strawberry rhubarb pie and you know you want some, too.

I was feeling mildly better by last night and thought I might be able to run but I ended up messaging with several people right through my running time. Probably for the best to rest one more day considering I was just down most of the day. I made a rhubarb/strawberry pie and had a small piece of it with some vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t finish it and five minutes later I was losing it. One more rest day is definitely in order.

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When you’re shopping online for shoes (endlessly wedding shopping) and you come across the CUTEST pair of shoes and you think DAMN those are so…oh. I own those already.
Believe it or not…I don’t own that many shoes so clearly …
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My husband is a giver. He donates of his time and attention and as is true of most introverts (a most tired and overused word I’m afraid but it must be used. My apologies) he is quiet about it. This means the people on the receiving end are quiet about receiving said gifts and Sean usually ends up unappreciated. I know and understand this phenomena so well as I always put far too much time into work and they would have to make me leave because I was on the clock way too long. But I would get sucked into a project and I really liked my work so I didn’t want to leave. Or I was doing something for someone that I could finish if I just had a few more minutes.
Notice people around you. The people that give the extra, the really hard workers, the people that are taking on the jobs nobody wants…are you recognizing them for their dedication and time?
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I went to the store the other day and when I passed the produce section I saw rhubarb ~ immediately invoking childhood moments of grabbing the wild rhubarb that grew in our alleyway and bringing it indoors to wash it and dip it in sugar. Wild child I was. We didn’t live in the country, we lived on the Southside… the bad side of town… so I was a city girl but I could find country anywhere. I immediately had to have it. I made a strawberry rhubarb pie. I’ve never made one before, I’ve never even tasted one before but knew I could do it. Grabbed the strawberries and the gluten free crust and headed home.
I didn’t get the chance until last night and it was ridiculously easy. Pinterest didn’t fail me…I found this recipe quickly.
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie¬†from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

I had to change the crust because my store bought crust didn’t want to be a top crust very cheerfully so I made a crumble topping out of this:
strawberry/rhubarb crumb pie recipe

from Taste of Home

Shutthefrontdoor it was so good. My husband LOVES apple pie. When I couldn’t get the top crust to cooperate he said…”no problem. It’ll be good for an apple pie later”. He’s already planning my next pie, that’s how unimpressed he was at the thought of this one. No really.
But tonight he tasted the pie and said it was so good it could win awards. Wow. That’s like…the nicest thing he’s ever said about my cooking. I mean, I’m not a terrible cook but still, that’s impressive. I asked if it was almost as good as apple and he said it was maybe better.

Well there you go, Folks. The world actually stopped turning.
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It’s a cool day today and feels gorgeous outside. For those keeping track, I do still have the migraine. I don’t know why but I’m up and dealing with it. ¬†Yesterday was the anomaly day where I spent a few hours sleeping and moping around the house but today I have a million things to do.
I have enough to do that I got this post out incredibly late.
I’m going to run as soon as I get the chance…which will be early evening hopefully. IT’s just too pretty although…windy. And we all know that’s not friendly.
But it’s interesting that just a few days of not being active has made me feel sludgy. #itsaword
"When in doubt, go work out." - Jackie Warner on the School of Greatenss
Run on…