#allthestairs of Red Rocks.

Friday I volunteered for a race that was taking place on Saturday. I didn’t run it, I just did some volunteer work.

It was the most unorganized situation  and 90* so it was utter and total chaos in the hot sun. I have only volunteered a few times for racing events, as much as I love volunteering the racing events always seem to be unorganized. I’m not sure if it’s a world of people with order issues or if it’s the world of racing. The organizer in me wants the answer to this question.

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Totally worth watching.

Sandra Bullock – Go Find Your Joy

Sandra Bullock reacts to criticism in an inspiring way

Posted by Goalcast on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Saturday I had such a migraine I don’t even remember what I did. I just stayed drugged. I’d started it on Thursday and nursed it through Friday. By Saturday I wasn’t really able to focus on anything and was pretty sick. I crashed early so I could be up at 4:30 to head to Red Rocks for massive quantities of stair climbing with Michelle. I wanted to be there by 6 and I got there at 5:45. Then I drove around for 45 minutes trying to find her. It was a damn good time.
She got there first so she got the winning shot…

Nothing beats sunrise at Red Rocks.

I did finally find her and we started our prep for the 9/11 Memorial Climb.

The 2017 Colorado 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb is a way to honor and remember the FDNY firefighters who selflessly gave their lives so that others might live on 9-11-2001. Each participant pays tribute to an FDNY firefighter by climbing the equivalent of the 110 stories of the World Trade Center.

We learned it’s 11 times around so we did 8 times around to start and see how we healed. Afterwards we both felt like we could have done more. I was feeling pretty hungover from migraine drugs so I struggled but I wasn’t sore at all yesterday and I’m not sore at all today so I think we’ll be fine.

Meanwhile it was a BLISSFUL 57* this morning when I woke up at 4:30 (not sleeping great) and it stayed 57* for a while. I didn’t run because I was really really REALLY tired and I feel like I need to just chill out for a few hours and maybe even…

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take a nap.
A much much needed nap.
Before I tackle my incredibly full list.
I’m so tired.
But I felt pretty grateful for my fake fall morning… #fakefall all the way. hmm. #alternativefall?
just look at these boots and laugh accordingly. Or shake your head shamefully…

Forever 21 Privileged Shoes Denim Boots 

(how do you like that name?)
In fun political news…
Scaramucci is out after TEN DAYS!! I’m gonna miss that guy. He was like the Jersey Shore took over the White House. It was entertaining as hell. To everyone but his wife I guess. I really feel bad for her.
Tomi Lahren admitted to still being on her parents health insurance at 24 even though she’s totally against Obamacare Being able to stay on your parents health insurance until you are 26 is a GREAT benefit of Obamacare and  two of my kids have totally taken advantage of it and the third will be following right behind. One would think she would be highly vocal about it’s benefits as she is being so critical of it.  Apparently not. Tomi, Darling, this is why people tear you down. Well, this and your incredibly horrible belief system.  We don’t get it. Keep working on it.
I feel pretty damn strong right now and that’s pretty sad because I have a long way to go but that just shows you how far gone I was. hahahhahaa.
Keep moving forward, right people? Keep moving forward.
Running tonight. Strength today. Pushups, lifting. Planks planks planks.
It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger. FitBodyHQ.com for more motivation and inspiration.
Run on…

That Dam Run.

No worries, that was the actual name of it!  The weather was perfect, my head felt good (it waited until tonight…so helpful) and all the runners were excited and had a lot of energy.  I felt really good and ran pretty strong the whole  time.  No foot pain! But Miss Michelle definitely struggled as she has a cough that sounds like bronchitis.  Yish I don’t know how she ran with that.  Here’s the great part….I only beat her by 4 seconds… with bronchitis.  yeah. 😉

Here’s our details…she ran next to me the entire way.

Capture3This was my favorite of the whole RunDenver Series.  It didn’t take place at Wash Park which is one of my least favorite places to run and it just felt really good.  Downside…total and utter chaos starting the half-marathon and the 5k.  Crazy.  Maybe they need more than 5 minutes between start times for those, especially since they have the same starting line.  There were so many half marathoners who didn’t have any idea their race was starting.

I only had trouble in the last…hm…. 1/4 mile.  Then I could totally feel my lungs shut down and I needed my inhaler. I came thisclose to walking for a second to get air.  But I was so close I opted to go with my mantra of “I can do anything for ten minutes”.  Which is funny because it pickin’ better not take me ten minutes to go 1/4 of a mile.  Time was good.  Race was good.  Company was good.

Miss Andrea and her cute family were volunteering at the race today and we MISSED them.  How wrong is that??  #notmyfavorite

I loved this race and look forward to next years for sure. And I’m a little bummed our series is over.


Friday…yeah it’s just Friday

I have no alliteration.  It’s just Friday and I could throw a party right now.

So, where did we leave off. Let’s do a quick catch up.  Wednesday (we missed Thursday, I slept…yes all day, what about it?)  was my crazy busy day and my last running day was Tuesday.  While running I felt a tweak.  Just a tweak in my right foot, outer right edge.  In the morning on Wednesday my foot gave out under me.

I called my friend Ria to make sure I wasn’t crazy. It didn’t sound anything like plantar Fasciitis.  Nope, she said I probably just tweaked it.  So I spent the last two days resting it.  (More painful than anything else for sure).  I iced it, tennis ball rollered it and Adviled it.  Yes, those are all words.

It feels MUCH better today though still tweaks.  I’m going to elliptical today and tomorrow I have my long run which I am a little nervous about.  Must be done.

Miss Michelle has also been notably absent as she has been ill for a WEEK.  As has her entire family.  Sadness.  I am hoping she is better as we have a RACE ON SUNDAY.  I know, crazy talk.

Miss ANDREA and her family are volunteering at said race so we will totally say hello to them.

In case you’re wondering, yes, my hip still hurts.  But now it’s taking turns.  😉  ~Teresa


I’m a felon

Or I look like one?

My head hurt.  It was bad this morning. I just wanted to sleep it off.   But I peeled myself out of bed and dressed for the race anyway, like the good little volunteer I am, and headed out.

I got there about 8:30am and met the gentleman in charge, let’s call him “Bill”. First you should know that when I sent Bill an email asking if he still needed volunteers, he came right back with full on excitement and said, “Hi Tina!  I absolutely do!”.  Huh.  Tina.  Okay.  I shot him back an email and teased him a little about how busy he must be because my name is Teresa.  He apologized and was very nice about it.  Directed me with where to go on race day.

This morning, I meet him and I’m greeted with,

“Good morning! So…what are you in for??”


“What did you do?”  he asks again.

“Excuse me?” I give him a funny look, clearly not understanding.

He then says, “You’re here for community service, what did you do?”.

Yeah…no.  So I explain, I just volunteered.  Because I wanted to.  And hello, it’s National Day of Service.

“Oh.  I’m sorry.”  he says, “There was someone else that is volunteering that has community service to do and  I completely mixed you up”.

Yes, yes you did.  So far, I haven’t done anything that needs community service or any kind of incarceration,  but it’s early.

He then proceeds to explain it’s a small race (300 people), they have done everything already and all we have to do is wait for the runners.  The race starts in two hours.  Have some donuts (are they gluten free? I bet he wouldn’t appreciate that question…).  Btw, he’ll use me at the finish line…maybe.  On my left side I have a giant redneck truck with speakers attached outside of it blaring hard rock music and plenty of bass and on my right side I have the “expo” with it’s own set of giant speakers blaring bad eighties music.  Twenty feet from each other.  Some of the race people (I think they are a company that puts races on) were standing around smoking and I was the only one who was dressed like I might someday run farther than 10 ft.

I went home.

I know.  I recognize this is really bad taste but you know what?  My head hurt SO MUCH and I would be standing around for three hours.  I will volunteer for a redemption race.  I promise.  I just couldn’t do it.  That whole~felony thing~ it was looking more and more promising.