Malachi will never be the same. Or he will but I won’t.

Sean and I went to church on Sunday and after church spent a considerable amount of time working on the computers there.

Edited to say: Sean spent a considerable amount of time working on the computers there.
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We then went to breakfast and by the time we got home it was one in the afternoon. We’d been gone for four hours. Malachi had trapped himself in the bathroom. Now…I don’t want to get into details as to why he likes to go into the bathroom but let’s just say he’s  a dog and I have a cat. But I’m pretty careful to keep things VERY clean so he doesn’t have a lot of success and we’re always on him about going down there. So like any little kid would do, the minute the parents were gone he was down the stairs and BAM! got himself locked in there.


So when we got home four hours later I’m surprised he hadn’t keeled over from a heart attack. There was urine (yeah, he wet himself he was so scared) toilet paper and cat litter EVERYWHERE in this bathroom. He was COVERED in it and the bathroom was covered in it. I mean….it took me an hour to clean a bathroom that’s like four feet square.

I actually felt bad for him.

Sean..did not so much feel bad for him.

So there was that.
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he may not go down there for awhile…
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I’ve had a fever for three days. Low grade (99.5 to 100- I usually run 97.6 thank you thyroid), nothing exciting but I feel pretty confident it’s Celiac related. I’m not sick. I’m able to work out, do my normal stuff. I just feel a little under the weather. No one has to call in the doctors or anything. Just…under the weather and super tired. And of course my brain is just not working at all. I tried to have a conversation with my sister the other day and I seriously couldn’t come up with any words. Like…WORDS.

Poor thing. She just had to listen to me say, “um” for about five minutes while I tried to make my brain work.
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I watched the rest of The Keepers OH MY GOSH. What a piece of work, this documentary. Just really. I cried through half of it at least. So intense. I went through bouts of anger and sadness and complete and utter disbelief. And of course you put your own kid in these situations and then you want to kill someone that they are hurting people like this.

My biggest problem with these documentaries and true crime podcasts is that they don’t actually solve anything, they just present the information and at the end they know longer have 10 people frustrated, sad and wondering who did it, now they have 5,000,000 people frustrated, sad and wondering who did it.
Can you tell I’m not good at puzzles? I like them but God help the person that loses one of the pieces.

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Today I watched the Lady Gaga documentary  Gaga: Five Foot Two and I thought it was intimate, painful and vulnerable. There’s so much more to her than a meat dress which I think so many people just assume and dismiss.  I can’t imagine the demands of her life and the physical pain she lives with. I live with pain but I don’t have to be on demand all the time.  Adrenaline is a powerful drug.

60 pushups (yikes)
50 squats
3.5 milesinthecoolairitwasfreakingamazingjustsayin’youshouldbejealous
15 minutes of strength with weights

At which point I collapsed asleep.
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Run on…


Who’s the crazy one?

I think we have the kinks figured out. There are still glitches which bug Sean but we have workarounds and I’m goin’ with it. It was bugging me enough yesterday that I put stickies on his computer basically begging him to fix it. The guy is super busy so he really doesn’t have time to be doing this stuff but it’s the -slightly too technical- stuff that I just don’t know enough about.

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Anybody else’s allergies going INSANE?  oh my gosh fall allergies. Who knew. I have had the itchiest nose today. I’m on two antihistamines to help with the itching and still I look like I’m picking my nose constantly.  Because I’m picking my nose constantly. Quite the lady right here. It just itches so much.

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Anybody else fall on the floor laughing when they read that Kim Jong Un called Trump “mentally deranged”? I mean…that’s what we’re reduced to.
I get it. I should be totally stressed, worried, freaking out.
oh yeah, I’m doing all of that, too. But come on. It’s pretty bad when even North Korea recognizes he’s crazy. NORTH.KOREA.
I ran about fourteen errands…
Okay, not really fourteen. But I left the house really late and still ran like…nine errands in a very short time so that’s pretty good. But I was really sick yesterday and I’m not sure why. My stomach was BAD all day long.  I don’t think I’ve been glutened but I have eaten some new things in the last day.  Stomach issues are not my usual symptom so I’m a little unhappy. Maybe I’m just legitimately sick. ha. That would be strange. We really wanted to go to 730 South for dinner (just a few days before it’s closed!) but there was no way. By the time Sean came home I just needed to go lie down. I felt a little better after that but dinner was out.
Maybe we’ll do lunch today.
When I ran yesterday it was hot and windy. What is THAT about? The trees are actually turning those lovely fall colors and I’m thinking…where is my lovely fall weather?
I demand fall…
3.5 mile run
SIXTY pushups (I will not be able to do anything for days…DOMS for days)
Sixty squats but not with weights because I was too lazy to run upstairs and get them. Yes, I know how that sounds.

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I’m finishing up The Keepers on Netflix. I started it and got distracted because that’s who I am.  It’s so incredibly painful to watch but these women are so brave to come forward with what happened to them. It’s an incredible story and I feel like I’m reading  a book I can’t put down.
Short and sweet today. I’m super late.  Places to go. People to see.
None of that is true. But I do have things I have GOT to get done.
In a perfect world I might go hiking today. It’s my big plan. I suppose it depends on how I feel. And time.

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Yes!!! Love that we live right on the mountain so we can walk out our front door and start an adventure!
Run on…

Jimmy Kimmel is my hero.

  • Jimmy Kimmel is my hero. Jimmy Kimmel is everyone’s hero. A hero doesn’t have to jump in front of a bullet. Sometimes he’s the  guy in front of the camera making a lot of noise and demanding to be heard about what’s right and what’s wrong and we need to stand up for what’s right. He’s the guy who’s the first to say he didn’t stand up before it was his own kid and now that he knows better he’s going to do better. all need to do better and if we don’t call our senators we aren’t doing better. Here’s the list of people to call. Do it today. We have a deadline and we have do make ourselves heard.  Being complacent is just not okay.

The numbers begin 202-224:

Graham 5971
Cassidy 5824
Capito 6472
Murkowski 6665
Collins 2523
Gardner 5941
Flake 4521
McCain 2235
Portman 3353

  • I went to the grocery store last night and found THIS:

Skosh not included.
The world’s smallest WAFFLE MAKER!!!  I of course HAD to have it. And its RED. For those of you that don’t know, all of my gluten free appliances are red.

  • Puerto Rico is 100% without power. 100% WITHOUT POWER> That is insane and I don’t even know how to process that. I hope we are stepping up and sending help. I’m reading as much as I can but I’m not reading massive headlines that say we’re sending help. But hey, Trump is praying so there’s that.

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  •  I’m in crunch time right now so things are definitely stepping up. Sean and I both have 437 things to do every day and I’m trying something new. I’m attempting actually going to bed by 11pm.
    It could be ridiculous but I’m trying. It’s definitely not easy. I don’t fall asleep right away and I get very antsy to get back out of bed. I have no patience.
  • Today I’m finishing up my work here at home, running some errands and I thought I might go hiking but it’s suddenly 90* again…

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  • I have just now found out that 730 South, my FAVORITE restaurant, is closing on Sunday. I’m so sad. They have such great food and it’s safe for me to eat there. It’s so hard to find great places to eat that I don’t have to drive an hour and a half for. And if I do, it’s usually a chain place. Everyone goes on about eating at chain restaurants but when you don’t have a lot of choices you’re just so grateful for the option  you don’t  complain about the lack of unique choices. 730 South was such a gift.  I’ll miss them.
  • back to the workout…I’m going to do a quick HIIT and run this evening when it’s not so hot. I won’t hurt anyone though…

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Run on…

I finally finished #thebigproject

I listed so much the other day I no longer have anything to talk about.

Okay, you guys know THAT’S not true.

I went to bed REALLY early the other night (11pm!) and was out the door early to go hiking with Michelle (oh the joy!) so I didn’t have blogging time. We were both feeling like we didn’t have time to go hiking  with our crazy ass schedules so hey…we should go hiking! Mostly because when you are super stressed you need to take care of yourself.

We went for a short hike and ended up doing 4.5 miles. It was crazy hot and lots of rocks and climbing. We went to Matthew/Winters which is a normal hiking place for us but we went out further than we have before so we took on more than we were expecting. Both of us foolishly left our water in our cars thinking, “we’re okay…we don’t need no silly water…”

dehydrated much?

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it was a great way to start my morning. I had the best time.
I was straightening my closet and I came across this really gorgeous medal I got from doing a virtual race.

I would like to point out the blurry photo is not a testament to my photography skills but in fact my lack of patience. I was in motion and running back downstairs. Ha. I am always running running running.

I had a total flash. I don’t collect t-shirts because in general they just don’t fit me right. So I donate those or choose the “no-shirt” option. But I’ve always taken a medal if it’s offered. And truth be told I love the medals because they’re pretty and shiny.

I don’t need them though and when you’re walking through the store checking out all the pretty things you have to be reasonable on what you really need and what you only like because it’s pretty. I’m pretty good at drawing the line and not coming home with stuff I don’t need so here I’m faced with the medals in my closet.
Image result for so much stuff gif

That is not really the biggest problem because I know I could donate them to medals4mettle but really I think the bigger question is should I take them to begin with? I have nowhere to display them, and displaying them is not really my style so I stick them in a box and keep them there until I randomly come across them only to question…what should I do with these?

Does anyone else ever ask themselves that question? What do you do with your medals? I think I may be done taking them. I don’t know…I need to ponder this. I am not a fan of clutter as I’m sure you all know. This is just one more thing I don’t need.
Last night at 2am I finished #thebigproject. I KNOW> can you believe it?? Me either.

So here is a peek.

A hint…per se.
a glimpse into what I’ve been doing so many many nights.
Geez..I wish it were more illicit.

Try again? okay…how’s this…

fine. But this is your last photo.   They look much better in person. OH, it’s 2am and I multi task so yes, I’m folding laundry downstairs! ha. So now you know me for real.

These are rehearsal dinner centerpieces. The little one is for the little table. The worst part? Finding the flowers. Shoot me now. Michaels and Hobby Lobby carry like..3 flowers of each kind so yeah, I found the perfect flower, I need 7 please. Now go to every Michaels you can find.
It was not a good time. And yes, I have returns. I’m tackling that today. I have multiple receipts, multiple bags. They will not like me.
Moving on to the next project though…gotta keep things going!

Today I’m doing the flower returns, walkin’ the dog this morning, and I haven’t decided what to do for a workout yet. I’m feeling like moving a lot. It’s a gorgeous morning here.
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Run on…

Anyone remember Honey Buns? Talk about food and the mind does wander…

  • I went with my mom to San Francisco years ago when I was  a young teenager. We got Honey Buns at the grocery store on the corner and thought we’d died and gone to heaven. I could have eaten the whole box. I can’t see a Honey Bun in the store now without thinking of that time with my mom, hangin’ in San Francisco at my grandparents house just eatin’ Honey Buns. #memories #mommemories
  • I’m going to skip right over where I’ve been this busy weekend and say I’ve slowed down from going 159 mph to going probably 90 or so which to me is better. The weather gave me a killer migraine Saturday but on the bright side…THE WEATHER! I think it was building for a few days. It happens and I recovered.
    Image result for autumn gif
    it’s just around the corner, Baby, I can feel it. 
    It was 50* this morning. So beautiful. 
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer did an amazing spread on the current epidemic of heroin use that has taken over the country. It’s called Seven days of Heroin. I highly recommend this  impressive piece of reporting. Calling it “in depth” would be an understatement.

    The Enquirer sent more than 60 reporters, photographers and videographers into their communities to chronicle an ordinary week in this extraordinary time~source

  • Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bar  are my newest delicious snack find. Has anyone ever had a Salted Nut Roll?  I don’t know what they did but these Honey Bunchies seriously taste just like  a Salted Nut Roll. They are so amazing I could eat ten of them. Okay, I’ll be honest, I really couldn’t. Truth be told I ate the whole thing but I should have parceled it out and eaten just half at a time. They have 8 all natural ingredients, 230 calories  a bar, gluten free, soy free, grain free and It’s like a giant caramel roll. Serious delicious. I loved it immediately. I paid $1.99 at Safeway.
    Image result for So good gif
  • Who is the Enemy Here?
    A beautiful and haunting article of photographs Time magazine has gathered from various photographers who covered the Vietnam war and the photographs that moved them most. They are really quite moving. My best suggestion is to actually read about the photograph and not just skim the pictures. The photos are obviously stand alone worthy but the personal stories attached bring a light to them we haven’t seen before.
  • “mini cupcakes? As in the  mini version of regular cupcakes? Which is already a mini version of CAKE? Honestly, where does it end with you people??” ~Kevin from The Office making a really really great point. We feel your pain, Kevin.
    Image result for kevin the office gif
  • The Vietnam War– A film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick  on PBS
    You just have to watch it. You should be able to stream it online.
  • These 2 London museums viciously battled for supremacy on Twitter
    Twitter user asks a question…who reigns supreme? And the battle begins. It’s pretty great.
    Image result for my dad's better than your dad gif
  • I did HIIT over the weekend and as much as I love it my legs surely do feel it. The day feels so good (high of 82* so I’ll take it) but I’m going to go down to the incline this evening I think so I can climb and run at the same time. I’m definitely feeling a little off from several weeks of being too busy to incline.
    I did walk the dog, though, and he’s pretty happy now and sleepin’ away. Must be rough.
  • We lost our internet for a ridiculous amount of time so I’m hotspotting it now so I can finish this. Then I’m going to run my errands and make progress on life and if it’s not back by tonight we’ll have to burn the house down. Or go to a motel or something. Yes, I could read a book but Netflix. 
    Who knew I could make progress on life so easily?
    I’m thisclose People. Thisclose.
  • There’s a lot of information in this post. It was a reading/watching weekend while I worked. Good stuff though.
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    Keep working hard…
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    Run on…

If I wanted a road trip…

And today on RUNTESSRUN you get the moment by moment update of why tess isn’t running!
spoiler: if you’re a skimmer… I’m too damn busy.
My Wednesday was so freakin’ busy I was at one point talking on the phone, actively messaging three people at the same time (computer) and cooking dinner.  My desk is around the corner from the kitchen so this required some agility.
Hell, I haven’t even thought about fixing the blog glitches…until I see them as I’m posting and then it’s so late I just write it down on the list and hope I have time tomorrow.
I’m sure I’m no busier than anyone else is but it’s not my favorite.

I drove 100 miles on Wednesday. IN DENVER>  seriously for that much driving don’t you think you should get a little road trip out of it?
This was a long day. I finally got some computer time at the end of the day to get some work done but not nearly enough. I went to bed at midnight…SO EARLY!
Feelin’ all refreshed and READY to take on the world.
Image result for that is not correct gif

I had grand plans to do a HIIT Thursday morning or run in the evening (it was perfect…PERFECT OUT) but seriously I haven’t had any time.
Image result for no time gif

I had somewhere to be fairly early and ran out the door for that and basically stayed in the car from then on until I got home around 7.  Dinner quick and then I had to get some work done on this project. I have somewhere to be but hopefully it only takes a few hours. Lord only knows with Denver traffic.  My thing tomorrow should take 30 minute to get there and today it took 45 minutes and an hour to get back. I love living in the car.
It’s September. It’s hot. Please forgive me all you states that are naturally hot and for everyone who doesn’t have electricity. For sure that. We haven’t forgotten you.  (MT got rain!!~ for those of you that don’t know, it’s been on fire for awhile…it’s a big deal, the rain thing).
I’m working on a project that will either be a great success or a giant Pinterest fail. I’m generally successful at these things but occasionally things go awry. Also I have visions I’m paying $672 to do a project that I could buy for $129 if someone else did it…anyone else ever have that project?? Yeah, me too. I think it’s every project I DIY.
I’ll keep you posted.
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Also ALL THE COMPUTER TIME> I live on the computer these days.
>side note: when the project you’ve been asked to take on requires a lot of communication and once again I’m faced with people who answer when they get around to it which sometimes means days and days later and guess what? Some people just won’t answer. < also…#allthepasswords #whohasthepassword 
Image result for I"m not having that much fun gif
tomorrow I am 100% going to work out. My plan is a HIIT (a short one) and a run (because I need it so much).
It absolutely will get done.
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Run on…

When motivation starts taking you down.

Sometimes I think we get so   excited about the prospect of being healthy and getting in shape our adrenaline and excitement carry us right on through to Monday morning and suddenly  we are hit with…
Image result for bam gif
Monday Morning. 
If we spend any amount of time looking at Pinterest pictures or reading motivational pages that’s usually all it takes.  One good push in the right direction and we’re ready. We’re READY. We’re getting fit TODAY.
~I think that’s a song…
And then it’s that day and all the usual issues that face us every day are facing us again.
It’s not a quick fix. It’s never a quick fix.
The task set before us seems so very long.
It’s going to hurt.  Hey. I’m just being honest.
It’s going to be hard.  Remember? Honest.
You don’t really know what you’re doing. There are going to be mistakes. There are going to be setbacks. It’s going to take so.very.long. WHY IS THERE NOT  A PILL FOR THIS?
And before you know it it’s Monday Morning +10 minutes and you’re already discouraged and looking for a donut.
 movie crying god mindy kaling donut GIF
Then you decide to start next Monday and spend this week doing research…looking up some great recipes, checking pinterest and grocery shopping. Possibly join the gym or finding some great workout plans.
Next Monday for sure…
It’s our own little circle of life because we all know next Monday we’ll do the same thing.
It’s the most discouraging experience, isn’t it?
I know you have grand plans and you get to. You GET to have grand plans. We get to dream big  and imagine better things.
The key is to have backup plans for those moments when you get in your own head. Or when someone else gets in your head. I typed out my routine of things I do to try and keep myself on track. We all make slip ups though and nothing is perfect. You have to do what works for you. Without a doubt, though, #1 is the most important to be successful.
1. consistency. Keep a tight routine. When you stray from routine that’s when you stray in your exercise and your diet.
2. Starting every day with hot lemon water. I LOVE THIS> ❤
Experts believe that lemon water can help reduce the amount of uric acid in joints, which is one of the underlying causes of certain types of joint pain. ~source
water health benefits
3. Most of the time I start my morning with a quick ten minute yoga stretch to get kinks out. I have my own stretches but just something short and sweet. And I mean…my poor little self totally snaps, crackles and pops when I do this. Probably why I feel like it’s so important. I googled “ten minute morning yoga” and there were plenty of options. This one looks pretty good though. 

4. In a perfect world you get your workout done early. First thing in the morning gets your metabolism working and totally boosts your motivation! 
5.  Remember to have some protein right after your workout. A glass of milk or a protein shake. Something that helps heal those muscles. 
6.  Here it is…this is when you start sliding backwards. You settle into your day. Lunch rolls around. Snack time. Sitting at your desk. After work you’re tired. Dinner is in a hurry.  Insert #baddecisions
7. Plan your meals. Meals and snacks are much easier to follow through with if you have them planned out.  You can’t shortchange healthy. And you can’t cheat healthy.  The only way to do it is to do it.   I’m smack in the middle of “no plan September” and it’s working out beautifully for me. It’s totally adding to the insanity of every single day.
Image result for sarcasm gif
8. Shop it out. You can plan all you want to but if you don’t get the groceries then you’re totally going to stop and do a “quick pick up” or you’re going to grab something that’s just totally not helpful to the grand plan. This is where mistakes are made.
Image result for rookie mistake gif

9.  We’re encouraged to get our 10,000 steps in every day. We have to keep our bodies moving.  When we’re sedentary it does our bodies damage and we have to work harder. Regularly getting up and moving around is the best way to do this and even adding a walk in at the end of the day if you have already gotten your workout in.
10.  If you haven’t gotten your workout in, this is where it gets real. Let’s face it, the serious and complete lack of motivation that takes over when we are tired (mentally and physically) is exhausting to try and move past. It’s so much easier to just tell yourself, you know…you’ll try again tomorrow. You did pretty good. I mean, you still have to feed the kids, get them to bed, straighten up the house and clean the kitchen. By that time you’re just done. You have to do it. You have to. This is when you have to ask yourself, what’s more important here…taking care of me? Or taking care of everyone else? You’ve all heard it but it’s true, if you don’t take care of you then you won’t be at your best to take care of anyone else. Step up. Get it done. You’ll feel better for it and you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle the next day. What? I don’t have all the answers. Sometimes you just have to do it. 
11. The all important number eleven. If you mess up…start again. If you have a brownie…don’t say screw it and have twelve brownies. Say…well…I had a brownie. Pretty sure I won’t gain ten pounds from one brownie. It’s important to be rational. Don’t say you’ll start again in a week. Don’t get discouraged…everybody messes up. Stay encouraging by reminding yourself of all the things you did right so far. And then shake it off.
Image result for i got this gif

The important thing is to make a plan and stick as close to it as possible because most people lose their motivation and find their obstacles when they don’t have a plan or when they end up straying. Be strong…stay with the plan. It just takes a few days into the plan to feel so much stronger just from your own self motivation you. That’s how you do this. You power through a few early days and then your own damn self starts encouraging you. 
I lost internet last night so I was forced to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Well…more reasonable anyway. So I was up even earlier today and went for my run. Yay me!
Yesterday I did not workout. HOW SAD. I was super busy. My every day this week/month is freaking insane and I have no time. My husband hasn’t seen me in I can’t tell you how long. I live in the car. I’m tired.  But I have faith that I’ll get past the insanely busy part and move on to the “busy”part because I don’t exactly love this. 
Also, did I mention I live in the car?
3.5 miles done this morning. 
Still have to finish my:
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Run on…

all the stairs would be better without this terrible air…

  • Thursday I finished my crazy errands and then I told myself…I must nap.  I set my phone for an hour and totally crashed. I slept until I wasn’t nauseous anymore. That ended up being an hour and a half.
    Image result for nap gif
    By the time I woke up I had to be a grown up and figure out dinner.
    If I were rich I’d so have a chef.  That would be my splurge.
  • I have a friend in Florida and a friend in St Thomas. It took awhile to hear from her but we finally did get the okay from my friend in St Thomas. The island was hit so hard the news was reporting concern for life was their highest priority. I’m over this whole hurricane thing. Climate change. Could we wrap our head around that please? She reported the hurricane was “terrifying”. She lost her entire roof. When they came out after (she has two kids…a teenager and a six year old) the power lines were in the street, the trees were down and there were refrigerators in the street. It was crazy. We’re really grateful she’s okay but there’s another one thinking about a follow up so we’re watching close.
  • I have an acquaintance who decided to have a conversation on her page asking for education about Dreamers. She’s incredibly conservative. Her and her friends were quite judgmental and seemed to have one thing on their mind throughout the conversation. They seemed more upset about the legality of everything than whether or not these people were put in a situation they have no control over and are just trying to stay in the only life they’ve ever known. One of her friends seemed offended at the term “dreamers” like who are they to dream? We all have dreams for our kids…and so on… My reasonable darling friend popped on to say…no. dream. It’s an acronym.  I don’t think they read. I think they just hear Fox news and get mad. #dreamers #DACA #bekind 
    Image result for read a book gif
  • When you have a good hair day and you don’t want to run… #goodhairday
    Image result for It'll mess up my hair gif
  • Yesterday I went  to Shrine of Cabrini with my friend and climbed the stairs~twice~in the terrible awful very bad smokey air. It was bad. I have good strong lungs, I can’t imagine how people are breathing in this with damaged lungs or asthma. My head started to really hurt by this evening and I totally blame the smoke. It’s feeling better but I credit the really expensive drugs. #allthestairs #prayerandexercise 
    We went to Morrison for Mexican food where she spent the lunch hour harassing me and laughing at me because I have a ridiculous amount of energy and she said she was laughing at my facial expressions. I don’t know what that meant but I’m going with good because that’s all I’ve got.  Lunch was awesome except our server forgot we existed~twice~.  TWICE. I’m usually fairly memorable so…that was bad.  I ate my weight in chips and salsa. The whole meal. Just kept eating. It’s okay. You can judge me. I totally don’t mind. #dontjudgeme #Ineedmorechips
    Related image
  • Thursday’s workout:
    I walked the dog for 2.5 miles
    I did my yoga
    30 pushups
    30 squats
    Friday’s workout:
    2.5 miles
    climbed Shrine of Cabrini twice
  • I am meeting another friend today and after that Sean and I are going to try and spend an hour or two together. He has some studying to do. I have work to do. I think we’re just looking for some down time. So much stress, he’s pretty worn out. Also…my yard needs to be mowed SO MUCH. That’s getting done for sure.
  • Image result for climbing stairs workout quotes
    Run on…

Fern Gully, Fern Canyon, Teresa Fern. There’s really only a few of us. That makes us special.

I worked on the church website until well into the night. the left hand doesn’t seem to have any of the passwords. So the right hand is at a loss.

This morning I am very tired.  For reasons that are not important I am feeling a migraine coming on today so I am going to shower, drink lots of water with lemon, exercise (hopefully yoga) and run later (#getmysweaton) and hopefully I can kick out this yuck that has taken over me.
Image result for save me gif
I have to go to the tailor, run to Goodwill because…who doesn’t love a second hand store???, and search Craigslist because…who doesn’t love an online second hand store???? #iloveabargain
Image result for I love a bargain gif
Huh. I have high hopes for this day, don’t I?
Especially since it’s 11am and all I’ve done is work on the church website again.
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I have multiple other projects I’m working on to include desperately needing a nap. 
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I love this little gif so much…that’s how I feel! Just like that! Poor sweet thing. let her sleep.

This morning I showed Sean Running off the Reese’s.  Cely did some traveling and went to a place called “Fern Canyon” which is my new favorite place and now I MUST go there. Well, first, my name is Fern. HELLO. And it took me most of my life to accept my name. um…it’s kind of old fashioned and when you’re 10 years old it’s NOT cool to have a name like Fern. Trust me.
Side note: I loved when George Clooney said they chose Alexander and Ella for names because they “didn’t want ‘really dumb names’ for their kids. ”
Tell it like it is George.
Anyway, I sidetracked. So the photos of Fern Canyon are incredible and I so want to go RIGHT NOW. I showed it to Sean who now has a running list fourteen pages long the world over of places I want to go and things I want to see. He was not exactly amused. He said, “yeah. ME TOO”> but not all happy like that. 
This translated to “when I have more MONEY and I have more TIME”.
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I just thought it was pretty. Geez…
So I added it to the list. Very quietly.
It’s a long list.
The Denver Post re-published a Washington Post article called, ”

“These are all fake news,” said the honor student; he was wrong”
The article takes a classroom of the best and brightest our young adults in high school have to offer and puts them to the test. Can they tell what’s real and what’s not? These are students in the highest levels of high school education enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. These students are more than smart, they’re the next level up.
The instructor gives the groups of kids ~politics aside~a pile of different news stories and tells them to figure out what’s real and what’s “fake news”.  The results show us education does not necessarily dictate whether or not we can differentiate what’s real and that some people will just simple be obdurate and allow that to determine their opinion.
Yesterday’s workout:
I walked 2 miles and I got my 10,000 steps in.
30 push ups
I know.  it wasn’t much. I was tired.
I am incredibly late so I have to go…but for sure…this tonight.
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Run on…

How do you sign up for a race? Do you go looking or do you wait for it to come to you?

  • I’m playing with my blog…you may have noticed. Since I have a list of approximately 37 things to get done I think it’s the equivalent of cleaning out my closet instead of preparing my house for company. It’s not quite avoidance it’s just one thing led to another and at 3am when I couldn’t sleep I started messing with things and there you have it. I don’t know how I’ll leave it so if you show up tomorrow it could be another surprise! It’s like a new dress every day. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. I’ll try and get the work done quickly and thank you for your patience!
  • Malachi and I went for a lovely walk tonight. We went a different direction which completely freaks him out. He does not like change. He pulls on the leash and lean towards the regular trail to the park where he has taken a walk nearly every day for the last twelve years. You’d think he’d be bored. The new direction provides him with 472 places to stop and sniff. It took us a while to get home.
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  • I’m in a baking kind of mood but I’m not in an eating kind of mood so I’m going to try some glutened stuff. I have a friend that is loaning me her glutened food processor because I just cannot go buy another item that I’ll use once a year if I’m lucky. Plus who knows how good this will be. I’ll give it a shot and if it’s good maybe I’ll make it again, if not..well…I tried. I’m an average cook. No awards here. FYI: there is no flour involved and I’m wearing gloves. All precautions will be taken…
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  • My friend is going to Peru in like…7 days but she’s waiting on her all important visa and passport to come back from the consulate. Can you guess where the consulate is? Yep…Houston. They’ve given her updates. It’s closed until Tuesday the 4th…then they believe it’s ready to go and they’ll overnight it. Meanwhile, neither of us is sleeping because she’ll lose her trip and I worry for her. Now, grand scheme~ is this more important the the people who have lost their lives and their homes? Absolutely not. And if it doesn’t come through for her she’s decided she wasn’t meant to go right now and thank the Lord for insurance.  But it hasbeen a year of planning so there will be a certain level of disappointment for sure.
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  •  Devon Yanko, female champion of the Leadville Trail 100 Run wrote her story and it’s such a pleasure to read. I love to read about people that are running for the sheer joy of it.  Those of us that live here feel a particular bond to this race and after Sean and I “ran” ~I use that word loosely~ the Leadville Heavy Half we are in awe of everyone that runs it. It’s an incredible show of personal strength and courage just to run the race but to win it with joy and grace is the icing. It’s a great read. Leadville 100 Mile
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  • I get a billion emails ~no, I’m not exaggerating, why would you think I’m exaggerating?~ every day about this race company or that race company and they’re all offering a race coming up I should totally sign up for. Every time I go to delete it and instead I think…hm. Just in case I fall in love with one of these races I better not. I better keep getting these race notifications. FYI I have never once not one time never have I ever signed up for a race that came through via my email…anyone else?  How do you sign up for races? Facebook? Email? Friend? Do you go looking?
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  • I’m running this weekend but I’m also grabbing some incline work. I need to get my stairs in at least once…maybe a couple times before the 9/11 stair climb that Michelle totally suckered me into. Geez I will sign up for anything. We’ve nearly done the whole thing once before just to see what it was going to be about and neither of us felt like we were going to die but still I’d like to be slightly more prepared. Maybe we’ll go to the Shrine of Cabrini…we get our stairs in and some meditation and spirituality, too. I could use some silence right now.
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    Okay this is just funny but it’s not motivating so just laugh at it and move on past!
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    This is 100% true. Image result for running quotes
    Run on…