My favorite things about Michelle.

This was just a lovely quiet weekend by myself for the most part. We had lunch with Shaughnessy and Adam on Saturday, we get to see them far more than we get to see Alex and Megan. Different parts of town  you know. On Sunday Sean went back to his planned event that took all of his day and I went hiking with Miss Michelle on what had to be the most beautiful hike we’ve ever been on.

The trailhead was Apex but the eventual trail was Enchanted Forest Trail and it was not kidding.
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We felt like we were in a Disney movie it was so magical. At any moment little birds would fly out and sing to us as they put ribbons in our hair. It was so beautiful I lost count of how many times I stopped to say that and finally I just stopped so I could proclaim I felt like I was having a spiritual experience from this hike. It counts, so far, as my favorite and that’s saying something…I’ve hiked a lot. Michelle took a million photos and was generous enough to share one with me.

I know, right? She shared one.

I’ve got to get a new phone….I digress
Here is the photo…LOOK at this! 

I know, you’re thinking…huh…that does not look Disney magical. Well it’s a HEART.

This was on the trail in front of us…it’s hardly even real. A perfect heart in stone. The colors on the trail were the truest greens I’ve ever seen. It’s was covered and beautiful and magical.

Whatever just trust me.

So here are my favorite things about Michelle:

  1. She’s a real person with real issues. I know that I’m getting exactly what’s really happening and not the glossed over version you tell your mean neighbor. She puts it right out there and I can totally relate.  I can be totally and completely myself.
  2. She’s always willing to drive. I don’t mind driving (most people know this) though full disclosure I will totally map it even if I’m going around the block because I’m terrified of being lost. She also knows I’m afraid of spiders and being lost and continues to try to convince me to be afraid of snakes and lightening. Keep working on that, Michelle.
  3. She  gets the Celiac thing and is right on board with great places to eat and names them..which brings me to #4
  4. She makes decisions like a champ. Girl is a decision maker. ::swoon:: “Let’s meet at such and such on Tuesday at 11”. I love her. I would happily and cheerfully make at least two of those decisions or even HELP with those but she’s totally on it. Trails? She’s like…here are three trails…I’m like..yep. Let’s do that one…how’s 8? she says “see you then!” I love that. Decision maker. That is a girl after my own heart.
  5. She takes pictures! Now, I do harass her because she sends me ONE but if I asked her she’d send me all ten. And it is now on my list to go to the Verizon store to check out my phone options. ~MT has given me a virtually brand new phone that I can swap to but it’s a little bigger than I want so I’m resisting… I just really really need a good camera phone. This is killing me.~
  6. She is totally up for any and all adventures and if I ask her she’s all…yeah let’s go! At least once a week I can expect a message in my inbox to say “want to do THIS with me?” and it’ll include a link to a wild and crazy event that neither of us realistically should do but per our mantra...what the hell? 
  7. She loves the outdoors as much as I do and any chance to get outside she’ll do it.

When I came home I walked the puppy who by then had given up all hope of anyone ever spending time with him again so when I came in the door he didn’t even lift his little head the poor guy.
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Miraculously, after that I still had energy so I went for a three mile run and that felt amazing in the cool evening air so by the time the evening was done I had put in about 12 miles. It felt really good and I didn’t feel like I had overdone it at all. It was like…21,000 steps or something crazy ass like that.
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On that note, the crazy note, Ria from is on a streak of 128 days of step goals (since January 1st she has surpassed the previous days step goal, each day gets higher because that’s how Garmin works) and yesterday she ran a half marathon  and then walked across town eventually reaching 51,617 steps in a day. I wonder how many days she can keep this streak up?

Today I’m supposed to do yoga so I’ll probably do that but Sean took the day off so I may go to Castle Rock to do the incline.

Oh you caught that, too, huh? Sean took the day off.  Pretty sweet of him to take the day off to spend with me….
 show people good signs too GIF

Don’t get excited he did it for the game… LOL…he just finished early so it worked out. And right now? He’s at work..he got called in to do something. My life in a nutshell.

 quote winnie the pooh nyan cat melancholy too good GIF

Ah, it’s okay. I’m just pickin’ on him.

Buddha quote "What you think you become" painting
Run on…

Mom’s cold, put on a sweater.

Don’t forget to stretch, it’s good for you and prevents injuries… such a mom thing…
If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time
you know I’ve always been plagued by Achilles Tendonitis (it’s all good, I’m currently fine). Occasionally it manifests itself in a new and different way, in my calf. I’ve been known to have to stop running and hobble home rather abruptly because of sudden and really unfriendly gripping pain in my calf. This is all connected…literally. I have ridiculously tight IT bands and always have and that’s what I’m feeling now. Even when I’m not running I am the least flexible person in the world.
It’s always been a bucket list item (who are we kidding, the term is there we’re just going to accept it now) to be able to do the splits, I think it may be my most unrealistic goal, right up there with climbing Everest to Base Camp (that actually got kicked off the list in the last few years…the abuse of money and politics make it way less fun). This doesn’t keep the goal from being there. Wouldn’t you love to be that flexible??  I would so love it. I think your body would have to feel so amazing to have those long loose strong muscles.
My body has never been fond of my short tight muscles and rebels at every turn. So I am on a mission to stretch stretch and stretch, foam roll and stretch some more. If that doesn’t keep me going, I swear I’ll go to PT. Something, for sure. I suppose my shoe style could be wrong after all these years… maybe if I get the chance I’ll pop in and get a gait analysis. I swap between two different shoes so I should maybe run in a different shoe tomorrow. That will help.
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The easiest thing to blow off if you’re a runner is stretching and the most important thing to do if you’re a runner is stretching.  Running shortens and tightens our muscles and we’re left hobbling around with no flexibility at all. The cross training and stretching, yoga, and foam rolling… it all works together to  help your muscles recover and remember what it’s like before you abused them in such a mean way.
The key is to remember our dynamic stretches are what’s important before a run and static stretches are for after.  You don’t want to mix these up because static stretching done cold can result in injury and that’s what we’re trying to avoid.
I do talk about stretching probably more often than the average bear
but I think people really blow it off and don’t do it…they just think they don’t need it. Getting into the habit of stretching, recognizing how important it is and that it’s just as important as the run itself will only benefit you in the long run and not doing it will undoubtedly harm eventually. No one is immune. Every runner I’ve known has been plagued by an injury (mild or severe) that could have been avoided had they just properly stretched. 
So today I walked the dog
, stretched and foam rolled for a good half hour or so at least (felt like an hour so probably longer)…and did some stability ball work. Also, I had a wicked migraine so I threw up several times. That was fun. It works the abs pretty well and really kicks those muscles into high gear.
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Can someone please buy me this? I just want to live there in it’s charm and sweetness. You laugh now, but when I have a castle you’ll be sorry. You will not be invited to the ball.
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My workout today is supposed to be yoga/recovery but I’m going hiking with Michelle instead. I think I’ll do a little yoga anyway to give my legs a good stretch before I go and then for sure when I get back. Sean’s been helping me with an extra deep leg stretch in the mornings and at night.  My chiropractor showed me a stretch that helps and Sean works it with me. He’s a little mean and I occasionally have to remind him…hang on…that’s too far. Repressed issues much? But it’s incredibly helpful having a second person.
Doesn’t this look like the greatest way to wake up? I do some of these already and it feels SO good in the morning. Everything snaps and crackles. It’s a lovely feeling. No really. It is.
a pretty sweet #yoga sequence to wake you up in the morning! || source

I found these on ~ I also see she has a stability ball stretch workout so I am totally going to check that out. See the backbend up there? Not doin’ that. My head hurts too much with upside down things. Nope.
Off to hike…
Quotes About Hiking. QuotesGram:
Run on…

Hey, didn’t I tell YOU that? Yes, yes I did. And somehow I’m still poorer.

I took my jeep in to have some work done on it. I knew what was wrong, I had taken it to O’Reilly’s to have the engine code read. Praise be for that cool service. This was work I had pretty carefully researched before I took it in so I had an idea of what it would cost beforehand….about $175. I dropped it off for a 12:30 appointment on Wednesday.
They had my car for 24 hours and at the end of it they said “that’ll be $485”.


Um…no thank you. I’ll just come get the car. Don’t fix it.
So at the end of the day I went and got the car and surprise! (it shouldn’t have been, I just wasn’t paying attention and they did a little bait and switch…I blame myself) they charged me $146 for telling me I needed a new O2 sensor.

Wait. Didn’t I tell THEM that?

Well, yes, yes you, did.
At this point I just didn’t care anymore. I paid it, I was unhappy, I let them know that and I left.

Had I just took $200 out of the ATM yesterday morning and then lit it on fire I probably would have been more entertained, spent far less time and still had the same outcome.

I’m going to turn the radio up. (shout out to Daddy).
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My appointment today got cancelled so I stayed home, completely wasting a rental car thankyouverymuch, and worked on finishing up some projects so I can put stuff away. I know you’re had a rental car and you stayed HOME? Why didn’t you go do something?

Man…it was COLD.

I was seriously being a wuss. I have a list in my head of stuff I have to do and this stuff is at the top.  If I was out playing I’d be worried about getting everything else done. I have a lot to do this week.

I know, life is short. But if I finish today, then I’ll play tomorrow…with the car that has a bad 02 sensor.

I’m runnin’ on borrowed time.

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At least it’s not winter.

Denver and the Aurora police department just today had a huge drug bust like…three miles from my house. I actually rented my car across the street from the store where it happened. This little Mexican grocery store is apparently a crazy ass huge drug center. Pretty excited about that. Cocaine and Meth just runnin’ through the place. Right next to Jack in the Box. Ha! I don’t spend a lot of time in that area so I’m okay but I drive past there probably every day or every other day. It’s very close.

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I was pretty shocked.
A great essay about body image and seeing yourself through someone else.
My boyfriend weighs less than I do

Yesterday’s weather app said it was 30% chance of rain. They said that at the end of the day. They are a bad app.  It poured all day long… And it was SUPER windy making the cold really REALLY cold. So unfriendly. Today is supposed to be 40% chance of rain and “much colder” than yesterday. I’m afraid of how cold that’ll be… LOL…I am pretty resentful of the wind and I would like to know why we are so windy. It makes my desire to head outside and run not so strong.



I’ll be honest, I really don’t mind the cold and I don’t mind even wet so much (as long as it’s not pouring), I just don’t love wind. It’s awful. It makes me want to put sweatpants on and curl up with hot tea and read. This wind was the ~flip a semi~ kind of wind.

I have to return the rental car I didn’t need first thing this morning and I’m bitter because…cold.
I also get to have my eyebrows done and that ranks right up there as just as fun. Rip that wax right off my skin why don’t you.
I have GOT to find something more fun to do. First thing on my list. Find something more fun to do today.

Here is a list of companies that have pledged to support clean athletes. Support clean sports with your wallet. I have a really hard time not buying Under Armour (I LOVE Under Armour) but I am totally not purchasing their products after their CEO gave such strong public support of the president back in February. I know he walked back that support a week later but Dude…we all know your PR firm freaked you out and made you do that. 


Praying for a collective great workout today! (for sure some yoga…the tightness in my legs..yikes! ha. Yeah, that’s probably not funny. I should stretch more)


Run on…

The news. Seriously.

  • This sexual harassment campaign done by David Schwimmer and directed by Sigal Avin is incredibly powerful. I don’t know a woman who hasn’t been sexually harassed at some point in her life and I saw myself in at least two of these short videos. They are several minutes each and there are six of them so it takes a few minutes to see them all but worth the watch..I think especially for the men in your life. I tried to post the actual videos but I swear that only works about 50% of the time on my blog. They are a little difficult to watch. #thatsharassment
  • Sean Spicer opening his mouth and  speaking without any thought whatsoever is proof one more time he has no business in the position he’s in as communication director. I honestly don’t see how he could get a job in this position without passing some kind of “I can handle complicated diplomatic situations without shaming myself and the country”. It’s really quite unbelievable and just one more moment of disappointment that we’re in this position as a nation.
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  • I’m so disappointed in Kansas that they elected another Republican. I know it was incredibly close but for as many royal screw ups, gaffes, protests and marches it should be clear by now to all of us that we can’t get anything done if we don’t show up  on voting day and get the Democrat in the door.  We have one more shot to #flipthe6th and I’ll pray that happens but right now I’m not getting my hopes up after the disappointment in Kansas.
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  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary Denies It’s Trolling Trump on Purpose~I’m loving following Merriam-Webster on Twitter. I’ve actually followed them for a while but was reminded of them yesterday when United and the ~let’s drag someone off the airplane because they won’t volunteer~ nightmare happened.  I feel so bad for that poor man and his wife. I hope he’s okay and I hope he is seriously suing them. This from someone who is completely not litigious but anything less is just not worthy. Either that or first class for life…on another airline.
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I have my final doctor appt today! I’m hoping to get a RUN IN first thing in the morning. Don’t get excited. If I don’t I’ll do a quick yoga session and foam rolling (I need to make sure and maintain this for leg happiness) to see how it goes but my heart is really asking for it to run and my ankle feels great! The power of positive thinking, Baby!
Take time to do what makes your soul happy! Daily Motivation by Your Personal Evolution System #alwayspositive
Be it hiking, yoga, biking or running…
Run on…

Yoga nearly killed me.

  • I did about 45 minutes of Bob Harper’s yoga today and my whole body rebelled. It was not friendly. Just an ugly reminder that I haven’t worked out at all for two plus months and it’s going to take some serious work to bring myself back to where I was over a year ago. Hell, it’s going to take work to bring me back to where I was three months ago and that wasn’t really a great place but it was somewhere. Technically I haven’t been “officially cleared” by my doctor from my surgery, that should happen Wednesday but as my luck hasn’t been great in that arena I’m just being a rebel.
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  • I have an older cell phone that my kids fondly refer to it as “the brick” which is really rude if you don’t mind my saying. It’s small and slim and pretty and red and just what I love. Except it is older and doesn’t do as much as all the new fancy phones do and the problem with that is that it keeps fighting me when I try and post work stuff. So we did a factory reset and it remained stuck. We tweaked it a bit and fixed all the apps, dumped the ones I don’t use and I updated my wallpaper and BAM…new phone. Well, it feels like a new phone.
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  • After my workout I was pretty nauseous and sick so I grabbed a plain Greek yogurt with some PB2 for the protein to see if that helped me feel better. Well, no. I really really don’t like yogurt and I really don’t love peanut butter so it tasted truly awful. I think a normal person would really love it. I found a bottle of squeeze Agave Nectar at Target (good for you Target!) and put a half a teaspoon in that mixture and it saved it. It wasn’t much but it was just enough sweet to make it taste much better and yay me, I need more protein always.

    I cannot tell you how much I dislike yogurt and Peanut Butter. Yogurt in general is not great for me as a thyroid issue and a Celiac so I limit it but I make sure to eat the best version I can and the cleanest version I can, no added anything except what I put in it.

  • Anyone else find the United Airlines fiasco shocking and nightmarish? I almost wonder if the man was confused about why he was being asked to leave the flight and he was scared.  Whatever the reason, the entire situation was deplorable and I just don’t see how they can in any way justify any part of it and “stand by their employees” or their behavior. It’s quite shameful.
    Image result for draw the line somewhere gif
  • Yes! Sunday Yoga!:
    Run on…

This is what you get.

  • when you wake up in the morning and you feel so bad for what you have done to your body the night before you vow to eat only vegetables. You crave only vegetables. Maybe smoothies. A healthy smoothie would be good. A protein shake. Definitely a protein shake. Yes. a cleanse.  I should really just fast. ~giving up.
    Image result for I"m so ashamed gif
  • Torchy’s Tacos. My friend took me there for dinner and then a show afterward (best date I’ve had in a while!) and I am hooked. It’s my new favorite place. ::Swoon::  💕
  • Princess Kate and her ability to squat down to Prince George’s level in those incredible heels. #squatenvy #thoselegsthough
  • You know you’re a runner when you’re watching a prison documentary on a new boot camp program and they’re running at 4:30 am and you think…that should be me. I should be running at 4:30 am. #Imarunner #Iwillrunagain! #rallycry
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  • I watched Rock and a Hard Place on HBO. It’s a documentary recommended by Cely over on Running off the Reeses. She warned us it was emotional but I wondered why I thought I could get anything done while I watched it. It was so good and parts were so sad but so powerful and you see the hope on their faces and the motivation to make something positive out of their lives. The moment mistakes are made and they realize they gave up a life for a moment of stupidity and they let themselves and family down…the sadness and darkness that takes over them. Ugh. I gave up. By the end of it I was truly just in full on cry with the kleenex. The ones that make it through and graduate have so much promise and hope for a future they just never thought possible. I can only hope they actually do use that opportunity.
  • A year and a half ago Sean and I spent three days in New York City and I swear I could scrap 11 pages of photo album. We were all over the city. It’s ridiculous. I never overscrap like that so I’m trying to narrow it down but we had a ridiculously good time. I plan on writing notes to all of my children to feel free to throw these albums out as soon as we die. For goodness sake, don’t feel compelled to keep this stuff, it’s like looking at my vacation slides.  Only…better of course because I’m pretty good at this. #somodest #imawesome
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  • And lastly I’ve started to walk and yoga again (happiness). I teased the googling a bit and discovered the swelling in my leg is good for me and means it’s healing (who knew). So yay me. I’m going to delve fully into the googling this morning to learn exactly what the computer thinks I can safely do without damaging my leg. At this point I really don’t have any pain so I figure now is the perfect time to take up figure skating. Don’t worry Mom, I really won’t.

How cool! Never thought of this from this perspective:
Run on…

Appreciating life all the time but we can’t close our eyes for one minute.

  • I feel like I had a “while you were sleeping” moment.  My phone died and while it was charging I ran a few errands. When I got my phone back we’d bombed Syria. What the hell? Now I’m clutching it to me like my Daddy’s Bible. Lord knows what will happen if I put it down.
  • I’m having an “I’m pretty over Trump” day week.
  • We picked up theboy from school today and to placate him because he couldn’t go to Babe’s house we took him to ice cream. He was happy and delightful and funny and smart and he worked on a computer game on Papa Sean’s phone while I took pictures of him and admired him because good heavens he really is nearly perfect. How did we get so lucky. #afterschoolicecreamspecial #hesallmine #sweetestboy
    They were learning games…pretty intense studying going on.
  • I was talking to my friend Dana today on the phone and we were discussing how my blood work had turned out after surgery. Without going into too many details (not important right now) she asked how I’m generally feeling and what if any symptoms I have and I had no problem telling her I feel really kind of amazing. Seriously I feel great (leg notwithstanding). I am incredibly happy it.
    Image result for I feel good gif
  • Years ago Alex came home with a friend from the neighborhood and I knew immediately they’d be best friends. I marched my ass right on over to his mom’s house and insinuated myself into her life. I insisted we be best friends, she really had no choice. Here it is 18+ years later (I am really not sure how long it’s been)and she really is like my sister. She’s this amazing person who has seen more tragedy in her life than a person should have to and insists on being happy and loving life and this, People, is why I love her. She is that kind of person that finds joy in everything….the little things, the big things, the ridiculous things. I feel the same way and most of the time people just shake their head at me but Andrea appreciates my whacked out perspective. She appreciates and loves life and this is why I can talk to her in the car for fives hours. Life is ridiculously beautiful and she knows this, too. Please please PLEASE appreciate all the little things that make life beautiful.
  • Stephen Takes On Kendall Jenner’s ‘Attractive Lives Matter’ Pepsi Ad– I can’t seem to post the video, you’ll have to just follow the link. Sad day! It’s totally worth it anyway.
  • I went to Shaughnessy’s house the other day and after I left, Adam texted me and told me thank you for cleaning Theboy’s room. He said I absolutely didn’t have to do that. I told him it was no problem and not to worry about it. In relaying this story to my mom I told her he doesn’t understand, I have friends who leave their kitchens messy so I CAN clean them. I LIKE that. She said to tell him I’m Monica. That should help explain. I’m the person you WANT to have at a party….the clean up is my favorite part! I need to explain that to him.
    Image result for Monica geller cleaning gif
    Image result for Monica geller cleaning gif
    Image result for Monica geller cleaning gif

Yoga quote                                                       …:
Do yoga. Walk far.
Run on…

Car therapy (auto therapy?) It’s a thing.

I am no longer talking about my leg.

Until maybe tomorrow.

Today was Andrea day but Andrea said her kitchen was a mess so we went shopping instead.

And so you see what I have to deal with. It’s madness I tell you.
Image result for madness gif

We arranged to meet at 1:30 and then the universe conspired against me and I couldn’t get there to save my life. Seriously, an accident and construction both blocked my path and I finally started to think to myself…maybe I’m not supposed to have lunch with Andrea??


We ate at PF Changs (because I was destined to eat their amazing Spicy Chicken and I just didn’t care how it happened and Sean can’t eat there anymore…damn that soy) and I had my usual (the aforementioned) and Andrea ordered…wait for it… Brussel Sprouts.

Image result for you've got to be kidding me gif

Image result for you've got to be kidding me gif

Yes. Brussel Sprouts. (gross) So…yeah. I generously and graciously paid for lunch because that’s just the kind of person I am. I’m giving of spirit and finance. That $5 plate of vegetables she ordered nearly killed my budget.


Two hours later we said…we should go shopping. TJMaxx is calling.

I found towels Sean likes. I know, that sounds supremely boring but no. Who knew he’d be so invested?  Color, size, weight….it’s all there. He loves them. I’ll be honest, those suckers were a bit expensive. I don’t even care. He never has an opinion about anything so I’ll honor it when I can. He’s also the cheapest bastard in the world and the most generous man with his family that ever lived.  When I come across things I know he’ll like I definitely splurge. Towels. I know. It’s the little things. (shout out to Holly)

We then sat and talked in the car for a few hours of auto therapy because oh my gosh these talks keep us from losing our minds.  We sit in the car and we vent and we exclaim and we gasp and laugh a lot. And before everyone emails me to say, “are you writing about me?” (because you all know you will.  Every one of you),  yes, yes I am totally talking about you. Also, you are possibly incredibly paranoid and I love you.

Image result for shakes head gif


I will now briefly discuss my leg only to say that I woke up this morning to see I had a brief glimmer of ankle bone shine through and I got so excited the swelling was better and then I walked downstairs and it was swollen again so I did not walk on it.

That is all.

Tomorrow is a quiet day for me so I am going to do YOGA. Right?? That has to be better.

5 simple tips to make meditation a daily habit — Calm //

Run on…

We’re having a blizzard (correction. Snow. We’re having snow)

  • So there will be no running outside. None. Nope. Nada.  I am getting on the treadmill the minute I finish this post. It’s so cold my pipes froze again. I KNOW> I know. We totally left the sink dripping. It was seriously cold. But it froze anyway. Not too much. About ten seconds of the hair dryer and it was good.
    following yes gif friends gif yay gif jennifer aniston gif
    Interesting factoid: he uses the blowdryer in the crawlspace and I stay upstairs and stomp when the water comes out. This morning when I stomped the remnants of my migraine were still there and I actually got so nauseaus I almost lost my breakfast after stomping. It was wicked painful. So weird. I didn’t even realize it was rightthere...this is how used to them I am.
  • I am at 90 LIKES on my business and that’s without me totally tormenting all my friends (No, I’m not hinting to like my business this is just pure excitement because it’s cool)! I did torment them a little. I sent an invitation to a lot of them. But I have’t posted every single day hounding people. I figure that’s the quickest way to irritate people. If I ever figure out the whole Instagram/Twitter connection I might improve even more. Has anyone hired me yet? well…no. But hey. It’s still cool.  I mean, I’ve only been live for five days…really
    only four. So there’s that.
    Image result for pretty cool gif
  • It’s Sean’s birthday and he has to work. I’m sure he’s one of the only people at work because of the blizzard but he volunteered to take help desk duty this week so he had to go in. He was up at like…5am. Took the trash out, shoveled the walks, cleaned off MT’s car, then went to work. The guy’s a machine.
  • Does anyone else struggle with burpees?  Seriously…they are the worst. The worst! Not only do I struggle with them incredibly but I do them at slower than a snails pace. It’s ridiculous. And I won’t work out when my family is home because I know they are going to critique my every move. I have three members of the military in my house for heavens’ sake. These guys know how to do burpees, they will totally put me in my place.
    the west wing wrong insult youre wrong stand there in your wrongness

I have to go run now or I’ll never do it. And make lunch. I need to make lunch. And cookies. I need to make Sean cookies. 🙂  And clean the house. There’s a lot to do.

Refuse to hibernate!  9Round in Northville, MI is a 30 minute full body workout with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way! Visit or call (734) 420-4909 if you want to learn more!:

Run on…

What’s your temperature gauge for running outside?

It’s 10* outside.

People…that’s cold.

But the snow is just lightly falling so I want to run outside anyway.  I probably won’t. But I want to. Let’s see what I can drum up..the energy to run outside or getting on the treadmill.
I love winter running. Getting out the door is tricky…you have to convince your head you will warm up. But once you’re out there it’s so worth it.

Throw on your skull cap & some gloves. Get out and run. Oh and a keep a tissue in your pocket for a runny nose - it's inevitable!:
I’ll run in the cold pretty cheerfully and even blizzards. I don’t like the heat. Running in the heat is killer. 50* makes me deliriously happy. What’s my limit? For heat…70* is pretty toasty. I know, I’m a wuss. For winter…I’ll run down to 0* if it’s not windy.

The wind is my nemesis.

It is Wednesday though, I think I’m supposed to do a HIIT workout today. I should maybe do that. 

I have a consult appointment tomorrow morning with my doctor about my possible upcoming surgery so even though I’m supposed to do the HIIT workout I see my running days as numbered for a while.  Not lying, this is influencing my decisions this week.
I'll do what I want.

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I slept wrong again and my killer neck/shoulder pain is back with a vengeance. It shoots pain right up into my head and my head says, “oh I remember pain!” and bam. Migraine. It’s a vicious cycle.  So I’m babying it today. As much as I can because I have a dentist appointment. I KNOW> how wrong is that? They’re replacing an old filling I have because they apparently don’t like the color. There’s nothing wrong with it, they just want it to be … not that color.  I’m pretty excited for it. You should know I am going in my sweats. There will be no dressing up to leave the house. I don’t care enough in this 10* weather.

Then when I get home (very late this afternoon) I will be attempting to figure out this ~I need a business license and so on and insurance and a CPA and…why did I start a business again?
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It’s possible I got sucked into the GIF page. I’m easily distracted.
Off to my appointments and then…run. I really need it. And some yoga stretches for my poor shoulder.

One of the most asked questions I get from people who don't run is - What do you think about while you run?  I don't listen to music. I don't listen to podcasts. I mostly run solo. After:

Run on…