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Well that’s new. Some surprises are just not that fun.

I did it. I just stayed home, hung around working on business and blog stuff and being lazy and doing nothing and eventually…

my headache subsided. ThankyouGodforbigfavors.

So tonight I headed out for a run and thought I’d do about 4-4.5 miles…well I got three miles done and started in on the fourth mile and for the first time ever in the history of this fun little disease…

I got Celiaced. (it’s a word).

My stomach rebelled SO FAST and SO BAD I came to a dead stop after mile three and grabbed my stomach and thought…oh no. Oh that’s not good. I do not feel well at all.

Image result for sick gif

I walked the last mile back to the car and came straight home only to be really really ill.

Image result for it was unfortunate gif

I mean, I got a good three miles in plus so that’s the saving grace here. This is just a sad little side effect of what I live with and hey, there’s a lot of runners that deal with this and they don’t have Celiac so I think I’m lucky I have made it this long without the issue rearing its ugly head.

Damn. I hope it goes away soon.
Today I’m calling a client back and hoping to get ahold of her because ~damntheiphone~ and also accepting the iphone as part of the family. Maybe a ceremony. I accept you. I welcome you in the family. Sigh. damn phone.

I guess it’s time for a phone case. And a cover.

it’s pretty…like a little piece of jewelry.

Can you hear me telling myself to like it?

Image result for I can't force you to love me gif


I’m reading Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?: And Other Questions You Should Have Answers to When You Work in the White Houseby Alyssa Mastromonaco and Lauren Oyler

I love it and so far highly recommend it. It’s not deep and intense, it’s just a great read about what it’s like when your girlfriend works at the White House.
Today I’m going to get my nails done, do some quick grocery shopping and then head to Castle Rock to do the incline…providing my stomach is agreeable. I have meds if it isn’t because it’s going to be a gorgeous day…74*!

Squats…and planks…

I think it’s time for the plank challenge. I just need to put a widget on my website and damn if I can figure out how to do it.
It just takes me sitting still for longer than 12 minutes…

Do it until you can't live with out it:
nd then a bonus one because I know it’s hard to keep moving and to keep up the motivation sometimes, but I have faith in you.

70% of people that start a fitness plan quit. Except you. Not this time. | www.simplebeautifullife.net:

Run on…

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Ash Wednesday

  • It’s Ash Wednesday and my friend Andrea asked me what the ashes were. I had a relatively good guess but I’m also brutally honest as I have never been fond of people that have an answer for everything when they actually have no clue what they’re talking about. So I told her..I’ve never been to an Ash Wednesday service. I’ve always wanted to. I don’t know why it just never happened. It just didn’t. So I googled it and gave her the scoop. Now we all feel educated.
    Image result for I learned so much gif
  • I attempted to watch 45’s address last night on my Ipad. I hear he got good feedback on it. Very presidential. I can’t go there. I had to stop listening. I was watching on NPR and was able to click the little faces … “smiley” or “sad” etc. Well…I was pretty irritated just to be listening to him speak so I was clicking the angry face. Full disclosure I was going to town on that little guy. If you’ve never done this, it takes your tiny little profile picture and “PING” it like…POPS it into a little angry face. Well, my profile picture is a tiny little MT when he was like…five years old? and then…BAM…he’s a tiny little angry face.  I got a sick little delight out of this and Sean.did.not.

Image result for I"m not amused gif

  • It’s okay….I lost my appetite for watching anyway so I headed downstairs to search for entertainment that wouldn’t try to make America great again.

Image result for please don't gif

  • This article is so great.  Gluten-free diets: Where do we stand?CNN did a great job on it.   Gluten Dude caught it and condensed quite nicely here. 
  • “For those who just brush it off that this is a fad and a fashion lifestyle, be considerate of the people that survive on this diet. For people with celiac disease, the gluten-free diet is like insulin for diabetics.” ~Dr. Alessio Fasano, director of the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • We are reaching 43* today which means I am actually leaving the house to walk. I know, what have I been doing? It’s been cold.as.hell. I realize that’s not possible but damn, it’s been cold. I’ve been so cold I set a new record yesterday with the 30* and the wind and I jacked my heat to freaking 76* and went to bed  at 4 o’clock to get warm. I finally got up and had some tea and that did it. Note to self: try that first. But yeah…it was cold.

I am powering through my “must get these things done” list and the only thing really holding me back is my inability to lift anything over ten pounds. I have two weeks left and it can’t come soon enough. My poor husband, I’m sure, feels the same.
Image result for You don't appreciate me gif
Sean and I had a difficult weekend, it was one of those you just don’t want to even think about when it’s over but it hangs around in the air, you know? Come Monday he climbed into his pretty black truck he just bought and every light on the dashboard lit up like Christmas and the speedometer didn’t work. It’s not the first time things didn’t work but usually it was one at a time and they corrected themselves..but it’s the worst and the speedometer is new. On the heels of the weekend it felt so awful. We were both so raw and instead of time healing we seemed to feel worse. He just knew the guy that sold it to him knew all these problems with the truck were there and just didn’t tell him. One more feeling of the world against us. One more reason to feel like we’re trying and trying to do good and be good and you will be an example and it will come back to you and instead we’re working so hard and kindness does not, in fact, come back to you in spades. It does not.

He’s making a real effort to feel better and I’m using sarcasm to feel better. It’s really helping! ::sarcasm:: I figure another week or two and I’ll feel better. It’s important to make the effort. It’s easier to be negative and rely on that…telling yourself that life is hard and people are going to be mean and why do all these things happen to you? but in fact these are minor glitches in life and life is actually pretty amazing. Being grateful for all we have is deliciously pleasing and getting back to that place is totally worth the journey.

Today I’m going to run a few errands, go to church and get my walk on. Also, on a side note: if I could get a prayer for a friend’s daughter that would be great. Just pray for “S”. She needs it really quite critically right now. Thank you~
10 Inspirational Catholic Quotes - read more encouraging and inspiring quotes at http://vol.org/news/10-inspirational-catholic-quotes:
Image result for walking quotes
Run on…

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There was so much about this day.

As you have come to expect from me…I wrote this yesterday. I’m charming and delightful but my schedule is never on par with anyone else’s. It’s so wrong.  Just from now on understand I’m a day behind..

Image result for very unfriendly gif

It rained all night. It rained all day. It’s been cold and overcast and  dreary which of course…is my favorite kind of day.

There’s a smattering of red and gold leaves that cover the wet black streets like expensive wallpaper for suburbia.

It is undeniably fall. 

I went to the funeral of a twenty year old boy today.

I am calling him a boy because my son is nineteen and a Marine and he’s still a boy.

Still a boy.
His name was Joshua Davis. I’m intentionally leaving out his last name but I have to say, isn’t that the most beautiful name? Can you not imagine his parents holding their tiny little 7 pound boy in their arms and declaring him Joshua Davis as they plan and hope for everything he could possibly be with that strong beautiful name?

He took his own life. What an incredible loss. What an incredible understatement.


He left a fiance and a young 3 month old son named Finley. And much sadness. This was a hard day.

I came home to find….I’m sure you’re thinking~ um…relevance in the face of that last paragraph?~the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my life in my garage. It was…mostly dead. I forced myself to take a photo of it to send to my husband who did confirm…that was one big ass spider.

I will not be sharing it with you and as time allows I will be deleting all of THOSE photos. ::shudder::

Taking a cue from my sister who had a similar incident this week, I put a quarter near it (declaring the quarter then gone and lost forever) for size comparison. Yep. Mostly dead it was the size of the quarter. It was big and fat and I called him George because well, he was big enough he needed a name. Sean said…Hairy. His name should be Hairy.

Did I mention he was gross?

I walk my puppy, Malachi (shut up, he is too a puppy. They absolutely have 11 year old puppies. It’s totally a thing) either in the morning or at night over at the park nearby I would say 80% of the time. For sure Sean or I do it. I like to run in the morning and then come right home and walk him which would put me in the park about 7:30.

This morning, in my little family park down the street, they found a dead man with a gun. No further details but um…that would certainly curtail any morning glory you might be thinking of basking in out there as the sun rises.

Quite sad really.

And thus I will end with this. It’s October 6th. I lost my dad 9 years ago today so I decided to celebrate my dad today by going to see The Magnificent 7 which is a remake of his all time favorite movie.

It was a great movie though I do wish the heroine wore more clothes. You can imagine Sean did not find fault with that like I did.
Image result for eyeroll gif


It's All Good

Run on…


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I’m fighting off my lowest point, revisited.

Did I ever tell you my lowest point ever? Like..the worst ever? 

I had just been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I was sleeping ALL THE TIME. I had gained 30 pounds in two months. TWO MONTHS. And I was…predictably (cause that’s me)…eating virtually nothing and was very frustrated. My doctor told me I was totally eating everything in sight and was basically lying to everyone because there was no way I could gain that kind of weight otherwise.

I mean, he’d fixed me, right? He’d put me on thyroid meds so…ALL BETTER.

Of course, now all these years later (15 years maybe?) we now know I have Celiac disease so those meds were not being absorbed thus not working. He actually said I was eating everything and sitting on the couch all day.

I reported him.

But meanwhile, there I was struggling every day to feel attractive, to run, to fit into my clothes, and to have some sort of energy and I will admit, it was the closest to depressed I’ve probably ever been.

So here I am…20 pounds overweight…my clothes don’t fit…struggling to run, to feel attractive, to find some sort of energy and Ladies and Gentlemen…

it’s definitely straining me.

This evening’s  run was awful.

The absolute worst.

I walked every twenty feet for the first mile and a half and for the second mile and a half I still walked…not as much but it was there. I wore my too tight workout shorts and my loose shirt that I still felt conspicuous in and I was uncomfortable, unattractive and I couldn’t run.

I pretty much wanted to cry the whole time.

The ironic moment came when for the first time in the entire time I’ve lived here some guy actually stopped and said “it’s way more fun to ride, Baby”.

After coasting along next to me for a little while and seeing I was ignoring him, he kept going.

No Mom, I wasn’t afraid. I was on a very busy street and there were a lot of people out enjoying the evening. It was a nice evening.

The interesting question is was he asking because he was interested or was he asking because he thought I was dying and needed a ride.

I mean, that’s a legitimate question.

What an awful terrible horrible run.


On the upside…

My beautiful son MT wrote us a letter and we got it today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.  He told me happy birthday and how crazy perfect is that? He said I should do something fun for him on my birthday.

The ideal thing I should do is go to the firing range. He would think that would be awesome. But that would entail some serious work. So I think breakfast out will be fine.

I was pretty excited to see a letter. Pretty much the best gift.


Alex Michael is building me a new mailbox for my birthday. Our old mailbox, which I currently do not have a photo of but I’ll try and remedy that, is very tired and has been for about 19 years. How long have we lived here? 19 years.

So he decided to build me a beautiful new one.

IMG_20160611_143249762 IMG_20160611_143238307

There’s been a lot of discussion about design. Alex is very detailed.

It’s going to be cool.


The end of the week workouts:

4 miles Sunday
rest day Monday
unintended rest day Tuesday 
3 miles Wednesday
6 miles Thursday (we walked a bit so very conservatively let’s say 4)
unintended rest day Friday but we walked
3 miles Saturday + 25 strength workout
total= 16 miles


Run on…


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I’m not sure how I’m supposed to figure this out.

So let’s do a comparison. A little side to side so to speak. Except I don’t know how to format that on my blog so work with me.

To be fair there are SO MANY symptoms I couldn’t type them all out reasonably. However I managed to capture enough to make my point. A comparison of Celiac Disease, Hypothyroidism, and Menopause.


  • Anemia
  • diarrhea*
  • Constipation*
  • hair loss
  • Energy loss*
  • Fatigue*
  • Difficult to concentrate / foggy brain*
  • Heavy painful/periods
  • fluctuating weight*
  • joint pain/muscle spasms*
  • irritability
  • Depression
  • dizziness*
  • anxiety
  • itchy skin*
  • digestive problems (understatement much)*


  • Fatigue*
  • Weakness*
  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight (despite reduced food intake)*
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle cramps and aches*
  • Constipation*
  • diarrhea*
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss/inability to concentrate*
  • Abnormal menstrual cycles*
  • Decreased libido
  • brittle nails*
  • dizziness*
  • anxiety
  • itchy skin*
  • digestive problems *
  • tingling extremities*
  • anemia

People might complain that it’s very hard to get up in the morning,” Dr. Bianco says. They might fall asleep quickly once they sit down during the day.~source

story of my life.


  • irregular periods *
  • loss of libido
  • fatigue*
  • hair loss
  • difficulty concentrating*
  • memory lapses*
  • dizziness*
  • weight gain*
  • brittle nails*
  • irregular heartbeat*
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • joint pain*
  • itchy skin*
  • digestive problems*
  • tingling extremities*

I had to stop but I really could have found many more I’m sure.  If it’s highlighted in red it’s on all three lists and if it has an asterisk it means I have this. So I have a confirmed diagnosis of Celiac Disease, a confirmed diagnoses of Hypothyroidism and I’m guessing on the menopause. I have no symptoms but…do I?  Let’s look at the list. oh, that’s right, every single symptom is on at least two lists and most of them hit all three. And can I say gratefully, I do not have all of these symptoms. Whew. But I definitely have a majority.

How in the world do I diagnose THAT?

robots aliens halle berry extant so confused

And thus you have my problem.


Hypothyroid Mom
Endocrine Web
Gluten Dude
34 Menopause Symptoms



I did a lot on Thursday so I kept Friday to just a walking day.  I really wanted to get to the gym and elliptical/stairmaster but I had appointments that just didn’t coincide well. Also, Sean and I ditched and went to a movie. Ha. So…today I’m running.

And…it’s my birthday week…can’t forget THAT.


Run on…and have cake. It’s my birthday weekend! (psst. It’s actually Monday but I pretty much claim June)


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**Global Running Day**

It’s June 1st! The first Wednesday of June, also known as Global Running Day…

Are you getting your run in today??


I made sure to get in my 10,000 steps yesterday. I didn’t run but I went for a really long walk and got in 13,000 steps but my Garmin … for some dumb reason… only 2,000 steps registered and today I feel TOTALLY ripped off. What the hell? I want credit for the other 11,000 steps hello!

I mean, 11,000 steps are nothing to sneeze at. It’s not like we’re talking about 50 steps. We’re talking 11,000. ELEVEN THOUSAND.

I’ll get over it. I’m sure.

Probably not. I WANT MY 11,000 STEPS BACK


So today I’m going to run all those errands I didn’t run yesterday (like going to the store and getting groceries so my poor husband has food) and I’m going to walk the dog and such. But most important?

Yes Ma’am…I’m going to run.

Because it’s that day and I’m not injured and I’m not sick which is a freakin’ MIRACLE because every year on World Running Day I am injured or sick and I never get to run. This time…I’m running.


I searched for a GIF this morning and accidentally came across the worst porn ever. Now I want to clean out my eyeballs and my computer.

Every job has its drawbacks.

Then I stood up to take a break and regroup I realized one of my darling animals had brought me the gift of a bunny to my kitchen. Awesome. Sean had a terrible morning and I didn’t want to add to it (I know, I’m spoiled. He will actually come home from work to take care of bunnies. It breaks my heart so much). So I took care of my very first sad bunny day.

June is my birthday month and I’m NOT FEELING THE JOY HERE>

Moving on. We’re pushing all that negativity aside and only having the joy. ONLYJOY>


Run on…and find your joy…


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We knew it was coming. The end of the world.

No, not Trump. None of us could really see THAT coming. But once that sucker came it came on like a freight train. Wait. Isn’t that a song? No…that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about me getting the cold right before everything hits. I have to go to graduation. I have the baby shower. Everything. It’s not just “a cold” It’s THE COLD. (you have to say it with a big God like scary shake the walls voice.

  • I have my husband’s cold. We knew it was coming. I’m on day one of feeling like this and he’s on day 6. He is kind of starting to feel better. I have a baby shower in a week. Pray for me
  • I had my Botox shots yesterday morning and it just never gets more fun. It is still painful. Still makes me cry and I still don’t enjoy it, not one bit, not at all. But I love my doctor. He’s kind and generous and thoughtful and funny and I’m grateful. But don’t ever think I love that appointment. Nope nope nope.
  • I am leaving for MT this morning. My nieces are graduating on Sunday. We are havin’ a PARTY!
  • I “ran” yesterday morning. If you want to call it that.
  • Because I’m sick,  I’m not running.  I’m walking the dog this morning because I like to do something before I get in the car for the day. This is a little sad but we do what we can, right?
    Sheesh…even my motivation is a little unmotivated. #Ineedanap #its8inthemorning

Run on…and if you’re sick…take a rest day. Or two.

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Organization continued…and that stinkin’ pebble in your shoe.

  • To expand on listing your life and how to be organized from yesterday, I’d like to add when you’re making your list it’s important to keep in mind where your errands are so you can run them in the most efficient manner. Sometimes I have to write the list twice for this. Write it all down…then number them. Sometimes I rewrite and sometimes I give myself enough credit to be able to find the next number no matter where it is on the page. IT’s a game!…LOL. Either way, if I start on the South East side of town and get all those errands done and work my way to the West side and up North and back home again to our house on the East side. (sing that song…name that tune) it’s just the most efficient. Like grocery shopping. And you are less likely to forget those errands.
    *Link here~ it won’t let me show you the actual one but points if you know it!
  • You know when you cut open an avocado in all it’s perfection and after it’s scooped out…the side by the skin is all black and gross?…I want my avocado dreams back. #avocadodreams #mynewbandname #Idontplay
  • I tried on the wedding outfit and I know you’re all shocked to hear that it was really and truly awful. Yep. That’s right. Awful. I stood there at midnight thinking…well bad word…I’ll just have to wear something else. So I grabbed my favorite pencil skirt (yes it’s black, do you really wonder that?), a cream colored blouse, a little black jacket and some heels and my husband said it was great. Very me so I’m done. Ugh. I just want to be home in the corner watching Netflix. Can’t I be home in the corner watching Netflix? It’s been suggested that I’m perhaps I have a problem. I think that’s harsh. I just really really really don’t want to go anywhere. Yeah, that’s it. #netflixforever #firststepisadmitting #youcantmakeme


I realize the importance of this but I grabbed it because on my five miles yesterday my sock got a hole in the toe and it was awful. I finally had to stop and swap socks to the other side. It was ridiculous.  The pebble in your shoe..right? Wear good socks, People.  And also…what he said.

Five miles yesterday which went incredibly slow and slogging because I realized I’m not eating well. Today I have to eat. And this evening I’m going to get my four miles done…why? Because I have to take care of me.  That’s the lesson this week!!!


Run on…in good socks. The hole in your toe is so annoying. SO ANNOYING. 

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

  • After I ran Wednesday I got a migraine. Relatively normal and usually we hope I don’t but I did.  It hit hard and fast and stuck with me, I couldn’t shake it. I kept it through this morning, like that guest that overstays his welcome. There’s no blogging for sure. There’s no anything…Between that and my iffy internet it’s a mess over here. A MESS.
  • My migraine kept me from running yesterday (sometimes I can run it out or just have some peace while running but not this time). It was bad enough I couldn’t really focus on anything else so I thought I’d just run errands but even that proved too hard. I hung out in the kitchen and made some paper flowers for the baby shower, cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and even tried a nap. All with no success. In the end my stalling on my run proved not helpful and I ended up just resting.
  • I went to Nordstrom Rack Wednesday (before the head disaster hit) and bought a pair of jeans that started out $198. ONE HUNDRED NINETY EIGHT DOLLARS. Multiply that times 2.5 and you have what my first car cost. That’s crazy. It’s a pair of jeans.  I’ll condense this story. Andrea convinced me I’m smart with clothes and I’ll keep the $90 jeans for like…10 years so it’s an investment. I went to buy them and the angel at the register took like…half off. Because he’s an angel. Also he told me if you’re ever waffling on something, tell them. They’ll probably give you a deal.
    This is what $190 jeans look like. I know. They look like $34 jeans. But they feel amazing so I guess they’re worth it. And they have that big fat security thing on them because they cost half of a small car from MT. 
  • Denver was 77* yesterday. Tomorrow we’re expecting a spring storm to drop 15″ to 17″. You have to love to the weather here.
  • I searched forever and EVERYWHERE for a pink trench and couldn’t find one I liked.  I finally asked a few places for advice and both places shot you guys down (sorry) and voted for my jean jacket idea. Here’s the funny part…I didn’t even tell them the jean jacket idea. They suggested it when I told them what I was wearing. Since I can find a million jean jackets and even own one that will do in a pinch…I’m going that route. I did find this trench:
    and it’s BEAUTIFUL…it is like…butter. Oh my gosh.  I seriously picked it up and thought..done. This coat is MINE. It’s light as a t-shirt. Soft like brushed twill. I cannot tell you how pretty. It’s perfect. It’s $180. Yes, that’s right. $180. Now, I know you’re thinking…but the jeans! Yeah…no. I didn’t pay $180 for jeans and I sure as hell am not paying $180 for a little pink trench. It’s a crazy ass cost. I’m apparently far too cheap. 
  • I have to go. I have to run before I lose my mind or my migraine decides to come back. Sorry I’ve been gone so much. Migraines. Internet. It’s a conspiracy.

    Run on…average or super hero…get it done. And may you be migraine free like me. ::knockonwood::


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Rejected. So rude.

I woke up this morning and thought…if this man is leaving me for adventures beyond then I need some quality time before he goes. So I gave a little turn you know? so I was curled up towards him all friendly? and he…

got out of bed.


Couldn’t get out of bed fast enough.

ugh facepalm i cant i cant even face palm

Maybe I smell. 

That’s really not a maybe. I’m pretty 100% sure I need a shower but still…ouch.

I can hear him in his office gathering things for the future road trip with MT (spring break, Baby) and when he comes back into the room I give a little stretch….you know like the cat does that’s so cute? What? The cat’s cute. I can be cute.

Shut up. I can be cute.

Instead it cleared up a spot on the bed for him to put his folded clothes for packing.

My morning plans to hang out with my husband has crashed and burned

burn ashton kutcher that 70s show

and I’m feelin’ it. Yep. I’m feelin’ it. So wrong.  This is my favorite time of the day….mornings with Sean and lately he has been hanging out in his office in the mornings reading. I can’t begrudge him that. He has a ton of stuff to get through for work and his reading time is precious important for his sanity.

I’m a little hurt, though. I mean…I’m great for his sanity. I’m awesome. I’m charming and delightful and adorable and cute.as.hell.

Or I could be. Probably.


I need a run.

Shake it off, Baby. Shake it off.  We don’t need him anyway.

I need a run for more than one reason oh my gosh. 

The miserable pain in my legs from working out has invited that friend we love to hate.


Delayed Onset Muscle Syndrome.

You’re excited to have him here because hey…you worked out!

But when you can’t move for days and the stairs…oh the stairs…and the moments when you seriously think…where is the Ibuprofen because Holy Mother how long could this go ON?

You don’t have a lot of love for it.

Hang in there…it’s SO WORTH IT> And as you work out it gets much much better and far less paralyzing and you’re only doing good for your body.

While there are many theories as to why delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs, most research suggests that it’s a result of pain receptors being sensitized by the inflammatory response to muscle tissue damage. Luckily, there are ways to quickly recover from DOMS and get right back into getting strong.-source

1. Rehydrate- drink your water. Keep that water bottle handy and remember to drink enough water for healthy colored pee. Yes, we talk about pee here on this blog. Don’t judge me.

2. Massage- if you can’t actually get a massage (and realistically a lot of us can’t) just grab your foam roller. It’s far more convenient and does a great job. And because it’s in your house…what’s your excuse to not use it? I thought so.

3. Compression- wearing tight clothing (no, not those jeans) like spandex or compression wear will help encourage blood flow to the area.

4. Sleep- don’t we always hear this? It’s for a reason. We need our sleep for good recovery.

5. Snacking- small bits of protein (about 20g) every few hours.


I searched and searched and SEARCHED for a short cute pink trench and I cannot find the one I fell in love with because I waited. However, there are plenty they can ship me straight from Hong Kong. ?? Huh…

So…I need you guys ONE MORE TIME> 
1. do you know of any seriously adorable trenches that I’m missing?
And the two I found are here…full disclosure, one is not pink. I KNOW. I really wanted the pink one. What do you think? Like one of them or hate the both? Opinions? I’m an open book. 

This one from the Limited

Or this one from Nordstrom Rack

one more! Check this one out, it’s so cute. (and don’t buy it because it’s on ebay and that would be mean)


I’m off to run (I have five miles I want to get done this morning)  and get my self esteem back and also to do another strength today because we must keep it up or it will always hurt. That’s the rumor anyway. 
You Daily Health and Fitness Motivation provided by @fitpossibledailypush . Make sure you REPIN if you like seeing these quick quotes. This will help spread inspiration and motivation to more people searching!:

Run on…


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