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I’ve been married longer than a lot of you have even been alive.

Thirty one YEARS, Baby.

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Yes, it’s my annual ~holy cow it’s my anniversary again and I LOVE THIS DAY~post. Sorry you have to put up with it.

Not that it’s a contest or anything but if it is..we’re winning.
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Being married is every day life. It’s not hopping off to Mexico or taking cruises. It’s working and paying the bills and putting up with good moods and bad moods and vet appointments and everything that comes with life.

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But we’ve taken a few vacations and I have to tell you if you asked me what my favorite moments with my husband are they would not be in San Francisco (although that was a great trip) and they wouldn’t be in NYC (although damn, that was a great weekend, too)…they’d be the moments when we’re hanging out in the kitchen watching television and eating take out and laughing and talking about our day. Or when we’re sitting in his office just hanging out…

I can’t say he’s changed my life, instead I have to say he is my life. He’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve lived with him longer than anyone else and he was the best decision I ever made. When he asked me to marry him four days after meeting me (at the age of 19) I know everyone was nervous and thought we were both unhinged. He will probably tell you I was the only impulse decision he ever made and after that he started REALLY thinking things over because damn that one bit him. But I just laugh it off because I am charming and delightful and he is as lucky to have me as I am to have him. He doesn’t say that but I read his mind.

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I never ever get tired of him. I am absolutely certain I’m a high maintenance pain in the ass even though I try SO hard not to be. He is the kindest, most thoughtful person to live with.  I’m always his first thought in everything he does. He’s not perfect. He gets lost in thought and stops listening. He’s got adult ADHD pretty bad so he’s very focused or...squirrel. He’s forgotten more holidays than he’s remembered and when he does remember them it’s usually the day of. But the things he does every single day remind me that he loves me. I am incredibly lucky and I know this. There hasn’t been a single day I have doubted making this choice.


Also, I was ridiculously unmotivated yesterday. I woke up exhausted (how the hell does THAT work?), felt uncomfortable in my own skin, felt uncomfortable in everything I wore and just couldn’t get the energy to work out. My head didn’t like me and I couldn’t think straight.
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I walked the dog and took a detour home so I ended up getting about three miles in but that’s the sum total.

Planks done, wall sits done and that’s that.

Today I’m going to run. Because I want to. I don’t know what else I’ll do but that for sure is getting done because that is my priority. It’s going to be like…80* and could that be more beautiful?

I love perfect days.

Today is the Perfect Day To Be Happy - printable quote 8x10 / happy mint nursery art print / positive print for kid's room / watercolor:

Every day is the perfect day to be happy but today is especially…

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best laid plans.

A day that I thought would go different than it did. I planned, I scheduled and at the end of the day I thought…at last I run.

This day was so long. I drove to Colorado Springs and then all over Denver and didn’t get home until ridiculously late.  A day of driving, a day of talking, I’m spent. I’ve been “on” far too long.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to turn off until 10:00pm and by then there was no heading out the door for a nice relaxing run. We were well into the  scary dark hours of the night by then.
Sean had gone out for a bike ride and I was jealous. He came in from his ride so happy I was seriously overcome with pure jealousy. Although I was also pretty damn happy for him because he loves to ride. But… I wanted to be out running. 

I just fixed him a burger and went to bed.

I’m just being sad because I missed my run, don’t listen to me. This is what happens after two many days of a missed workout.
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We keep hearing about Democratic senators belief we’re in a “constitutional crisis” and that the president is making dangerous decisions and needs to be fully investigated by independent special prosecutors. 

Could we MAYBE get a Republican on board? Are we so split that the Republicans refuse to admit the insanity the whole world can see? Can the Republicans, if they do agree with this please LOUDLY and from the rooftops proclaim it?? 

I mean come ON…
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Self-Improvement Hacks Inspired By ‘The West Wing’s C.J. Cregg Are All You Need To Take On The World


I have a quick doctor appt today and then I’m going to figure out a workout because if I don’t get a little sweat on I’m going to have a little crying meltdown.

Short and sweet today, I’m running late. There’s a doctor out there that’s just waiting to put 30+ shots in my skull…

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Kickass Quotes For Those Days You Need A Little Extra Inspo on ToneItUp.com:

Run on…

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Well it finally happened.

You’ll all be happy to know I got a new phone yesterday. My kids especially since they were fed up with my “brick”.
We went in to the store and the young woman that helped me could not really contain her amusement at the age of my old phone even though I told her it was an older model when I bought it because I specifically asked for the small size phone. I think she just assumed I don’t know any better.

She told me she used to like the small screens too, then she graduated up and now she will never go back…

Chick. I’m not just anybody here. I refuse to conform.
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You can imagine my non conforming joy that I now own an iphone.

I know, right? It was the only phone that was exactly the size of my old one. I had to at least try it.

Shut up, I told you we’re still adjusting. We both stopped multiple times yesterday and thought…huh…we have two weeks.

It’s a pretty big adjustment and Sean and I are already not loving it but I don’t love being told what to do and Android let’s you do what you want. They are SO from MT and Apple, well, they’re all~do it our way and there are no consequences it’s just do it our way~. They are clearly from  Congress.
The jury is out, we’ll see. Bright side…good photos! I’ll keep you posted. I know, you guys are all ~no one in the world is as stressed about a new phone as you are, what the hell?~

Sean and I did the Castle Rock Incline yesterday. I did MUCH better than the last time. The last time, if you recall, I nearly died every three steps…gasping for air as I climbed pretty much thinking..”this is it! This is the big one!” ~name that really really REALLY old television show ….

Ugh…Redd Foxx…such a comedic talent.

So I got up the stairs without too much trouble from the lack of oxygen but my leg was definitely tweaked so I stopped multiple times to do preventative stretching and that seemed mostly successful. We walked some to warm up and cool down to keep loose (I’m a loose woman) but otherwise I that was it. I didn’t want to incline twice. Still babystepping it.


Sean somehow found himself the sole purchaser of the probiotics and in the land of Celiac probiotics keep my stomach happy. Nearly the last week has been a little iffy because I haven’t had any. His stomach is happier on them, too, so I reminded him several times until last night I finally said…Dude…get the probiotics. Twenty seconds later he said it was done.

Amazon for the win. And what the hell, it took you twenty seconds?
Send me that link so I can do it next time. Geez Dude.
Probiotics are important for  maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria and non healthy bacteria in your gut.

  • boosting immune system.
  • preventing and treating urinary tract infections.
  • improving digestive function.
  • healing inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS (4)
  • managing and preventing eczema in children.
  • fighting food-borne illnesses


Today’s workout is mileage. I’m going to do some strength training and about 3 miles. I know, still 3 miles? yep. I really really don’t want to push it. If things go as planned I’ll start moving up next week. I’m not letting myself get too excited in case it all comes crashing down…

Shut up…I totally don’t see the world half empty. I’m a genuinely positive soul always filled with joy and delight.
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Fine. But only when it comes to my workouts…it’s been a tough year, okay??
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If You Master Consistency:

Run on…

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Mom’s cold, put on a sweater.

Don’t forget to stretch, it’s good for you and prevents injuries… such a mom thing…
If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time
you know I’ve always been plagued by Achilles Tendonitis (it’s all good, I’m currently fine). Occasionally it manifests itself in a new and different way, in my calf. I’ve been known to have to stop running and hobble home rather abruptly because of sudden and really unfriendly gripping pain in my calf. This is all connected…literally. I have ridiculously tight IT bands and always have and that’s what I’m feeling now. Even when I’m not running I am the least flexible person in the world.
It’s always been a bucket list item (who are we kidding, the term is there we’re just going to accept it now) to be able to do the splits, I think it may be my most unrealistic goal, right up there with climbing Everest to Base Camp (that actually got kicked off the list in the last few years…the abuse of money and politics make it way less fun). This doesn’t keep the goal from being there. Wouldn’t you love to be that flexible??  I would so love it. I think your body would have to feel so amazing to have those long loose strong muscles.
My body has never been fond of my short tight muscles and rebels at every turn. So I am on a mission to stretch stretch and stretch, foam roll and stretch some more. If that doesn’t keep me going, I swear I’ll go to PT. Something, for sure. I suppose my shoe style could be wrong after all these years… maybe if I get the chance I’ll pop in and get a gait analysis. I swap between two different shoes so I should maybe run in a different shoe tomorrow. That will help.
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The easiest thing to blow off if you’re a runner is stretching and the most important thing to do if you’re a runner is stretching.  Running shortens and tightens our muscles and we’re left hobbling around with no flexibility at all. The cross training and stretching, yoga, and foam rolling… it all works together to  help your muscles recover and remember what it’s like before you abused them in such a mean way.
The key is to remember our dynamic stretches are what’s important before a run and static stretches are for after.  You don’t want to mix these up because static stretching done cold can result in injury and that’s what we’re trying to avoid.
I do talk about stretching probably more often than the average bear
but I think people really blow it off and don’t do it…they just think they don’t need it. Getting into the habit of stretching, recognizing how important it is and that it’s just as important as the run itself will only benefit you in the long run and not doing it will undoubtedly harm eventually. No one is immune. Every runner I’ve known has been plagued by an injury (mild or severe) that could have been avoided had they just properly stretched. 
So today I walked the dog
, stretched and foam rolled for a good half hour or so at least (felt like an hour so probably longer)…and did some stability ball work. Also, I had a wicked migraine so I threw up several times. That was fun. It works the abs pretty well and really kicks those muscles into high gear.
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Can someone please buy me this? I just want to live there in it’s charm and sweetness. You laugh now, but when I have a castle you’ll be sorry. You will not be invited to the ball.
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My workout today is supposed to be yoga/recovery but I’m going hiking with Michelle instead. I think I’ll do a little yoga anyway to give my legs a good stretch before I go and then for sure when I get back. Sean’s been helping me with an extra deep leg stretch in the mornings and at night.  My chiropractor showed me a stretch that helps and Sean works it with me. He’s a little mean and I occasionally have to remind him…hang on…that’s too far. Repressed issues much? But it’s incredibly helpful having a second person.
Doesn’t this look like the greatest way to wake up? I do some of these already and it feels SO good in the morning. Everything snaps and crackles. It’s a lovely feeling. No really. It is.
a pretty sweet #yoga sequence to wake you up in the morning! || lushiouslifts.com: source

I found these on luschiouslifts.com ~ I also see she has a stability ball stretch workout so I am totally going to check that out. See the backbend up there? Not doin’ that. My head hurts too much with upside down things. Nope.
Off to hike…
Quotes About Hiking. QuotesGram:
Run on…

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I have a love/hate relationship with hiking this trail. Mostly love. Well…

It’s Boston Marathon Day! And if your job lets you then it’s ~watch the marathon and wish you were running it while also witnessing Meb’s FINAL BOSTON RUN!~ I mean…damn. He’s so good. I could watch him run anytime and I am sad to see him retire.
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My job ~self employed and run your own business Heyyy~ does not let me watch the marathon because NBC won’t let me. I don’t pay for that channel. Bastards. Yes. I’m bitter.
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On Easter Sunday we went hiking. The kids all went their separate directions so we chose to head to the mountains. Sean, as usual, picked a hike and then read the description to me so I could decide yay or nay. Well this was a day I wasn’t paying a great deal of attention so I just said…SURE. I’ll totally do five miles on a trail that some people rate moderate and some people rate difficult and it has a 2200ft elevation climb that starts at like…8000ft.

That sounds FUN.

Not moving for three months means I”m completely out of shape. I got a pedicure right before my surgery on February 2nd and my feet are still baby soft. It’s so wrong. Every step my poor toes just protested with pre-blister.

This trail was unbelievable. Technically it was four trails. We started on Gregory Canyon, then Ranger, then EM Greenman trail, then finally Saddlerock. 

It was definitely work.
It was technical. Which means there’s going to be rocks and obstacles, sometimes steep elevation and possibly scrambling or using your hands.
Yep, yep and yep. We did it all yesterday. Definitely technical. My knees are a little achy today but otherwise I’m pretty good. Sean is going down stairs funny. Ha. I was really careful to stretch a lot yesterday.

We could have taken any number of combinations of the trails to get us back to the bottom. We chose the most difficult I think which also happened to be the shortest. The trail that got us to the bottom was the one with the ladder. We were met by someone coming up and he saw us reading the map and immediately asked if he could help us. Well, no. We’re just reading the map. I did ask him how technical and steep the trail was and he “suggested” we really would be better off taking the “easier” trail down. This one was a bit more difficult.

Officially my first ladder…on a trail.

We were royally insulted and determined to prove our hiking prowess and pushed on. The bottom half of the hike was no harder than the first half which isn’t to say it was an escalator or anything. But we did it and we survived and I LOVE technical hikes. They take forever (like four hours for five miles plus at least a half hour at the top to look at the view) but still…it takes time.

A milder section of the trail…my terrible camera. Don’t worry, replacing it this week!

This was at the top…

It was amazing and crazy and seriously a lot of work. I need a little more time to built up my fitness to tackle this kind of trail. I spent a lot of time gasping and stopping. Sean, meanwhile, was his usual self and marched on with no issues like he does this every weekend. I was fully marathon trained and he had no time to run or workout or anything and we headed out to hike the Appalachian Trail for a week thinking..I’m going to totally fly past him.

No. That did not happen. I had to stop and gasp consistently as he flew up the inclines and I watched him. It was so rude.
Yesterday was a total flashback. Jerk. He is so freaking awesome. He hiked really really reeaaallly slow just so I could keep up with him. It was sweet. And annoying.
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Sean took amazing photos but he forgets to share them with me so they are just for his own self I guess.

I don’t feel comfortable taking my really good camera while scrambling and such so I just take my phone and we keep it in the pack.
Getting a new phone is pretty damn important. I’m over these bad photos. I think they’re getting worse!
Michelle said she’d do the trail with me but who knows when that’s going to happen.

At the end of the day we treated ourselves to an amazing burger and sweet potato fries at Shine in Boulder. I die when I eat those burgers. They are so good. Totally worth it.


Takin’ it a little easy today after yesterday. I got zero sleep last night so I’m going to pick up groceries, make some appointments, run some errands and hopefully get a baby run in…if I’m up to it. As if I’m up to anything longer than a baby run!
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Here’s what we’re NOT going to talk about today because we’re taking a news break. We’re all reading about it so we don’t need it here.
North Korea
The White House Easter egg hunt (eyeroll)
Sean Spicer
United Airlines
Nature of Love, Love of Nature

My favorite.
Run on…

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Warning…blood ahead.

So this was our weekend...
Friday MT, Allie and I went to Shaughnessy and Adam’s house for an impromptu dinner because MT’s days home were numbered. We thought we would make the most of our last couple of days together. I managed to get this:

So fabulous.
Saturday we had a barbecue with everybody to celebrate Megan’s birthday party and mourn MT leaving. I’m pretty tired of him leaving to VA but I’m REALLY glad he pops in to visit. I joked with him about the $600 plane ticket but he knows I was only kidding because I would pay twice that to see him. I love Cheeseburgers. Have I mentioned I love cheeseburgers? Yeah. Also…cheesecake. SO GOOD>

No photos from that day. If there were no photos…did it happen?

Sunday, no fun day. We all got up and took MT to the airport. Insert sadness here.

So…love to MT and we miss his cute face. (Shout out to Miss Allie, too…it’s hard to say goodbye. Sean and I have done it too many times)
We took Theboy home and headed to Golden to visit The Runner’s High which has to be the greatest running store. Total five stars…
They have a ton of great Colorado stuff (and let me tell you that’s hard to find) and they were incredibly nice. I went in search of some gifts for a friend and they did not disappoint. We left there and figured as long as we were in Golden….let’s go hiking! Sean had looked before and found a trail about 30 minutes away called Beaver Brook/Chavez Trail Loop.  I asked Sean four times and he kept getting it just one word off on the name. Five times a charm…Sorry Michelle…there’s your link.

It was really REALLY pretty. There were some drop offs. It had some kind of steep downhills and we only made it a little less than halfway before….
This happened…

I slipped on a down hill and when I fell my shin hit a rock that was basically sticking straight up and asking for me to fall on it and my leg twisted backward in a fun new way I am positive I will feel in the morning.  I know you’re thinking, “what is WRONG with her?”

I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW

Sean managed to stop the bleeding with pressure.   I sat for a minute to process what happened and then I stood up, announced that it hurt like hell  and we immediately turned back as we figured that was the shorter way out. Yep.

When we got home I got in the shower thinking…I should clean this cut…and instead I found half the skin off my leg and I discovered a small cavern on my shin.  By some fluke we found the greatest urgent care in the world called On point Urgent Care and they took care of us remarkably fast and totally appreciated my sarcasm and amazing sense of humor. That is, as you know, a prerequesite. Four stitches later, it’s amazing I can even walk really, and instructions to come back in five days to have them taken out I stood up and the whole bandage soaked itself in blood.  Back to the beginning… she re-bandaged it and then said no running…no exercise, ice your leg, elevate!! and all of this for ten days…

She got very mean. Stern. Bossy.



Stupid leg.

Pause here to send love to Sean because he is so great at taking care of me. Seriously…he stepped right up and was awesome when I was bleeding on the trail (that sucker was crazy bleeding) and he was totally on it.  He put his hand on the wound to stop the bleeding and then he wisely thought to remind me to be careful heading back as I may fall again and something worse could happen and now he has blood on himself, evidence…that is never good. He was constantly thinking like that. Totally on with the whole situation. He was really calm when he realized I was perhaps going to bleed out on his kitchen floor if he didn’t drag my pathetic ass to the urgent care for stitches and afterwards he controlled himself and did not roll his eyes and say no when I begged and pleaded for him to make me a cheeseburger. That is true love. And…at no point did he say, “my GOD woman…is there no way for you to stay UPRIGHT?” (psst…I fell last week in the kitchen and have two giant bruises on my legs…even the urgent care people noticed and laughed).

Worst running/hiking injury?? 

Have you ever had stitches?  I’ve had stitches twice now. Once was in my finger. So random. But it’s true. A nail ripped my finger open. 

So…sending running and hiking love to everyone. And maybe some grace, too.

545947528841c9cb610e150c (450×675):

Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees:
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Here’s something interesting…

First of all…Happy March 13th. The 13th of the month is always the best day and I don’t recognize it enough for you guys but today…there you go.

This political nightmare is bringing so much chaos to the forefront of everybody’s life that the influx of information is like nothing we’ve ever seen before and more people than ever are learning about how policies and government works. The downside to this, however, is the lack of research. Sometimes when we’re gasping about some tragic thing the new administration has done, it’s actually something every new administration does. We’re just on the train of looking for evil and nothing they can do is right. We need to save our energy for real and critical issues.
Like Sean Spicer wearing his flag pin upside down…

It takes so little.


Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace takes flight, with stores open and busy; here’s a look (photos)
We’ve been watching this building project from the whispers and we are SO PROUD of AURORA for the development of small business and quality business. I can’t wait to check it out and shop there. What an amazing endeavor and a beautiful example of what can be done with big empty space that is usually discarded, closed and left abandoned.

Michelle and I headed over to Bear Creek Trail Park in Lakewood  on Saturday to try the route that is a possible upcoming what-the- hell-are-we-thinking ultra run for the fall. We walked and we walked and we walked. It was a lot of walking. Because I can’t run yet until this Wednesday when my doctor clears me! As you can see I’m not at all excited. Also, I am seriously out of shape. But look how pretty it is!!

We walked A LOT (eight miles!) and I was pretty certain we were hopelessly lost and would never ever EVER find our way out of the mass of trails that reminded me of suburbia but in fact, it is a large circle (of sorts) and it turns out to eventually take you back home to your vehicle. I had serious doubts and it took us a ridiculous amount of time but really it was only a few hours. I gave up hope and Michelle said “we just have to go into these woods and we’ll come out by the cars” and finally I said, “um, I think that’s what happened to Little Red Riding Hood so…no. Nothing good happens in the woods”.

She got a new name. I call her Red now. By the way, we NEVER magically came out of the woods and found the car. ::shakeshead::

Michelle recently started the Get Outside Colorado Kids blog because it’s beautiful in Colorado and we have so much hiking available to us it’s just a shame to not take advantage of it and also, kids don’t spend nearly enough time outside.  So she grabbed her kids and took off. Either that, or she’s trying to make her husband crazy by driving across town every day. One of those things.

You can find her blog here…: Get outside colorado kids
he’s also on Facebook here: Get Outside Colorado Kids

You don’t have to have little kids to enjoy the blog because she reviews the trails on there and I like that for sure. Plus I went hiking with her and rumor has it I’m a grown up. Don’t tell.

I missed this last week and it’s so good I feel I would be remiss in not sharing it and giving it the love it so deserves.

But I found it while watching this one:


Sean and I went to Boulder yesterday so we could hike to our hearts content but the 22 mph winds that Michelle predicted with her magical weather app powers actually did, in fact, come true. She is magic. So we went to lunch at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place. They are 100% gluten free and 99.999 percent soy free and they have a relaxed ~hang out and have a beer~ kind of atmosphere. Totally zen. I loved it. We’ve actually been there once before (you’d think we’d remember where it was…duh…13th street) and left with funky ~maybe it’s pretentious? vibes) but since then we’ve totally revisited our idea of that and decided no…this place is absolutely not that. Ha. No. And we love it. Live and learn and visit Shine.

And now I leave you with this last moment…

John Muir More:
See this Instagram photo by @wearewildness • 826 likes:
Run on…and be wild…


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Hiking is my complete second favorite thing…

I am so late today. I know you guys are thinking…nope. You’re always late. But I’m trying to be all on time and everything. So my new time management seems to be working well, eh?

That’s me trying to be Canadian, eh?

Image result for canada gif

I was late getting everything done today.  I have a migraine kind of kicking my butt (it’s really low grade…my standards have changed so much) and I blame the wind … I’ve been blessedly migraine free since my Botox but as soon as the wind showed up the migraine did, too. Seems to work like that.

Learn something new everyday.

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I went to Evergreen on Friday to look at restaurants for the wedding rehearsal dinner. It was a long drive and I left really late in the afternoon so I ended up just taking my time and listening to my podcasts while I drove. Some errands are just going to be labor intensive so you might as well make them as enjoyable as possible.

While I was there I visited a few art galleries (oh my heart), souvenir stores (tiny t-shirts!) and a chef who took me into his kitchen to see his fresh salmon (let me show you my etchings!). It was my first kitchen…wink 😉

Considering the long drive and the crazy ass ridiculous traffic (unavoidable rush hour) it wasn’t terrible. I enjoy spending the day hanging around touristy places by myself just allowing myself to go into any store I want. That kind of day doesn’t come very often. I did miss Sean though.

the office steve carell great day super journã©e


Sunday Sean and I wet hiking at Matthews/Winters Park.  It’s a beautiful mix of technical and flat, up and downhills with great views of Red Rocks. I’m not sure how far we hiked but when I go about four or five miles my legs start to ache enough  with DOMS telling me I can justify stopping now. I don’t have to but I can if I want. Sean’s Garmin recorded a whopping 3.2 miles which sounds a little pathetic for a tough workout but hey, I guess I’ll take it. Still in recovery, right?

Today the wind (which was seriously…SERIOUSLY…blowing, did I mention that?) went all night and all day. It was supposedly a high of 51* but it felt like 30* and I was sure I’d morphed into an 87 year old war veteran with war wounds who felt every ache and pain with the weather. I woke up this morning and felt everything. My whole self has ached all day. It’s so weird.

I blame the wind. All day, I blame the wind. Have I mentioned I blame the wind?

Image result for bad weather gif
I finally got my business blog up and running…it will publish on Mondays and it’s another positive business approach.
I need to figure out graphics. Dang if I could figure out graphics.

There is SO much to do and I don’t know how to do any of it so I’m learning all the steps.
I spend a lot of time at the computer.

I joined NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers, and yes, there is one) and that requires hours and hours and hours of videos and I will tell you it’s ridiculously boring. And it is ridiculously expensive. But it’s totally worth it.
Image result for anything for the job gif
I’m going to try and work in a few more hikes than I’ve been getting, now that the weather is improving and I’m going to be cleared to be…normal in just a mere week. A WEEK!!!!

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and another one in a week and then I’m DONE for a very very very long time jump around in excitement be excited you know you’re excited because we’re over doctors even though we love them we’re over them…#runonsentences #antipunctuation #itsallroutine

MT is coming home this week for a short visit before he starts eight months of school and I am ready to see him, even if it’s hit and miss. It’s been a few weeks of kid withdrawal. It’ll be good to see one of my kids.

John Muir                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

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I got sent to the principal’s office

Yesterday I popped onto an online yard sale site I belong to just to see what’s up for sale and there someone was selling a swimsuit. I don’t know why, but I followed up.

The story was that Amazon sent the swimsuit to her by mistake…???

She had like…eight people lined up to buy it from her which is great for her, right? I commented and said, I’m sure there’s  more to the story but did Amazon really just randomly send you a swimsuit? Because I think I’d take that as a clue  there was sun in my future…

She came back and said she was not lying! And it’s happened before! She ordered vitamins and they sent her the suit. She told me the whole story and completely came across like…isn’t that a great story?

I said that’s crazy! And I would totally believe that is the universe telling you there is sun and the beach in your future!

That was that. Until two minutes later when her next comment was “Admin” with a little arrow up to my comment…

huh…wonder what that’s about?

Then the admin came on and said, “Tess keep your comments to yourself unless you are directly involved in the sale” or some such thing.

I seriously was so confused. I said something like, “okay then. I thought I was just having a fun conversation but apparently not. I don’t think I want to be somewhere where having a conversation and telling stories is frowned on. What a disappointing way to live”.

And I left the site.

Seriously, people are so freaking sensitive. I’m so over it.
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I’m not kidding when I say this is always happening. People are constantly getting offended because you look at them or you say hello wrong or you didn’t say this or you did say that or whatever. People are TOO sensitive. It’s ridiculous. I’m over it.
I spent yesterday working on the bathroom and the linen closet. Doing some touch up painting, cleaning things out, organizing. I realized something,  when all your kids leave, you get a whole new house. You no longer need 14 blankets in the linen closet, 12 board games they only played once a year, linen closet full of bandages and 127 pillow cases. It’s really remarkable how much room you end up with when you go through it all.

And I’m still feeling like…I could do more. I could do more. What else can I purge…

My husband gets really really stressed when I get like this. It’s not good for our relationship. LOL

You do have to wonder how we got together…a packrat and an organizer who loves to purge. It was love at first sight. Actually it was love several months before we met but that’s a different story. Nevertheless, I loved him before I knew him so I put up with the packrat stuff. He’s worth it. Somehow we do make it work. I leave his stuff alone 90% of the time until I finally say…well…it’s been 10 years, do you think you still need that pair of jeans? Then he’ll say, “I can mow the lawn in them. They’re good ~mow the lawn~ jeans”. And then I make fun of him and his five pair of mow the lawn jeans. I mean come on…he mows the lawn once a week MAYBE (hello…sometimes I do it) and I do the laundry at least that often. How many pair does he need? The man is attached to his stuff.
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I really need to be getting the world’s most obnoxious errand done but here’s the gist… I made an appointment with someone to finish up some bathroom work that I can’t do (I won’t do? probably more accurate) and I thought I had put it on my calendar. I mean, I did put it on the calendar, I vividly recall doing it because I was on the phone with him at the time. But maybe I didn’t save it or something and it didn’t take. Anyway, it’s not there. I can’t remember when the appointment is! He’s really busy and I had to wait over a week for just the estimate so I’ve called him twice to ask if he’ll call me with when the appointment is and he hasn’t called me back. Maybe he’s on vacation. Whatever it’s really irritating because I seriously have to get this stuff done and I feel like I can’t leave in case this is the day...Every day…maybe this is the day. It’s so stupid.

Tomorrow I’m just going. I don’t care. That pretty much guarantees it’ll be tomorrow.
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It was finally beautiful and I got in a five mile walk. After walking I did the cleaning and the up and down the stairs 47 times…I’m not feeling great. I crashed kind of hard. It was an overdo kind of day.

Sleep is definitely necessary. Tomorrow…walking and then getting my task done so I can just have it done.

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All of this except the “love it” part…some days it’s just not fun. We have enough really fun days we have to use those to help us get through the others.
Though his birthday was yesterday…I write on odd days. Sorry I’m off. And don’t we always love him?
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Ash Wednesday

  • It’s Ash Wednesday and my friend Andrea asked me what the ashes were. I had a relatively good guess but I’m also brutally honest as I have never been fond of people that have an answer for everything when they actually have no clue what they’re talking about. So I told her..I’ve never been to an Ash Wednesday service. I’ve always wanted to. I don’t know why it just never happened. It just didn’t. So I googled it and gave her the scoop. Now we all feel educated.
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  • I attempted to watch 45’s address last night on my Ipad. I hear he got good feedback on it. Very presidential. I can’t go there. I had to stop listening. I was watching on NPR and was able to click the little faces … “smiley” or “sad” etc. Well…I was pretty irritated just to be listening to him speak so I was clicking the angry face. Full disclosure I was going to town on that little guy. If you’ve never done this, it takes your tiny little profile picture and “PING” it like…POPS it into a little angry face. Well, my profile picture is a tiny little MT when he was like…five years old? and then…BAM…he’s a tiny little angry face.  I got a sick little delight out of this and Sean.did.not.

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  • It’s okay….I lost my appetite for watching anyway so I headed downstairs to search for entertainment that wouldn’t try to make America great again.

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  • This article is so great.  Gluten-free diets: Where do we stand?CNN did a great job on it.   Gluten Dude caught it and condensed quite nicely here. 
  • “For those who just brush it off that this is a fad and a fashion lifestyle, be considerate of the people that survive on this diet. For people with celiac disease, the gluten-free diet is like insulin for diabetics.” ~Dr. Alessio Fasano, director of the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • We are reaching 43* today which means I am actually leaving the house to walk. I know, what have I been doing? It’s been cold.as.hell. I realize that’s not possible but damn, it’s been cold. I’ve been so cold I set a new record yesterday with the 30* and the wind and I jacked my heat to freaking 76* and went to bed  at 4 o’clock to get warm. I finally got up and had some tea and that did it. Note to self: try that first. But yeah…it was cold.

I am powering through my “must get these things done” list and the only thing really holding me back is my inability to lift anything over ten pounds. I have two weeks left and it can’t come soon enough. My poor husband, I’m sure, feels the same.
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Sean and I had a difficult weekend, it was one of those you just don’t want to even think about when it’s over but it hangs around in the air, you know? Come Monday he climbed into his pretty black truck he just bought and every light on the dashboard lit up like Christmas and the speedometer didn’t work. It’s not the first time things didn’t work but usually it was one at a time and they corrected themselves..but it’s the worst and the speedometer is new. On the heels of the weekend it felt so awful. We were both so raw and instead of time healing we seemed to feel worse. He just knew the guy that sold it to him knew all these problems with the truck were there and just didn’t tell him. One more feeling of the world against us. One more reason to feel like we’re trying and trying to do good and be good and you will be an example and it will come back to you and instead we’re working so hard and kindness does not, in fact, come back to you in spades. It does not.

He’s making a real effort to feel better and I’m using sarcasm to feel better. It’s really helping! ::sarcasm:: I figure another week or two and I’ll feel better. It’s important to make the effort. It’s easier to be negative and rely on that…telling yourself that life is hard and people are going to be mean and why do all these things happen to you? but in fact these are minor glitches in life and life is actually pretty amazing. Being grateful for all we have is deliciously pleasing and getting back to that place is totally worth the journey.

Today I’m going to run a few errands, go to church and get my walk on. Also, on a side note: if I could get a prayer for a friend’s daughter that would be great. Just pray for “S”. She needs it really quite critically right now. Thank you~
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