even celebrities get it.

  • So…Mandy Moore from This is Us has Celiac disease. This could be big. OR…it could totally screw us. Depends on how she handles it. Either way it definitely draws attention to the disease. Jennifer Esposito is nothing to sneeze at but This is Us is currently one of the biggest shows out there so Mandy Moore is a big name to have.
    Image result for name dropper gif
  • My friend, Amy, and her husband and son are coming to town today. They’ve been touring Colorado on vacation and I’m super excited to get to hang with her while she’s here. We’re supposed to run together on Wednesday and I hope she likes running at ridiculously early hours of the morning or late at night because Girl it’s supposed to be 96* and I don’t run in that heat so it’s either in the morning dark or in the evening dark. Meanwhile, we’re going to dinner tonight at Beau Jo’s because Beau Jo’s is TOTALLY Colorado and also I can eat gluten free there. It’ll be fun to meet her.
    Image result for my friends gif
  • I sit at the counter next to the sliding glass door to type on the computer. The door is open most of the day leaving the possibility for anyone to come in. Including 8 legged creatures. And they do come in. Every few weeks I’ll find a visitor on the counter or on the wall next to me. You’d think I’d move. Sometimes I sit at my desk, it depends on my mood. Tonight, it was midnight and I was sitting at the counter and there on the wall next to me was a spider just climbing up the wall. I decided I would be a grown up. I would take care of it. I  get my notebook and I stand up so I can get a better angle and it FALLS OFF THE WALL AND IS NOW ANYWHERE IT’S ANYONE’S GUESS WHERE IT IS PANIC PANIC AND I SCREAM BECAUSE….
    well, because that’s what I do when I am startled by a spider. It’s super helpful. Sean slowly comes downstairs. I describe the offender. He finds it on the floor and takes care of it with my notebook and heads back to bed. I ask him if he laughs when he hears the scream or rolls his eyes. He said he just sighs.
    Life  with me. Poor guy.
    Image result for heavy sigh gif
  • I think I’m overmedicated for my thyroid. It’s just a guess but my eye is twitching and the last time that happened it was my thyroid. I’m pretty over it. Between that and the Celiac exhaustion I just want to close my eyes and sleep for three days. I’m self adjusting to see if it helps.
    Image result for so tired gif
  • We Put 6 Top Leggings Brands To The Test—Here’s The Verdict
    I really appreciate someone else doing the work on this. I’m not a fan of leggings (I know!) but occasionally they make a really cute outfit. I 99.9% of the time would never wear them to Target as part of my ~just finished my workout and needed to make a quick stop~ outfit. It’s happened but it’s not my favorite. I agree with her entire assessment so I’ll be scoping out Athleta for a nice pair, to include shorts. Athleta sells my favorite shorts I bought earlier this year and sticker shock sent me returning them. I’m totally sorry I did because the shorts I bought instead at Ann Taylor (usually a favorite store) are truly terrible. Less than half the cost, I hate them completely and never ever wear them. I should have paid the gasp price and bought the pair I would wear every day.

Things I have to have in a pair of leggings:
1. no shine
2. enough thickness to not see through but not too thick
3. enough spandex to grip and hold so the leggings feel like they are actually doing something.

  • This Map Shows How Much People Spend On Wedding Gifts In Each State
    Obviously this is an average, the article makes it clear you can start at a much lower amount and there are many factors to be considered in the gift giving. And of course the real point is your presence at the day of. That’s the most important thing. 
  • It’s 94* today and I don’t want to play anymore.  I want fall. I’m going to HIIT>
    There's no better feeling than finishing a really brutal workout. That feeling when you've gone through a truly hard and brutal workout. That's probably the BEST feeling in the world! www.gymquotes.co
    Run on…

I’ve been married longer than a lot of you have even been alive.

Thirty one YEARS, Baby.

Image result for that's a long time gif
Yes, it’s my annual ~holy cow it’s my anniversary again and I LOVE THIS DAY~post. Sorry you have to put up with it.

Not that it’s a contest or anything but if it is..we’re winning.
Image result for winning gif
Image result for winning gif

Being married is every day life. It’s not hopping off to Mexico or taking cruises. It’s working and paying the bills and putting up with good moods and bad moods and vet appointments and everything that comes with life.

Image result for that's a long time gif

But we’ve taken a few vacations and I have to tell you if you asked me what my favorite moments with my husband are they would not be in San Francisco (although that was a great trip) and they wouldn’t be in NYC (although damn, that was a great weekend, too)…they’d be the moments when we’re hanging out in the kitchen watching television and eating take out and laughing and talking about our day. Or when we’re sitting in his office just hanging out…

I can’t say he’s changed my life, instead I have to say he is my life. He’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve lived with him longer than anyone else and he was the best decision I ever made. When he asked me to marry him four days after meeting me (at the age of 19) I know everyone was nervous and thought we were both unhinged. He will probably tell you I was the only impulse decision he ever made and after that he started REALLY thinking things over because damn that one bit him. But I just laugh it off because I am charming and delightful and he is as lucky to have me as I am to have him. He doesn’t say that but I read his mind.

Image result for that's a long time gif
I never ever get tired of him. I am absolutely certain I’m a high maintenance pain in the ass even though I try SO hard not to be. He is the kindest, most thoughtful person to live with.  I’m always his first thought in everything he does. He’s not perfect. He gets lost in thought and stops listening. He’s got adult ADHD pretty bad so he’s very focused or...squirrel. He’s forgotten more holidays than he’s remembered and when he does remember them it’s usually the day of. But the things he does every single day remind me that he loves me. I am incredibly lucky and I know this. There hasn’t been a single day I have doubted making this choice.


Also, I was ridiculously unmotivated yesterday. I woke up exhausted (how the hell does THAT work?), felt uncomfortable in my own skin, felt uncomfortable in everything I wore and just couldn’t get the energy to work out. My head didn’t like me and I couldn’t think straight.
Image result for get motivated gif

I walked the dog and took a detour home so I ended up getting about three miles in but that’s the sum total.

Planks done, wall sits done and that’s that.

Today I’m going to run. Because I want to. I don’t know what else I’ll do but that for sure is getting done because that is my priority. It’s going to be like…80* and could that be more beautiful?

I love perfect days.

Today is the Perfect Day To Be Happy - printable quote 8x10 / happy mint nursery art print / positive print for kid's room / watercolor:

Every day is the perfect day to be happy but today is especially…

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Run on…

I was supposed to live in Boulder, I’m sure of it.

I drove to Boulder yesterday (that place is so beautiful, why can’t I live there??) for a meeting and I figured while I was there I could pick up some new Newton’s and have lunch with my beautiful daughter. She takes selfies but I get eye rolls if I ask. So I steal them. 😉

Traffic did not love me and I ended up truly stuck in the middle of the morning for far too long. Late to lunch and enjoying my kid’s time for a bit too long and before I knew it I had run out of time to stop and buy shoes. Sad, too, since I was just a block away from the store. I was so close! I waved to it as I walked by.
Image result for goodbye gif

We enjoyed our lunch at Shine, as usual, because it’s healthy, gluten free, amazing food and really great service. Okay, today the service was kind of iffy but hey, it was bound to happen,right? Also, I forgot to say plain burger so it came loaded with fried onions (yuck yuck doubleyuck) so I had to take those off. It was not a crisis. I spent my childhood scraping things off food.

Don’t let anyone tell you ketchup and mustard can just be “scraped off”.

Image result for they are so wrong gif

It cannot. I am totally on your side.


Then I used my new iphone to find the address of the meeting I was supposed to be at. Except my googlemaps said…address doesn’t exist. Now I’m ten minutes late, I’ve been working through this phone for twenty minutes and address doesn’t exist.

Image result for what the hell gif

Yes, that’s right. I was talking to the little man inside the iphone. No, I don’t talk to Siri. I talk to the little man I’m CERTAIN is inside the phone NOT ANSWERING ME.

I spent another few minutes playing with it until it finally randomly decided it did in fact know where the address was.

It was not stressful at all.

By the time I got home I seriously had to use the restroom, I had been lost more than I had been found and I did not feel good. I slept.

Image result for i need a nap gif

Today we are having a blizzard.
yes, you heard that right. A blizzard. So I’m not sure what I’m doing. I thought today would be a great day to start a plank challenge…

You know you want to. Doesn’t everyone start plank challenges on the 18th of the month?

I think a 5 minute plank sounds like a whole lot of ouch but hey…I’m willing to try. The longest I’ve ever gone is 2.5 minutes so I’d like to give it a try and at least get up to 3 minutes.

Wall sits.
Push ups.
All things that need a good amount of work. I think I’ll work on that today.

start where you are:

Dream big.
Image result for workout motivation
Run on…

The day after Valentine’s day- Redemption…did you forget?

  • Because I have had many many day when things don’t go like the movies (and why the hell not, I ask sarcastically), I offer you redemption days. Like birthdays… you have the whole rest of the week to redeem yourself because I’m certain some of you have not done well this week. And really, yes, you have all year to step up and tell your significant others how much you love them (the main argument against Valentine’s Day ::eyeroll:: Becuase you’re all so awesome about THAT) but who really does that? I mean..really?  So don’t be a schmuck and do it. Step up and take ONE DAY and spend a little extra time or money or both and make sure your “other” knows you think he or she is spectacular. If you screwed this up…the rest of the week is your make up work. It’s for those people who didn’t do well on the test. 
  •  Sean struggles with this day. Who knew? Did I mention he’s cute?

    I mean…it’s MY FAVORITE DAY. I freaking decorate for this day. Tastefully..don’t worry. I write about it. I talk about it. And still come Valentine’s Day…he’s surprised. “Um…you got me a card?”  Um…yes. I always get you a card. I always do something. It’s that day. Geez Dude. I had to go run some errands and while I was gone…THEN he went to the store breaking every rule I’ve ever told him (okay, not every rule). NEVER go to the grocery store the evening of Valentine’s Day and get me grocery store flowers and a lame card because by then nothing is left and it’s clearly last minute and duh…you know I know you forgot me. I’d WAY rather you give me a sticky note that says something really nice on it. Well he felt bad and while I was gone he went to the store and got me grocery store flowers and a lame card. And I mean…I harassed him. The card says “you’re the best!”. thank you? He also got me Starburst jelly beans which may or may not have been produced in a factory that cross contaminates with wheat. Juries across the board on the internet are out on that one but mostly seem good so I’m eating them. It’s a very low risk but I wanted them. He said he weighed his options and figured he’d be in less trouble if he went to the store on Valentine’s evening than if he did nothing. I’ll be honest and say that was a bigger risk than the jelly beans. But it was cute and I forgive. Mostly because I liked him anyway.
  • On a side note…I told him WEEKS ago he was buying me something and he was off the hook…

    Her name is “Heavy Heart” and the sculptor is Lorri Acott. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. It totally sums up what I’m feeling right now in the midst of this political crisis. Just heavy hearted. I have her on a shelf sitting next to my dad’s picture though…so that’s appropriate, too. She fills lots of spaces in my life. But she’s pretty so that’s okay. She needs a name. Another buyer referred to  their sculpture as a “him” and I thought…oh yeah. theirs does look kind of like a him but mine…she’s definitely a girl. Lorri included the following information…“The long legs and the big feet symbolize one’s ability to rise above life’s challenges. The cracks seen on the surface refer to the fragility within each one of us. The experience of being human sometimes includes carrying around a heavy heart.” Lorri donated part of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood and that’s when I figured there is seriously no good reason to deprive myself.
    It was kind of expensive and he was off the hook (in other words…just a card was fine, acknowledge me… and he’d be good. Dollars to donuts he forgot. I haven’t reminded him. LOL. If he read my blog he’d know this. hahahaa.
    evil laugh
  • I do not like the flavor “watermelon”. I do enjoy the fruit…watermelon. But the flavor…not my favorite. Problem of the day…when all of your jelly beans are red but one flavor isn’t your favorite…how to pick that flavor out so you don’t eat it…it’s a struggle for sure.
    Image result for my life is hard for sure. gif
    I really don’t. Just the watermelon jelly beans
  • You know when you’re driving down the road and your water bottle hits the floor just out of reach and rolls all over the car whacking itself against the different sides slowly driving you insane and each time it wacks you think…I have GOT to remember to get that water bottle and then when you stop you forget to get the water bottle until the next time you are driving and you turn a corner and WHACK the damn water bottle goes again…
    Image result for it's driving me crazy gif
  • Valentine for my knitting friends out there…
  • I had lunch with Miss Andrea yesterday and four hours later she tipped the waiter a little extra for refilling our drinks so many times and for being so nice as we sat there for so long. At least this time we were in the restaurant. One time we had lunch and then sat in her car for six hours. Nope…not kidding. We are ridiculous. We talk about husbands, Valentine’s Day (she makes meatloaf with a heart in ketchup on it…bleah, I legitimately have never had this … unless my mom made it and I blocked it out), kids, politics, books, traveling, running, your hair is so cute, you get the gist. What we all talk about.
    Image result for girl talk gif
    our version of this is…how many pair of black loafers do you OWN, Andrea?
  • It’s a gorgeous day today so I’m going to walk the dog and then walk myself and then run my really REALLY exciting errands. You know you’re jealous. YOU KNOW you are.
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    Run on…

Sundays are the best family day.

We had a great day on Sunday with the kids. Shaughnessy and Adam decided not to leave town after all, mostly because there were no cabins available on short enough notice and they needed somewhere to sleep. So they stayed and came to breakfast Sunday morning with us. It was great. We ate ourselves sick and laughed and talked and skyped with MT and had a ridiculously good time.

Theboy was not so cheerful but he’d been up pretty late so he was struggling to be appropriately happy. It was a lot of work for him.

I did manage to get some pictures.

dsc_0353   dsc_0367

dsc_0350  dsc_0349
these two pictures are best viewed together… LOL…this is when we were talking to MT 🙂

I snapped a photo of MT and they all made fun of me because I could have taken a screen shot. But I thought it would be FUNNIER if I took a picture of it! They have no sense of humor. 

dsc_0363   dsc_0369
Theboy’s monster. And the best photo I got of him all day. He hid from me.
One more…because I love her.
Also, I know the photos are blurry…I am always really sensitive about trying to get a photo quickly because they don’t like to take them and their patience is at a minimum so sometimes I snap too quick and you see the results. They are out of focus. I post them anyway because I love their faces. I need to slow down and make them stand there. I’m working on it. I really do know how, it’s the patience thing.

I spent the rest of the day talking about really cool future possibilities and Halloween parties. It was good. Today I’m thinking about tightening up the organization in my kitchen and shopping for Halloween parties. It’s a lot.

G and I ran/walked our 6 miles this morning. She is moving in a week and we’ll be much further from our favorite running spot so we’ll have to figure out a new workout space. We’re making good use of our last week. It felt really good to wake up and get it done so early.

Now I’m cleaning, listing, showering, panicking (so much to do) and getting stuff done.

Image result for Charlie Brown family quotes
Image result for workout quotes

Run on…

It’s the Prettiest Little Thing and Craigslist is My Friend.

So yesterday, after being released from the prison of my own mind, also known as the house I was trapped in while my husband felt the need to go to work and be completely unable to leave while I had no vehicular structure (bitter much? yes please) for a few days,  I bought this adorable cabinet on Craigslist from this darling girl in theneighboring town of Lafayette.

It’s very very very far away.

Okay, it’s not so far I have to go to Boulder but it’s far enough I might as well have gone to Boulder AND…(long drawn out AND…) I had to drive on the NEW toll road and I don’t have the NEW toll pass I only have a toll pass for the regular toll road.

What’s that you say? Why do we have two different toll roads? Because I’m pretty certain the people that build and sell the rights to our roads are thieving drunkards. That’s the answer.

I digress.


Isn’t it seriously the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  Yup. I love it.


I put it in my bathroom and it’s SO adorable (and here it is in my bathroom) but all you can really see is storage and toilet paper. Still cute though!!!



What a great video! Check out this golf video (I know, golf, but trust me, it’s worth it. So much better than watching people punch each other. This was just great. It’s the little things.


Usain Bolt is still the most awesome person. Best video ever. Hilarious.


I’m off to walk, run and maybe bike today. Who knows. Gotta move, right?

Oh and of course…laundry.

Cause that’s my life.

jealous shannen doherty 80s heathers

I have a few friends that have the MOST amazing Instagram photos of their daily rides, runs and daily walks that keep them fit and beautiful.

This is not my life. WHERE DO THEY LIVE?

I mean…come ON. I live in Colorado.


We live in one of the most beautiful states in the country and my runs do not look like that.

I’m here to protest.

Image result for where's mine gif

I'll have what she's having GIF - harry met sally GIFs

Why don’t I live on the West side of Colorado? *add to my list: move


67 Inspirational And Motivational Quotes You're Going To Love:


Run on…

Adventures and pictures and wisdom, oh my. Possibly light on the wisdom.

I’m watching the men’s marathon in the Olympics. I know. I should be going to church but no.I decided to watch the marathon.

Oh my Lord that race was incredible.

I’m a heathen today. Judge not and all that jazz.


Sean and I went to the Shrine of Cabrini yesterday and I could have spent the whole day sitting on the bench in the meditation garden. It was such a lovely day and the crowds were non existent. But there was a wedding and we got to see a tater tot ring bearer in a three piece tux. I made plans to steal him.
Sean and I always go into the chapel and light candles for family and say prayers. Yesterday I went to the notebook and read some of the guests requests for prayers. Most are in Spanish but some are English and I figure I can say an extra prayer, you know? Any extra help and all that.

I began turning through the book and scrolling the written requests.  I happened on a short prayer in very shaken and scribbled print. It  simply and desperately said he drinks too much and he needs help at work. It was so powerful I immediately started crying and said a prayer.

That one is sticking with me.


I will say that driving to these places is always an adventure. And no, it’s not just because my husband is driving. Why is people choose to go 30mph in a 40mph zone? And if ALL the traffic is consistently going 55mph and the speed limit is 65mph you KNOW there’s a cop within two miles of you…somewhere. And if I’m up ahead and I see a posse of cars really really far behind me…I do a self check. Cop? School zone? construction? Fire truck? What am I missing? How is it all of these cars are a full city block behind me and going slow and I’m up here? Something must be wrong. It’s unsettling when you can’t figure it out.

From Cabrini we went to Red Rocks where we found a great hiking trail and spent a good portion of the day exploring that and then we met Alex and Megan for dinner at The Morrison Inn in…Morrison. I know, shocking. It’s a Mexican restaurant and Sean an I like to go there. It’s not awesome but it’s good and they people are always REALLY nice. The most important thing is…I don’t get sick when I eat there. So there’s that.

We managed to get a good probably 6 or 7 miles in by the end of the day, a day well spent workin’ our butts off, eating good food and enjoying family. The best.
can you imagine how pretty this would be with a good camera?  I know…

Can you imagine how pretty this would….wait. He’s already pretty. 😉  Nevermind.


Check this guy out:

People Are Thirsting Hard After This Grandpa And His Subway Pole Tricks

This guy is 68 years old. Seriously.


I’m off to play now. Sean is working and studying and I have to get dog food and then do something that challenges me. It’s my goal. I’ll keep you posted. I do have information but I haven’t decided when or where or how to share it. Not to be cryptic but I don’t have all of it yet so I’m waiting until more comes through.

Meanwhile…challenging myself.

OH and…holy cow the Pikes Peak Ascent looks AMAZING. I wanna.

Run on…

I have no heart. Cold as ice. Mostly.

  • Dominos Pizza to the rescue…best story ever.
  • 31 People Who Are Really Nailing This Whole Marriage Thing.  I love it. Also..#13 is hilarious and totally my favorite. Coincidence that it’s #13?…I think not.
  • Kind Bars get their Healthy Label back.  Score one for the little guy who fights for his rights.
  • Sean and I joined a closed page for the parents of recruits. Don’t judge me by this moment of honesty but I have to say as much as we miss MT, and we do, I really mostly worried he was in pain and missing us.I don’t like to think of my kid suffering. So when I read the page (ugh, this is the bad part, the part where I hear my mother say “don’t put anything on the internet you don’t want everyone to read” and I do it anyway. Now all the moms are going to hunt me down~momentarily reassured by the fact that I have the smallest blog following ever…I love you guys!)  anyway, when I read the page,  some of these moms can barely get out of bed. They are seriously suffering some kid withdrawal! I have no heart. I am cold cold hearted. This is not a shock. I have said this for years.
    I didn’t suffer when I sent those little buggers (bugger/children…same thing) to kindergarten. They were so happy to go I was happy to let them. And with each step out the door they took I was PROUD of them. Yes, I missed them but my kids have always been so independent I was happy for them and I always just figured I’d done something right.  I always knew they would come back to me so it wasn’t like I was losing them. I enjoyed those steps they took out the door. They were so excited! Okay, to be fair, this time MT wasn’t SUPER excited but you know, he would be. He’d get there. It’ll be worth it.
    The recruit page shows us a calendar of what he’s doing what week and videos of what’s happening so that’s enlightening. Social media. Life isn’t “behind closed doors” anymore.  And I feel pretty good about what’s going on and life for him is busy. He’s busy and tired and he’ll get to us when he has time. Right now his focus is elsewhere. And I know MT, he’s all business.scan0006
    Oh my gosh LOOK AT THAT FACE! You can’t help but love it. Melt. He is SO grown up and always has been. Forgive the quality…it’s a beautiful photo but this is a scanned version from an awkward position in my scanner.
  • I spent the morning on the phone and on email trying to rearrange appointments (with zero success, frustration) so I am going to run later tonight. I have a long list of things to do that MUST be done. I need to get in a good four mile run to feel good tonight. And yes..I’m still in my “if I feel like walking, I will” phase. It’s a lovely place to be and I think I’ll keep myself there as long as I need to. No pressure, just staying comfortable. Because running is for joy and not for pressure. NO PRESSURE>

Run on…and take care of yourself. It’ll feel good inside and out. 

Sweet List >3

It seems like the weeks are flying by and I’m throwing out Sweet Lists as fast as I’m breathing.

  1. Running running running.Not fast or anything but running a lot. I love being out on the road. I do love it.
    Tuesday 2 miles with Malachi run/walking
    Wednesday 5 miles
    Thursday 5 miles
    Friday 3 miles
    Saturday 4 miles walking with Miss Hollie
  2. Sean and I took some time on Saturday to see some of the dogs from the 44th running of the Iditarod. They were at the South Denver campus of CU Boulder. Please note: this is not in Boulder. I figured this out after having my husband drive to Boulder. For those of you who don’t live here…complete opposite sides of the city. Complete opposite. Very very long drives. Good thing he loves me. I clearly didn’t read the entire thing (told you I was a skimmer) but in my defense…who knew there WAS a South campus??  Oh my Lord the moment I realized the address and had to say, “I really hope you love me”.  The dogs were beautiful and we got to meet some amazing rescued wolves who totally stole my heart…Ghost and Waya. Ugh. So pretty. Seriously, Ghost was HUGE and he just laid right down and asked Sean for a belly rub and was so into it..it was hilarious. Beautiful. You can meet them at www.coloradowolfadventures.com.
  3. I have a cold or something. It’s probably allergies but I just don’t feel awesome. I have been running a low grade fever for at least a day. I spent the day sleeping off and on.  Why is this sweet? Because sleeping.
  4. I bought myself a Galloway timer for running to help out with my long runs and now I have a new toy. MT the child (a grown man) is figuring it out as we speak. Not MT the state. Just to clarify for those of you who have mixed that up in the past. I’m talking to you, Ria.
  5. Clementines. Otherwise known as Cuties. Because we love them. And they are sweet. And delicious.
  6. Sean did the taxes yesterday. Who doesn’t love the feeling of having them DONE?  It’s not very hard but still…such a relief to have that done and points for not owing anything. THAT happened a few times. Not too friendly there.
  7. Day 27 of the Whole30…yes Folks…home stretch here. Though I don’t really feel like ~oh thank GOD it’s almost over!~ so I’m not sure how I’ll do at the end. I will give an update.
  8. Friday Night Lights. We’re marathoning it on Netflix and we are hopelessly addicted. Did I already tell you guys that? It’s a wonder we get any sleep at all. As soon as one ends on a cliffhanger moment the next one starts and it takes unbelievable willpower to not go to the next one.
  9. Harry Potter Marathon.  It’s ridiculous. I needed something to watch yesterday when I was working in the kitchen and turned on the tv and there it was….I was hooked. HOOKED> Five movies later and that was it. I missed a few at the beginning but that’s okay because really you can start anywhere and be just as satisfied. #potterforlife
  10. I’m following Ben Davis (@bendoeslife) on Instagram as he walks across the United States. Some of you might remember him as the guy who lost 120 pounds and posted this amazingly inspirational video and created the “Do Life” movement. Well if you continued to follow him then you know…he’s human and he lost everything and had to start from scratch. Wrote a terrible book, married and divorced, gained back all of his weight and did this under the public scrutiny of the internet trolls that are the devil. He tried, he hung in there, he’d come back occasionally and then fail again. But something this time seemed to work. Things are going well and it’s good to watch. I like happy endings and I like to see stories where people are human. So he is posting on Instagram as he walks every day from sea to shining sea. He’s only on day ten and he’s already had a few glitches but he’s handling them well. His mom is scared for him (normal). And he’s afraid of the dark (me too).  Check it out.
  11. I bought a new bag at Ross. I like Ross for bags because they have a million different kinds and they are all very reasonably priced. This one was the best version they had for what I was looking for. It is a BCBG bag which I don’t love but only because it has that giant gold BCBG charm on it. But I’m trying to figure out how I can just cut that sucker off or leave it hanging inside the bag. It’s not that bit of a deal. It’s a great bag. I usually carry very small bags but when I run a lot of errands I need a bigger bag for the paperwork. This fit the bill. But when I got it home I found it came with another bag inside of it. Bonus two bags! That was totally worth the $24.95. Good job, Ross. Good job.
    Reversible Tote with Matching Convertible Bag, 25-55692537, It's two great bags to use together or separately! This bag is reversible and can be worn both ways. The large tote has two shoulder straps with 11" drop. Inside there's a convertible zip-top bag with a removable crossbody/shoulder strap. The zip-top bag has two open pockets and one zipper pocket inside for organization. BCBG Paris, Main View, T360x450source
  12. I’m on a self imposed ~don’t talk to people~ stint and it’s going quite nicely. I bet that sounds quite rude and it’s not meant to. It just means I need some downtime and the downtime is SO lovely. I’m just living in my own head (scary I know) and it’s been really nice to just hang out and be busy and not be crazy. Of course, I’m in my own head so who knows, I could be crazy and I just don’t recognize it.
  13. And the reason this post is so late…Skosh had to have a surgical consult. Yep. Can’t make this little adventure up, can you? But it looks like he’s finally cleared. He’s not 100% yet and he’ll be rehabbing it for the next month before he can go outside but against the odds he does not have to have surgery (think…ramps for cats!). My poor little cat has had a rough experience but he’s doing okay and now he just needs to rest and get better. He’s become far more loving and hangs right next to me more than he ever did before. A blessing in the midst of this unhappy little mess.
    Skosh is sleepin’ on my Sweet List notepad. Definitely not helpful or conducive to getting work done.

I think this day owns me…

  • It is 65* today and freaking beautiful. What do you DO on a beautiful day like this? Well…I could go for a run. Or maybe I’ll go somewhere and have a run. It’s just so pretty. I don’t even know where to put it in my universe. I would love a few weeks of great snow. But for lack of that…we’ll take this. Maybe I’ll run do the incline in Castle Rock.  The baby incline… because I’m too much of a wuss to do the grown up incline right now. Ha.

  • I got to spend the evening with theboy and we played hide and seek with MT and he ate lots of Jello and graham crackers and we watched Dinosaur Train. And I told him he was my favorite but he can’t tell anybody. It’s a secret. Stunningly, he already knew. sigh. I also told him he definitely wasn’t cute anymore and he said, “yes I am”. Dammit. He’s figured me out.
  • Dishwasher saga continues. I KNOW how fascinated you all are by this. I finally bought one last night online at Home Depot. Relatively painless. Soonest three different stores could deliver it was March 1st. So I chose that store. Ugh. So painful. I no longer care except for the gaping hole in my cupboards.

    you think I’m kidding…there was definitely some praying on this one. I’m so over the dishwasher thing. 

  • Run on…and celebrate your soul today. It’s a good day.