No porn. I swear.

I owed everyone three posts this week, I had it in my head and by God I’m getting it done.

I should change the name of this blog to something having to do with the church because I talk about the church a lot now but oh man that is some good material. We were figuring out our stewardship campaign the other day and our priest (who is hilarious and really nice but only an interim priest while we are in the hiring process) asked if we could just send out a little card with “pay up” on it.

I think…no? But damn that would be good. I think a humorous stewardship campaign would totally make me pay more.

Better living through humor.

I went to post my blog last night on Facebook and for those of you that don’t know this, Facebook automatically gives you certain stats on your page without you asking for them. I don’t really notice them most of the time but occasionally something will pop out.

Last night I posted and my previous day’s blog~which normally would say something like “16 people reached” or “8 people reached” or something along those lines had decidedly different numbers.

My Sweet List numbers said, “492 people reached”


So I popped back onto the list to see if I somehow linked it to porn by accident.

Nope. No porn. No explanation either. No idea. Nothing new happening over here.
So. weird.

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::waves to my little group of readers I have::
To the 492 of you that popped in…it was very nice to see you. 😎

I lost my pants.  (I know you guys are thinking…THIS is why the 492 people came by. But no. This happened after. And there was no nudity. and the 492 people would have run screaming from the blog I promise).

It is easy to lose my pants because  everything I own is black, pretty sure we’ve talked about this before. So I try and find my leggings (because dress down Friday is stepped up when you aren’t even supposed to work on Friday) so I search the drawers, I search the laundry, I look upstairs and downstairs…

…hell I even looked in that drawer that holds those underthings-you-wear-to-weddings and a swimsuit.

I hate that drawer.

Image result for not good gif

No leggings.

But as I searched I came across a different pair I apparently stashed last year in a drawer I like to call “the place where all bad clothes go until they decide to behave themselves and fit again”.

Since I’m an organizer … it’s a small drawer.  Only a few expensive beloved pieces are in there. They don’t last. I tend to donate rather than save.

Some Nike magic leggings made their way into that drawer and lo and behold they fit. I am now wearing them.

After trying them on my suspicion is that they were too high waisted (a pox on the inventor of the high waisted anything) and so that’s a little unfriendly but I have pants and the universe and everyone that has to see me today is pretty grateful.

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No, I never found my other pants. It’s been that week.

But I got a run in this morning before work (super short, like two miles) and did about 30 pushups. Ha…quickies! …and that’s on about five hours of sleep (miracle of miracles) and tonight I get to pick up theboy for a weekend of JOY and FUN and gallavanting around the church!

yeah, I’m bringing him to the church.

Shut up. don’t judge me. I have stuff to get done. He’ll love it. Run around like a maniac. Play Minecraft. Eat snacks. Charm everyone and own the place.

That’s my plan anyway. It could go hopelessly awry. Kids.

There will be no running tomorrow (theboy) but hopefully Sunday because MY KID WILL BE HOME.

did I mention my kid will be home? MT says he’s my favorite but you and I both know…it depends on what time it is. Shaughnessy was definitely the favorite yesterday. I’ll tell you that story tomorrow.

God help me I’ll never get a hot shower again.

Gotta run. I have letters to print!

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Run on…

I had a plan.

My big plan was to do three posts this week.

As you can see…so far I’m totally on track with that. As long as it’s Wednesday. I mean, it’s Wednesday, right?

I know, it’s Thursday and I’m already off.
We had a funeral at church yesterday and we started the day with pretty much everything going wrong. The church seemed to be out of coffee, the cookie person didn’t bring the cookies. People arrived earlier than you can imagine was possible, someone arrived four hours late…missing the entire thing. The organist dropped her music in the middle of a quiet moment (totally unlike her) and our priest couldn’t find his carefully arranged sermon and had to wing it (also unlike him) only to find it right in front of him afterward. I mean. It was that day.

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Is Mercury in Retrograde? Are the planets out of whack? Is there a full moon?

What the hell?

I did a  lot of moving quickly trying to cover bases and making it look like we had it all under control. Coffee showed up. Cookies showed up. The service went fine and as those of us that have lost someone knows, we don’t really notice those things anyway. It just felt like an off day.

I’ve been working on these fires for weeks and they don’t seem to be getting any smaller. So I’ve been making a very concerted effort to leave work at a reasonable hour each day so I have time to get a workout done. It’s a management thing. I’m only on day two. I’m supposed to get off at 2:30 so making sure to leave by 4:30 at the latest is my big effort.

yeah….I know. I could try harder. But the damn fires.

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I ran Tuesday morning and purposely took Wednesday off thinking I’d run every other day. That’s okay because it turned out  completely out of whack anyway.

Sean flies out today to Virginia to pick up MY BOY (waves to MT).  It’s his boy, too,  but I’m claiming him. Once he moves back here there’ll be plenty of opportunity for him to not be my favorite anymore.   We’re up and out early for the airport. The bonus? That means I have time to run later today! I don’t have to make dinner. I don’t have to feel guilty about staying up late (yep. all the time)…I just have to run and get my work done!

Me either, Rob

I haven’t had a serious strength training/incline/work my ass off kind of work out in weeks and I totally miss it. I’m hoping I can do the basics* for the week until Thanksgiving and then maybe after that I can start a real routine that won’t be so on the fly.

Nothing like starting a job at an Episcopal church right smack during the holidays. #Advent #Evensong #somanybulletins 


The basics*

an easy run
some push ups (usually around 40)
squats please…usually 40 to 60
Give me a plank. Please remind me I have abs somewhere

The thing I’m neglecting more than anything is eating. I have got to remember to eat. I’m snacking more than anything. Fruit on the run. A piece of chicken if I get a chance but usually I just forget. Hopefully I can grab a protein bar if I remember.

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Run on…

alarm bells

I was talking to Catherine yesterday morning (Sister Catherine) to find out where my niece was. I am trying to plan her wedding (B’s wedding) but you know, we don’t have 47 other things to do every single day or anything. I got something in the mail that I ordered for her and I had messaged her which usually results in instantaneous “that’s so CUTE!”.

I got nothin’

So I called Catherine and she said, “B went hunting. For four days.  With no water and no cell service.’



That’s always my first question because I don’t see any reason why anyone would do that, right?

She said, “oh yeah. And it’s zero degrees outside”.

I’m like…”seriously? Why would anyone go out for four days. In Zero degree weather. Just to shoot a sweet little deer, cut it into pieces and drag it’s bloody carcass back out?”

You lost me at zero degree weather.

“It gets better”, she says, “she’s not just with the boy, she’s with the in-laws, too!”

Sweet Lord.

Catherine says, “I know, it’s like the movies The  Family Stone mashed up with Deliverance…”.

LOL…I died.

I grew up with my dad hunting and living on deer and elk meat so I know both lifestyles. Done responsibly and safely I don’t think anything is wrong with hunting. I just don’t wanna.


So I’m ON the phone with Catherine and I put the key in the door to the church and as I walk in the door I hear an ominous beeping. 

Now you should know that I’ve asked them a million times (really about 10) about the alarm and each time I’ve been reassured I “don’t have to worry about that” as someone turns it off each morning at a specific time and back on each night at a specific time so I’m golden as my times are within those hours. I was given the code, to be clear, but I put it in the middle of 47 pages of notes of things they gave me that week of emergent information so…you can imagine as I walk in the door and the ominous beeping starts and I realize the alarm is going to go off ANY SECOND NOW I’m thinking…

holy freaking crap. 

Image result for alarms gif


Well this isn’t good. 

So I rapidly hung up on my sister and scrambled to get the keys out to the inner office because yes, the alarms were now SCREAMING and I’m not kidding and the alarm pad is inside the office door which requires another key. I worked at a bank and these alarms were the loudest things I’ve ever heard.

I couldn’t think. I have five keys and they are all identical. I’m trying them all to figure out which is which and I can’t get the door open. When they aren’t screaming I can usually think but the noise is totally scrambling my brain.

By the time I got the door open the alarm company was calling so I rushed to answer it but the answering machine was still on so I was trying to answer it through the answering machine and I had to battle THAT.

They could tell that was happening so they called me again and verified I wasn’t being murdered somehow through the noise because I had to yell into the phone to be heard.

Image result for I can't think gif

I knew the fastest way to get the code would be a quick call so I called the Deacon.
She didn’t answer.
I called the priest.
He answered and didn’t remember it. He suggested our jr warden
He answered and said, “I think it’s this….
Now…time is passing and the alarm has been SCREAMING this entire time.

Image result for what's the answer gif

I reached over and hit the buttons and it goes off. Later I look at the emails (we get emails that verify it’s been turned off and what times)  and it had been going off for ten minutes. TEN MINUTES!

No wonder my head hurt

In case anyone is wondering…

I will never forget the code. Never.

thinkin’ of having it tattooed on my arm. #justincases

I’m thinking hazard pay at this point. #feelingstressed


Today has a high of 55* and that’s a gorgeous day! I’m going to try and skip out of work early (i.e. ontime) so I can get a few errands done and get my run done in the afternoon so I’m not running on the treadmill.


3.5 miles with hills

20 pushups
40 squats
2 minute planks
balance ball ab work

It’s damn cold in the morning at 29*

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the only time I actually like the cold. Mostly. 😉

Run on…

The day the walls came tumbling down

My big plan was to work out right after work today. I slept pretty terrible last night and instead wandered the halls like a ghost searching aimlessly for the other side.

I toyed with going first thing this morning and the air suited my mood. It was cloudy and frosty and the perfect kind of morning but I figured my unrest would contribute to a rough run. So I would wait until after work. The weather was supposed to continue and it would be good.

Then this happened.

I was underneath that.

I am totally fine. I was able to back out pretty quick as it was falling so my leg is bruised and after the adrenaline that had me shaking for about twenty minutes passed I realized I think it hit my head and my back hurts. As the day progressed my back hurt a little more but none of it was ~whoa you should SO go be checked out~. It was more…this is going to be a little achy later.

I’m definitely watching it and if it gets worse I’ll go in (That was for my mom).

They were VERY nice at work. Beyond nice. Asked me 427 times if I was okay. Insisted I get checked out. Checked on me multiple times a day. Really great.

The cabinet was ridiculously overfilled and apparently it wasn’t anchored into the wall.

PSA for the day. Use anchors.

Also, I got a papercut.

Image result for those are the worst gif

Roll your eyes if you must but that sucker HURT.

They pulled out the whole office hutch contraption and replaced it with a floor file cabinet (gotta love churches. Someone is always donating furniture. We have rooms full of options downstairs. Anyone need a piano? We have three extra…). I got to organize the whole top drawer of that! It was pretty divine.

It took me two hours to clean up the mess and most of it I wasn’t cleaning, I was shoving stuff in a different drawer or a box until today. Some of it I did manage to organize and that was the best hour of my day.


Since I was thisclose to running this morning I’m hoping to get it done tomorrow morning. Sean said, “in the snow?”

He’s just a little ray of sunshine now isn’t he? Way to rain on my parade.
Kinda literally.

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This past weekend Sean did a Goruck event.  This was twelve hard hours overnight (it started at 9pm!) and  15 intense miles that include hiking in the dark with headlamps. Only he lost his headlamp so he used the light of the moon and stood between other people and their headlamps. He did an amazing job and I’m ridiculously proud of him. He was keeping me posted through the night with an occasional text to let me know he was okay and I will admit I was so grateful for each one. This is a crazy event. He came home that night  exhausted and spent. The next morning he got up and went back to spend the day bike riding. The guy is a machine.


So we’ll just take yesterday’s #myworkoutis and we’ll swap it over to today.

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Run on…

What’s your secret

How much do we LOVE this??

Shalane Flanagan Wins the New York City Marathon

Yeah…best moment. Between her and Meb I just want to go run right this moment.  And they’re such good people they deserve every great thing life brings them.


On Facebook I’m connected to a writer friend of mine.  He posed a question on his page…”what’s something you’ve done that you’re sure you’re the only one on my friends list that’s done it?”

Well…let me just say that reading the responses I’ve decided I’ve totally wasted my life.  You would not BELIEVE what people have done.

“Been on the cover of time magazine, dec.1969 issue for the takeover of Alcatraz nov 20, 1969. ~As a member og the group of native americans who took the island over around 3am nov. 20th, 1969.” ~ Geneva Seaboy
 I mean…come ON. That’s a beautiful part of history right there, People.

One lady babysat Jeffrey Dahmer when Dahmer was about 8 or 9 and the guy was 16. Apparently, he was nuts then, too. I won’t go into details.

Someone chatted with Jackie O while driving her on a short ride to a friend’s house. Said she was lovely and personable. (Swoon with jealousy)

There was a man that bartended at a university function and served a glass of water to the Dalai Lama.

There were crash landings, island strandings and movie star visits.  

Image result for fascinating gif

And of course, one guy who was probably having the same thought I was. He said, “Shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.”

Image result for johnny cash forever gif

yes…yes you are. sigh…I love Johnny Cash.

I do have a few stories (okay, maybe only one or two and they are not that exciting)…but mine I take to my grave. They are definitely not blog worthy. This takes the excitement away, I know. But rest assured…I didn’t shoot a man in Reno and I didn’t babysit any serial kill…oh wait. I did babysit for someone who murdered someone. huh. I forgot that.

Eh that was a long time ago.

And I have been to see the Dalai Lama but I didn’t serve him water, I just heard him speak and it was as amazing as you would imagine. But it was amazing for a few thousand people so…doesn’t qualify probably.  I’ll keep thinking.  Pretty sure my kids could answer this question in a HOT SECOND.

Someone mentioned the post has over 350 comments so far. It is ridiculously interesting but really it’s the concept. Who knew people had these secrets in their past?
Michelle and I climbed Mt Falcon Castle Trail on Saturday. And it hurt. Not during the climbing but afterwards…yikes. Seriously everything hurt.

The last time we went hiking we went much further and I didn’t hurt at all but today was a milder hike and man, my whole body aches. Probably something I ate affecting me. My guess? Kettle Jalapeno chips. I know you guys think I’m nuts but I don’t feel good after I eat them. I bought them Friday, first time in months. I think I’m over them. Weird right? Don’t get too upset, I’m still all in for jalapenos. Just these chips are a no go.

According to All Trails, the Mt Falcon Castle Trail is 7.9 miles. I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion. We climbed from the East parking lot up to the castle. At the castle we still had plenty of energy and we felt like we wanted more so we headed towards the West parking lot about a quarter of a mile thinking we’d get a great view  and we were not wrong. We did get a great view…. but we also got like 20mph winds. It was insane. Still pretty though.

We flipped around after that and headed back. The entire time we were hiking we were rewarded with deer sightings. They were everywhere just hangin’ out and having breakfast. Very relaxed. We went ridiculously early so there was virtually no one on the trail but us. Nice and quiet.

It was a beautiful way to spend the morning. Michelle and I don’t get much time together so when she messages with a “wanna hike?” I always say ~hell yes~ because it’s one of the joyous things in the world and she agrees. Just to be outside.

It was really bright outside and we were wearing really really bright clothes. The deer were not afraid at any point because we were easily spotted ten miles away.
In the end we hiked 6.5 miles according to all of the technology we were wearing so I again am not sure how they came up with 7.9 but whatever. 6.5 miles was plenty. I hurt like I had run 18 miles in the middle of a snowstorm. That was Saturday and on Sunday I still felt it.

3 easy miles|
40 push ups
40 squats
2 minute plank

Let’s hope I find the perfect temperature window to get that workout done in.


It's only cold if you're standing still. Check out my post - Five Cold Weather Running Tips.

Run on…

I am an imperfect person

Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? I remember one of the nurses on that show saying, “I am an imperfect person”.

These last two weeks at work I have demonstrated that many times over. I hope they still let me come back because I really like this job. I’ve been told over and over again “that was my favorite job” by people that held this position or similar in the past and in my short time here I can see why already.

My first staff meeting started with a minute of quiet time and then a prayer. It was glorious. What staff meeting do you know starts with that? The office work is just office work, though I’m much better with Excel than Microsoft Publisher (getting better now, thankyouverymuch), and I can count money better than I can create well…pretty much anything in Publisher but hey like I say, figuring it out.
I organize in my sleep and working on that kind of stuff makes me quite happy.  I’m supposed to work 20 hours a week. I find myself putting in 40 hours pretty easily.  Staff come and go throughout the  day and people wander in looking for food, clothes,  and money for medicine.  For prayers when they’re sick in the hospital and phone calls looking for support groups. Sometimes they ask for a priest and sometimes they just talk to me. One person called for a priest but called back four times and said talking to me was really helpful.  Being in the hospital alone must be the loneliest time and talking seemed to help. It doesn’t bother me at all and I was able to work while talking. In the afternoon most people leave for the day and I get the building to myself to work in the quiet and the dark and it’s so peaceful and lovely I can’t tell you how perfect it is.
This is not a bad problem to have when you get to help people in need. Seriously. This is a really lovely job. And sometime soon I’ll figure out all the little nuances and I’ll be much better at it. Now if only I could learn Spanish. #lifegoals #helpmerosettastone 

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I’m doing much better today after yesterday’s Botox. I did have some residuals today. I have some bruising on my forehead and the back of my head I can feel. I tend to get that every time but it can flare a migraine up. I just took some Excedrin and then later a Cambia and I feel much better.


I’ve opened five packages of Trick or Treat Dots and they’re all green and yellow. What the hell..Dots?  Five packages and they all have ONE red Dot in them. That is totally wrong. I don’t want the green or yellow or orange. I don’t want them Sam I am.

Image result for that is so wrong gif

I think between the stress of the last two weeks and the migraine of the last week I’ve lost 10 pounds but because I’m me I’m pretty sure…

I’ve gained five.

I’m not going to weigh myself to find out.
Who does THAT?

Image result for no good can come of this gif

My imagination will do juust fine thankyou.


Sean is gone for the majority of the weekend so I get to do whatever I want and that includes not eating if I don’t want to. Or scrambled eggs if I want to. Or whatever.

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Tonight I really want to put on my sweats and eat ice cream. BUT…I’m going to walk my dog and go for a run. Because I haven’t run in forever. I miss it.

I was thinking about it during the great migraine and I thought how much I don’t care about intervals and hill training and so on and if I could just go for a quick run to satisfy my running cravings I’d be so happy.

I’m a simple girl. I’d take a little run around the park if that’s all I could do. Or two or three. I could do two or three runs around the park. The route we take is two miles around the park. That’s the perfect run if you do it two or three times! Just enough to satisfy!
It’s a quickie!

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I was telling my mom that the person who knows all the goings on at the church and how to do everything is leaving. That’s not stressful at all. I won’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing. She had mentioned Advent and I got this blank look on my face.

My mom said, “you know what Advent is. It’s the beginning of the church year calendar. I learned that in confirmation class”.

Huh. Well I took a super accelerated confirmation class because they wanted us to be confirmed by the bishop and he was coming soon so it was ~learn it all fast~. Since I’m ADHD anyway it was more along the lines of… This is confirmation class and here is where you’ll learn the…
huh…I love the library in the church. It’s so relaxing in here and the fireplace and look at all the books. I’d LOVE to get at all those books. I wonder if we can check those out? ~mind wanders to the 14 things I have to do for the kids that day and the next aaand…we’re out for the next session~
92% sure my lamaze was the same way. I went through it with my poor mom who  probably really wanted to concentrate and have a solid bonding experience with me and instead she got crazy brain me. We did okay but it was not my favorite. I try to excuse myself because I was legitimately the only 20 year old in the lamaze class. It was embarrassing. I took lamaze when I was pregnant with Shaughnessy.
Isn’t Shaughnessy just FABULOUS? I love her. She’s so smart and …smart…and beautiful, too and whatever I love her.

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It’s weird the things I have retained versus the things I haven’t. I have a freakish memory for the churches schedule, even the parts I’m not involved in but the Episcopal church as a whole…I draw a blank. Maybe I’ll study up this weekend. Ha.

I thought I’d register for the one race for sure, the Revel half in Evergreen, but Miss Andrea has bad knees and says no way. So she wants to do something else. She’s also VERY SLOW about choosing her races.

I have no patience. I’m like every other runner out there and will choose in the middle of the night when I see someone else ran one, then I google then I get excited and I register.  It’s a problem.

We as runners have an affliction.

I’m going to be honest and say I’ve been a little scared. Not a lot because running has never scared me before so I’d say I’m a…4…maybe a 5. I haven’t run a race in so long (thank you stupid illness/surgery that took over my life) that I’m nervous and it’s holding me back. I’ve run up to five miles and then I get stuck and that’s as far as I’ve gone.  I’ve been hiking more than running and I have to push through it but still, it’s all in my head. I can  feel that because my runs all feel great. I feel really strong. It was just such a hard year last year and into this year I needed to mentally heal as much as physically and learn to trust that I can actually do it.

So out the door I go again. I’ve never been a fan of 5k’s but I might think about 10k’s.

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Michelle likes 5k’s and doesn’t like longer runs. How did we become friends?


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Run on…

the quick and dirty.

Quick and dirty update on me  and then we’re moving on.
This has been the best round of Botox yet. They said it would continue to improve as time went on and they weren’t kidding. I had one seriously bad migraine and that was it. Otherwise I’ve mostly managed with Excedrin and barely needed it. My skin is a little tender today. That tells me I’m thinking about getting a migraine but I’m managing it so there you go.

Related image

I have not been eating well all weekend and it shows in the fact that I’ve been sick.  I lost my dinner on Friday and every day since. Today I am determined to make it through the day. Eating clean is really important to maintaining my carefully balanced stomach.  My morning today was hot water and lemon (thank you Lord for good things like this!) I’m usually incredibly careful but it was wedding weekend and we were traveling and chaos ensued. And let’s face it, we can have a routine all we want but sometimes we go off the rails. It happens.

Image result for chaos gif

When you talk to someone about something that is on your mind and they come completely unglued about your obsessive behavior and proceed to tell you how nuts you are. Because hey…I didn’t already know that based on the constant movie reel in my head.

Image result for I'm insane gif

She’s probably wishing she had right about now. ::eyeroll::

I have finally finished putting away the weekend wedding stuff.  Okay, mostly. How nuts is that? There was so.much.stuff. Rehearsal dinner stuff. Food and pans and snacks. Clothes for the weekend and clothes for the wedding. Jewelry and shoes, make up and flowers. So many flowers. I’ve never been happier for the trash guy to get here. If I see another formal gown I might scream. I might just take them to the consignment store.  I need my house back. So much stuff.

Image result for what a mess gif

In a classic case of ~can you believe today’s news~ I don’t know if I should be more horrified by the wildfires in California or the years of disgusting abuse by Harvey Weinstein. And Donna Karan…hello??  What the hell? She had to apologize of course. There was no coming back from that.

Here’s a link to helping out for the fires. The losses are so devastating.

Eminem at the HipHop awards. He does not mess around.

Anyone heard anything on Puerto Rico????

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I didn’t do anything yesterday for exercise. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.  Zero. And I felt it. So today I’m going to run because I think I need some quiet time to zen out.
Winter is so close (we’ve already had snow!) so I am going to try and enjoy some fall leaf running while I can.

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Run on…

Behind the scenes of a perfect day.

This was wedding weekend and I thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know about the behind the scenes fabulousness that was our life.

Where we stayed:
Months ago I found a VRBO (sean informed me this was “vacation Rental by Owner” which I officially did not know. Full disclosure I hadn’t ever bothered to look or even think about it because I didn’t care enough. But I do like knowing things so there you go). This was a house in Evergreen, CO at the top of a mountain…7000 ft and change if I remember correctly. There were two queen size beds…super comfortable… and two twin beds. These are homes people either buy and use as rentals or they are homes they use themselves and rent out when they aren’t using them. This is the case for this rental. It was fully stocked. Anything we could have wanted, the house was there. We did have a few tiny issues but they were so minor they were things we’d have problems with in our own house, you know?

1. A full length mirror.
2. The trash can in the kitchen has a terrible lid so it kept falling. You know you’d have this problem in your own house so you’d put that on your list. Get a new trash can.
3. The stairs going down to the house were a bit tall for my mom and sister so I might consider a ramp or something. I didn’t have a problem with them but someone older might.
4. Shaughnessy washed theboy’s shirt after the rehearsal dinner and it came out with rust from the washer. Sean was in town so he stopped and picked up another one from Target. That could have been bad but it was easily fixed.
5. The shower was #notmyfavorite

1675 sq ft.
one full bath, one half.
Average cost $180 a night (for that much space in Evergreen is crazy good)

Could those issues be any more minor? They were pretty minor. The woman who rented to us was so amazing. She was kind and helpful and very communicative. She let us go in early and when a gift was accidentally found to have been thrown out in the trash (still in box and everything) she dug through the trash (!) and is meeting me in town to deliver it. She’s quite wonderful. I gave her and the house a complete five stars and if I could give them more I would. She was great.
On VRBO she is Peace of Mind vacation rental #795862 and she has 66 reviews with a rating of 4.9 (six people rated her a 4 star but their ratings are all great..ha)
I would stay there again.
The view from the deck…photo credit by Shaughnessy

Yeah, it’s that beautiful. Anytime anyone thinks about moving away they just go to the mountains. It cures all that ails us.
Shaughnessy and my mom have beautiful and adorable short cute hair that suits them so perfectly I’m incredibly jealous. Catherine has long lovely hair you can actually do something with. I have…hair. Celiac hair thankyouverymuch.

So I hired Hilarie Austin. She is also the photographer at Serendipity Photography by Hilarie Austin. Catherine’s hair turned out darling and I really loved it.  I’m sorry I currently don’t have photos. I have very difficult hair though and my favorite Princess Anna has frequently told me how awful it is (she says it with love and I don’t mind at all). My hair wasn’t long enough and it just wasn’t my favorite to begin with so it wasn’t Hilarie’s fault it was my hair’s fault. She did a beautiful job with what she had to work with. If I had it to do over again I would have left it down. I really wanted it down but the day before Evergreen had TERRIBLE wind and more wind was predicted.  I envisioned crazy wind photos. Well we were only in photos for about 3 minutes anyway and there was no wind at all that day so it wouldn’t have mattered. I’d rather have good hair. I was really self conscious of a tiny little head with stupid hair the whole night. I wanted to hide in a closet.  I should always go with my instincts. And with what Shaughnessy says. She suggested it when I said my head hurt. I should have listened.
Hilarie was darling. She was funny and nice and very very talented. I would totally hire her again. She did a great job on both of us.

For our makeup I hired Ally Wright Triolo. She is also on Instagram at @beautynouveaux .

She did a really beautiful job coming in with suitcases and airbrush plug-in things, brushes and tools and seriously…that girl had stuff. She was not messing around. She was so fun and man we really lucked out with great people that day.

And oh…the eyelashes.


Our “getting ready” day was so fun. It was relaxing and laid back…talking and laughing and eating pizza and drinking beer.
Okay, I didn’t do either of those things. But it was there.

The day was really just the perfect way to relax before a big event.

The guys were also VERY stressed and began getting ready hours before the event…


Shaughnessy and I went for a run that morning….you should know we were at the TOP of the mountain. The top. The…top. Really.
The driveway starts out like this….

Terrible, right? Really not pretty at all.
And the road continues with the fall leaves, babbling brooks, deer nibbling at the side of the road…it’s incredible.
Here’s a sign on the way up the mountain to give you an idea of the road…

It’s pretty freakin’ steep and windy.  So we innocently ran down the mountain completely besotted with runner’s bliss. In the back of my head I knew we’d have to go up and it would not be good but…the down was just so great. So I encouraged the bad behavior.

It was windy and steep and the most beautiful fall mountain road you’ve ever seen.

Photos all by Shaughnessy

We walked back up. There was no running up that mountain.

Shaughnessy may have been able to run it but I totally walked. Although I was texting for part of it and I can’t concentrate and run at the same time (wedding day stuff) and also talking so I definitely had no air.

I’m going to say it ranks as one of my favorite runs ever. It was so good. I loved the weekend for those little moments. There were butterflies and leaves flying and birds chirping and deer nibbling and it was like a Disney movie. Shaughnessy said she was “Snow Whiting it”. Ain’t that the truth. What a perfect day.  It was short run….like two miles total I think? Short and sweet.

And there you have our day.
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Run on…

Everyone says now is not the time…

…but forgive me if I politicize the hell out of the shooting in Las Vegas anyway. Because our ridiculous gun laws (or lack thereof?) allow just anyone and their mentally ill neighbor to own 42 weapons (to include semi automatic) and take them up to the 32nd floor of some hotel and shoot the hell out of a concert killing 59 people and wounding 525 (read that again. 59 dead…Five HUNDRED twenty five wounded is the last tally I read)

Just one guy…

You get my wayward point.

Image result for I digress gif

I want to point out that I grew up in Montana (the state) and I lived on elk and deer meat. My son just a few weeks ago went hunting and was overjoyed to fill his freezer with elk meat as he’s in school and their budget is squeaky tight. He was respectful and honored the entire experience of hunting.

He was hunting for food, not people.
In case you missed my point, Jimmy Kimmel says it way better than I do.


Let’s not forget Puerto Rico.
Sean had the following experience with @verizon. This is long but kinda entertaining when you consider A: what people will put up with and B: what companies will make us do.
@verizon Android had an update. I don’t know what it was called. Remember I went to the dark side and I own an iphone now.
Alex’s phone updated fine. MT’s phone updated fine. Sean’s phone stopped working properly. The battery died ridiculously fast. Unbelievably fast. He had problem after problem.
He did a factory reset at least twice.
Pretty sure he prayed over it.
In all fairness, God was busy with Puerto Rico.
He called them after giving it a few days of “work the bugs out” and they did this whole…”let’s open a ticket and work with you” crap for like a week and a half AT LEAST.  Then they would CALL him like every few days with a “how’s it doing?” stupid phone call. They told him it was one of his apps.
Bet you can’t tell how I feel about the whole thing.
At one point, I kid you not, they had him take a walk in the park for an hour after a reset to see how the battery was lasting after he took all the apps off.  He had nothing on his phone. 
I’m like…seriously. You are the NICEST GUY IN THE WORLD>
Anyone else would have just demanded a new phone at this point.
He went around them to Google (it’s a Google phone…he does love it btw) and they hooked him up so he’d get a new phone. just AFTER he gets that phone situation started he gets notified (the left hand isn’t talking to the right thank the Lord) that @verizon wants him to work with one of the app people because it must be an app thing. Because it can’t be the phone. We’ll do anything but replace the phone. 

Image result for I'm not kidding gif

To do a very quick recap:
phone worked great.
phone stopped working.
Must not be the updates fault. Let’s draw this out for weeks.
Well they finally sent him a new phone and…I know…the suspense is killing you…surprise surprise
It didn’t work.

Related image

So he called them back. Because he lives to be on the phone with @verizon. MORE hours on the phone. And it was “fixed”.  Because this apparently is Verizon’s motto:

Image result for it doesn't work gif

Sean didn’t have a any mimosas. He just had another broken phone.
So he called them BACK. He didn’t really have the energy to but I encouraged it. Turns out…his new second phone was used.

Image result for i'm shocked gif

I know. I was, too. I was just wow. So shocked.  Okay, I wasn’t. That was sarcasm.  He talked to them for a LONG time and then I came into the room and was insistent he stop taking this (who else would be THIS PATIENT??) and he said, “um…he can hear you”.
Um…I KNOW. I’m not being rude. I’m just being OBVIOUS>
But by then he said, yeah, they’re sending me a new phone. (keeping track? new phone #2)
Check this out. Ready? READY?????
The guy told him…, “we have no way of knowing if it’s new or not so if it gives you problems just keep sending it back”

Image result for are you kidding me gif

I had three thoughts.
Fix this.
Fix it immediately.
and issue an apology for the terrible customer service resulting in what has to be at least six hours on the phone trying to “fix” it rather than just replace it. That cannot be reasonable.
Sean is really really nice. And really patient. And I think there is a way to be really nice while also saying ~I work with my phone, I’m in constant contact with my work. I need it fixed properly today. Right now. ~while also not being any kind of a jerk.

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I stayed home yesterday and hung out. Cleaning, organizing, working on the website for church and just generally getting things done. Nothing frantic but knowing I had to stay current since the rest of the week will be busy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do some of my cleaning later so I did it then.
Today I’m making Oreo bon bons and a lot of my cleaning involved my kitchen. That place has to be spotless. Also, it’s dominoes for me. I clean one counter and pretty soon I’m under the stove and the fridge. Freakin’ happens all the time. But at least I recognize that.

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I have a meeting this morning, errands to run and then those bon bons.

Sadly because all I did was clean, do laundry and work on the computer for hours and hours and hours all day…

I had no workout. I was planning it for in the evening and it started seriously pouring rain with some crazy ass thunder and weather announcing itself so at 40* I said…you know? I’m good. Rest day it is!


I was sad, too.
Today it will be done.

hungry_for_more_miles_-_WWW.V3APPAREL.COM_-_FREE_MOTIVATIONAL_PHONE_WALLPAPERS_b11b3bf0-7a8f-49af-8eee-50b0bdbe6817.jpg (744×1392)

Run on…

About last night.

The events in Las Vegas last night are remarkable and horrific. My heart goes out to everyone involved-the families who lost people they loved, the people who were there as witnesses, as victims to the trauma, forever touched by this event, the first responders who worked to stop the killings and to save the lives. What a disaster of mass proportions. I’ll leave you with this article by Vox:

Gun violence in America, explained in in 17 maps and charts

The following just looks like a boring little link but MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER…click on it. It’s so worth it.

Man Wakes up to Find Entire Family Playing on His Porch

You can see more photos on his Newton’s Fine Art America account here.

Sean and I were out very late last night to help a friend. He’s got a test this morning so he’s running on like…four hours of sleep. If he doesn’t do well I imagine it’ll be due to lack of sleep. Poor guy. It was worth it to be with the people we needed to be with.

Mental health in America is misunderstood as being something that  can simply be brushed off as  a dark mood or maybe someone is a little sad today. Realistically is goes far deeper and there is no stigma today in self care. Self care means everything from eating right, working out on a regular basis, seeing a doctor or a counselor if needed and even, if necessary, taking medication- be it short or long term.

The hardest part of that is actually doing it. Nobody is ever going to presume that this is  easy. There are resources available for you out there- emergent or not. The following are helpful links but I’m going to start with always talk to someone. Tell a friend or family member. Ask for help.

1-800- 273-8255 suicide prevention hotline

 suicide prevention

veteran support

If you are struggling today please call @800273TALK or text “TALK” to 741741 @CrisisTextLine. They’re here for you

Remember when we were kids and we couldn’t wait until we were grown ups and we’d get to do whatever we wanted to without asking anyone and it was all going to be great because we’d be grownups.
I’m a grown up and I have figured out I have to do things I don’t want to.  I want to say things I can’t say. We don’t always get what we want.
What finally happens is this.
I learn.

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I’m just curious at what age do I finally REALLY learn?
Ugh. I think I’m there.

Image result for we always learn the hard way gif

In case anyone thinks their parents have it all figured out…everyone is always still learning.

I ended up very VERY late on Saturday night with my run so I did five miles on the treadmill which ended up crossing over into Sunday morning at 12:30am. I don’t need sleep. I need to make sure I get my workout in.

Image result for sacrifices must be made gif

When I got up on Sunday we were going at top speed all day.

Church lasted far longer than we could afford since Sean had to study for his test.

We drove to Evergreen to check out some things for wedding weekend and I was hoping to go hiking but the trail was BEYOND popular so we came home for more studying because that sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?  Then our middle of the night run out of town and well…it was…a really really long day.

Update: Sean passed. 
Good thing. He pays the bills and takes care of me. I expect diamonds and pearls. 
Any day now. Diamonds and pearls will totally show up. 

Sunday I just ran out of time. I got my puppy walked. Two miles and lots of steps.

Saturday 5 miles running
Sunday two miles walking 11,000 steps

Run on…