It’s me against the insurance people and I think I finally won.

I DID IT! Yeah BABY…I got the job DONE.
I know Ya’ll are thinking…did she win the lottery? Did something AMAZING happen? Did Oprah give her a new CAR???
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After seven hours on the phone, one really rude customer service specialist, at least five days of dealing with this directly on the phone and countless days off the phone but on the computer (seriously I have no idea how many days on the computer I tried fixing this) I have fixed the insurance issue AT LAST. And I think for REAL this time.
For those of you that need a super brief recap:
They charged me a large  amount of money ($950) right before my surgery in anticipation of what my deductible would be back in February. But I had like…$85 left from a doctor bill a week before so they mixed two charges (the death sentence of insurance issues). We figured out the $85 no problem. But the rest was refunded by the hospital to my HRA in April, they just didn’t see it because it wasn’t $950 and they are a machine. So they have been harassing me for a receipt RIGHT NOW or they are denying my claim and demanding I pay back the money. Um..Dude. YOU have the money. They gave it back to you in April. Look at the page. It’s right there! I kept saying that to people and they would send me to someone else for another piece of paper.
Today I got Abigail. I love Abigail. Abigail said, “I see it. I’m going to screen shot it and send it to the claims dept it. If they still don’t get it, they’ll call me and I”ll call you directly but it should be fine from here. I think you’re good. Have  a great day!”
I wanted to send Abigail flowers.
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MT’s friend came over to visit yesterday. He hung out and chatted with me and ate pie. That took a big chunk of my afternoon. Between that and sleeping a ridiculous part of my day I didn’t get a lot done.
I did a little bit of yoga to see if I could loosen up whatever is screwing with my head and I did some squats and planks and called it good so I wouldn’t push my luck.  It did just dawn on me that the wind was pretty wicked today and since I’m pretty sure that’s what caused this migraine to begin with I’m not too surprised I still had issues today. It’s too bad, too, because it’s such a pretty day for a run but my body said no no no.
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So I opted for this:
I'm just going to put an "out of order" sticker on my forehead and call it a day.
It felt really good to get the squats and yoga stretches done though. I won’t deny that but that’s about as much as I wanted to do.
Those days when you reach down deep for the well of power when your feeling rough and there is a sign that says, "out to lunch." Yep.
so…there’s a lot of posters today. I was on a roll.
Hopefully today I’ll be able to get it done. The weather today is back to 90*. So mean. On the bright side the whole rest of the week starting Sunday is 70’s and rainy!
….aaand it just dawned on me I’ll be out of town. Dammit.

well that joy was shortlived.
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Inspirational Quotes For Runners | POPSUGAR Fitness
run on…

#savethebunnies – anybody want a cat? He’s SUPER friendly.

Don’t worry. I’m keeping him. I just need therapy. 
I started the day at 4am
when I woke up with a bad dream. Kind of normal for me so I laid there processing. As I hung out thinking about going back to sleep it occurred to me I wasn’t being disturbed by a four legged cat who insisted on having breakfast.

Where was Skosh?

Skosh has missed us recently so we’ve been keeping an eye on him.

I got up and scoured the house only to come to the realization he must have escaped last night and I locked him out! I immediately panicked and opened the door to call him. Nothing.

Then I couldn’t go back to bed. I sat on the deck with a couch pillow and a throw just waiting to see if he’d show up. Usually if he’s out all night (it’s rare, not unheard of but rare) he’s waiting at the door like…what the hell…you totally locked me out! This morning he wasn’t doing that. He was just not there.

Malachi and I sat on the deck together waiting until finally one of the times I called him brought him running.

What a relief to hear his little bell…. It was so sweet, that sound! As he came running around the corner full speed so full of excitement he…

…well…he dropped the bunny he had in his mouth so he could come in the house and eat the breakfast I actually buy him.

I completely freaked. Damn cat. All love and concern completely gone. Now I had zero love.
The bunny appeared to still be alive and completely terrified.
At this point I needed Happy or Hungry to draw  cartoon of this morning because that’s really the only way to do it justice.
Malachi is on one side of the deck. I’ve closed Skosh inside the house. I’m holding Malachi off the bunny with the couch pillow as I try and call Sean on the phone to come help me rescue the bunny while trying to make sure the bunny is okay. This required some yoga.  I can’t open the door because Skosh wants to come back out and eat the bunny. Sean is sleeping.  I finally open the door and hold Skosh off with the couch pillow while threatening Malachi who is weighing his options and I yell at Sean to please wake up…come to the deck and bring a towel and I’m really sorry I’m waking him up at 5:30am like this.

Turns out our front screen door has a hole in it and Skosh escaped that way. It’s getting repaired today. Meanwhile, Sean drove off to work with the bunny wrapped in a towel so he could take it to the greenbelt at the park and it would have a better chance.

I love him so much. I cannot tell you how much I love him.  Nothing warms your heart as much as seeing a grown man wrap a tiny bunny in a towel and drive off in an attempt to save it. I’ve heard too many grown men tell me they’re nasty rodents and just shoot ’em. I’ll keep mine. He’s got the best heart. Meanwhile…
I have a cat available if anyone wants him…
Nicest cat EVER. Sweet. Loveable. Gets along great with other animals…
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#savethebunnies  #unfriendly #thatdamncat

Since it was GORGEOUS out it was the perfect running day. The perfect workout day. The perfect ~must go to the incline day~ which means it totally did not get done in any way at all. 

I know. You guys are all really disappointed in me. But in fact I got SO MUCH DONE yesterday I feel incredibly accomplished. I kicked some serious ass. AND…at the end of the day I ended up talking to a friend/business associate and she was also the perfect person to rejuvenate my spirit. I’ve been feeling very deflated lately and I have so much to do I really needed a pick me up.

God totally read that and sent her straight to me.
I have so much to do in the next three months   and I feel like time is totally FLYING by. So I’m trying not to panic too much and I’m going to try again today to get to the incline. I don’t feel too bad about missing it because hauling my bag out from camping really killed my back and it still hurts like a son of a gun so resting another day won’t kill me. I’ll bet money it’ll hurt another couple of days.

Image result for my back is killing me gif

I get it. It was one small bag. But it wasn’t a backpack. It was a stupid little duffel which was totally the wrong kind of bag to carry and I had to carry it quite a ways in the wrong position. It was awkward. It was uncomfortable. I am now paying for it.
This morning:

I know, it sounds like a lot but that’s my goal

Also…dress and shoe shopping. Wish me luck.

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Cycling Hill Climbing Tips - Basics - Quote
run on…


HIIT training is the smart training.

A great article and really important  for smart training.

Want To Live Longer? This Is The Type Of Exercise You Should Be Doing 

Although the study had a small sample size of 72, and more research is still needed, HIIT had the most impressive results. Those who cycled with bursts of energy and then rest periods experienced an improvement in mitochondrial function, which often declines with age.
Those who cycled with bursts of energy and then rest periods experienced an improvement in mitochondrial function, which often declines with age.“We encourage everyone to exercise regularly, but the take-home message for aging adults [is] that supervised high-intensity training is probably best, because, both metabolically and at the molecular level, it confers the most benefits,” says K. Sreekumaran Nair, M.D., Ph.D., a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist and senior researcher on the study, in a Mayo Clinic press release. ~source

This isn’t breaking news but it’s confirmation that what we’re doing and what we’re supposed to be doing is the same thing. That working harder is the smart thing. That “just take the stairs and skip the elevator”  is not all it takes to get us into shape and they need to stop telling people that.

It’s encouraging to have good information being put out there and people actually listening. If you’re going to get in shape and be healthy you need to raise your heart rate. If walking slowly does that then that’s what you do and good for you! You are amazing and keep going! Slowly you’ll get healthier and you work your way up but people that don’t raise their heart rate because “I don’t like to sweat” are just the worst. You don’t get to complain if you don’t want to work for it.
Image result for work for it gif
Image result for work for it gif
Stephen Colbert went off on Donald Trump for his incredibly rude remarks on Face the Nation, a well known and respected news program. Now of course, people are calling for his firing. Even he suggested that perhaps he was a tad crude at the end…but he doesn’t regret the event. I think…I bet it felt good to say it. I bet it felt good to get all that stuff off his chest and say those things even if they were really just insults. I think he did go a bit overboard but I don’t think he needs to be fired. Also, if he gets fired I suspect people will be lining up to hire him…Stephen Colbert is at the height of popular right now.
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Today is a rest day and my head hurts so…okay.
I may do something anyway…we’ll see….
Don't miss me too much Gym, I'll be back in 1 day!:

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Run on…

Warning…blood ahead.

So this was our weekend...
Friday MT, Allie and I went to Shaughnessy and Adam’s house for an impromptu dinner because MT’s days home were numbered. We thought we would make the most of our last couple of days together. I managed to get this:

So fabulous.
Saturday we had a barbecue with everybody to celebrate Megan’s birthday party and mourn MT leaving. I’m pretty tired of him leaving to VA but I’m REALLY glad he pops in to visit. I joked with him about the $600 plane ticket but he knows I was only kidding because I would pay twice that to see him. I love Cheeseburgers. Have I mentioned I love cheeseburgers? Yeah. Also…cheesecake. SO GOOD>

No photos from that day. If there were no photos…did it happen?

Sunday, no fun day. We all got up and took MT to the airport. Insert sadness here.

So…love to MT and we miss his cute face. (Shout out to Miss Allie, too…it’s hard to say goodbye. Sean and I have done it too many times)
We took Theboy home and headed to Golden to visit The Runner’s High which has to be the greatest running store. Total five stars…
They have a ton of great Colorado stuff (and let me tell you that’s hard to find) and they were incredibly nice. I went in search of some gifts for a friend and they did not disappoint. We left there and figured as long as we were in Golden….let’s go hiking! Sean had looked before and found a trail about 30 minutes away called Beaver Brook/Chavez Trail Loop.  I asked Sean four times and he kept getting it just one word off on the name. Five times a charm…Sorry Michelle…there’s your link.

It was really REALLY pretty. There were some drop offs. It had some kind of steep downhills and we only made it a little less than halfway before….
This happened…

I slipped on a down hill and when I fell my shin hit a rock that was basically sticking straight up and asking for me to fall on it and my leg twisted backward in a fun new way I am positive I will feel in the morning.  I know you’re thinking, “what is WRONG with her?”

I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW

Sean managed to stop the bleeding with pressure.   I sat for a minute to process what happened and then I stood up, announced that it hurt like hell  and we immediately turned back as we figured that was the shorter way out. Yep.

When we got home I got in the shower thinking…I should clean this cut…and instead I found half the skin off my leg and I discovered a small cavern on my shin.  By some fluke we found the greatest urgent care in the world called On point Urgent Care and they took care of us remarkably fast and totally appreciated my sarcasm and amazing sense of humor. That is, as you know, a prerequesite. Four stitches later, it’s amazing I can even walk really, and instructions to come back in five days to have them taken out I stood up and the whole bandage soaked itself in blood.  Back to the beginning… she re-bandaged it and then said no running…no exercise, ice your leg, elevate!! and all of this for ten days…

She got very mean. Stern. Bossy.



Stupid leg.

Pause here to send love to Sean because he is so great at taking care of me. Seriously…he stepped right up and was awesome when I was bleeding on the trail (that sucker was crazy bleeding) and he was totally on it.  He put his hand on the wound to stop the bleeding and then he wisely thought to remind me to be careful heading back as I may fall again and something worse could happen and now he has blood on himself, evidence…that is never good. He was constantly thinking like that. Totally on with the whole situation. He was really calm when he realized I was perhaps going to bleed out on his kitchen floor if he didn’t drag my pathetic ass to the urgent care for stitches and afterwards he controlled himself and did not roll his eyes and say no when I begged and pleaded for him to make me a cheeseburger. That is true love. And…at no point did he say, “my GOD woman…is there no way for you to stay UPRIGHT?” (psst…I fell last week in the kitchen and have two giant bruises on my legs…even the urgent care people noticed and laughed).

Worst running/hiking injury?? 

Have you ever had stitches?  I’ve had stitches twice now. Once was in my finger. So random. But it’s true. A nail ripped my finger open. 

So…sending running and hiking love to everyone. And maybe some grace, too.

545947528841c9cb610e150c (450×675):

Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees:
Run on…

This is a great injustice.

  • Multiple websites have listed Haribo Gummy Bears as gluten free, such as this one..Urban Taste Bud…and they listed it right up until recently. However, now Haribo has updated their label and it says the following:
    Haribo gold-bears now list glucose syrup and dextrose with “(from wheat or corn)” added after each ingredient.
    This is a very sad day indeed as I can no longer eat gummies. Glad they updated their label but I’m pretty sad.
    Image result for life is over gif
  • My legs are still sore. I’m walking and walking and walking and walking. Because I still want the exercise but the running…oh the running. My poor little calves. So…no. Just a few more days perhaps. It does a body good.
  • Taps just came on and I heard it through the front door. My heart leapt and I was so happy to hear it, I reached for the remote control to turn it up. Unfortunately I cannot turn up the world.
    Image result for I have no control gif
  • Sean put a new sub floor in the bathroom. It was painful. It was loud. It was miserable. Curse words were thrown. Saws were kicked. Walks were taken. I don’t believe I’ll be starting anymore projects I can’t do by myself anymore. I really like working with my hands…Sean really likes…not.
    Image result for home improvement gifs
    My gosh, it’s my life.
  • Sean and I keep starting Netflix shows together and then I don’t want to watch ahead so today I started How to Get Away With Murder. Oh…I’m hooked. Completely. Tomorrow’s painting should go well while I watch this on my computer. #netflix #computerjoy  #crimeshowskeepmegoing #murder
  • Yesterday the world’s biggest most useless catalogue (in three parts) showed up in the mail from Restoration Hardware. I love Restoration Hardware but seriously People…a paper catalogue? Like Sears used to put out? And it’s completely useless. Completely. They aren’t even pretty. Just…no.
  • Adam hooked me up with this and I’m pretty pysched to get it started.
    #aurorapubliclibrary #librarylove #read
    Image result for library quotes
    I don’t enjoy rest days.
    Get your move on…
    Image result for get moving quotes
    Run on…

I live for pumpkin muffins.

  • forkids Source
    The end is a little cutesy (yick) but the beginning is totally my kids. The ones that don’t live here still get the mail, rifle through it, go to the fridge, open it only to be disappointed (I never have food) and hang out in the kitchen.
  • I ate my weight in gluten free pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting. Eh, it was really only four   five okay it was six muffins but those suckers were dense and I spent far too long writing this! (recipe: gluten free cake mix, can of pumpkin, half a cup of water)
  • I didn’t break the rules and run even though I really wanted to. #toomanyrestdays  My weekend was very boring. Except for the bar I went to on Friday. And the party I went to on Saturday. Geez. I’m a freakin’ rock star. The one thing I wanted to do this weekend, sit down and watch a movie with my husband, yeah, that didn’t get done. But I have no life so I’m going to watch that movie even if it’s at noon on Wednesday. I’m just going to do it. I can’t wait for the rest of my life for these things. Right?
  • I have things to do very early today so I can’t run this morning but I’m going to need to this evening for sure. I have some seriously built up energy. So for now…hope you enjoyed this short, sweet and super boring post. I had bigger and better things planned but time got away from me and I need to try and be on my game tomorrow. So tell me what YOU did this weekend and that’ll tide me over.

    Did you run any races? 
    Did you continue your streaks?
    Did you pass out from the heat? 
    Did you trail run and lose your keys and a rattlesnake possibly ate it?

    I actually know that three of those things happened so there you go. Tell me your weekend updates!

  • source
    Run on… it’s a beautiful Monday morning!

I am not crazy. Probably.

  • I went to bed ridiculously early last night (I’ve been doing that already but last night was beyond beyond early for me) and that was on the heels of my two hour nap. I planned this due to my 5am run with G that I figured could not happen again if my head didn’t cooperate. Damn the heat. And the torpedoes. Turns out at 4:45 my body was very very …weary… I was awake but just too tired and after so many days of migraine and no sleep I bailed on the morning run and opted to stay home.

    This was me this morning and Skosh (it actually could be Skosh) only I’m not as cute and he actually climbed up and slept on my back for about a half an hour. It was very cozy.
    I got up and walked Malachi instead. I mean, I was awake but I wasn’t up to running. It’s important to read the signs your body is telling you. Mine was telling me to rest. I listened. Sometimes it tells me I need mashed potatoes. I listen then, too. 😉
  • I just remembered I’m supposed to be somewhere right now. No pressure. I even have it on my calendar. Geez. Brain fog. One of my many symptoms of well…everything.
  • I went to the doctor yesterday (finally!) and my doctor visits are the very thing that keep me going through the rough times in between. I know that sounds strange but stick with me. Even though she’s kind of iffy at the in between months of support, the visits are very on point and I always feel like she’s listening and helping me. Here’s what we came up with.
    My thyroid number is perfect if, in fact, a little low now which puts me smack in hyperthyroid land. But since I travel a lot number wise she is leaving it there for now. My symptoms are so Hypothyroid perfect but my numbers aren’t, she suggested I make an appointment with my doctor. I said he left. She forgot and laughed. Then we discussed my doctor options and when I told her I had an appointment with a highly recommended doctor but I can’t get in until September she appointed herself temporary GP. She ran a panel of every blood test she could think of that I might have. They took six vials of blood (SIX! I nearly passed out. They didn’t even offer  me a cookie I couldn’t take! He felt bad) and ran about ten blood tests.
    The big question here is what’s making me so freaking tired? Everything else seems normal but the tired is crazy weird. The lack of energy, the sleeping all the time. So she’s helping me out so I don’t have to wait. She totally had my back and I definitely felt like she listened and cared and didn’t say, “numbers are good, go see your GP”. She could have but she’s good and she doesn’t.
    The best part of this little journey? Insurance turnover was June. I get to pay for all the blood tests. That shouldn’t cost a fortune. sigh.
    So now we wait for results. I’ll keep you posted! I have to go nap now.



Run on…some days it’s hard but it’s always worth it. Keep going.

I am REALLY on the ball here.

I got three miles in last night and this morning I met Miss Maria Miss Monica Miss Gloria for a run. I can’t seem to get the name “Maria” out of my head and that’s what I keep calling her. I know. classy, right? She even named her phone Maria we’ve joked about it so much. Now someone at her church is calling her Monica. Like A LOT. And she spent an entire event wearing a very large name tag that said GLORIA. This chick doesn’t get it. Meanwhile, I think the real issue here might actually be Gloria’s name. I think we’ll have to talk about that. Just a thought.

4 miles Sunday
rest day Monday
unintended rest day Tuesday 
3 miles Wednesday
6 miles today (we walked a bit so very conservatively let’s say 4)

  • Dawned on me about twenty minutes ago…I guess I could maybe consider thinking about possibly writing a post.
  • I sold a box of DVD’s ~that nobody had any interest in ~on Craigslist. There were 62 DVD’s and on a whim I decided I wouldn’t donate, I’d sell. I threw a $20 pricetag in the ad and got a hit pretty quick. The guy I sold them to is disabled so when I met him in a very public parking lot for the trade he came up to my car and said in a raspy voice “you got the movies?”. It was very cloak and dagger.
  • I have twenty-eight windows up on my computer. Twenty-eight. Articles and ideas and research and just daily things I need to take care of. It speaks to where my head is that I normally don’t have any more than five up.  I am definitely not working on all four cylinders.
  • Here’s the thing…I still feel pretty awful. Sleeping a ridiculous amount. Forgetting a ridiculous amount. Nothing fits. Can’t run a mile so 3-4 is slogging pretty bad. I’m still on my original plan of see my doctor and give her one more chance but at the end of the day I feel so crummy I have bad thoughts about that doctor and I don’t really ever want to see her again. Then I have to remember why I like her. And everyone makes mistakes. But her mistake is leaving me feeling bad for far longer than I should have to. I’m bitter.
  • Today my goal is to get myself together.

    And do some research on natural ways to control your thyroid. Some foods hinder it and some foods boost it so I need to remind myself what those are to make sure I’m not making any mistakes. I think I’ve said I was going to do that before but then I fell asleep so…no.

    So maybe today my goal should be..stay awake.

    Run on…

I blinked and it was Monday.

I spent the weekend working on a writing post and I did SO well with it that here it is Monday morning and you aren’t reading it (now it’s Monday afternoon).

Classic. I’m pretty on the ball.

On the other hand, I did get my garage cleaned.

My run in on Sunday.

Hiking with Sean and Theboy.


And of the 472 things I have to sell I got about 15 of them listed.

feelin’ pretty productive right now.


I took Skosh in to get his annual (18 month?) check up and ended up spending far too much time chatting with the doctor about politics (Trump…scary), the news (so many car accidents, kid check every time I see one), and how we’re going to die (please  don’t let it be from some idiot driving stupid). Pretty sure he also gave me another break on the vet bill.

I really do like our vet.

Skosh does not.

I’ve been rewatching The West Wing on Netflix (God bless Netflix) and it’s so interesting to see the references they make through a series  that ran from 1999-2006 that have direct bearing on our lives right now. And some of the references talk about what our future concerns will be only to see that that is in fact what our concerns are. 


Today I’m going to do some light strength training and walk. It’s a rest day so no running.
push ups
And don’t get excited about the pushups. I get about 20 a day done…on a good day it’s 30. I’m workin’ on it.

Why light strength? Because I’m still not me so baby steps. Hopefully soon? Who knows. We work with what we have, right?

Run on…and bring the effort. 

We painted the town Red.

  • As I mentioned before, I got Sean’s cold and it comes with a bit of a cough so I’m not running because it doesn’t allow breathing. I’m getting better it just doesn’t show in my face apparently. Sadly.
    "What is wrong with YOUR face?!" Amy Squirrel, Bad Teacher
  • My dark circles invited the circus to town. My dark circles have dark circles. And oh my little face is puffy. NEED WATER.
  • I’m going to walk the puppy this morning to get out of the house and get some much needed Vitamin D. Perhaps that will save me from scaring people today. I make no promises.
  • Neither of us felt great yesterday. Not bad, just tired. so we got takeout and ate our food while we watched TV and then I  crashed hard (thank you funky reaction to Mucinex). It was a wild party on our anniversary, let me tell you. We painted red for sure.
  • We really do want to celebrate but we just aren’t up to it this week. Too much going on and neither of us is healthy.
  • I passed a business truck in Wyoming that advertised it was a body shop named Autocorrect.
  • I read a FB post this morning about someone (a young someone) questioning ~but how do we know Bill Cosby actually assaulted these women? The young teens responding figure it’s all about the money. sigh.
  • I opened my email to search for something and as I scrolled my mind went to the twenty other things I have to do today. I noticed this email (oh, I have to do that) and that email (did so and so ever call her?) and by the time I got to the bottom I had forgotten what email I was looking for. No clue. Blank.
    stephen colbert old colbert taxes im old
  • I just found a sticky note on the fridge that started with “honey” and in my mentally disturbed state I thought my sweet husband had written me a little note.  Little being the operative word. No. It’s the world’s smallest grocery list. Honey, lemons, crackers….on the tiniest sticky you’ve ever seen.  It must be True Love.  Although I looked on Disney’s 15 Signs it’s True Love and that was not listed. Hmmm.
  • I went to to look something up about my Jeep and I’ve been there for an hour. It’s the black hole of car complaints. I’m not even reading about my own car anymore. It’s just fascinating to read about how cars are falling apart as you’re driving them, as they’re parked, whatever. Just fallin’ apart.

    I checked and there’s no recall for that. Sad day for that guy. 😉


This is true for so many things.
Run on…