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The next day.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, obviously, and I heard from all three of my kids and that’s a win in any book  because I love them and they are all adorable.
Image result for so adorable gif
MT (thekidnotthestate) called first to say for Mother’s Day he was not going to ask me for money. After I laughed I asked, “why would you?”..MT never asks for money. When he went to VA he was supposed to start or “pick up” class right away. Instead there was a glitch so he has been hanging out for 8 months waiting for the next class cycle. He just picked up class this month. But the Marines think he graduated per his previous “pick up” date and is now a reservist and thus…no longer active duty. So no more pay for you, Sir. They did figure it out and started the process to fix it but meanwhile…it’s gonna be a light month. The wheels of the military grind slowly.
Image result for hurry up and wait gif
I googled ~hurry up and wait gif~ and I got Cookie Monster. Not sure how I feel about that. #conflicted

Alex Michael came over and built me the most amazing table for my garage in a ridiculously short time…

That sucker is six feet long. He was going to make it eight feet but I ran out of garage.
Now…check out the quality of that photograph. This is the reason for the new phone. Pretty spectacular, right?
yep. Yes, now that you ask, that IS the only photo I got yesterday. I don’t ask the kids for pictures anymore and I totally forgot theboy. More on that later, I bet you could guess though…

In case you’re wondering, that splotch is paint from 1999 thereabouts. Yes I’m that old. Shut up. Just one of many. This garage tells stories…

Shaughnessy and Adam and theboy came over and brought me flowers (gorgeous flowers!) and hung around and chatted for a few hours and then they escaped to their own house. Sean had something to do very late last night out of town and I didn’t want him going alone, it was a long drive. So I went with him. Don’t worry, it wasn’t illegal. Probably.
Image result for is this legal gif

I’ve been battling a migraine for a week and I’m pretty over it (hence no photos…). Today is eat what I want. Do what I want. Sleep when I want. Usually this works itself out fairly quick I just have to shut out the world and take care of me so that’s what I’m doing.

I love my kids so much and I LOVED seeing them yesterday. However, the highlight of the day had to be realizing our neighbors had moved after ten years. They had two of the worst small dogs ever and they barked nonstop. I’ve had people over that love dogs WAY more than people and by the time they leave they are spent. Exhausted. Weary from the noise and considering canine murder (just kidding…mostly). We did try and deal with it and it was not as successful as we would like. I cannot tell you how bad the noise was. Barbecues, backyard events, anything we would want to do, those dogs barked the entire time. You could hear it with our doors closed or open. It was awful. We had one neighbor on our side, we’re thinking we’re going to take her a celebratory pie later. Party on.  I cannot explain to you the peace that is taking over my soul in the quiet of my life right now. It’s so silent we heard a bird. I nearly cried this morning just thinking about it. I am not exaggerating in the slightest. #itsthelittlethings #thiswasabigthing

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Don’t talk to me right now…I’m busy dancing…
Image result for busy dancing gif
Explore the world and love your family.  As Shaughnessy said yesterday, holidays should definitely be celebrated and with so much joy!

I’m running today. I’m also doing some strength and I’ll tell you what I did tomorrow when I figure it out. ha.

Run on…

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While you were sleeping…

Michelle and I were supposed to go hiking yesterday afternoon so before I did I made sure to start the morning with the yoga stretches from yesterday’s post to make sure my legs were completely ready to cooperate.

We chose Matthew/Winters Park which is, as you may remember, one of my favorite standbys to hike at. Just enough technical and just enough to distance. Not too busy but enough people I’m not going to get mugged and it’s just so pretty. 

Of course, I didn’t take the photo with my phone, Michelle did. Hers is a much better piece of equipment. Dammit. Next time…a selfie. Sorry. I swear we’re out there hiking together. I promise.

We got great mileage in, we worked out little butts off and avoided the rain and narrowly missed death by electrocution via lightening. p.s. Michelle is a tad bit afraid of this.
Lunch was all the salad all the time. And I liked it.
Click here to see the 16 celebrities who don't have a Twitter but totally should!
While I was home I got a surprise visit from this guy…

He looks pretty excited there, doesn’t he? He was way more excited. This photo is at least six months old.
He stuck around and visited with me and it was so good to see him! I mean I  know he was totally just using me because he stopped to get stuff but hey…as long as he’s there he has to talk to me because it’s in the mom rule book. You HAVE to talk to your mom when you stop at home.

Want to know what he told me? He said that last week when I was sleeping off a migraine in the middle of the week he came home and came upstairs INTO THE BEDROOM and I still slept. Me. The world’s lightest sleeper. And the puppy who barks at the flags that wave on the street and people that may be even THINKING about walking past the house. Nothing. Silence.

I was a little freaked out.
Image result for that's a little terrifying gif
Note to all of you: don’t google “that’s creepy gif”…nothing good will come of it.
People.com just did a spread on They Woke Up Like This: Celebs’ Best Makeup-Free Selfies and seriously these women look so beautiful. Gwyneth Paltrow, though not really my favorite person, looks amazing. And let’s not even talk about Salma Hayek and Carrie Underwood (who I think is everyone’s idol…good Lord that girl is a rockstar ~her legs!~. Wait…I think she’s actually a country star but either way…she kicks ass and she looks amazing doing it). I swear, they are gorgeous.
I have taken to spending at least half my days makeup free except when I absolutely have to because my skin loves it so much….it thanks me for letting it breathe and I can totally see the difference on the days I go without. That and a good workout and I am pretty sure I take five years off.
Image result for you look so young gif
I’m in prime ~take care of my legs~ mode so I headed to the chiropractor to get an adjustment. That was interesting. And from there I came home and walked the slowest puppy in the world. What the hell?

Image result for slow gif
please note: this looks accurate…with occasional stops in between.
I got 17000 steps in yesterday so that’s a lovely amount. Today I have….::consulting my workout plan:: 3 miles on the plan and some strength because I want to.
Image result for I want to gif

It’s pouring rain/snowing so I’m not sure if that’ll be a treadmill run or what but there you go. Also, much organizing to be done because hey…That’s my job!
Image result for that's my job gif

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis:

Run on…

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the cliche of life.

I first have to send love to my friend. She knows who she is. She lost her significant other two days ago and though they weren’t married they were as close as they could have been…living together, having a child together and being a family. He was young and she is broken. I am broken for her. His parents lost their son…such a loss.
I went to see her and I found myself flitting back and forth between practical mode ~looking absentmindedly for the hairbrush for the baby’s hair ~ and hugging her because that’s really all I want to do. I want to sit on the couch and hug her and let her cry as long as she wants to. The practical in me totally takes over and I don’t know how to turn it off. But the house filled up and she had things to do so I left because at that point I was just in the way. I’m good when no one else is there I think…

I hope she’s okay. She has a big job ahead of her but a lovely support system from what I saw today and of course, she knows I’m a message or a text away any time. My phone is always on. As long as she forgives me my verbal gaffes. I’m sure there are many.
I love you, Friend. Hope you’re okay today.
I bought one of those stability balls and I got my workout in just blowing the damn thing up. I was exhausted and by the time I was done I didn’t have the energy to workout. I read the instructions (I know, right? Instructions? To blow up a ball? This should not require instructions…I was seriously doubting my ability to function as a human being if I needed help with this) and it told me it wouldn’t be fully inflated until tomorrow. I don’t know why. Today it would only partially inflate. Tomorrow it would inflate the rest of the way. This seems like a lot of work for a workout I’m not even sure I’ll like.
I had one of these before but I had kids at home then and I don’t workout with kids so I ended up donating it because I never used it. Trying again now. It’s supposed to be great for your abs. My abs need all the help they can get.
Image result for help me gif

The Gilmore chronicles
Image result for I was going to wait until you called me gif
you know some men retire...”~ Emily
yes, and some men tattoo their mother’s names on their biceps...” ~ Richard, Emily’s husband, a line I appreciate and smile at as I fondly think of my son…with “Mom” tattooed on his bicep. LOL (shout out to Alex Michael)

I think it is really important to take a moment to recognize what you have. Appreciate it and thank the universe.

We can’t always “appreciate every moment”. It’s incredibly unrealistic and I don’t like cleaning the toilet, talking to the car mechanic, having the flu and I really really don’t like pulling weeds…sorry Mom. Never have and I’m a little bitter about the memories. Bugs. But I am a HUGE lover of life and all the little things. I am the person that appreciates life for all those stupid little things that people make fun of me for.

  • I love the plant I haven’t killed yet that’s still sitting on my counter (Megan asked if it was real..she obviously knows me…LOL)
  • I love that my husband is ridiculously happy playing this game (he just left again tonight…he’s so happy…my husband is happy..he’s a very subdued introvert, that’s a big deal)
  • I love Netflix. What a brilliant idea Netflix was
  • I love strength training…I KNOW> can you BELIEVE IT???  Yep. That happened after my surgery kept me from it
  • I love great restaurants that are gluten free (so much)
  • Podcasts. joy.
  • I love running so SO much. I can’t wait until it’s not so much work. SOON. I’m holding my breath. Not really I would totally be dead.
    Can you imagine if I actually put real thought into this list? This took me like 4. 6 seconds.
  • The gist is…life gives us surprises every single day. kiss your family. 


Today I did a half ass workout due to my day being out of whack. Friday is supposed to be a rest day so I’m swapping and doing Thursdays workout on Friday.

I’m going to run and I have a strength training workout that includes the stability ball. I know you’re shocked.

via @e.e.s.h.a.l on Instagram:
Run on…


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Sixty Five Thousand Dollars. SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Gasp.

I took my car to the shop and they said they’d call in about an hour with the diagnostic. That was five hours ago so I’m super excited for how long they’ll have my car.

I got a ride home from the shop from a sketchy guy in a van with no windows.

Okay, he was a lovely (slightly) older man who was driving  a company car from the dealership and he had lovely taste in music (Springsteen thankyouverymuch). It was only mildly uncomfortable.
 awkward mr. robot small talk GIF
update: they never called. Does this mean I get a free car?
Image result for you get a car gif

So now I’m home trying to get all my “home projects” done and I’m half successful and half not. There were more work projects than time. Where is my time machine??
Note: If I had a time machine would I use it to do my projects?
I really really hope not. #travelmuch #kidadventures #kidtime #love #husbandtime #notakebacks
I was looking up some medical bill stuff to file and I came across hospital bills that came in late. My hospital bill for my surgery was actually…

brace yourself…

Image result for gasp gif

That is ONLY the hospital. That is bandages, etc. That is NOT for my doctor or my anesthesiologist or anything else. Just the hospital.
There are actually two bills, one for $55,000 and one for $64,000 and change and I can’t tell if one is getting ready to be cancelled out by an updated one or if there are actually two. But seriously...$65,000!

That is half of my house…when I bought it twenty years ago but STILL>

Shaughnessy sent me an email this morning and I realized that writing a post late at night makes your brain not work correctly: I have edited this post to say…I did not have to pay this. We purposely waited until January to schedule the surgery so my insurance year would be new and my deductable (which is in fact, ridiculously high) was paid already from previous issues and the surgery was completely paid for. I recognize every day the privilege I have and the grace I have been given. The year I had was miserable and it wasn’t life threatening it was soul threatening. I can’t imagine people that live without basic medical care every day and don’t have even basic needs met. I have immediate family members that have felt this and it’s frightening to think of their every day and their future. Things we take for granted as a simple “just make an appointment” they do not have that luxury.

I think everyone has projects they have their hearts devoted to. My heart is well devoted to health care for everyone.   I’ve been given so much. I want everyone to have the same basic needs met.

I bought jelly beans. That has nothing to do with the hospital bill. I’ve moved on now. Stick with me. I missed the entire Easter event and bought no candy. So I grabbed jelly beans at the store and I am a fan of the original Brach’s. Also, they were out of Starburst. Sadly. I do not enjoy the black licorice, those are the devil. So I separated all the beans by color, threw out the ones I didn’t like, ate all the white ones (I LOVE those) then started in on the red ones of which there were three. THREE. I felt so ripped off. On to the pink ones and YUM those are way better than I remember! When I finished those (don’t judge me, Brach’s jelly beans are HUGE and that bag is small. It’s not like I ate 807 jelly beans. Shut up. I totally heard that.) I was stuck. What to choose next? Well, it’s not really a choice. All that is left is orange, yellow and green and I’d have to be hung upside down and starved to eat the yellow and green. So I ate the orange. Eh. It was okay. I didn’t really like them. I left the rest for Sean and when he gets home from work he’s going to look at the bowl and think…

Image result for typical gif

I’d be happy to buy you your own bag of jelly beans next time. Don’t pick on me.
*for the record he came home from work and didn’t even flinch at the candy bowl of green and yellow jelly beans. I totally have him trained.
I bought new running shoes…and then I immediately wore them and got them muddy and wet and gross. I know I’m not supposed to wear them hiking but I’m a rebel and I do what I want.
Image result for you can't make me gif
Also, my hiking shoes just don’t love me as much as my running shoes do and it’s really all about the love. So I don’t have a photo…maybe tomorrow. I know you’re on the edge of your seat about it.
There were some not so friendly colors available which made me very sad… but I love orange and pink and you can’t go wrong with black so I warmed to these pretty quick. I mean, in a perfect world they would be all black. We can’t all have what we want. I run in Brooks Adrenaline so this year I bought the 17’s. I had to buy the current year because the 15’s and the 16’s got terrible reviews and I don’t want to take a chance on screwing myself up so I skipped from the 14’s straight to the 17’s. There you go. The price you pay.
How I feel when I get new running shoes!

Today the weather is 80% chance of rain and a high of 60*.  That’s a pretty good chance of rain right there but it’s going to hold off until the afternoon so I can walk the dog in the morning and get a run in maybe. (yay). Perfect weather for it. Then I must attempt to lift something as I haven’t lifted anything at ALL for three months. Milk has become even heavier. It’s quite embarrassing.

Always make time to run. Get outside, feel alive.
Run on…


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I am DONE…

….talking about Valentine’s Day!

I know how happy Ya’ll are about that.

  • I got more than the average ~recovering from surgery so I’m a complete sloth~  amount done today. That’s not saying much but I’ll take it. I managed to get some business done. I got my blog done (hi Guys!). Sean and I got a TON of recycling cut up and stacked for recycling day tomorrow. I made dinner. Yay me.  I finished a few over the phone “errands” and I did a ton of reading …nothing fun. All political. The need to stay informed is sucking the joy from my life. I also talked to MT and that is keeping the joy in my life. One must have balance.
    Image result for zen gif
  • I walked the dog and since he is slower than…well I have no comparison. He’s really slow. We walk two miles and it’s slightly excruciating. So I came home and dropped him off and went back out and walked another 3.5 miles sans the dog. It feels SO GOOD to get moving.
  • I have an acquaintance who felt the need to lose a little weight to run. Let’s say this, if she needed to lose weight, my gosh it’s shocking I ever was allowed to buy running shoes. Ever. But she followed a very clean diet (something I mostly do ::sheepish look) and she works out and strength trains a LOT and her results are nothing to sneeze at. Damn. Here’s the gist. I have been sick for more than a year. A YEAR. I missed a year of my life. I fought for six months+ just to get someone to listen to me (kind of wrong after the whole fighting for the Celiac thing) and then I had to wait for the surgery for 6 months. It feels validating to know I wasn’t making it up in my mind and also to know I already feel so much better since the surgery. So if I can work hard and feel good I might be able to get back to feeling strong again.  I miss it. That’s my goal.  So I’m sad that I missed that time but I’m beyond grateful it wasn’t longer and I feel so much better already.
    Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! Victoria's Body Shoppe Favorite daily-motivation-fitness-success-Quotes #motivationquotes:
  • So I wrote that last night, right? This morning I was doing my ~how am I feeling this morning~ inspection. And check this out… I don’t have cankles anymore. I know I know…weird right? No joke I had the fattest freaking ankles EVER and I just figured I had gained SO MUCH WEIGHT I couldn’t even control it anymore. This morning I thought…”hey ankle…I missed you. There you are”. And on Valentine’s Day I was wearing my mother’s wedding band. I wear it on my ring finger because I don’t have my own so I swap out lots of different rings. Anyway, it’s a really wide band and it fits me really well. Some days it’s been tight. I haven’t worn it in forever because it fits justright so it can feel a tad uncomfortable at moments. Yeah…the sucker flew right off my hand. Twice. I took it off and put it away. God forbid losing THAT (and thus you have the reason I don’t have my own band).
    Image result for stop judging me gif
  • Is anyone else completely overwhelmed with all the politics and what issue to I stand up and scream about today? Because I need to know what’s most important. Seems to me it’s the immigration issue today but I also want to make sure it’s not a smokescreen while they slide something under the damn radar. Meanwhile…I really hope the immigration walk out is a raging success and people can’t get what they need because hello…this country is run by immigrants.
    Image result for i don't appreciate your tone gif
  • I think the United States Marines and the Airlines are in cahoots because MT asked for 10 days leave for March since he’s not in school until April and he’s just sitting around. He asked for this right after he got back in January. They’ve been sitting on it forever and it just got approved today. TODAY. Now that plane tickets are $700. I could fly to Paris for $700. Ridiculous.
    Image result for i don't appreciate your tone gif
    ~ ~~~~

Image result for I do not appreciate that gif
That’s totally wrong. Everyone appreciates my sarcasm. Except my sister. They don’t do sarcasm in her house. bahahahhahaa. Whatever. 

It’s a REALLY beautiful day and I am off to enjoy the sunshine. 70*!!!!

Note to self: None of us are getting out of here alive... Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you're carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There's no time for anything else. Positive quotes & sayings #inspiration:

I have officially done ALL of these things…to the mild irritation of my husband…hahhaa. Sorry Babe.

Run on….and have a beautiful day!

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The workout of the weak Celiac

Don’t get me wrong…I’m positive there are strong healthy Celiac’s out there who aren’t having these issues. We’re all working on our own thing. This one seems to be mine. Took me forever to figure it out. I just thought I was lazy.

Image result for lazy gif
Ria sent me a 10 week workout and I’ve been trying to stick to it as much as possible. I did have to miss a week when I had the migraine so my dates are off. But otherwise…I’ve been working on it. Yesterday’s workout was 4 miles running and strength training.

Ria’s strength training workout is pretty basic for a normal person.  I’m relatively certain most people could complete it with great success.

Image result for I'm not normal gif

So I took one look at it and laughed outright.

I forgot to tell her.  Yesterday when I worked on it again I thought…damn…I really need to remember to have a chat with her about strength training and my serious lack of …well…strength.
my life crane my face myface relevant
Anyone who has been to yoga or who does an exercise DVD knows there are “modified moves” for those people who aren’t prepared to do the full workout.

That would be me. I am not prepared to do the full strength workout.

Ria has me working on the following:

For each move start with a medium weight (8lbs) ….skipping ahead perform same move with slightly heavier weight (approx 10lbs)… moving on to heaviest weight yet (approx 15 lbs) and then down to the lightest weight (3-5lbs)

Obviously I skipped what to do with the weights and all the moves but what’s important here is the weight itself.

Yep. The weight. I have no upper body strength, first of all. And second of all I’m Celiac. So building weight is really difficult. I can lift the 3, the 5 and the 8 and even occasionally the 10lbs depending on the move I’m doing (anything over my head…nopenopenope).  But there is no way I can do the 15lbs. Nope. No way. And as I lift, my heart rate races ridiculously and I have to do it slowly so as to hold off a migraine and or passing out.

Yep. That happens.

And squats…don’t get me started. They’re my favorite. I love squats but oh do I have to be careful. I can lift way more with squats but my heart can’t take too much. Don’t panic, Mom, I’m not going to have a heart attack. But I’ll totally pass flat out. I can feel it. And a migraine is about 12 seconds away. So as much as I want to push the weights and lift a little more and kick a little ass strength training…I have to go excruciatingly slow. And with the world’s lightest weights.

So instead of the weights she asked of me…I lift 5, 8, 8 and 10 (sometimes if I can take it) and then back down to 5. Still with the lighter weights my heart pounded. My head pounded. I was dizzy. It was unsettling. It’s not the usual “pushing yourself to lift” situation. It’s more…watch yourself so you don’t pass out situation.

These are exciting times in my house.

A few years ago I had Alex take me to the gym to train me. He tried but did not have much patience. This is why. I had to go so slow and I got really dizzy. Now we know why! I’ve learned so much in the last two years.

Image result for I'm so smart gif

I’m still working out. I’m still running. I’m still following the plan as much as I can and I’m hoping for a good outcome. I just have to remember it’s going to go slower the way I do it and I have to not get discouraged.


Beginner status just means you're one step closer to reaching your fitness goals. | Find more fitness tips, motivational quotes, workouts, exercises, food recipes & more at www.kuttingweight.com

Run on…

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Christmas…joy to the world and can I see your credit card please?

Hey People…it’s 29* outside. Yeah. That’s COLD>

Now…it’s Colorado. So it’s been way colder. And I’m from Montana so I’m pretty sure it’s colder there and we have the sun keepin’ us super toasty and for that I’m sorry. I have no weather control. If I did, it would always be 50* in the morning and get no warmer than 75* in the afternoon, cooling down to a lovely 60* in the evening. The skies would be clear so we could see the stars and sometimes in the morning we’d have fog and some drizzle just for delight. Because I love that weather.

I know Mom, you don’t like that. But you’re in MT. You can have any weather you dream of. I’ll dream of fog and drizzle in the mornings that leads to brilliant Denver sunshine.

I’m going to run on the treadmill because this ice cold might make my head yell. The high is 39*. Pretty bad when the morning starts out 10* away from the high. Gosh, it is really pretty though. The sun is screamin’ beautiful and it’s clear as heck. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll wear a hat.
#decisionmakerisbroken #lovetorun #migrainessuck


I made Sean breakfast this morning. I am on just a little sleep and a not friendly migraine. It already feel better but it was rough in the night. We’ve taken Sean off gluten and dairy for the next two weeks so I made him some hash browns, eggs and sausage. It turns out I made him hash blacks, eggs over scrambled, and sausage. I can usually make breakfast. I am totally off today.


I spent the day at the the mall yesterday and the mall I was at (I’m in Denver…they have MALLS… )actually had a store for Teslas. A whole store with Teslas (the electric car that is so so fabulous but also cost as much as my house. I’m not kidding) in it. This was my first clue I should not be shopping there. When we first got to Denver many years ago we went to Cherry Creek Mall and just entering that place we felt like we needed to have our credit card scanned…we imagined a voice stopping us at the door. (read this in a very sexy woman’s voice) ~We’re sorry. Our sensors indicate you do not carry enough credit on your card. You are denied entry.  Please try again later. Thank you for visiting…Cherry Creek Mall Denver~.
rich lucille ball i love lucy baller credit card

But of course, that’s totally out of the realm of possibility, right? (nothing is at this point…I mean, we just elected Donald Trump. God help us). Well now I’m at Park Meadows Mall and there’s a Tesla store! The basic bare bones car is $75,000! Holy freaking cow. And yes. It’s amazing. Consumer Reports gave them a score of 103 out of 100 and then had to revamp their whole scoring system. They’re in a league of their own. Amazing.

I went on far too long about this. The gist is I went to another little store and bought my friend her Christmas and birthday presents and after that…everyone else gets Dollar Store gifts. Everybody? You can blame Monica Sue. They were too cute to pass up.

I actually don’t feel overwhelmed by Christmas this year and yet….I totally should be. NO CLUES what I’m doing. Just wingin’ it.

I was looking on Craigslist yesterday and found some GREAT barstools. I messaged the guy to buy them and he said they were totally still available. I asked how tall they were up to the SEAT. This is important. He said he was at work and didn’t know.
He said, “Someone else inquired about them this morning but didn’t get back to me yet. They wanted to know the same thing. I don’t have a tape measure but I’m 5′ 8 and they are a little under waste high.”
Okay, people make spelling errors, spell check on phones, etc. I’m totally going to not judge him on “waste” high. Probably. But um…WHAT? Okay…( please say in that incredulous ~I can’t believe he said that~ voice). How the hell is that even REMOTELY accurate??

He talked about using them at an island and they were also waste high. Hm. Waste was repeated. I will now judge him slightly.
Image result for why are you the way you are gif
So I inquire…are they counter height or bar height?  I’m looking for the magic number of 24″.  Stools that height just disappear on Craigslist. So frustrating. I joke that I’ll have my Marine son in VA measure himself. He’s 5’8″. He won’t think that’s weird at all.

He says he’s not a Marine but it should work fine.  (what?)
I think he drinks. Or, it’s Colorado, maybe he does something else.

Before I go to his house I AGAIN ask him to measure. His house is not close.

He replies, “2 feet is shorter than most chairs” (sigh)
I say, “No, it’s actually a standard counter height for stools but some are bar stool height so the seats are 29″ and that’s a little too high for my counter. And me. I’m short..LOL”.

He comes back and says to me, “My 26 inch bike rim was smaller than the height you wanted. I’m guessing it’s larger than 24 inches” (Dude, you’re killing me)

At that point I told him he obviously has someone else looking at them and he should go with them. He said no, but I said I really need the 24″ stools and unless he measures and finds that magic number I really appreciate his time and to have a great night. Sean said we should take a picture of Sean holding the tape measure and I said, “if I was a man he wouldn’t be freaking treating me like I’m 12 years old and I don’t know how to measure something. It’s stupid. I no longer want the damn stools”.

So there.

I’m not desperate. I have bar stools currently. I just want to update a few things. And that is my drama for the day. Bet that kept you on the edge of your seat!

The cold wind will hold me off…but otherwise running at 5am, cold or not…best feeling ever.

Run on…


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Are you eligible for…

…the senior citizen discount?   ::grand pause::  LOUDWHITENOISELOUDWHITENOISE

great buzzing in my ear over and over……………………………………….

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Eventually I realize she has asked me if I am also eligible for the Military Discount and I have mumbled “No”.

Apparently disregarding 20+ years of military life with husband and kids.

Yes, yes I am.

So I quietly correct that to “yes”

Take my bag and leave.

the big bang theory seriously gif

With the knowledge that this probably 40 something year old woman looked at me and thought I was possibly eligible for the Goodwill 55+ Senior Citizen Discount. 

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I joke often that I need therapy but I may actually need it this time. I really didn’t enjoy that encounter.

And I have a bone to pick with my migraine Botox doctor who jokes all the time he’s “keeping me young”. Um…clearly not. It’s a joke because I get 30 shots and like…25 of them are in my head, shoulders and neck but he does put 3-5  of them in my forehead. What he ends up doing is sending my eyebrows into all kinds of crazy.

I sure as hell don’t look any younger and for the record I don’t mind looking my AGE but six years OLDER??

sheldon cooper big bang theory sheldon chamomile tea


I’ve been ~literally~ running on little to no sleep for days. Four days to be exact. And the last two days it has hit me hard. I’ve run more errands than I can count. I’ve been up working on projects. I’ve hardly seen Sean who isn’t sleeping at all. And my body is really really hurting.

In all fairness, I’ve been putting a lot of miles on it this week and strength, too. But still, the average person would probably adjust. My Celiac body is hurting pretty much everywhere. The muscles, joints and bones hurt. Everything. Yesterday when I came home from running I got a few things done before I finally caved and slept. Blissfully and without the possibility of not. My body had to.

Today I ran and when I came home I was frozen deep with cold so I bundled into bed, turned on the television to something I didn’t care about, kissed my husband goodbye and slept for two more hours. It was … okay. I was really REALLY cold.

animal penguin shakira cold so cute

But it was still sleep and I feel almost better. So some Advil and some tea and well..baby steps.

G is moving and Monday is our last day to run together so we are running as much as we can. Six miles today, We ran about 4.5 and walked the rest.

Yesterday G’s foot was bothering her (a desperate need for new shoes) so we walked and I used those other muscles so fiercely that I felt the pain before I even stopped walking. I mean..I hurt while I walked.

I love Celiac.

She got new shoes and we ran with joy this morning.

I already need another nap. I’ve only been up for two hours.

Growing a human, being a decent mom and girlfriend, and working 42+ hours a week takes a toll on a person..:


Apparently I’m old and tired.

Hard is what makes it great! Running motivation.:

Run on…


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It’s the Best Ice Cream Shop.

Imagine you live in the BEST TOWN EVER.
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And your town has what is most certainly the most amazing ice cream shop.

People all over the city admire this ice cream shop for it’s well known delicious creaminess.

And this little ice cream shop has a one of a kind flavor of ice cream they invented that leaves you feeling ohhh soo good and it’s creamy and delicious and you really really like it and YOU NEED this ice cream flavor but it’s, again, the ONLY ice cream shop that has it.

People notice.

Your little ice cream shop has suddenly become the most popular place in town. Walking to the ice cream shop used to be a quick ten minute joy and now…now it has lines around the block. Everyone knows about your ice cream shop. Shops around town want to have the flavor but they can’t. They’ve asked for it but the application process is long and tedious. So customers flock to yours and stand in line for hours. That’s how good it is. It’s worth the wait.

But oh the traffic. And the wait. And people are cranky. And it’s just not the same anymore. The magic seems to be…different.

We live in Colorado. One of the most beautiful states we have and in 2012 Colorado Amendment 64 passed and Marijuana was legalized.

We have the most beautiful amazing state and everyone is flocking to us so they, too, can partake of the riches we legally produce.  Am I that super grouchy Coloradan who says “don’t move here?”. No, twenty years ago we were transplants, too. But you know how before a lot of people moved here because we have art, culture, beautiful mountains to climb and great restaurants with amazing food? Now we have legal marijuana. We are nirvana. We have a LOT of people that have moved here since Amendment 64 passed in 2012. According to The Denver Post The population of Colorado in 2011 and 2012 was at 5.1 million. However, upon the passion of the amendment we grew to 5.2 million in 2013, 5.3 million in 2014 and in 2015 5.4 million. The second fastest growing state in the United States. I’d like to know what’s going on in North Dakota because they’re first. Hey….that’s a lot of people! So before you get all upset with me about not welcoming everyone with open arms, remember those people are on the roads, in the schools, in the grocery stores, climbing the mountains. It’s a lot of people.

Would I prefer it wasn’t legal? Probably. Is it because I’m an old fashioned Pollyanna who has no fun and I prefer everyone go to church? Nope. I mean, I like church but diversity is a good thing. People should celebrate their spirituality any way they choose.

I’m sure your asking at this point…what’s my stick-up-my-butt problem? My kids tell me all the time (eye roll Mom) “You DO know it’s legal now, right?”

Yes, yes I do. Please PLEASE stop being so condescending to me.

  • I would love to drive down the street and not see people smoking it while their driving. I see this so regularly I don’t even know how they can drive. And the smoke filled car is so blinding, how can they see the road?
  • I would love for the jokes about my amazing state to not be there. It’s such a great state. We have so much to offer. Why is that all we’re ever going to be known for. Colorado=marijuana. Admit it, that’s what you think.
  • People are continuously suggesting it to me as an option for my migraines. This is a legitimate option that I have totally considered. I am not blowing them off. But at this time I am not interested. If at a a later time I become interested I will look into it again but I just don’t think so right now. Just because the ice cream flavor is amazing to 95% of the world, 5% is completely turned off at even the suggestion and that’s okay and needs to be respected and not judged.
  • I would love to be able to go on a run and not smell it every.single.time. You would think with the fresh Colorado air I would smell…fresh Colorado mountain air, right? Nope. I’m smelling weed. Easily recognizable it makes me nauseous (I get it, the irony) and it’s frustrating for taking the joy out of the run. I run through it and hope it passes quickly. No matter the time of day or night, or the place. You can be counted on to smell it. Parking lot, passing backyards of homes, parks, you name it, someone is there smoking.

I’m not old and grouchy about weed. I just don’t want to play at your party. And I don’t want my state associated only with this one thing. We have a lot more to offer. I do appreciate the revenue and I totally appreciate the medical uses.

At this point though, I think the more realistic approach is to just legalize it everywhere so people don’t have to flock to our ice cream store. They can just get it at their own. And maybe, just maybe, the new and different will wear off a little and people won’t be so…~must smoke it every chance I get~EVERYWHERE. That would be great. Man that smell is gross.

I get it. I’m not popular. It’s okay. I never have been. I embrace the different. God still loves me.
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Yesterday I took the day and went hiking at Matthews/Winters Park at Red Rocks. Sean and I went a few weeks ago and I loved it. I think it would be great to run it but I have no actual strength and I wasn’t sure I could go that far so I just planned to hike it. Small children passed me* so I probably made a wise choice.

Actually it is a moderate trail and keeps you on your toes. I would say 50% of the people on the trail were running which did two things. One: it sent my self esteem the rest of the way down. And two: encouraged me to get my ass in gear and dress appropriately the next time I come out so I can run, too. It’s my favorite kind and I really like it. Twice now I haven’t completed it though because I don’t know how far it goes. I should…it’s not that hard. I just don’t bother to look. So I just did four miles. I’ll go back maybe tomorrow and give it another try. It was definitely worth it. Okay, I just looked it up and it’s 4.8 miles roundtrip so I don’t have that much further to go. I just don’t take chances like that. I had a lot to do yesterday.

*this is a lie. I didn’t see any kids yesterday except a baby being carried. Oh. Well technically her mom did pass me.

I did a quick strength training workout so I could say I did and ran too many errands.

For your enjoyment…this Buzzfeed of Kids who were Just Too Damn Smart


I’m just going to head out for a run in my little neighborhood this morning. Nothing new and exciting. Pretty sure Sean gave me a cold. I’d say I got it from wherever but I haven’t associated with society in like a week so I blame Sean.  Or I have the world’s worst allergy attack.  The cough appears to be starting today. I’m going to run before it hits.
Maybe I”ll just lie down first.

Just for a minute…

But I definitely won’t close my eyes…

Train on the good days. Train even harder on the bad days.:

Run on…


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When the refrigerator door is closed…the light is really really off.

This was my morning.

For when you just need a little more motivation::

I had a pretty wicked migraine when I went to bed so I went really early but I woke up early…like 2am. I stayed in bed nursing my migraine for another hour until I heard Sean get up. When he came back to bed he said, “the power’s out“.
Huh.I never even noticed. 
He said he got up to go downstairs and get a drink and thought…
~wow. She really didn’t leave any lights on….that’s SO unlike her~
I  died laughing as he’s describing this because I’m afraid of the dark so I’m notorious for leaving a billion lights on. Yes. A billion. That’s an accurate number. The family room and the living room both have dimmed lights, the kitchen has a light left on and possibly one down by the bathroom. I don’t want to be surprised if I am going downstairs and I don’t want to die by tripping on something or stepping on something.

I finally just got up at 4am and headed downstairs. This was when I determined I absolutely could not survive in a post apocalyptic world.

I need my electricity. I get it. I’m spoiled. Don’t judge me.

Damn it was dark.

Image result for I need the light gif
I lit many many candles and chatted with MT (he’s two hours ahead so he’s always texting me at ridiculously early hours) and I got on my computer (moment of thanks for good computer batteries).
asian blessed asian people grateful aishwarya rai
A few more drugs, a few more hours, a quick nap this morning and I am a thousand percent better.

And the power came back on. Also. The sun came up.
Bound to happen.
Rumor has it,  it happens at least once a day.

I watched a ridiculous amount of vlogs and looked at many many photography websites before I decided that I could conceivably get nothing done for the rest of my life if I did this every day. I don’t usually get sucked in but I do love photography. It was easy to get sucked in.

And there’s a certain amount of ~that person’s life on social media looks so perfect, what did I do with my life? Those people are like…25 years old and seem to have the ideal life what did I do wrong? How did I take this turn that left me here? and so on… And you really really have to remember what people post on social media is pretend. They can post what they want. They can filter what they want. And life in 2016 is far different than life in 1986.

Every generation grows. New technology runs the world. We learn more about ourselves as a people and our ability to learn about ourselves improves our individual relationships. Though we sometimes feel like we are struggling and the world is getting worse, we are getting smarter. We are a wiser people.

So what would I do different? Knowing what I knew then, I wouldn’t do anything different. Life was the way it was. It was pretty good.
Fall in Colorado. That’s really all I need to say. Going for a run later but first…Hammer and Chisel. And yes, I’m doing it wrong.
You’re supposed to do 60 days of Hammer and Chisel according to their schedule and their Beachbody diet and Shakeology. I am only doing the workouts and I’m not doing them on their schedule. But at least I’m doing it. Strength as often as I can which is a lot. And it’s hard.

I shouldn’t mention I’m eating french fries as we speak. But it’s okay..just a few.

In the middle of the night I came across these and I got a chuckle out of them.

America, you might call this an election, but the rest of the world is viewing it as your I.Q. test. And it's not looking good. Vote for Bernie Sanders.:

And then I found this.

Funny 2016 Election Memes: Season Finale:

This is an important month. Scary and important.
This is not the time to run away from voting. This is the time to get out and vote.
When you get up tomorrow, really get at 'em. Sign up for theSkimm to get a daily email newsletter full of the news you need to know. It's free. It's awesome. It's easier to be smarter.:
Truth be told...   And they'll try to take it away given the chance....:
4 Simple Rules: Never miss a Monday, Never go 3 days without exercise, workout at least 3 days a week, and never give up.:
Basic rules.

Run on…


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