Incline day!!!

It’s a HIGH of 80*…Yep. You read that right. 80* is the HIGH and THUNDERSTORMS> Praise be I am seriously going to live through this summer if the universe keeps sending these days to get me through it.
And because the weather is cooperating I am going to sleep as long as I can possibly allow myself (that’s not very long probably but I’ll give it a try) and then I’m going to the incline and get my hill workout ON! I’m so excited! I feel the need for an incline workout more than once a week but the lack of cooperation on the part of the damn weather dept. is sure frustrating.
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Having a blog involves an incredible amount of work. Yes, this drivel you read every day (sometimes? occasionally? when you have literally read everything but the cereal box and it’s Shredded Wheat so anything is better than that?)…is actual work for those of us who blog. Hard to believe.  Mostly it’s the writing…the daily content your brain must constantly regurgitate and hope people are somewhat entertained by it. I don’t always think it’s entertaining. Most of the time that damn story was really boring. I hear ya. I was bored, too.

To me the most fun frustrating part of blogging HAS to be when your platform gives you issues. Currently WordPress is making me approve every comment including my own. WHY, WORDPRESS, WHY??  Yes, we’ve looked at it multiple times. (well, I have). Sean has only looked at it once. He actually has a real job with real employers and they pay him actual real money. I only pay him in good sweet love and he’s not that impressed so he isn’t putting a lot of time into fixing the problem anymore. Now he’s like…~just approve the comment. It’s easier that way. I’ll look at it “later”~
I’ve heard of this mysterious “later” but I’ve never actually witnessed it.


Every once in a while I make him laugh…give him a great meal…we have a super awesome totally fabulous day (otherwise known as we were not thinking about computers or stressful things at all)….and the subject comes up again and he’s all…”oh yeah, I meant to take a look at that again…”
Quick! Now’s your chance!
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This is the time to make sure he looks at it. Don’t let him get distracted. If he gets upstairs to his own computer, you’ve lost him. It’s the black hole of computer darkness up there and you won’t see him again until possibly next month.
Then you turn your back and …

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He stepped upstairs to “just get something” and his ADD kicked in and he was never seen again.
It’s too bad really. You liked him. He was cute and he made you laugh.
And thus you see my problem.
Facebook gives me LOADS of problems. I just deal with it and mutter under my breath sometimes but this one from WP  is really frustrating. I am dealing with it but…I kind of want to smack my head against the counter.
And don’t even think of telling me to reboot. 
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Okay, I really probably won’t, I’m not that violent. I mean, I don’t even road rage. I’ll pull over so you can pass me. But we have looked at the most obvious issues and we just don’t see the problem.  I could look deeper  but that would require someone with actual computer skills.
If only I knew someone with actual computer skills.
I always think in my next life I’ll marry a mechanic. But hey..this is a tough choice. Mechanic, computer specialist…

Who am I kidding. Mechanic for sure. Cars cost a freaking fortune to fix. Totally no contest.
I just threw a quick 2.5 mile run out tonight at the park while Sean and Malachi were there so it’ll feel good to go to the incline and work a little harder tomorrow.
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Run on…