Officer I swear I already paid for this. And if I was going to steal something…

I asked Sean to pick me up a cheap spatula (the little $3.49 kind, they’re my favorite) because he was running to Walmart. He came home with one, but I don’t love it. I decide to return it and I ask for the receipt. He absentmindedly hands me a receipt to Walmart to include a few other things and I tuck the spatula in a reusable bag that I put things I have to return in. I’m set to go.

Super exciting story, right? A few days later I happen to be at Walmart (that’s random, I only go like twice a year) and I pull out the receipt, double checking to make sure the spatula is on it. Nope. I call Sean and he says…~oh…you know, I bought it at the grocery store and I don’t have the receipt anymore. Well…dammit. That doesn’t help me. Now I put it back in the reusable bag.  Which I keep with a bunch of other reusable bags. ~foreshadowing~

Last night I head to the grocery store (see where I’m going?) and I’m in the store…shoppin’ away and I go to move a bag out of the way and what the hell…there’s something in this bag…yes. That’s right. There’s a spatula in there. now I have to smuggle this spatula out of the store in my purse which doesn’t at all look like I’m stealing it without anyone seeing that I’m smuggling it out in my purse.

And really, if I was going to steal something it would SO not be a spatula.
I would totally go full on thievery…
I would go straight to the jewelry.
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I got home from the grocery store and it was the end of the world’s longest day. I spent 90% of the day either on the phone or wrapping up stuff on the computer. It was extremely productive and I feel really good about it but I didn’t get my run in and my butt feels it. I did get a walk in this morning but walking just never does it for me. I really need a good hard sweaty workout today. Fortunately I only need to spend about twenty minutes on the phone today and I’ll be good.

And I may or may not have bought marshmallows…
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I have a list of about 10 things we have to pay for before the wedding. I list things to help me budget for it. I crossed two things off and added seven. 
How does that work???
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It’s okay. I’m not panicking or anything because it’s all about the budgeting. I just don’t appreciate the ever growing list.

I went to bed at 2:30 am and for some reason woke up at 6:20 so I got up and quick walked Malachi before it got hot and it was GORGEOUS with being overcast. The cool air, even though the weather said it was 71* it felt much cooler and I loved loved loved it.

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When I got home I thought I am taking this moment and weeding the front yard while I can. When I finished that, I cleaned out the back shed. This was all by 9am. I love cool days!
Then it was like…85* so…back inside. Phone calls to make. More grown up things to do.

But being productive is MY FAVORITE!
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I have seventeen things on my list today. Technically Sean is taking care of one of them. I can’t take care of another one so hopefully I can knock out fifteen things….
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Does Your Family’s Century-Old Pyrex Still Rule The Kitchen?
Mine does. I love my Pyrex. It’s not my family’s, but it’s old and I love it. 

Friday Night Lights is the comfort food of television.
I’m off to get things done. I’m running this afternoon when the rain comes!!
Thank you universe for the rain!!
Also I’m strength training right now because it’s the perfect time and it’s a little overcast….how lovely is that?
Hope you are surviving this summer better than I seem to be. ha.
Nunca dejes que tu éxito te llegue  a tu cabeza nunca deje que los fracasos llegan a tu corazón.

Run on…