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Seek Ye First… there’s the lesson

My day started yesterday with my house flooding.

It ended with my water heating dying.

Everything in between was just as amazing including a spider (no, he wasn’t small) actually crawling across my keyboard.

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I was going to go for a run but insanity (life) intervened and I had to wait until evening. Evening came and it became one thing after another and then when my sanity was actually at risk the winds were 17mph.

I decided I better not.

Was I bummed?
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Was I messaging someone about the best kind of drink to have?

Hell I was sitting in the parking lot of the liquor store discussing the benefits of Rum and Coke with my brother in law via email. I can always count on his dark sense of humor to make me laugh. And also to guide me to the best alcohol. When I told him I was looking for alcohol, knowing me so well you would expect him to say …don’t do it …it’s not good for you. Instead he said, “I like Rum.” And we went from there.  I didn’t end up caving though because I didn’t have the emotional energy to google what was gluten free and what wasn’t.
In all fairness the liquor store parking lot was the same parking lot as the grocery store but I was still thinkin’ about it. I can’t be bothered to drink. It’s too damn much work and not nearly as much fun as people talk about.

I think I handle most stress pretty well. I know right now you’re thinking…sure you do.
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I’m a ~power through it~ kind of person. I may rant later but what are husbands and girlfriends for? I can usually laugh it off, make a joke here or there. Be practical and say this is what we do and we just have to get through it.


I have a lot going on. I carry a lot of emotion, spirituality and intelligence all bundled up in one hot passionate mess.

When I think about how much I have going on and how I’m handling it I want to think I should grow the hell up and what’s my problem. And the other part of me says I’ve just snapped. I handled it and I handled it and I handled it and now I’m just done and rather than scream at the world and tell people exactly what I’m thinking, I choose to have a complete meltdown and process it.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” ~Luke 6:38 NIV

(side note: my post has now been written twice and disappeared twice. Heavy sigh. Moving forward)

I took Skosh to the vet this morning where our wonderful doctor said, “he’s the picture of health! He looks WONDERFUL!” It was pretty great news. And then I gave him $200. ( I had to pick up meds for the dog, too, sadly)

On the way to the vet though, the cat was crazy ass on speed stressed and all over the place.  For lack of anything to do for him (he doesn’t like the cat carrier after last year’s injury that had him at the vet every 3 days for a month) I started singing the first song that came to me. It was a hymn my dad used to sing called Seek Ye First. Here is a random person singing it.

I sang it very quietly and he laid down and practically fell asleep. Also, hey God, are you trying to tell me something?
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I did some strength training this morning. I’ll do more tonight and then I’ll run. Hopefully the wind goes home and doesn’t come back to stay. I don’t want it.
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After a day like yesterday running doesn’t always help. We like to think all of our problems are fixed by a good run.
Telling someone your problems and getting a lot of advice you really didn’t want and definitely didn’t ask for…that doesn’t help for sure.

What helps is time with real actual problem solving.  Talking to someone who makes a real honest legitimate effort to listen to you, to not judge you and to not offer unsolicited, mean spirited advice to you. Whether that is through a strong sane calm friend or therapy.    And I think learning to work within your emotional and spiritual limitations recognizing we all  have limitations. The point where we finally say we’re done and we aren’t going to not take care of ourselves anymore.
I believe there has to be a way to be a kind, generous person and also take care of yourself. To give and give lovingly with an unselfish heart.

Sometimes life is heavy. My usually joyful heart (ridiculously happy actually) is a little heavy right now. In a day or two I’ll be better. I get to see MT #thekidnotthestate

Remember…#bejoyful #bekind 

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Run on…

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Do you have to say every thought out loud?

Sean went to work yesterday which meant…

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The honeymoon I mean. He’s supposed to stay home with me allthetime!

See, I typed that BEFORE and then he came home from work and told me a little about his evening. And I started to tell him about my day and his eyes glazed over. And I said, “yeah, you’re not even listening. I’m not even going to bother talking to you about this. Whatever”. And I got up and left the room. I came downstairs, made him dinner and seriously I’m pretty sure he has no clue what freaking happened upstairs in his office. Not one word. I think he thinks I was talking, he responded, I just gracefully (because I’m so graceful) left his office to go make dinner and all was right with the world.

Dude. ::shakeshead::
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Now I’m totally okay with him going back to work.
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It’s a good thing I like him.


I went to see my friend yesterday and her mom is going through counseling for gastric bypass. The counseling lasts a year long…they’re incredibly careful about making sure you are psychologically ready to take such a drastic step and that you recognize how you came to be in such a position to begin with.  After a lot of counseling and discussion one of the things they have learned is she has a family member that is “encouraging” her to lose weight and diet. She’s constantly on her about her appearance and according to the psychologist this has the opposite effect. It took me 20 seconds to find an article about it. It’s crazy. There’s a fine line between being encouraging and being demoralizing which causes the exact opposite reaction.

We want people to be healthy. Appearance CANNOT BE the  primary focus in our lives.  We have to move OUT of that mindset and recognize the old way of thinking was broken. It was broken.  The person has to want to change, they have to do it on their own, harassing, nagging and effectively wearing them down emotionally because you don’t like how they look is not only not going to work but they’ll feel horrible and sad and bad about themselves for your agenda. 

SCIENCE SAYS: Nagging Your Family Members To Lose Weight Has The Opposite Effect

However, she went on to explain that pressure from family to lose weight can increase stress, which is a known cause of weight gain. “We all know someone who points out our weight gain or offers to help us lose weight. These results suggest that these comments are misguided.”

I don’t blame my parents for my weight gain; my choices and lifestyle have been my own, and there are a number of other emotional factors that have contributed. But nagging me to lose weight — even when it’s done with the best of intentions — hasn’t helped. I want to lose weight. I just don’t want to talk about it with them, especially when I’m not the one bringing it up. ~xojane

We learn in grade school that words hurt.  Women need to support each other and remember the struggles that brought us to where we are. That we are made up of more than the weight we carry. We are more than the body image people see and judge. If how someone looks is that important perhaps we need to look internally and ask ourselves is this about them or is this about me?   Their life isn’t about you and you hurt them every time you bring it up.

I have a family member who is overweight. She doesn’t mince words, she knows the situation she’s in. She recognizes her life and the work ahead of her. She’s beautiful, smart, talented pretty damn honest about the fact that her weight is her business and  extremely personal. It’s her story. She knows what she needs to do and encouragement, nagging and harassing is the exact opposite of that. I don’t talk to her about her weight, her diet, her exercise or what she wears. It’s her story to live and if she wants to talk to me about it, she will. 

Leave your friend or family member to do this journey on their own. If they ask for your help then you can give it.

No! I don't think I would be. It'd kind of be a good reminder if they bleed from the inside out. We would all be a little more careful with our words
Run on…

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My favorite things about Michelle.

This was just a lovely quiet weekend by myself for the most part. We had lunch with Shaughnessy and Adam on Saturday, we get to see them far more than we get to see Alex and Megan. Different parts of town  you know. On Sunday Sean went back to his planned event that took all of his day and I went hiking with Miss Michelle on what had to be the most beautiful hike we’ve ever been on.

The trailhead was Apex but the eventual trail was Enchanted Forest Trail and it was not kidding.
Image result for sleeping beauty gif
We felt like we were in a Disney movie it was so magical. At any moment little birds would fly out and sing to us as they put ribbons in our hair. It was so beautiful I lost count of how many times I stopped to say that and finally I just stopped so I could proclaim I felt like I was having a spiritual experience from this hike. It counts, so far, as my favorite and that’s saying something…I’ve hiked a lot. Michelle took a million photos and was generous enough to share one with me.

I know, right? She shared one.

I’ve got to get a new phone….I digress
Here is the photo…LOOK at this! 

I know, you’re thinking…huh…that does not look Disney magical. Well it’s a HEART.

This was on the trail in front of us…it’s hardly even real. A perfect heart in stone. The colors on the trail were the truest greens I’ve ever seen. It’s was covered and beautiful and magical.

Whatever just trust me.

So here are my favorite things about Michelle:

  1. She’s a real person with real issues. I know that I’m getting exactly what’s really happening and not the glossed over version you tell your mean neighbor. She puts it right out there and I can totally relate.  I can be totally and completely myself.
  2. She’s always willing to drive. I don’t mind driving (most people know this) though full disclosure I will totally map it even if I’m going around the block because I’m terrified of being lost. She also knows I’m afraid of spiders and being lost and continues to try to convince me to be afraid of snakes and lightening. Keep working on that, Michelle.
  3. She  gets the Celiac thing and is right on board with great places to eat and names them..which brings me to #4
  4. She makes decisions like a champ. Girl is a decision maker. ::swoon:: “Let’s meet at such and such on Tuesday at 11”. I love her. I would happily and cheerfully make at least two of those decisions or even HELP with those but she’s totally on it. Trails? She’s like…here are three trails…I’m like..yep. Let’s do that one…how’s 8? she says “see you then!” I love that. Decision maker. That is a girl after my own heart.
  5. She takes pictures! Now, I do harass her because she sends me ONE but if I asked her she’d send me all ten. And it is now on my list to go to the Verizon store to check out my phone options. ~MT has given me a virtually brand new phone that I can swap to but it’s a little bigger than I want so I’m resisting… I just really really need a good camera phone. This is killing me.~
  6. She is totally up for any and all adventures and if I ask her she’s all…yeah let’s go! At least once a week I can expect a message in my inbox to say “want to do THIS with me?” and it’ll include a link to a wild and crazy event that neither of us realistically should do but per our mantra...what the hell? 
  7. She loves the outdoors as much as I do and any chance to get outside she’ll do it.

When I came home I walked the puppy who by then had given up all hope of anyone ever spending time with him again so when I came in the door he didn’t even lift his little head the poor guy.
Image result for sad me gif

Miraculously, after that I still had energy so I went for a three mile run and that felt amazing in the cool evening air so by the time the evening was done I had put in about 12 miles. It felt really good and I didn’t feel like I had overdone it at all. It was like…21,000 steps or something crazy ass like that.
Image result for crazy gif
On that note, the crazy note, Ria from MotivationalMompersonaltraining.com is on a streak of 128 days of step goals (since January 1st she has surpassed the previous days step goal, each day gets higher because that’s how Garmin works) and yesterday she ran a half marathon  and then walked across town eventually reaching 51,617 steps in a day. I wonder how many days she can keep this streak up?

Today I’m supposed to do yoga so I’ll probably do that but Sean took the day off so I may go to Castle Rock to do the incline.

Oh you caught that, too, huh? Sean took the day off.  Pretty sweet of him to take the day off to spend with me….
 show people good signs too GIF

Don’t get excited he did it for the game… LOL…he just finished early so it worked out. And right now? He’s at work..he got called in to do something. My life in a nutshell.

 quote winnie the pooh nyan cat melancholy too good GIF

Ah, it’s okay. I’m just pickin’ on him.

Buddha quote "What you think you become" painting
Run on…


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I have a love/hate relationship with hiking this trail. Mostly love. Well…

It’s Boston Marathon Day! And if your job lets you then it’s ~watch the marathon and wish you were running it while also witnessing Meb’s FINAL BOSTON RUN!~ I mean…damn. He’s so good. I could watch him run anytime and I am sad to see him retire.
Image result for sorry to see you go gif
My job ~self employed and run your own business Heyyy~ does not let me watch the marathon because NBC won’t let me. I don’t pay for that channel. Bastards. Yes. I’m bitter.
Image result for I'm bitter gif
On Easter Sunday we went hiking. The kids all went their separate directions so we chose to head to the mountains. Sean, as usual, picked a hike and then read the description to me so I could decide yay or nay. Well this was a day I wasn’t paying a great deal of attention so I just said…SURE. I’ll totally do five miles on a trail that some people rate moderate and some people rate difficult and it has a 2200ft elevation climb that starts at like…8000ft.

That sounds FUN.

Not moving for three months means I”m completely out of shape. I got a pedicure right before my surgery on February 2nd and my feet are still baby soft. It’s so wrong. Every step my poor toes just protested with pre-blister.

This trail was unbelievable. Technically it was four trails. We started on Gregory Canyon, then Ranger, then EM Greenman trail, then finally Saddlerock. 

It was definitely work.
It was technical. Which means there’s going to be rocks and obstacles, sometimes steep elevation and possibly scrambling or using your hands.
Yep, yep and yep. We did it all yesterday. Definitely technical. My knees are a little achy today but otherwise I’m pretty good. Sean is going down stairs funny. Ha. I was really careful to stretch a lot yesterday.

We could have taken any number of combinations of the trails to get us back to the bottom. We chose the most difficult I think which also happened to be the shortest. The trail that got us to the bottom was the one with the ladder. We were met by someone coming up and he saw us reading the map and immediately asked if he could help us. Well, no. We’re just reading the map. I did ask him how technical and steep the trail was and he “suggested” we really would be better off taking the “easier” trail down. This one was a bit more difficult.

Officially my first ladder…on a trail.

We were royally insulted and determined to prove our hiking prowess and pushed on. The bottom half of the hike was no harder than the first half which isn’t to say it was an escalator or anything. But we did it and we survived and I LOVE technical hikes. They take forever (like four hours for five miles plus at least a half hour at the top to look at the view) but still…it takes time.

A milder section of the trail…my terrible camera. Don’t worry, replacing it this week!

This was at the top…

It was amazing and crazy and seriously a lot of work. I need a little more time to built up my fitness to tackle this kind of trail. I spent a lot of time gasping and stopping. Sean, meanwhile, was his usual self and marched on with no issues like he does this every weekend. I was fully marathon trained and he had no time to run or workout or anything and we headed out to hike the Appalachian Trail for a week thinking..I’m going to totally fly past him.

No. That did not happen. I had to stop and gasp consistently as he flew up the inclines and I watched him. It was so rude.
Yesterday was a total flashback. Jerk. He is so freaking awesome. He hiked really really reeaaallly slow just so I could keep up with him. It was sweet. And annoying.
Image result for sweetly annoying gif

Sean took amazing photos but he forgets to share them with me so they are just for his own self I guess.

I don’t feel comfortable taking my really good camera while scrambling and such so I just take my phone and we keep it in the pack.
Getting a new phone is pretty damn important. I’m over these bad photos. I think they’re getting worse!
Michelle said she’d do the trail with me but who knows when that’s going to happen.

At the end of the day we treated ourselves to an amazing burger and sweet potato fries at Shine in Boulder. I die when I eat those burgers. They are so good. Totally worth it.


Takin’ it a little easy today after yesterday. I got zero sleep last night so I’m going to pick up groceries, make some appointments, run some errands and hopefully get a baby run in…if I’m up to it. As if I’m up to anything longer than a baby run!
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Here’s what we’re NOT going to talk about today because we’re taking a news break. We’re all reading about it so we don’t need it here.
North Korea
The White House Easter egg hunt (eyeroll)
Sean Spicer
United Airlines
Nature of Love, Love of Nature

My favorite.
Run on…

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Yoga nearly killed me.

  • I did about 45 minutes of Bob Harper’s yoga today and my whole body rebelled. It was not friendly. Just an ugly reminder that I haven’t worked out at all for two plus months and it’s going to take some serious work to bring myself back to where I was over a year ago. Hell, it’s going to take work to bring me back to where I was three months ago and that wasn’t really a great place but it was somewhere. Technically I haven’t been “officially cleared” by my doctor from my surgery, that should happen Wednesday but as my luck hasn’t been great in that arena I’m just being a rebel.
    Image result for I'm so out of shape gif
  • I have an older cell phone that my kids fondly refer to it as “the brick” which is really rude if you don’t mind my saying. It’s small and slim and pretty and red and just what I love. Except it is older and doesn’t do as much as all the new fancy phones do and the problem with that is that it keeps fighting me when I try and post work stuff. So we did a factory reset and it remained stuck. We tweaked it a bit and fixed all the apps, dumped the ones I don’t use and I updated my wallpaper and BAM…new phone. Well, it feels like a new phone.
    Image result for I don't love it gif
  • After my workout I was pretty nauseous and sick so I grabbed a plain Greek yogurt with some PB2 for the protein to see if that helped me feel better. Well, no. I really really don’t like yogurt and I really don’t love peanut butter so it tasted truly awful. I think a normal person would really love it. I found a bottle of squeeze Agave Nectar at Target (good for you Target!) and put a half a teaspoon in that mixture and it saved it. It wasn’t much but it was just enough sweet to make it taste much better and yay me, I need more protein always.

    I cannot tell you how much I dislike yogurt and Peanut Butter. Yogurt in general is not great for me as a thyroid issue and a Celiac so I limit it but I make sure to eat the best version I can and the cleanest version I can, no added anything except what I put in it.

  • Anyone else find the United Airlines fiasco shocking and nightmarish? I almost wonder if the man was confused about why he was being asked to leave the flight and he was scared.  Whatever the reason, the entire situation was deplorable and I just don’t see how they can in any way justify any part of it and “stand by their employees” or their behavior. It’s quite shameful.
    Image result for draw the line somewhere gif
  • Yes! Sunday Yoga!:
    Run on…

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Appreciating life all the time but we can’t close our eyes for one minute.

  • I feel like I had a “while you were sleeping” moment.  My phone died and while it was charging I ran a few errands. When I got my phone back we’d bombed Syria. What the hell? Now I’m clutching it to me like my Daddy’s Bible. Lord knows what will happen if I put it down.
  • I’m having an “I’m pretty over Trump” day week.
  • We picked up theboy from school today and to placate him because he couldn’t go to Babe’s house we took him to ice cream. He was happy and delightful and funny and smart and he worked on a computer game on Papa Sean’s phone while I took pictures of him and admired him because good heavens he really is nearly perfect. How did we get so lucky. #afterschoolicecreamspecial #hesallmine #sweetestboy
    They were learning games…pretty intense studying going on.
  • I was talking to my friend Dana today on the phone and we were discussing how my blood work had turned out after surgery. Without going into too many details (not important right now) she asked how I’m generally feeling and what if any symptoms I have and I had no problem telling her I feel really kind of amazing. Seriously I feel great (leg notwithstanding). I am incredibly happy it.
    Image result for I feel good gif
  • Years ago Alex came home with a friend from the neighborhood and I knew immediately they’d be best friends. I marched my ass right on over to his mom’s house and insinuated myself into her life. I insisted we be best friends, she really had no choice. Here it is 18+ years later (I am really not sure how long it’s been)and she really is like my sister. She’s this amazing person who has seen more tragedy in her life than a person should have to and insists on being happy and loving life and this, People, is why I love her. She is that kind of person that finds joy in everything….the little things, the big things, the ridiculous things. I feel the same way and most of the time people just shake their head at me but Andrea appreciates my whacked out perspective. She appreciates and loves life and this is why I can talk to her in the car for fives hours. Life is ridiculously beautiful and she knows this, too. Please please PLEASE appreciate all the little things that make life beautiful.
  • Stephen Takes On Kendall Jenner’s ‘Attractive Lives Matter’ Pepsi Ad– I can’t seem to post the video, you’ll have to just follow the link. Sad day! It’s totally worth it anyway.
  • I went to Shaughnessy’s house the other day and after I left, Adam texted me and told me thank you for cleaning Theboy’s room. He said I absolutely didn’t have to do that. I told him it was no problem and not to worry about it. In relaying this story to my mom I told her he doesn’t understand, I have friends who leave their kitchens messy so I CAN clean them. I LIKE that. She said to tell him I’m Monica. That should help explain. I’m the person you WANT to have at a party….the clean up is my favorite part! I need to explain that to him.
    Image result for Monica geller cleaning gif
    Image result for Monica geller cleaning gif
    Image result for Monica geller cleaning gif

Yoga quote                                                       …:
Do yoga. Walk far.
Run on…

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Ash Wednesday

  • It’s Ash Wednesday and my friend Andrea asked me what the ashes were. I had a relatively good guess but I’m also brutally honest as I have never been fond of people that have an answer for everything when they actually have no clue what they’re talking about. So I told her..I’ve never been to an Ash Wednesday service. I’ve always wanted to. I don’t know why it just never happened. It just didn’t. So I googled it and gave her the scoop. Now we all feel educated.
    Image result for I learned so much gif
  • I attempted to watch 45’s address last night on my Ipad. I hear he got good feedback on it. Very presidential. I can’t go there. I had to stop listening. I was watching on NPR and was able to click the little faces … “smiley” or “sad” etc. Well…I was pretty irritated just to be listening to him speak so I was clicking the angry face. Full disclosure I was going to town on that little guy. If you’ve never done this, it takes your tiny little profile picture and “PING” it like…POPS it into a little angry face. Well, my profile picture is a tiny little MT when he was like…five years old? and then…BAM…he’s a tiny little angry face.  I got a sick little delight out of this and Sean.did.not.

Image result for I"m not amused gif

  • It’s okay….I lost my appetite for watching anyway so I headed downstairs to search for entertainment that wouldn’t try to make America great again.

Image result for please don't gif

  • This article is so great.  Gluten-free diets: Where do we stand?CNN did a great job on it.   Gluten Dude caught it and condensed quite nicely here. 
  • “For those who just brush it off that this is a fad and a fashion lifestyle, be considerate of the people that survive on this diet. For people with celiac disease, the gluten-free diet is like insulin for diabetics.” ~Dr. Alessio Fasano, director of the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • We are reaching 43* today which means I am actually leaving the house to walk. I know, what have I been doing? It’s been cold.as.hell. I realize that’s not possible but damn, it’s been cold. I’ve been so cold I set a new record yesterday with the 30* and the wind and I jacked my heat to freaking 76* and went to bed  at 4 o’clock to get warm. I finally got up and had some tea and that did it. Note to self: try that first. But yeah…it was cold.

I am powering through my “must get these things done” list and the only thing really holding me back is my inability to lift anything over ten pounds. I have two weeks left and it can’t come soon enough. My poor husband, I’m sure, feels the same.
Image result for You don't appreciate me gif
Sean and I had a difficult weekend, it was one of those you just don’t want to even think about when it’s over but it hangs around in the air, you know? Come Monday he climbed into his pretty black truck he just bought and every light on the dashboard lit up like Christmas and the speedometer didn’t work. It’s not the first time things didn’t work but usually it was one at a time and they corrected themselves..but it’s the worst and the speedometer is new. On the heels of the weekend it felt so awful. We were both so raw and instead of time healing we seemed to feel worse. He just knew the guy that sold it to him knew all these problems with the truck were there and just didn’t tell him. One more feeling of the world against us. One more reason to feel like we’re trying and trying to do good and be good and you will be an example and it will come back to you and instead we’re working so hard and kindness does not, in fact, come back to you in spades. It does not.

He’s making a real effort to feel better and I’m using sarcasm to feel better. It’s really helping! ::sarcasm:: I figure another week or two and I’ll feel better. It’s important to make the effort. It’s easier to be negative and rely on that…telling yourself that life is hard and people are going to be mean and why do all these things happen to you? but in fact these are minor glitches in life and life is actually pretty amazing. Being grateful for all we have is deliciously pleasing and getting back to that place is totally worth the journey.

Today I’m going to run a few errands, go to church and get my walk on. Also, on a side note: if I could get a prayer for a friend’s daughter that would be great. Just pray for “S”. She needs it really quite critically right now. Thank you~
10 Inspirational Catholic Quotes - read more encouraging and inspiring quotes at http://vol.org/news/10-inspirational-catholic-quotes:
Image result for walking quotes
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Can I have your life? Or just a a little piece of it.

  • This is a phrase I use a lot because I love to see happy people. This doesn’t mean I really want your life. Mine is pretty good and I’m happy with it. My friend travels a lot on a whim…picks up and takes off with her family on a road trip…::drool::. I love that. Or maybe flits off for a weekend somewhere fabulous…I’m jealous. I though..I have a dog. A high maintenance dog.  She has a dog but her husband stays home. Dammit. MY husband wants to GO. So rude.  There’s no saving me, it’s okay. I cannot do what she does. So I ask her all the time if I can have her life. Her family is big and fun and lovely and loving and and beautifully happy. It’s not perfect and she responds often…”you don’t want my life”.
    Nobody has a perfect life and if we could grab bits and pieces of everyone’s wouldn’t that be lovely?  I have another friend that flits off to the Turks and Caicos Islands every year. EVERY YEAR.
    Image result for Can I live vicariously through you gif
    Rough life. I went to New York a year and a half ago for a weekend with my husband. That was my last vacation.  We have a dog…didn’t I mention that? 😉
    Image result for living vicariously through you gif
    Everyone has a little joy… I live vicariously through everyone…plus…I really really like my husband. And that’s no small thing. I do not take that for granted. Also…he doesn’t read my blog because he’s super busy these days so now I can talk about him all the time and he won’t know it.

  • After I lost my little charm  I decided to head out yesterday and walk my five miles again on the off chance I find it. Two things happened. The first thing was this: I came across a gentleman in my neighborhood whose car had broken down and apparently his heart also. He stopped me to tell me his plight (dead fuel pump) and also the story of his life. An hour and a half later I was on my way again. He did not give me the creeps, he was polite flirt but not creepy flirt.  He seemed more like someone who didn’t have anyone to talk to and boy did he talk fast. After I successfully managed to get his completely lost cousin to the neighborhood (gps anyone?) to rescue him I was on my way and check it out…I found my charm!!  Yep. Found it. Good karma right there. Success.
    Image result for I'm so happy gif
    I would like to point out that my two boys had this to say about my encounter with the guy with the broken down vehicle.
    My younger son mistook what I was saying in my description and thought I was picking on the guy…which I was not. He said, “don’t pick on the sad guy!”.

    Rest assured…I would never

    My older son said, “You are a very nice person”.  While that may be true, I liked that neither of them made fun of me and neither of them made fun of him. Good kids all around. 

  • My dad would be proud. I took a Facebook test on Bible hymns that said if I guessed 10 out of 15 hymns right I was a true Southern Baptist. Sadly…I got all 15 straight up right. I am definitely not a Southern Baptist nor do I want to be. I dead on knew ten of them easy and the other five I should be a detective (my alter ego) because I deduced them. I don’t know why they don’t just give me a college degree. I’M JUST THAT SMART.
    Image result for smart gif
    Sean said it was a broken test…definitely not scientific at all. pfft. What does he know. THAT WAS SCIENCE.
  • MT is coming home for a short visit in March and Sean and I get to escape for a weekend while he’s here. I know you’re thinking … what? Why would you leave while MT is THERE? Because HE can watch the ANIMALS! We’re geniuses. Also…I seriously haven’t been away with my stressed out husband in I don’t know how long so…we need a break. Now I need to figure out where to go for a long weekend. The world is my oyster and I have three days including travel days. No pressure.
    Image result for so much pressure gif
  • I watched an interview with Angelina Jolie from yesterday and had no time to escape the screen when they showed her and the children cheerfully eating scorpion and tarantula. #nightmaresfordays #lifeincambodia I straight up have to remind myself if I want to see the world there will be things that will totally terrify my delicate self. And when I say delicate self I mean that right there would put me in therapy. #notjoking #callingnow #Icouldskipcambodia
    Image result for ohhellno gif
    (side note. If you google oh hell no gifs you will get gifs of giant spiders. sigh…lessons learned)
  • I‘m going to switch up my walk today…if I keep walking the same direction my neighbors will think I’m stalking them. And I’m obviously still tired since I napped immediately after walking yesterday and I’m so tired I sleep in every morning. I’m tired. This girl is tired. Healing though…that’s a good thing.
    In my attempt to find a good, strong, thought-provoking quote about walking (so many to choose from…I couldn’t decide) I came across this one and really…this was the one.
    Image result for walking quotes
    Run…or walk…on…


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I am DONE…

….talking about Valentine’s Day!

I know how happy Ya’ll are about that.

  • I got more than the average ~recovering from surgery so I’m a complete sloth~  amount done today. That’s not saying much but I’ll take it. I managed to get some business done. I got my blog done (hi Guys!). Sean and I got a TON of recycling cut up and stacked for recycling day tomorrow. I made dinner. Yay me.  I finished a few over the phone “errands” and I did a ton of reading …nothing fun. All political. The need to stay informed is sucking the joy from my life. I also talked to MT and that is keeping the joy in my life. One must have balance.
    Image result for zen gif
  • I walked the dog and since he is slower than…well I have no comparison. He’s really slow. We walk two miles and it’s slightly excruciating. So I came home and dropped him off and went back out and walked another 3.5 miles sans the dog. It feels SO GOOD to get moving.
  • I have an acquaintance who felt the need to lose a little weight to run. Let’s say this, if she needed to lose weight, my gosh it’s shocking I ever was allowed to buy running shoes. Ever. But she followed a very clean diet (something I mostly do ::sheepish look) and she works out and strength trains a LOT and her results are nothing to sneeze at. Damn. Here’s the gist. I have been sick for more than a year. A YEAR. I missed a year of my life. I fought for six months+ just to get someone to listen to me (kind of wrong after the whole fighting for the Celiac thing) and then I had to wait for the surgery for 6 months. It feels validating to know I wasn’t making it up in my mind and also to know I already feel so much better since the surgery. So if I can work hard and feel good I might be able to get back to feeling strong again.  I miss it. That’s my goal.  So I’m sad that I missed that time but I’m beyond grateful it wasn’t longer and I feel so much better already.
    Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! Victoria's Body Shoppe Favorite daily-motivation-fitness-success-Quotes #motivationquotes:
  • So I wrote that last night, right? This morning I was doing my ~how am I feeling this morning~ inspection. And check this out… I don’t have cankles anymore. I know I know…weird right? No joke I had the fattest freaking ankles EVER and I just figured I had gained SO MUCH WEIGHT I couldn’t even control it anymore. This morning I thought…”hey ankle…I missed you. There you are”. And on Valentine’s Day I was wearing my mother’s wedding band. I wear it on my ring finger because I don’t have my own so I swap out lots of different rings. Anyway, it’s a really wide band and it fits me really well. Some days it’s been tight. I haven’t worn it in forever because it fits justright so it can feel a tad uncomfortable at moments. Yeah…the sucker flew right off my hand. Twice. I took it off and put it away. God forbid losing THAT (and thus you have the reason I don’t have my own band).
    Image result for stop judging me gif
  • Is anyone else completely overwhelmed with all the politics and what issue to I stand up and scream about today? Because I need to know what’s most important. Seems to me it’s the immigration issue today but I also want to make sure it’s not a smokescreen while they slide something under the damn radar. Meanwhile…I really hope the immigration walk out is a raging success and people can’t get what they need because hello…this country is run by immigrants.
    Image result for i don't appreciate your tone gif
  • I think the United States Marines and the Airlines are in cahoots because MT asked for 10 days leave for March since he’s not in school until April and he’s just sitting around. He asked for this right after he got back in January. They’ve been sitting on it forever and it just got approved today. TODAY. Now that plane tickets are $700. I could fly to Paris for $700. Ridiculous.
    Image result for i don't appreciate your tone gif
    ~ ~~~~

Image result for I do not appreciate that gif
That’s totally wrong. Everyone appreciates my sarcasm. Except my sister. They don’t do sarcasm in her house. bahahahhahaa. Whatever. 

It’s a REALLY beautiful day and I am off to enjoy the sunshine. 70*!!!!

Note to self: None of us are getting out of here alive... Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you're carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There's no time for anything else. Positive quotes & sayings #inspiration:

I have officially done ALL of these things…to the mild irritation of my husband…hahhaa. Sorry Babe.

Run on….and have a beautiful day!

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the day is perfect except for …Standing Rock, Sessions, Trump,

DeVos, Kellyanne Conway, there are so many things to deal with I am going to buy a notebook. Or maybe step into this year and do a spreadsheet.

Yesterday Sean bought a truck.
I say Sean because he forgot me. I’m not sure how that happens I mean…we’re attached at the hip but yep…totally forgot me. There we sit in the bank and I am a bump on a log not doin’ anything. I’m his ride.  I finally just said..yeah. I’m going to the grocery store. Cause that’s what I do. Grocery shopping. No sense sittin’ there.

No, I didn’t say that at the bank. Geez I’m not that bad. But I thought it.

stupid truck.
Image result for yes, I'm bitter gif

I feel pretty good. My stomach hurts a little where the incisions and bruises  are and by the end of the day I’m tired but otherwise I’m feeling pretty normal. It’s gorgeous today and it seems the wind has finally stopped. It’s been two days of 35mph winds. I’m way over that. I know everyone else has had pretty terrible weather so I’m not complaining but I’d love to get outside.
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They started drilling at Standing Rock. That’s all I have to say about that.

Image result for standing rock
hoto from camp of the Sacred Stones


Last night I ended up in an ugly FB message conversation with my cousin Seth about immigration and Trump. He messaged me to apologize for missing my messages and to tell me avoiding talking politics was best for us as we just aren’t going to get along. He wanted to explain to me all about Muslims and how if I talk to a real Muslim they will tell me they follow Sharia law and because of that we are in real and terrible danger. We as Christians need to get these Muslims out and fight hard not to let them in. I carefully explained that Jesus loves ALL the little children “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world” and He is sad and ashamed that Christians are calling themselves Christians while treating His children in this sad and dangerous way. He again attempted to educate me. I told him I was no longer reading his messages and blocked him from my Facebook.

I don’t have any use for racism in my world.  I don’t care if they’re related to me or not. They’re going to have to face God at the gates.
True. Except we all struggle with prejudices. Having thoughts and feelings but not giving in to them is different tho.:

I do have a kind of nutty cousin who is very pro life. I love her a lot but she posts things that aren’t necessarily well researched with reliable sources. Also, dead babies. That’s always fun. I hide her so I don’t have to see her page. No, she doesn’t read my blog. If she did, I’d tell her I love her madly (and she knows I do) but Chick…no one is going to be swayed by photos of dead babies they’re just going to stop following you so they don’t have to see your page.
Anyway, occasionally I pop onto her page so I can make sure she’s alive and well and she has four of the cutest boys in the world. She had this video on her page. Side note,  one of her friends sent her an article that said a popular soft drink company had embryos in their ingredients. Besides the fact that…WHAT??… It took me 12 seconds to find the evidence that this was crap. Honest to God the stuff people believe.
But this video is an anti bully video and it’s kind of cute.

This mother and her son have some great tips on how to fight bullying. (via Kristina Kuzmic)

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I’m off to run. walk. DAMMIT. Habit. ::sob::

I’m grateful grateful grateful. I feel so much better even just a week out.

Walking your giraffe is probably a really good idea.:
Run on…


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