok. I hope you recognize that and are doing something to change your universe. And please know that I am watching and if you need me, I’m here. I’m not going about my world oblivious to you and yours. 

This can be misinterpreted as being too opinionated and too involved.

Parenting is hard.

WIGS animated GIF

I think it’s important to be active in the job.

I spent most of my life specializing.

And hoping I didn’t screw it up.

Looks okay so far but oh man I could fill a few notebooks with the things I wish I did, wish I didn’t do, wish I’d said, wish I hadn’t said…you get the drift.

community animated GIF



movie animated GIF

I don’t know a single mom who doesn’t have regrets and who doesn’t wish they’d made different choices.

Gotta just suck it up and hope in the end your kid understands you did the best you could with what you had at the time and that they know you love them madly.



Colorado has been amazingly beautiful today and promises to be this week, too.

I’m excited to get out and run.

I did my yoga this morning which was perfect. I’m hoping a few more days of that and I’ll start to feel strong again.

Maybe some hiking this weekend.

I did hear rumors of snow but I’m ignoring them.

Run on…


I got home from work yesterday and almost immediately was sick.  We had stopped at Sprouts on the way home because I have a million things to do and never seem to get there.

They’re ACROSS THE STREET from my work.

That’s just wrong.

Remember, it’s not my favorite store to visit because it’s always always always crowded.   It’s a compact area, smashed between a few other big box stores, and the parking lot is tiny.  Get a few grouchy people behind carts and they start growling at you if you get in their way.

karma animated GIF

We stopped anyway, I was in severe need of vitamins.

On the way home now and decided to fix my phone.

Last week I did this:

That is not my phone.  We are an Android family.  Also…I don’t know how to take a picture of my broken phone. With my phone. My camera battery was dead.  ::momentofsilenceforcameraandphone::

Did I mention my phone broke?

I get it. It’s my fault.  I refuse to have a case on my phone.

But I can’t stand how thick it makes the phone.  I’m so used to a little tiny phone I just can’t adjust to a smart phone.

I know, it’s ridiculous. Move on. It’s nearly 2015.

Whatever, I can do what I want. And if that includes breaking my phone then so be it.

the office animated GIF


*sigh* I know.


So we stopped the T-Mobile store to fix my phone and Sean’s. His was trying to update and instead it became a paperweight for four hours before just shutting down completely.

The cute little girl at the T-Mobile store said, “ohhh. That’s too bad.  Please call technical support.  NEXT”.

Okay, that’s a SLIGHT exaggeration but not much. She pretty much said we have to go online to do it all.  But hey, she’s really sorry.  And in her head she’s thinking ~

yes animated GIF

It’s possible she did a Snoopy Dance after we left but I didn’t actually witness anything.

They were a little busy.

Then as we left, Sean decided to contribute to society and Denver’s homeless.  Or some fool who happened upon the

$10 BILL he dropped and it blew away…

Remember the 50mph winds?  Yep. That sucker was gone.

Our evening was NOT GOING WELL>

Walk in the door…do a quick change…and off to the gym.

Wait…let me stop here to note that I took drugs first because


I was getting a migraine and FAST.

So I head off to the gym, do a mile on the elliptical, downstairs to the weight room and….

so not happening.

I sat. I rested. I went home.

Walked in the door, took different meds.

Chatted with MT and Alexander (Sean was busy) and decided the floor was a better place to be.

The boys sent me upstairs.  I stopped to throw up first and then went to bed.  

There it is. My wild night in a nutshell.

party animated GIF

party animated GIF

Did you miss my workout??  Definitely got my heart rate up for ten minutes! #FAIL

Today I’m feeling the hangover of both the migraine and the drugs.  The migraine really likes me and wants to stay and visit.

This morning…I have a dentist appt.

excited animated GIF

I’m going for a run later, I’m pretty sure my head will be better (see that positive thinking??) and that will feel SO GOOD>

I have to foam roll and yoga.

My Achilles hurt.


 Run on…

I broke all the rules…I know you’re shocked.

I had a long run today. Sunday is my long run day.

Last week I ran just under 16 miles so this week it was 18.

surprised animated GIF

Shaughnessy had a half marathon so I thought… hey now…why not?

We ran the Louisville Half Marathon (I’ll put a review up tomorrow….it was an experience in confusion).

The grand plan was to run the half and then kiss Shaughnessy goodbye as I took off for another five miles.

Well…the heavens did not agree.  It was about 50* and chilly already (I ran the whole way in my arm warmers ~thanks Mom!) and at the end as we headed to her car oh my gosh.  Pouring, torrential~ could there BE any more rain?~ Rain.

mean girls animated GIF

And it was cold.

So I opted to go home and run it on the treadmill.  I get it. Not the most optimal situation and it pretty much negates the endurance part of the endurance run. But I got 18 miles in and it wasn’t even hard.  It had it’s moments for sure. But mostly I did okay.

I’m WAY less sore than I was last week…

god animated GIF

Shaughnessy kicked ass.  Girl is strong. At mile 12 I told her to go ahead of me and she flew.  She finished a full minute ahead of me.

Sean took me out for a steak because I was starving for protein. STARVING…

food animated GIF

Ruby Tuesday has the best steak and grilled Zucchini I could die it’s so good.

Also, I opted to not use punctuation at all in that sentence.  It feels more rebellious, like the rest of my day.

And finally….

No migraine.

Yep. That’s right folks.  No migraine.  Can I get a What What?

I’m pretty happy about that.  #understatementoftheweek


For more  Flickr Running Motivation Posters go to:

Run on…

So…it’s Mother’s Day.

I am Teresa Fern  Named for my grandmothers, Zelda Theresa and Clarice Fern.

I am Tess My alter ego. Where I go to be strong.

I answer to both names.

I am a wife.   I loved him before I knew him.


I am a runner.  This keeps me whole.

I am a daughter. Two kind generous loving people with a wild sense of adventure raised me.

I am a sister.  That bond isn’t shared by anyone else. We’re the only ones with those camping stories.

I am a friend.   I am blessed to have and be a friend.

I am a woman of faith.

faith in God.

faith in humanity.

faith in love.

faith in truth.

yes. I am that person.

Do not, however, underestimate me. Faith is one thing.  Naivete is quite another.

And of course at the end of the day…

I am a mom. 

Some days I’m really good at my job. Some days…not. Like all moms out there, I’m just doing the best I can every day and praying it’s the right thing.

But every day I’m so grateful for my own mother…

Who taught me to be there for my kids no matter what.  Always.

She taught me to remind them how much I love them every day.

She taught me to be loving to my husband in front of my children so they can see what a healthy happy relationship is.

And she taught me that even when we’re frustrated we still love each other.

And every day I’m grateful for my beautiful daughter…

Who taught me to say “I love you” every single time I hang up the phone with my kids.

Who impresses me daily with her words, her thoughts, her opinions.

She is strong and beautiful and smart and funny and did I mention how freaking smart she is?

I am blessed.





Yes, Mother. I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me.

Alice Walker


The hardest job that’s totally worth it.

When he was little (about 7 or 8) my son came to me and said, “tell me the truth, is Santa REALLY real?”

I wrote it down and dated it because it was the first day my heart actually broke a little. He seemed so sad about it. And we’d always been really open with the kids talking to them about the story of Santa and how the gift of giving was a beautiful thing. But Christmas was of course the story of Jesus and his birthday.

As your kids grow, if you do it right, they make decisions independent of you.  I KNOW.  Crazy, right?

You’ve spent your entire adult life teaching them either through direct lessons, or by example.  Then you send them off into the world (starting at Preschool how scary is that) and as they go out the door you hope YOU PRAY you plead with the universe and the powers that be that they remember everything you taught them, they appreciate your ideals, they take on your beliefs as your own and they are strong.

No big deal.

No pressure.

Every once in a while they take a different path.

It’s almost a grieving process as you think of what you wanted for them and what they chose.  We are different people than our children and wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same?  I actually know a little family like that, and they are kind of boring. LOL  No one has ever…EVER…accused my family of being boring.

Yes, it’s okay they choose a different road.  We don’t have to love it. We’re just on the safer road, right?  The lit up interstate with the phones every half mile or so and the state troopers always driving past and the gas stations popping up with “open 24 hours” flashing to reassure you the chance of running out of gas is slim~ that’s the road we’re on. They’re on the secondary highway. The one that says, “last rest area for 160 miles. No facilities”.  And it’s dark. And you just know…it’ll be far more adventurous but knowing they’re taking that little shortcut home, you’re going to worry the whole time.

I don’t care what anyone says.  Parenting is the hardest job there is. Because it requires every part of us.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially we are 100% invested in these children and not screwing it up.  I’ve always said I didn’t work when I was raising my kids because God put me in charge of raising actual people.  I didn’t think I could do my best job by splitting my focus.  Some people are good at that,  I recognize that I’m not. Making sure they become kind, loving, generous people who find success and happiness in their own lives.  If Sean and I do it right  they will grow in confidence and independence and naturally find the strength to leave us and it will be the right time for all of us.

So far so good.

But that straying from the path thing.  It’s a killer on parenting. Just have to say that.  Every kid I know does it and it is hard.  

Fortunately, at their core they are still amazing beautiful people because hello…they were born awesome, we told them constantly how much they were loved, no matter how they screwed up they were still loved and we weren’t crazy parents who gave them unreasonable ridiculous punishments.  Those parents kill me. Really. Read a book People.

So today I’m grateful for my kids.  Just grateful.  I’m a lucky parent.  Even though parenting may kill me.  I’m pretty freaking lucky.

That is all.

It is not what you do for your chidden, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings. ~Ann Landers


And a bonus one.  Because I couldn’t decide.

There are two gifts we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings.


I think I waited too long to get on the treadmill.  Sean beat me to it and now I’m falling asleep at the table. 🙁

Better planning must be in order if we both are going to be using the machine. Good thing I love him.

We’re blizzarding…how about you?

So..this is what Denver looks like.

This is our FIRST storm.  We’re expecting another tomorrow around…one o’clock in the afternoon.  It’s gonna be cold.

What is it like where YOU are?

I’ve come across some badass bloggers who seem to think we all should strap on those yak trax and get our butts out the door.

Um…that’s okay thanks.  I’m good.  More power to them though!  Impressive for sure.

I LOVE running in the snow…if I’m already out in it when it starts.  But heading out in the cold…not so fun.  Don’t ask me to explain the difference.  There is no reason to how my brain works.

Does it make me less badass if I’m not out there running in the blizzard?

yep.  Probably.  I’m okay with that.  It’s freakin’ cold.  And mostly?…I’m afraid of falling on my ass.

I’ll stick to my treadmill and love it for sure.

And at no time in my life has my treadmill EVER been a “dreadmill”.  I’ve been stranded.  I’ve been stuck.  I’ve been with kids and no friends family or neighbor to help.  If I didn’t have a treadmill, I would be at my wits end.  My treadmill has saved my sanity many days.  I thank God for it.  That may seem ridiculous, but I’m always grateful for the little things like that.  I don’t take it lightly that I can run at midnight.


I have a blood test coming up and it’s really really overdue.

I’m so exhausted I keep falling asleep.

My hair is breaking off.  My hairdresser is freaking out.

My regular symptoms have upped themselves.  Skin is dry.  I’m freezing cold again.  My co worker keeps telling me I’m having hot flashes.  Man, she’s a good time.  ::eyeroll::

My blood test has extra stuff on it so I have to have it taken extra early.  This means my appointment isn’t until nearly the end of February.  The wait itself may do me in.

If my thyroid numbers are good I’ll be so shocked I’ll give up Skittles.

Okay, that will probably not happen.

sourceIt's (winter) coming soon.  I will try a trail run or two and some road running this winter in the snow...  Peaceful!

Run on…beast style or treadmill.  Whatever makes you happy.