I was supposed to live in Boulder, I’m sure of it.

I drove to Boulder yesterday¬†(that place is so beautiful, why can’t I live there??) for a meeting and I figured while I was there I could pick up some new Newton’s and have lunch with my beautiful daughter. She takes selfies but I get eye rolls if I ask. So I steal them. ūüėČ

Traffic did not love me and I ended up truly stuck in the middle of the morning for far too long. Late to lunch and enjoying my kid’s time for a bit too long and before I knew it I had run out of time to stop and buy shoes. Sad, too, since I was just a block away from the store. I was so close! I waved to it as I walked by.
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We enjoyed our lunch at Shine, as usual, because it’s healthy, gluten free, amazing food and really great service. Okay, today the service was kind of iffy but hey, it was bound to happen,right? Also, I forgot to say plain burger so it came loaded with fried onions (yuck yuck doubleyuck) so I had to take those off. It was not a crisis. I spent my childhood scraping things off food.

Don’t let anyone tell you ketchup and mustard can just be “scraped off”.

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It cannot. I am totally on your side.


Then I used my new iphone to find the address of the meeting I was supposed to be at. Except my googlemaps said…address doesn’t exist. Now I’m ten minutes late, I’ve been working through this phone for twenty minutes and address doesn’t exist.

Image result for what the hell gif

Yes, that’s right. I was talking to the little man inside the iphone. No, I don’t talk to Siri. I talk to the little man I’m CERTAIN is inside the phone NOT ANSWERING ME.

I spent another few minutes playing with it until it finally randomly decided it did in fact know where the address was.

It was not stressful at all.

By the time I got home I seriously had to use the restroom, I had been lost more than I had been found and I did not feel good. I slept.

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Today we are having a blizzard.
yes, you heard that right. A blizzard. So I’m not sure what I’m doing. I thought today would be a great day to start a plank challenge…

You know you want to. Doesn’t everyone start plank challenges on the 18th of the month?

I think a 5 minute plank sounds like a whole lot of ouch but hey…I’m willing to try. The longest I’ve ever gone is 2.5 minutes so I’d like to give it a try and at least get up to 3 minutes.

Wall sits.
Push ups.
All things that need a good amount of work. I think I’ll work on that today.

start where you are:

Dream big.
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Run on…

Not a bad way to spend the day…

READY FOR SPRING WORKOUT SERIES - WEEK 4 || Health and fitness are a way of life. This is a lifestyle that's not meant to be started and stopped with the beginning and the end of a workout challenge or series. The more consistent you are with your workouts, the more successful you will be and the better you will feel. Be on the lookout for more seasonal fitness series to help keep you motivated, healthy and feeling amazing! Click through to download the success tools for week 4. Pin it now, ...:
My stomach issues from my run yesterday continued in full force through today so you can imagine my strong, crazy desire to run was, um, curtailed, shall we say? Because that’s just not a comfortable feeling. My stomach hurts.¬†

It got worse as the day progressed, contrary to what I expected would happen, so I wanted nothing to do with being away from my house running and frankly I didn’t even want to move very much.

I did do some basic strength stuff today, squats and such. But other than that it was all resting all the time.
 sad parks and recreation death parks and rec sick GIF


Since my physical activities were severely hindered I spent the day working on business reports.

I have a meeting with someone today and it’s clear up in Boulder so I get to go have lunch with my kid who works in Boulder because she’s smart and beautiful and runs the world and goes on work trips and is amazing. Did I mention I want to be her when I grow up? She’s awesome.

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According to my workout schedule I was supposed to run 3 miles on Monday (done)

Yesterday was yoga and recovery. I chose just recovery. Holy smokes did I feel yucky. I still feel a little off. Worst glutening ever? Food poisoning? Seriously…no clue. So I’m going to pick something up today and then I’ll try my mileage this afternoon which is supposed to be 5 miles but I’m going to make it 4 miles if I’m up to it.

I’m also going to do some squats, planks, pushups, etc.

tomorrow is a rest day, but I think I’ll switch it up and do yoga. Seems like a light week but I think it’s just stretched out weird.
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This is what happens. I see a gif and then I want to watch that show again…she was so freakin’ cute.

We’re having a gorgeous 70* day here people…

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Tomorrow: snow.

Runners don't find excuses not to run. Runners find reasons to run.:

Run on…

Short and Sweet

  • I was bumming pretty hard yesterday¬†but I ended up having lunch with Shaughnessy and shopping with her and really…neither of those is a bad thing. I had a good time and I somewhat cheered up. That is all good.
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  • Sean hung out with me last night (he’s been super busy) and believe it or not, that’s really all I have to say. I was happy. Well, I have a ridiculous migraine and I can’t kick it but other than that I am pretty happy. He went to the store to pick me up some La Croix (remember it sounds like “enjoy”) and he came home with FOUR twelve packs.
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  • Being ADHD, Sean gets very hyper focused on what he’s working on. He’s been focused on work and his game which takes an intense amount of time and focus and the taxes took a back seat. I finally told him I was having bad dreams and he absolutely had to finish them or I might explode.¬†I am so grateful.
    Image may contain: text
  • North Korea is actually telling US that Trump is making trouble with his aggressive tweets. sigh. We know. He bothers us, too. Try not reading them. That’s what we do. Just….close your eyes and move on.
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  • On a fun note: I have been watching Life in Pieces which was a Netflix original and I think CBS picked it up? Fair warning: It’s clean. I KNOW. That’s because it’s on a regular prime time network! But it’s just ordinary comedy and I am in fact…laughing pretty damn hard. I enjoy it quite a lot, I’m not gonna lie.
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  • It’s Easter weekend and with half the family leaving we figured we’d leave it low key and let Alex and Megan hang with Megan’s family and we’ll connect next weekend. I am a little bummed we don’t get to see them this weekend but it’s not like we don’t all live in Denver. Next weekend we’ll have a great time. I have BIG plans. BIG. HUGE.
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Sean has plans this weekend, too, but what he doesn’t know is that we are definitely going hiking. If he read my blog he’d know what his plans were. Serves him right. It’s just too pretty outside to not do something fabulous and enjoy the weather and the sun.
30 Adventure and Travel Quotes #Adventure quotes #Sayings
Run on…

Daily reading that feeds my anxiety. I need balance.

I was trying to find online marketing information for my business and one website proclaimed “Be Delightful Online”. My first thought was…I’m in, finally the website that understands me!¬† My second thought was ~damn…that sounds like work.~

Perhaps…a bit of a conflict.¬†Maybe I just need a nap and tomorrow I can be delightful again. Yes. I’ll try again tomorrow for delight.

I came across this image which is not anything to do with organizing but can I just GO HERE?

It looks so beautiful…I want to run there right now.


Cely, from Running off the Reeses, wrote yesterday about how much anxiety she’s under right now due to the political pressures we’re dealing with every single day coming from so many sides. I cannot tell you how this resonates with me. My day is like a political marathon. Every morning when I wake up I start my day with The Skimm. This is my warm up. I read the condensed version of what our current administration has decided they are going to destroy in our country since yesterday¬†(and sometimes while I slept), what the GOP’s think of it, who’s yelling about it, the smiling Paul Ryan invariably bobbing his head about it creepily, how much of the country will be damaged and what it will cost our most vulnerable in ways far more painful than just currency. Then I start clicking on the links.

The links take me to all the stories that’ll tell me the gory details so I can learn what the story really is and try to become better educated about the whole thing. There are a hundred issues I need to be concerned about and every single day I need to worry about them all. Which ones do I call my senators about? Is he even listening to me? I can tell you that mine is not. Cory Gardner of Colorado is absolutely not listening. So do I still call? Do I still let him know? It feels so completely pointless. These are the things we’re talking about in the midst of the anxiety and the powerless feelings. By the middle of the afternoon I’ve read probably twenty or thirty news stories/articles/linked essays and follow ups. I don’t feel any more educated. I feel more hopeless.

Yesterday I read this:

KING: The Democratic Party seems to have no earthly idea why it is so damn unpopular¬†and then I got depressed because I didn’t get any tangible things to do to make changes. So we just have to sit back and watch it all go to hell?

By the end of the day I’ve finished on the computer and I’m working on the next days post and on the next days work stuff but sometimes it’s so overwhelming I have to just step away. Those are the days I’m really late to put up a post. You’re welcome.

The anxiety of what is going to happen is overwhelming. My friend’s niece asked if I get really angry and sometimes I do, yes. Usually though, anxiety and sadness overwhelm me and mostly powerless. I don’t do well with powerless. I just want to not look at it anymore. The thought of not looking at it and pretending it’s not happening seems terrifying and I face things I’m afraid of pretty head on so…back I go and I start again.¬†

It’s a vicious cycle.

I recognize that I am one small person.

I don’t have a great voice. I am not running for office or making great change. I am not a dynamic person who will change the world. I am a normal person who just wants to help keep us from going so far down we’ll never find our way back.

I need to volunteer somewhere where I can do something that’s at least contributing to the cause so I feel like I’m doing something. This daily turnstyle is twisting me like a meat grinder.

Cely¬†also posted a video with a song and after I clicked and listened¬†that led me to the vortex of youtube videos and there I was¬†and hour¬†later still looking at videos. I think I’ve finally escaped but damn…that’s a hole I never dive into so I must be off my game.
Check these out:

  • America’s First Writer’s Museum¬†is opening in Chicago. There’s a museum I LOVE the idea of. My kid and I could do that when I go run the marathon in Chicago if THAT EVER GETS TO HAPPEN. sigh. We won’t talk about history. Moving on.
  • 12 Things About Being A Woman That Women Won’t Tell You¬†Now…this article is a little rough. It’s in Esquire so keep that in mind hence the language. But it’s just really a smart article.

  • Shaughnessy, my kid, my first child and only daughter, wrote an essay¬†called

    A day‚Äôs story of womanhood in four parts¬†for #adaywithoutwomen and damn, it’s really great. ¬†Oh wait. I’m not actually surprised. You should totally read it. And then you should totally tell me how amazing she is. Okay, you don’t have to. I already know.


It’s gorgeous today and it’s Friday so why wouldn’t I do something outside?? ¬†Totally going out to walk and enjoy the beautiful weather and walk to remind my legs I can. I’m so close you guys. ¬†I’m THISCLOSE to getting to run. Tomorrow Michelle and I are hiking…

Yesterday my kid (MT, the kid not the state) came back from VA for a very short visit (ten days) and I am excited to see him for at least an hour. Who are we kidding…he’s here for his girlfriend.

"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." #treehugger…:

Run on…

I swear there are kittens here and they are SO worth it. Really.

These are the kittens I tried to show you guys yesterday but they wouldn’t cooperate! And they look like sweet angels, figures they’re rebels at heart…not showin’ up and all. And if you can’t see kittens YOU HAVE TO TELL ME. Sean and I have been trying to get these guys to work for two days. We finally get them to work and then I’ll pop on and…nothin’. And let me tell you..it’s worth it. I laugh and laugh. And then they don’t work.

I get it. They’re only entertaining to me. But hey…it’s the little things. (love you Holly~miss you.)

Totally worth the wait, though, weren’t they? Seriously, I want to look at this thing all day. It freaking makes me laugh so hard. Also, I want to snuggle them and I want to have BASKET OF KITTENS> Right now.

No Mom. Don’t tell me the downside of BASKET OF KITTENS> No one wants to know that. Now is NOT THE TIME FOR PRACTICAL.

Every once in a while the question comes up about what I’m writing on the blog. I’m not trying to be rude here…it is my blog and even though I have some readers (ahem…a ¬†few..there’s a few of you guys out there) I am pretty careful about what I write.¬†If all the readers ran screaming from the internet out of sheer boredom and I was the only one left to read what I wrote I¬†would…well…I’d still write ’cause I like it. I¬†am only writing about my own issues and¬†really they aren’t that exciting. Did I run today? Why didn’t I run today? Maybe tomorrow I’ll run farther… and why oh why can’t they make a better gluten free cupcake? #sowrong There is no room for drama in my head or my world. I’m not writing about anyone else and I’m not out to create drama. If I have something on my mind I’ll probably jot some notes about it. Don’t read too much into it. Dollars to donuts it’s not about you. I’ve never been one for drama but it seems to find me anyway. As I get older I like dealing with it less and less.¬†And by older I mean…seriously. Hours are counting here…Not just years but days and hours. No drama. Just joy.

All joy.
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Saturday Sean, Shaughnessy and I went downtown to march in Denver’s portion of the Women’s March and it felt amazing to be part of something so incredible and clearly so important. This administration is a giant black cloud over our country. We have to keep marching until we’re heard and great changes happen. We’re not just marching to make noise. There are MILLIONS of us for good reason. We are, as Shaughnessy is so fond of saying, on the right side of history here.


I had so much to say about this but the events of Sunday kind of… deflated me.~ And thus the worst WORST migraine. My doctor gave me a new drug so I took that in an attempt to really kick it out since I had a new job starting Monday and yeah…that was a giant fail. It was awful. Thus worst migraine ever and I had to function first day on the job with the stupid migraine. It sucked.~ We just need to remember to keep the momentum going. He has already, in his first week, created much havoc and done horrible damage. ¬†Let’s keep fighting the important and good fight.¬†

T.I.s don't get the luxury of partying, this can be used to make you appear to be a addict and very easy to kill and call it an overdose, T.I.s also don't have the luxury of snapping, being aggressive or down, all will be used to make you appear unstable. it sucks ass but so does being a T.I. its NOT fair but if you don't take care of you who will?:


Surgery is scheduled¬†for Feb 2nd. ¬†Did I already tell you guys that? I am super ready for this to happen. Do you know I have felt lousy for like…a year? ¬†A YEAR. I am so ready to feel better. I can’t believe it took so long to figure it out. I tormented multiple doctors. I slept a LOT. I cried. I researched. I felt completely inadequate at … everything.

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I’ve had zero ability or time to run between sleeping, migraines and my new job. But I have a little more than a week to run and I’m going to put in a few more days before I’m out for the next six weeks. Six weeks…sob. I did get the Shrine of Cabrini steps in on Sunday…I did them twice. I couldn’t run (my head hurt too much to run) but the steps felt great. My legs hurt…way hurt in a good way on Monday. The best kind of hurt.

I-ll be happy if running and I can grow old together:

Run on…



Sundays are the best family day.

We had a great day on Sunday with the kids. Shaughnessy and Adam decided not to leave town after all, mostly because there were no cabins available on short enough notice and they needed somewhere to sleep. So they stayed and came to breakfast Sunday morning with us. It was great. We ate ourselves sick and laughed and talked and skyped with MT and had a ridiculously good time.

Theboy was not so cheerful but he’d been up pretty late so he was struggling to be appropriately happy. It was a lot of work for him.

I did manage to get some pictures.

dsc_0353   dsc_0367

dsc_0350  dsc_0349
these two pictures are best viewed together… LOL…this is when we were talking to MT ūüôā

I snapped a photo of MT and they all made fun of me because I could have taken a screen shot. But I thought it would be FUNNIER if I took a picture of it! They have no sense of humor. 

dsc_0363   dsc_0369
Theboy’s monster. And the best photo I got of him all day. He hid from me.
One more…because I love her.
Also, I know the photos are blurry…I am always really sensitive about trying to get a photo quickly because they don’t like to take them and their patience is at a minimum so sometimes I snap too quick and you see the results. They are out of focus. I post them anyway because I love their faces. I need to slow down and make them stand there. I’m working on it. I really do know how, it’s the patience thing.

I spent the rest of the day talking about really cool future possibilities and Halloween parties. It was good. Today I’m thinking about tightening up the organization in my kitchen and shopping for Halloween parties. It’s a lot.

G and I ran/walked our 6 miles this morning. She is moving in a week and we’ll be much further from our favorite running spot so we’ll have to figure out a new workout space. We’re making good use of our last week. It felt really good to wake up and get it done so early.

Now I’m cleaning, listing, showering, panicking (so much to do) and¬†getting stuff done.

Image result for Charlie Brown family quotes
Image result for workout quotes

Run on…

When you royally screw up as a parent.

Yesterday was Shaughnessy’s birthday party and I totally¬†broke her heart.

It was only for a minute but I don’t think I can ever do that again.

It was a calculated move and it backfired on me.

We have a thing with Shaughnessy. She does NOT like to know what her gift is early. She likes to be surprised. So we carry it out until the last second.

Well, truly the only thing on her list this year was a telescope. It’s her current passion. She has it on her Pinterest wish list and Adam and I batted it around for awhile back and forth before he generously offered to let us get it for her. It really did feel like more of a “everyone got this” gift because it’s what everyone wanted to do. It’s all she wanted.

She opened a myriad of other gifts before she got to our gifts, ¬†but we had left the main gift, the telescope, in the car. It was HUGE. I mean…huge. It’s 34 pounds so add packaging to that. It’s 35″ high so imagine packaging with that. It was very large. I wrapped it but nevertheless she would know as soon as she saw it and I wanted her to enjoy everything else and then get to it.

She opened all the gifts and when she got to ours there was a box with boots.¬†Theboy grabbed it¬†and I made a joke he should be careful because that was breakable. I mean…it was a smaller box but maybe it was a small telescope, you know? She opened it and out came…boots.

And her face. Oh man.

She had no interest in boots. None. Zero. Zilch.

All the gifts were lovely. I’m sure the boots were nice but all she wanted was the telescope. Oh her face. I don’t think I’ll ever get it out of my head. She tried to cover but I could tell. Of course, she didn’t know there was another gift right? But that moment of sad was so there. I’ll never do that again.¬†

Next time that giant box is coming straight through the front door first thing.

I immediately sent Sean out to the car. I couldn’t get the box in the house fast enough. I wished I could beam it in.

Yes, the night was saved but she confirmed her heart had fallen. And I felt like the meanest person in the world.

Moms don’t do that.

So I won’t be doing that ever again. I can’t tell you how awful it felt. She had a bad day anyway so it was just all of it piled on top of that and it obviously got so much better but what a terrible moment.

It all ended well, she loves the telescope. That sucker is waaayyyy bigger than any of us expected it to be. Holy smokes. She’s headed to the mountains today to look at the planets and play with it and life just doesn’t get much better than that, now does it?

Lessons learned. Funny. My kid is 29 years old and I’m still learning parenting lessons.

I need more fingers for the number of times I’ve screwed up. Sad but true. Sheesh. Fingers. I think you can safely say can count my screw ups with an abacus. Many many times over.

But not on purpose and that’s what counts. On the bright side I got caught up in a Reddit thread of terrible things parents have said and done to their kids and now that I’m thoroughly depressed I can honestly say I’m not nearly that terrible and my kids know I am madly in love with them.

Be a better parent and learn.

Love your face, Shaughnessy Lynn. Bonus Theboy in the background.




Um…it’s 81* in Colorado today. Anyone else wondering where Fall/winter is? I mean..I’m not rushing it but it’s so weird. yeah yeah. Global warming. But still, so weird.

I’m going to go run later because HOT (yes, I’m a wuss) and of course, groceries. And so SO much to do for next week’s Halloween madness. Not the least of which is costume making, Car decorating, Snack producing and so so much more. Good Lord you’d think I had little kids again.



I have bits and pieces of Sean today. He’s taking a class, working and just over extending himself in general but occasionally I get to see him. It’s my favorite. ūüôā

I am off to the store…food for tomorrow you know.


Really REALLY interesting article on NPR.

Leading Psychosis Expert To His Students: To Avoid Risk, Hold Off On Pot Til 30


Okay…on that note, have a beautiful Saturday. I know it’s 3 o’clock. I’ve been busy. Don’t judge me.

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run on…

Proof that grilled cheese sandwiches are always always good no matter what

  • This just happened in my kitchen:
    Sean decided to make himself a grilled cheese sandwich. There was leftover melted butter. I made popcorn. I know, it’s random. He put some down on the pan and the bread on top of it. I watched because…that’s not the way I make grilled cheese but why not? Then the cheese. Then more bread. Then he lifted it up and put more butter down but the pan was hot. Electric stove you know.¬†¬†It popped and snapped from the butter hitting the hot pan. ¬†He flipped it. Then…the critical mistake. He stepped outside to throw something away and spent too much time out there and while he was out there…Rome burned. He ran in, grabbed the pan, cursed and cursed again. Full disclosure, I had stopped watching. I mean…paint drying, sandwiches cooking. That sort of thing. He got out the trash can and I thought…come ON. It’s not gone forever.¬†It still has LIFE!! Let it fulfill it’s destiny!¬†I hopped up and got the cheese out of the fridge reassuring him there was TOTALLY more cheese to put on it, just butter another piece of bread! ¬†Instead…he scraped the burnt crusties off the sandwich.
    Yick. Flashbacks of my mom doing that. Full disclosure I’ve done it with my kids in an emergency but only when it’s the LAST PIECE OF BREAD AND THEY MUST HAVE TOAST RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWMUSTHAVETOAST. But it gives me the heebie jeebies. Do what you gotta do. I told him there was a whole wad ‘o cheese left and he cracked up laughing and spent the next two minutes saying “wadda cheese…wadda cheese”
    I think he lost it. 
    Then he ate his scraped sandwich…sans the wadda cheese.
    This is my life.
  • We went to breakfast this morning and had a hilarious time with the kids. I never get pictures. I know they’d all roll they’re eyes but I SO want pictures! They are all so pretty. I was totally able to steal one of Theboy though. He was watching funny cat videos (how funny is THAT?) on youtube with Shaughnessy’s phone and laughing seriously out loud.
    IMG_20160828_112213586_HDR          IMG_20160828_112228832
    Ugh. I am truly enamored by this little boy. I could just steal him. But I don’t HAVE TO. Because he’s nearly mine. HA. Babe loves you Littleman.
  • I’ve been tearing apart my bathroom (a spur of the moment choice that is sure to uproot our lives¬†for at least a week. My husband loves me so much.) so I didn’t run. Wait…did that keep me from running? No. It was the 95* that kept me from running. We were on the surface of the sun. That’s it. I knew it was something like that. Whatever happened to a proper forecast? The temps are supposed to be 87* for a high. It ends up being 96*. What the hell? How can it be THAT OFF? It was that way all summer. I don’t get it. The climate is chaos. CHAOS I TELL YOU!
  • I wrote the previous stuff last night and this morning it’s hot and I refuse to run in the heat. The irony is it’s only 75* but you know when you run it’s going to feel like 85* and we’re in Denver so we’re practically sitting on the sun so…no. Instead I’m stripping wallpaper and working on my bathroom. And taking drugs because my head hurts. I’ll run later because I really want to. I found this t shirt and I think I need it:
    Running Sucks - Unisex
    If you can’t read it, it says “Running sucks (the evil from my soul)”¬†and you can find it HERE¬†¬†along with many many other fabulous running items. I don’t generally like running stuff but sometimes you come across a site like Sarah Marie Design Studio that just speaks to you. This one does.
  • Check out this OUTSIDE Magazine article on Squats. It’s so good. squats, done properly are so good for you and really important.

    5 Ways to Upgrade Your Squats

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Run on…and be brave

Happy International Women’s Day 2016~

The World Is My Playground - housewifeswag: Happy International Women’s Day:

I use this quote every year. Every year I look at pages of amazing quotes and every year I get stopped on this one because I can honestly say I did this. Thank you, God, for a beautiful, smart, talented, strong daughter. Thank you. I knew the moment I had her she had greatness in her and she proves that every day with her spunk and sass. She continuously inspires me.

Happy International Women’s Day~


Run on…

Sweet Listing…<3

1.Trick or Treating with Shaughnessy and theboy #somuchcute

2.getting projects done #itsabouttime

3. Lunch with Andrea = shoe shopping #notoftenenough #canIhavenewbootswiththatsalad

4. Hunt for Red October on television. Sean Conley and Sean Connery..same, right? #truelovespylove


5. New audiobook from Audible. #cantbuyjustone #betterstopattwo

6. drugs when you need them #migraineshateme #drugsaremyfriend

7. health insurance #gratefulevergrateful

8. Skittles #tastetherainbow Although in all fairness I did find individual Gummies clearanced at Target. Sad day that they are clearanced but at least I got them cheap! I bought 15 of them. I’d like to go back and buy 15 more.

9. theboy teaching all of us to “be brave” #thisboy


10. running in the most amazing fall season with the leaves and the temps and the mountains and the joy #thankyoucolorado

11. Love this special on The History Channel about Alcatraz and the escape of Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin in 1962. ¬†The big question…did John and Clarence really die in the escape or did they successfully escape and survive for years afterward possibly still being alive today. There are photos and DNA and exhuming of bodies. I don’t know if they come to any conclusions…I haven’t seen the end. But so far…it’s very good. I’m biased. I love anything having to do with Alcatraz. #swimboysswim #prisonaintnofun #islandliving

12. Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. It’s a little hard core so I don’t consider it the Bible or anything but it has an amazing amount of information in it. Also a 21 day cleanse that I may do just to feel good.¬†It seems to be remarkably similar to how I regularly eat so I don’t think it’ll be too horribly painful.¬†#eatingclean #momentofsilenceforskittles

13. Qdoba when I have the worst migraine. Sean to go get it for me. Sleep. It makes a bad day better. #mexicanfoodforever #iliveforsalsa


Run on…