I’m getting there. To the end of my crazy tunnel. I see that light.

So Trump is kicking out the Haitians. Right now it’s amazing to be a Christian and an American. I’m so proud.

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On that note…really good article here.
Why would anyone choose Christianity Today?

And hey, there’s that awesome tax code that’s going to do such great things for all of us. But it’s okay, it’ll be pretty fantastic if you make more than $170,000. What???
I had a woman at my church today asking for rent assistance. She’s a NURSE. A nurse with four kids. Her husband died, her dad just died and she can’t pay the rent. The bills are just too high and she says if she can just get a little assistance to get through the month she’ll be okay. It’s SO hard to hear these stories. I give her the list of people to call and hope she has luck. One of the people she already called and they told her they don’t give rental assistance after the fifteenth of the month. That doesn’t help her when her rent is due at the end. But hey…sure glad those people who are making a freaking ton of money are getting that tax break.

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This is all I ever think to myself when I hear anything he’s done.

My morning yesterday started out amazing after what has to be the most perfect four hours of sleep EVER. Or at least that I can remember.  In the best of circumstances it would have lasted three more hours but I’m not even sorry about that! I went to bed with a terrible migraine, I’d been fighting it all evening and my second drug dose seemed to finally take the edge off. Sean has the plague so I told him he was on his own and I slept in the spare room and remembered nothing after that. Usually migraine drugs cause heavy sleep/hangover/I feel awful but this time…WHOA.

What magic is this? Seriously. I felt like I could run the world.  With all that joy I hoped I wasn’t jinxing it.  I’ve been looking for this particular shirt for a while and this morning I remembered exactly where it was. My brain kicked in and logic began to work for me. It was GREAT.

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t found those pants yet. I thought for sure yesterday was the day to look for them due to the magic or maybe just meditate and think…”pants”… it was that kind of day.

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but no. it did not work.


Way back on Friday…

On Friday morning I had 472 errands to run (number of the week) and one of them was to go to the vet in Parker which is pretty far South.  South means a wealthier community. I’d like to dress that up a bit and make it slightly less obnoxious but let’s face it,  it’s the pretty neighborhood.

I live in Aurora. We’re pretty too, but our neighborhoods are not quite as …shall we say…refined. We don’t have nearly as many associations. Sean and I live in a free neighborhood ~yay!~and yes, we have a neighbor up the street with a pink house. Seriously. Breast cancer awareness pink. I know because I met her husband and he told me.  He also mentioned it turned out a little brighter than they were expecting but oh well, once they bought the paint they couldn’t afford to change it.
*lesson of the day, test your paint sample

I mean, I could be more politically correct about this but Aurora is just demographically lower income. Sean and I have discussed moving to a different area of the city but we have a ridiculously low house payment so it’s really beneficial for us to stay. Plus if we keep it that way we can spent all our extra money (it’s bound to be here soon, right? Extra money?) on traveling.  And some day we’re going to as soon as we get twelve minutes.

It’s really going to happen. I swear.

Meanwhile, I stopped in at the local Kroger store and OH MY GOSH.  I felt like I was in the Truman Show or that show on Netflix The Good Life. Where everything is pretty and shiny and beautiful. All the shelves are stocked and the fruit is shiny.

The produce department is twice the size of the store on my end of town, at least twice. It’s incredible. The store is HUGE. The gluten free products it stocks (gasp!) it’s really impressive. And I lost count of how many employees stopped what they were doing, turned to me smiling (smiling with a *ding) kind of smile…you know what I mean and said, “how are you doing?” or “find everything okay today?”

Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone of grocery stores. It kind of freaked me out. I’d like to say I’m kidding but I think I’m only half kidding. It was crazy.

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I can’t decide if I want the grocery store or not. I’m still deciding.

Sean was out of town and theboy stayed with me.
The difference between sleeping with a 200 pound man and a six year old is absolutely nothing. They both take up 3/4 of the space and you end up wishing you were in the spare room.  Theboy actually slept completely sideways and with both legs on top of me.   After pushing him back over he wiggled his little self back to my side and snugged up.

That’s ok. I’ll take that.

Also, he heavy sighs with a little….”hhmmm” in his sleep. ::swoon::

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Theboy learned how to play chess this week. He’s so excited and was telling me all about it. Then he said it was too bad I didn’t know how to play chess.

I do know how to play chess.

“YOU know how to PLAY CHESS??” he asked, incredulous.

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Huh. I wonder why that’s so shocking?

Yes. yes I do. My dad taught me when I was probably just a little older than he was.

He was dumbfounded. “Will you play with me?”
I told him I would. He wanted to know if I still remembered.
Poor Babe the dinosaur. LOL

Yes. Yes I remember.

At least 15 times while we played he said, “I can’t believe YOU know how to play chess”.
This is not a side of him I like…

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It’s okay. I kicked his little six year old butt. Three times.


I had this post ready to publish in the morning  and completely forgot. COMPLETELY>

In my defense I ran out the door super early for work and when I got there it was crazy busy until I left at 5.  At some point it will slow down, I’m certain of it. I just have to hang on until that happens.

I had so little sleep the night before last that even though I felt great I ended up with a pretty wicked migraine so I took some drugs, fed my family (yay, family) and went to bed for a three hour nap because taking care of myself has to come first.

My butt and my legs need a run though. I’m looking at training plans. I keep hitting people up for races.

I’m definitely feeling a little more in control though, this week. I know it’s only Tuesday but I didn’t bring work home today so that’s a plus. And if I hadn’t had a migraine I definitely would have run. All of that means there’s hope out there for time management.

It occurred to me that I could take a change of clothes and go to the incline after I get off work, if I can ever leave work at my regular hour of 2:30.

Schedules. So much scheduling.


Absolutely nothing. I slept. Tomorrow I will be better. I’m getting my steps in though and a lot of it is an actual staircase (up and downstairs at a dead run in heels all day long…that has to count as part of a workout!).

This is incredibly true for me. Every goal I ever had that I kept to myself I succeeded with flying colors. Most of the others crashed and burned with few exceptions. I try very hard to keep goals to myself.

10 Psychology Facts That Provide Useful Insight Into The Human Mind

Run on…

Covfefe. Also known as I get to say what I want.

Really, can you start any kind of a conversation today without at least COMMENTING on #covfefe??
Our president is a complete idiot. I get to say that. If he gets to, I get to. I can’t wait to take to Twitter and hashtags my ass off. Maybe I’ll wait until I’m asleep and then do it. WHO DOES THAT?

Paris agreement. 
Taking birth control out of the ACA…
He’s on a roll. I mean. He’s ON A ROLL> How much joy can I suck out of the news TODAY? And before 9am? Pretty good. He’s good. What can I say.
I just really really don’t like him and getting through this next 3.5 years pleaseGodnotsevenmore PLEASE don’t let us be THAT stupid. 
I’ve been reading Twitter after his idiotic #covfefe midnight tweet and that alone gives me joy today. Thank God for Twitter!.
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I walked about seven miles yesterday. You’d think I’d be all HOLY COW.  I walked SEVEN MILES yesterday.



I really felt the need for a run. It was just really hot so during the day it doesn’t happen for sure and in the evening my super high maintenance kid called me from Virginia.  #shoutouttoMT

I ended up skipping a run and walking the dog instead. It was so beautiful, it was the perfect night for an evening run.
I didn’t though.I didn’t run. I slacked instead.
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I walked with my friend in the morning morning, we’re trying to get her started on a workout regimen and a good walking routine is the best way to start. She had a baby a year ago and having a baby is so overwhelming, it’s really all about the baby for the first year, right? I mean unless you’re a celebrity and have a personal trainer and a nanny. She’s feeling kind of out of control and schlumpy.

Raise your hand if you HAVEN’T felt out of control and schlumpy.
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Is there a day we don’t feel like this? Tell me your magic secret!

We’re going to work on it with her. It’s a work in progress. It usually ends up being an extra workout for me and that’s a bonus because my body has a natural love of movement. The downside is the baby. She’s freakin’ darling but that child doesn’t do anything until 10am so that’s when we walk. That is a chunk in the middle of the day. We might have to tweak that. Between the heat and my schedule, I don’t see that always coming together.


Hibernation mode is going strong. ::sarcasm::  I’m being inundated. I’m starting to wonder if I made the effort and started throwing invitations out there, maybe people would purposely ignore me. Maybe it works like opposite day? Hm.


I am considering this possibility.

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I’ve been making up my schedule as I go along for a few days so I think I’ll look at it and let you know.

Hey…I’m right on schedule. Today I am supposed to do a HIIT. I can do that. I was supposed to run yesterday but I walked more than double the distance. Does that count as running? I feel like that’s a math problem waiting to happen.

I’m also painting. Painting, walking, HIIT and maybe I’ll finish up the last of the garage. I’m feelin’ itchy to do a project.

Anybody else doing anything exciting? Am I missing out?

Remember we only get one body. Everybody gets their own unique version and yeah…some are dealt far different cards. Everyone has a story and we don’t know anyone’s story. But we have to love our body because we only get the one. Take care of it, fuel it correctly, treat it correctly, rest it and appreciate it. Recognize it for it’s worth. You get out of it what you put into it. It gives back. It will.
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Run on…

Losing my mind…gonna run to find it. #rainbedamned

The Handmaid’s Tale is so good. I can’t wait to read the book. The series on Hulu is amazing. I’ve been glued to it for days while I’m working. I remember watching Elisabeth Moss when she was on The West Wing as the president’s daughter and loving her then but she’s gone on to do so much more and prove her worth in so many beautiful pieces of work. And then to add Alexis Bledel, well that’s just a strange thing to see. I kept looking for Rory from Gilmore Girls but she wasn’t there. She is so compelling in this and she plays such a complex character I didn’t have any problems disassociating her from Rory. It would be easy for her to get typecast in the role of Rory and have a difficult time moving forward into a strong defining role like Ofglen but she did it beautifully, I saw no sign of Rory and actually had to look twice to ask myself if that was Alexis Bledel. 

In Celiac Corner this week we have sports bra fun. My sports bras haven’t been fitting. It’s odd, like…since I lost weight, they’ve gotten tighter and much more uncomfortable and I bought two new ones to try and find some that were more comfortable and they still don’t fit right. I was thinking I’d have to size up again. Today I had that lightbulb moment. I don’t think they’re too tight. I think my skin and muscles are hurting because of Celiac. Totally common symptoms.
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At least I can stop buying new sports bras now.


I swear the president searches out the craziest, meanest criminals to take appointments to his offices in Washington. How the hell does he find these nutcases? Oh wait..

Related image


Trump tweeted he’s the target of the “single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.”
Of all the responses…and there were some great ones. I mean…we do have to remember Nelson Mandela, JFK, Lincoln, Indira Ghandi, I mean, the list is long of politicians who were truly treated worse than Trump. But I did enjoy this tweet from Seth Moulton, ” As the Representative of Salem, MA, I can confirm that this is false.”

Friday. It’s rest day. But it’s not. I’m swapping because yesterday was #allthesnow and I had #allthework

We got a mere two inches but it POURED rain most of the day with giant fluffy flakes intermittently. Estes Park got like…two feet. What the hell?

So now I’m bundling up because the high is *39 but if I don’t get outside I’ll lose my #everlovingmind.
Also, all the squats, planks and so on.

I’m overdue for a HIIT workout I think but my schedule only gave me one this week. I think that’s weird. But I’m just following the rules.

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Perhaps I should break the rules….


run in the rain:

Run on…

This is Colorado. We can’t decide.

So I was going to do a Sweet List but sometimes my heart just isn’t in it. So maybe later. 🙂

I had enchiladas for breakfast, shout out to Theboy who said they eat leftovers for breakfast all the time and he likes it. I never do…except enchiladas because I love them.
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The weather today, after the blizzard and 30* degree weather all weekend, is FABULOUS. High of 61*! Happy days. Okay…25mph winds…it’s just a tiny glitch we’ll have to figure out. But 61*! I’m pretty damn happy about that.
Sorry to MT (thekidnotthestate) who is in VA with the record temps and no air conditioning.
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Rumor has it every other state is the same way. Blizzard. Record heat. Blizzard. Record heat. It’s a miracle we can grow anything.
Check this out. It’s called Ringly and it’s “Activity tracking & Mobile Alerts Made Beautiful”. They have smart rings and bracelets and then a few non tech accessories. I feel a little out of the loop that I’ve never heard of them before but I am excited to give them a try because I am all about beautiful jewelry.

Even though it’s pricey it is Mother’s Day soon so I think I’m going to give it a go. There’s a discount code with TheSkimm (who we LOVE and if you’re not on board with The Skimm then you’re missing out) so I’ll use the discount code and see if I like it. Plus, I don’t eat so I’ll just use my part of the grocery budget. I think that’s fair. Beautiful jewelry over nutrition, yes, I totally have my priorities.
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We here in Denver marched our ice cold collective asses off on Saturday for the Climate March. I was truly surprised how many people showed up considering we had serious snow and it was the really cold wet snow and it was also really cold and wet ( just in case you didn’t get that the first time) on the heels of a march the previous weekend well…turnout was not as good as the big D.C. let’s just state that right now. The official numbers say “several hundred” but it seemed well more than that and if we’re going by the “official photo” I can tell you right now it was snowing like hell and NO one was sticking around for that sucker. We marched and left. It was cold and wet. So that’s that.
Also, a giant thermometer?
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I know, right?
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Today’s workout is running with hills. I’m going to throw strength in there because I just looked at my workout and it looks like I just have strength once a week and HIIT once a week. So I’d like to add one more day for sure. Since it doesn’t actually have a plan I’ll have to figure it out.

I for sure have to foam roll this morning and I want to do a full on stretch routine. Did I mention the beautiful weather? Included with that is my left eye set at a constant water torture drip due to the allergy season situation. I opened the door and the allergies just came pouring in right along with the sunshine and the spring breeze also known as ~holy hell someone get the cat~. That’s some mighty strong wind right there.

the struggle is part of the story:

Run on…

Running with the wind in my hair…well maybe not. Maybe I’ll just not. Hmm.

All 100 senators have been called to the White House for a rare briefing on the situation in North Korea. I hope we’re all paying attention here. It’s not unusual for senators to be called to the White House, it’s unusual for all 100 of them to be called together to the White House.  They actually don’t have room there, they’re going to make the room. This was Trump’s idea. Photo op? Media play? No one really knows for sure.  North Korea is not a situation we need to be messing around with. It hasn’t gone well from the moment the president spoke and got us into this. Decorum and diplomacy and government…the man needs to learn. And my heart goes out to the families of the crew of the USS Carl Vinson, the carrier that Trump ordered to Korean waters because as a mom I just wouldn’t sleep at all if my kid were on that ship.
I JUST came started catching up on Stephen Colbert (WHY do I put this off?? It’s so good?) And seriously…I could watch it all day and catching up I probably will. I was dying it was so funny and yet so scary.

It’s the 50th anniversary of S.E.Hinton’s The Outsider’s. I love this book. I read it so many times when I was younger.  Of course, when they made it a movie it was only that much better.
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OH my gosh the wind! Colorado is having the worst winds this season…I totally blame global warming…it’s the worst. This season has been terrible. The winds have been like…25 mph gusts every day.
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It’s crazy. I have zero desire to be outside in that. Tonight…at 9:30 pm the weather was perfect. No wind and 50*. It is so lovely and I wish I was out running in it. I think I’m just going to have to aim for great weather and if it’s not going to be there, I’ll have to treadmill it or try a different workout. I’d rather run hills than run in the wind. Running in the wind is evil and I don’t even WANT to do it. Zero desire.
I’m a deadbeat.
This is when I get the whole “a real runner would push through and head out in the massive gale force winds no matter what”.
So there’s a bit of a letdown there with my pride but it didn’t take long for me to get over that and reassure myself I was fine with staying home.
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Today’s wind isn’t AS bad currently so I’m going to walk the dog this morning and then come home and try a run.
I’m telling myself this will help with the wind…what do you think?
da mo 1420 Daily motivation (25 photos):
Run on…

What was the march for? Saturday’s March for Science.

On Saturday we marched for Science. The pouring rain was killing my marching vibe.  I had a migraine that kept me up all night. I ached all over for some random reason (thankyouCeliac) and I just felt out of whack. It happens and it’s okay and truth be told it usually passes with in a few minutes but the pouring rain and cold was not encouraging me. But I really felt like we needed to show the hell up.
We need to show up and let the administration know that they cannot cut our climate and science budgets like this and we’re just going to sit still and take it.
Science is in everything we do. Everything we are. If we stop learning about science, we stop growing and we go backwards.

Some people may argue that we have to cut the budget SOMEWHERE. That we have to stop spending money SOMEWHERE> However, Trump would like that money that he’s so carefully and thoughtfully cutting to go to the military and to building his wall. So, if you think he’s a great savior you are clearly not doing your research.

Here’s a link to the Washington Post story that shows us who is losing all their funding. Here’s a link to an infographic from the same story that shows the proposed cuts. I’d love to show you the infographic thus putting myself at risk for copyright infringement but alas, the Washington Post has totally found a way to lock down their page so I can’t.

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I’m sure there’s a more talented person out there that could manage it but that person is not me.
If you love the mountains, the stars, learning, math, Bill Nye the Science Guy, cooking, coffee, beer, making beer!, being healthy, good health care, I could go on and on…then you love science. Think about that. Think about what we want our kids to love.
The Alt National Park Service is the biggest supporter of science and clean air.
These are some of my favorite signs from the weekend.
Image may contain: one or more people and text
(this one is my favorite)
Image may contain: 1 person, text
not a sign but in the comments of Alt National Park Service. Loved it.
Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and outdoor
this one says, “Introvert in a crowd. It’s that bad (I wanna go home)”
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text
That was a pretty good one, too.
So there it is. Signs are great but the deal is thousands of people are trying to get outside to shout and demand that we be heard. We aren’t going to go away. Science is important to everyone. Get over yourself, quit being self involved, just imagine there is a  bigger picture that involves an entire planet of people.

I sprained my leg once several years ago, right before a marathon on a morning training run. It was a very bad sprain and I was out of running for two months. My doctor said I would have been better off breaking it. It would be a long time healing. He also said I’d be more prone to twisting it again and it would never be as strong. So it comes as no surprise that I twisted it while hiking.  It’s very stiff. It has zero flexibility

Last Tuesday when I went hiking with Michelle the swelling was a lot  more than either of us were expecting so I needed to back off. After last week’s complete and utter misbehavior on my ankle’s part I dealt with it with a week of little to no activity which pouring rain and gale force winds helped enforce.  This week I need to up my game so my ankle better behave.
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Last night I watched The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on HBO. Sean watched “The” but he fell asleep for the rest of it. Oprah’s performance was intense. I felt so involved in her whole emotional process. I read several reviews which said, among other things,  this story should have been a mini series and told with more details, that sort of thing. I really loved the story but I did want more. I felt like I needed more details on Henrietta and the medical history of her story..this was very much a story of Henrietta’s family and mostly her daughter Deborah. The movie was definitely lacking in that area. I was disappointed there. It was still really good and now I want to read the book because I imagine the book has all the details the movie is actually missing. I want Oprah to please produce a sequel or yes, go back in time and create a mini series.
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I’m going to run a really short run today and maybe (maybe) even bike a little just to give it a try. But MOST important…must start a good strength training routine. Let’s see what we can drum up. I have a great program but I might wait another week or two to get down and dirty with it.
I’m not sure I’m up to Pre quotes yet but I like the message. Move through the fatigue.
Image result for running quotes
Run on…



The news. Seriously.

  • This sexual harassment campaign done by David Schwimmer and directed by Sigal Avin is incredibly powerful. I don’t know a woman who hasn’t been sexually harassed at some point in her life and I saw myself in at least two of these short videos. They are several minutes each and there are six of them so it takes a few minutes to see them all but worth the watch..I think especially for the men in your life. I tried to post the actual videos but I swear that only works about 50% of the time on my blog. They are a little difficult to watch. #thatsharassment
  • Sean Spicer opening his mouth and  speaking without any thought whatsoever is proof one more time he has no business in the position he’s in as communication director. I honestly don’t see how he could get a job in this position without passing some kind of “I can handle complicated diplomatic situations without shaming myself and the country”. It’s really quite unbelievable and just one more moment of disappointment that we’re in this position as a nation.
    Image result for so embarrassing gif
  • I’m so disappointed in Kansas that they elected another Republican. I know it was incredibly close but for as many royal screw ups, gaffes, protests and marches it should be clear by now to all of us that we can’t get anything done if we don’t show up  on voting day and get the Democrat in the door.  We have one more shot to #flipthe6th and I’ll pray that happens but right now I’m not getting my hopes up after the disappointment in Kansas.
    Image result for what is your problem gif
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary Denies It’s Trolling Trump on Purpose~I’m loving following Merriam-Webster on Twitter. I’ve actually followed them for a while but was reminded of them yesterday when United and the ~let’s drag someone off the airplane because they won’t volunteer~ nightmare happened.  I feel so bad for that poor man and his wife. I hope he’s okay and I hope he is seriously suing them. This from someone who is completely not litigious but anything less is just not worthy. Either that or first class for life…on another airline.
    Image result for it was awful gif

I have my final doctor appt today! I’m hoping to get a RUN IN first thing in the morning. Don’t get excited. If I don’t I’ll do a quick yoga session and foam rolling (I need to make sure and maintain this for leg happiness) to see how it goes but my heart is really asking for it to run and my ankle feels great! The power of positive thinking, Baby!
Take time to do what makes your soul happy! Daily Motivation by MorningCoach.com Your Personal Evolution System #alwayspositive
Be it hiking, yoga, biking or running…
Run on…

So two chicks walk into a bar…

No. No wait. That’s really wrong and a little inappropriate.

Sorry, I’ve been watching a LOT of The Mindy Project.

I met Michelle at “our regular place” (i.e. Etai’s Cafe) and she wisely ordered the small sweet potato fries (yum) and I unwisely ordered the large regular fries. This is a plate of fries large enough for four normal people or one of me. I am without shame and will happily and cheerfully eat the entire plate of the most delicious skinny, kind of crunchy french fries in the whole world. No shame. They were delicious.

Oh yeah, we’re here to talk running.

It was time to make a plan.

It’s possible we’re both ADHD.
The subject was changed 247 times before we finally decided it was perhaps best to NOT run the ultra this year as we are woefully unprepared and serious training would start in one month.

The biggest indicator of the “woefully unprepared” would be the bandage on my leg and the fact that most of my left foot/ankle is a giant bruise. But hey, that was just my input.
We have decided, instead, to be grown ups and make grown up decisions. I KNOW> It’s a new thing we’re trying.
We’re going to do REALLY FUN THINGS>
We’re going to climb mountains!
Adventure up inclines!
Run half marathons!
We’re going to go to lunch! Well, frankly we did that. We’ll still do it, but it probably won’t be all~this is TOTALLY worth an exclamation point!~exciting. It’ll just be us lamenting our lack of running an ultra this year because we are not worthy.
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HWY 49 Adventures is a travel/website that shares camping and lodging information about California while reminding us of how beautiful our forests are and how much we need to love and appreciate them.

Except the geniuses are from a conservative area of California and are firmly in the Trump camp so they POSTED the wonderful news about Trump generously (sarcasm font) donating his $78,000 salary to the national parks. Then they were SHOCKED and OUTRAGED when some people didn’t love the post and they…yes, I can’t believe I’m saying this…they ARGUED with them. On a business page.

In the two years since they started the page, they have received 24,000 likes and followers. That’s crazy. I was pretty astonished to see such an inflammatory conversation so blatantly thrown out on this website.  I pretty cheerfully left, never to go back to the dark hole of Trump followers who get lost in their own wasteland of “why can’t we all just get along” and “we need to move past this and let him do his work” rather than listen to us talk about why we’re not huge Trump fans, why we think he’s a bad person and why we don’t want him representing us or having anything to do with making laws or creating our budgets.

We can file this under “can you believe this?” but not under “crazy and shocking stories that will leave you horrified” because really it’s not THAT bad it’s just…seriously…#TrumpsAmerica #priorities

30 One-Sentence Improv Lessons Anybody Can Practice To Live A Happier Life– I do not have success with #2 or #4 but work very hard and try to live by #8 and #9.

Good luck with that.
(psst…here’s your cheat sheet)
#2. Vulnerability makes you strong, not weak
#4.  Say what you feel.
#8.  Go after that which scares you the most; it’s your heart trying to tell you something.
#9.  Get out of your head and live in this very moment
Image result for all the answers gif

We’re looking at the Slacker Half Marathon on June 24th. I’ve run it before and it’s a really fun half although you really can’t walk for about a week following. It’s still totally worth it. Such a great race.

I will say my left ankle is still hella swollen so I’m not sure how well that’s going to go but we’ll see. Tomorrow I walk. And probably ice it. A lot.
Hanging Rock State Park:
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We need to be better behaved…

This is a really painful time for us here in America. Friends and families are finding themselves at odds with each other in a much more painful way than they ever have before. The words “Democrat” and “Republican” have become fighting words and “Liberal” and “Conservative” have been turned into ugly little words like “Libtard” and “Trump lover” and of course…much uglier verbiage.

As I’ve said before, I found myself in this very kind of situation as not only a few family members voted a different direction than I did but friends…close friends. I just did a cursory count and well over 25% of my friends list voted for Donald Trump.

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Sean tried to reassure me that statistically that is not bad and I agree in principle but I still find it alarming because I really want all my friends to make  choices that show we are unified in caring about all people everywhere and equal rights for everyone.  It kind of wears my heart down. Truth be told there’s probably about 20 people on that list that are obligatory.  There’s a good ten that I really feel the pain on and I am completely conflicted about the wisdom and the hearts of the people who would put this man in the office and agree with his philosophy on…well…everything.

I am encouraged by the news that so many Republicans are struggling with their decision as they watch the unfolding every day. I am discouraged, however, and that’s a huge scary understatement by the news that people are randomly shooting other people because they don’t think they belong in this country. I have to be honest here, if there’s someone I don’t want in this country it’s gonna be the guy shooting innocent people just sitting around having a beer with friends.

I’m not interested in mocking their votes.

I’m not interested in calling anyone names, including the president.

What do I care if he’s orange. Although that photo of him hugging the flag…he looks completely looney in that photo. If I were him, I would veto that picture. (in my house everyone has veto rights on photos. This right has bitten my ass as they have become adults because now they won’t even let me take their picture OR they veto them all and now I have none…they don’t appreciate me enough). There, that was my aside. Done making fun of that. Sorry for the aside there.

It’s not helpful for anyone who is trying to make a strong point against the Trump administration to do it with hate or violence. This doesn’t help the cause and I’m not joining that fight for sure.

I just want to feel confident someone reasonable and sane is at the helm. I definitely do not feel that way now and I don’t think we should be led by a “me me me…me first” agenda and the 1% multitudes.
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I feel like that seems to be the factor in this presidency and the people that seem to really be strongly following him. It’s all about them. Where is the common thread of “kindness matters”. Could we get a little kindness please? That would be great…
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This article is a terrifying reality right now. Great read…

Bannon vows a daily fight for ‘deconstruction of the administrative state

You should follow Cely’s blog because she is an educated voice on all these matters and also she’s hilarious.

I had my doctor’s appt and I was not cleared to run. I am brutally honest with my doctors and I totally confessed that I had a rough day a few days ago. This caused me some bleeding and pain that neither of us thought was great or really very normal. Exam came out normal with a few very minor glitches so she said…nope. You have to wait.


She’s so great I don’t even care. I mean, walking is ridiculously boring but I am listening to podcasts and books so I am trudging through it and these weeks will fly I’m sure of it.

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She showed me the pictures again and now that I’m not in a narcotic induced stupor they are even more shocking. It’s impressive to me that my surgeon is shocked. She asked me if I feel much better and if my clothes fit again. I told her about how I don’t have cankles anymore. How every part of me was swollen and hurt and she said, “it was cutting off your blood supply. It was HUGE”.

It made so much more sense then. That explained everything.
She said she was so glad I made the decision to have the surgery, it was the exact right decision.


So on that note, let’s celebrate walking. (this is me being excited about walking)
her walk is like a shot of whiskey. Neat and Strong and full of purpose. And so many underestimate her punch. - JmStorm.:
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