best laid plans.

A day that I thought would go different than it did. I planned, I scheduled and at the end of the day I thought…at last I run.

This day was so long. I drove to Colorado Springs and then all over Denver and didn’t get home until ridiculously late.  A day of driving, a day of talking, I’m spent. I’ve been “on” far too long.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to turn off until 10:00pm and by then there was no heading out the door for a nice relaxing run. We were well into the  scary dark hours of the night by then.
Sean had gone out for a bike ride and I was jealous. He came in from his ride so happy I was seriously overcome with pure jealousy. Although I was also pretty damn happy for him because he loves to ride. But… I wanted to be out running. 

I just fixed him a burger and went to bed.

I’m just being sad because I missed my run, don’t listen to me. This is what happens after two many days of a missed workout.
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We keep hearing about Democratic senators belief we’re in a “constitutional crisis” and that the president is making dangerous decisions and needs to be fully investigated by independent special prosecutors. 

Could we MAYBE get a Republican on board? Are we so split that the Republicans refuse to admit the insanity the whole world can see? Can the Republicans, if they do agree with this please LOUDLY and from the rooftops proclaim it?? 

I mean come ON…
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I have a quick doctor appt today and then I’m going to figure out a workout because if I don’t get a little sweat on I’m going to have a little crying meltdown.

Short and sweet today, I’m running late. There’s a doctor out there that’s just waiting to put 30+ shots in my skull…

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Run on…

Hiking is my complete second favorite thing…

I am so late today. I know you guys are thinking…nope. You’re always late. But I’m trying to be all on time and everything. So my new time management seems to be working well, eh?

That’s me trying to be Canadian, eh?

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I was late getting everything done today.  I have a migraine kind of kicking my butt (it’s really low grade…my standards have changed so much) and I blame the wind … I’ve been blessedly migraine free since my Botox but as soon as the wind showed up the migraine did, too. Seems to work like that.

Learn something new everyday.

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I went to Evergreen on Friday to look at restaurants for the wedding rehearsal dinner. It was a long drive and I left really late in the afternoon so I ended up just taking my time and listening to my podcasts while I drove. Some errands are just going to be labor intensive so you might as well make them as enjoyable as possible.

While I was there I visited a few art galleries (oh my heart), souvenir stores (tiny t-shirts!) and a chef who took me into his kitchen to see his fresh salmon (let me show you my etchings!). It was my first kitchen…wink 😉

Considering the long drive and the crazy ass ridiculous traffic (unavoidable rush hour) it wasn’t terrible. I enjoy spending the day hanging around touristy places by myself just allowing myself to go into any store I want. That kind of day doesn’t come very often. I did miss Sean though.

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Sunday Sean and I wet hiking at Matthews/Winters Park.  It’s a beautiful mix of technical and flat, up and downhills with great views of Red Rocks. I’m not sure how far we hiked but when I go about four or five miles my legs start to ache enough  with DOMS telling me I can justify stopping now. I don’t have to but I can if I want. Sean’s Garmin recorded a whopping 3.2 miles which sounds a little pathetic for a tough workout but hey, I guess I’ll take it. Still in recovery, right?

Today the wind (which was seriously…SERIOUSLY…blowing, did I mention that?) went all night and all day. It was supposedly a high of 51* but it felt like 30* and I was sure I’d morphed into an 87 year old war veteran with war wounds who felt every ache and pain with the weather. I woke up this morning and felt everything. My whole self has ached all day. It’s so weird.

I blame the wind. All day, I blame the wind. Have I mentioned I blame the wind?

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I finally got my business blog up and running…it will publish on Mondays and it’s another positive business approach.
I need to figure out graphics. Dang if I could figure out graphics.

There is SO much to do and I don’t know how to do any of it so I’m learning all the steps.
I spend a lot of time at the computer.

I joined NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers, and yes, there is one) and that requires hours and hours and hours of videos and I will tell you it’s ridiculously boring. And it is ridiculously expensive. But it’s totally worth it.
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I’m going to try and work in a few more hikes than I’ve been getting, now that the weather is improving and I’m going to be cleared to be…normal in just a mere week. A WEEK!!!!

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and another one in a week and then I’m DONE for a very very very long time jump around in excitement be excited you know you’re excited because we’re over doctors even though we love them we’re over them…#runonsentences #antipunctuation #itsallroutine

MT is coming home this week for a short visit before he starts eight months of school and I am ready to see him, even if it’s hit and miss. It’s been a few weeks of kid withdrawal. It’ll be good to see one of my kids.

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Run on…